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  1. PhoenixCool

    Group cap

    Member of the supergroup here, I'd like to reaffirm what was already posted here. Someone mentioned having a day crew and night crew, our group is almost perfectly split into people who can play in the daytime, and people who can play at night. We never have all 60 people on at once. If people want to be a part of a specific group, but can't because of a rule saying that a group can't exceed a certain amount of players, that kinda sucks too. Besides, we're not all in stormtrooper mode all the time, we're everywhere. Embedded, in the shadows. Having a big group doesn't mean a standing army, it just means a lot of people pledge their allegiance to us. Also, having two servers has alleviated some of the imbalance here when it comes to big groups. Being so large, we can also have a presence on both servers if we wish. We'd like to keep our group large for immersion purposes as well, since our group is based entirely on being a globe-spanning mega-corporation with its fingers in everyone's pie.
  2. PhoenixCool

    Potius Cras

    Are we big enough yet @GaryCash?
  3. PhoenixCool

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Hopefully longer than just all week.
  4. Thanks @CamoRPbut I'll leave this up anyway to garner attention for it and to see if there are any new opinions on it considering the last post on the mentioned thread is from the 22nd. Thanks again for the link, though.
  5. Sorry for separating my two suggestions into two separate posts, but I felt it was smart to consider not everyone wanted to support both Build Anywhere and this mod. This way both individual suggestions can receive support separate from each other. I think adding Night Vision Goggles to the server would be cool, it would give more end-game things for groups to have, and it would facilitate a more professional look for groups looking for that aesthetic. Not to mention, having them for immersive and spooky night roleplay would be great in my opinion. This suggestion takes less priority in my books compared to Build Anywhere, but I still think it would be a nice addition. Thanks for your consideration!
  6. There is a mod on the workshop called Build Anywhere, it's extremely useful for base-building in unique locations and makes it a lot less of a headache. It can be exploited, so there would have to be a realistic-building clause of some sort detailing the restrictions on where bases can be built ie. no building bases floating in the air, no building bases on 85 degree angle slopes, etc. I think adding this mod in would be a benefit to the community because it would allow a lot more creative freedom when it comes to base building. Thanks!
  7. PhoenixCool

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Don't have any more beanz to give but +1.
  8. PhoenixCool

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    I would say change the rule entirely to say "Sexual and erotic actions are prohibited in the server and community. Erotic roleplay must be faded out and carried out in a third party program such as Steam or Discord chats should it happen at all." Something of that nature, at least. It would be preferable to not have any sexual emotes or actions carried out on the server. Fade in, fade out. My 2¢. This is discussing rape rp, which was natural a couple millennia ago, sure. But not so much today. Edit: Saw your earlier post, but still want to make the point that the rule would be more for the rape aspect. Consensual sex isn't so jarring as something like rape. Should still be contained to DMs.
  9. I know I said I was done posting in here, but again I feel like you don't see what I'm getting at. It doesn't matter what the intent is behind acting out a rape scene, it's obscene, abhorrent, and unnecessary. My opinions may be from a place of passion, certainly. I am proud that I'm passionate about getting rid of a vile aspect of roleplay on the server. I would rather not have it known that I play on a server where people act out rape. It's becoming more and more regular. Regardless of who is doing it, what they are trying to achieve, and how they go about it, it's not something we need in the server. If a movie director or writer uses it, it's almost certainly going to be in the third person. When you act it out on here, it becomes a lot more personal. Besides, a play-by-play of how you did it is a lot different than a novel briefly mentioning that it happened. I haven't read the more erotic novels available to the general public, and I wouldn't count those as imperative reading. I fully support fade to black, or taking it out of the server to DMs. But honestly? It would be preferable to not have it at all. You said that you're a victim of such sexual assault, so it surprises me that you would be alright with this sticking around. The other victims that have posted here mention that something like this happening would bring back bad memories. Another mentioned that it could be a trigger for flashbacks.
  10. I think you're missing the point I'm trying to make. We need to get rid of the sick individuals doing these things because it's unnecessary, it hardly adds to the story progression as much as people claim it does, and honestly you have to be one of the worst kinds of people to do something like this, even in a video game. Do we want people who wish to do these things sticking around our community? Around minors? I'm going to stop replying to this thread from now on, I've stated my position on the topic well enough.
  11. The thing is, it shouldn't exist in the first place. It shouldn't be something I need to say no to. Kids shouldn't be exposed to someone asking them "// hey kiddo mind if i rape you real quick" I feel like we could be filtering out our players a bit better in this regard. Prohibit rape rp and put the age limit back up. Not to mention, players of this community trying to do rape rp in the first place is just horrible. Who wants to act that out? Or, for that matter, see that acted out? I don't feel like accruing warning points so I'll just say this, it's very disappointing to see behavior like this on the forums and in the game. Addendum: If there is no prohibition of the act itself, maybe making rapist characters permanently KoSable would give a sense of danger for the "people" wanting to do this shit.
  12. The fact that there has to be a discussion and a vote about this is absolutely astonishing. All acts against human rights are abhorrent, rape being among one of the most terrible in many folks' minds, including my own. The fact that there are players in this community wanting to act such a thing out in detail astounds me. Every community I've found for roleplay has banned erotic roleplay in one way or another in their individual servers based on the owner's beliefs. There was always one universal trait about these bans, rape was never allowed. Ever. I couldn't support OP enough. God bless the people in this community with morals. One could make the argument that murder and torture are almost as bad as rape, but the emotional pain forced onto victims of a crime like rape often surpasses that of torture victims, given the exception of those who suffered from more heinous forms of torture such as waterboarding and psychological torture. Rape victims are haunted for the rest of their life. I feel that actions like rape in particular are unnecessary for the atmosphere and progression of DayZRP and, quite frankly, it's just disgusting. As I said before, astonishing that there are people here who want to act it out in full. The only reasoning I can possibly find to wish for this is to fulfill some hidden sexual fantasy in a fake world when it cannot be done in the real world. Really scares me.
  13. PhoenixCool

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Totally agree with Para here. I always have three full sewing kits on me, 'just in case.' Being completely honest, I would say that having strong zombies on an RP server is a difficult situation to manage. When I think of DayZRP, I think of player-to-player interactions driving most conflict and strife, not a few wily zombies that attract the dang ol horde any time you sneeze in their general direction. just my .02, don't hurt me!
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