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  1. I feel targeted Definitely can't be us, we don't complain
  2. Likewise, always glad to have some RP with you my friend. See you soon!
  3. I concur with @About400Crows. We've been working toward this goal since last April in fact. We personally would never throw up a griefing report over removing a wall from the wells. The goal's purpose is to spark more conflict and therefore more RP in the server, not get people banned. This should be taken as 100% in-character. Though, I expect we'll be having more visitors at the compound soon enough as a result.
  4. +1. Being in a KOSable group I can confirm people generally prefer to roleplay over KOS us. I feel like it'll be the same on the airfield, but there's always going to be the thought in the back of your mind that you could get capped at any moment.
  5. @Hofer Thought I had taken care of it, let me check again. Thanks for letting me know. Roster changes: Removed @Francis Higgins. Hope to see you again, it was fun! Removed @GaryCash. Forgot to remove him from the roster last time! Promoted @MiniDelvin, @Parzival, and @Sorotiv. Congratulations to our new soldiers, keep up the good work.
  6. I feel like it's because of all of the military locations on the west side of the map. Go figure, huh? Unfortunately people will go where the RP is. If someone went out to the East, they would essentially never get interaction. When the Saviors were in Novodmitrovsk, it brought a lot of attention to that side of the map, though. I think all it takes is one big group moving their hub in that direction.
  7. I like the idea for RP and the aesthetic, but similar to the biker jackets they shouldn't be the most common items. Biker gangs exist worldwide, but it's a distinctly American culture as far as the kinds of MCs we see on the server. Hope it gets accepted, though! Would be cool to see a group of big guys with their cuts on. I demand that at least one of your members wears it over a light blue denim jacket.
  8. As everyone else has been saying, this has been voted on in the past and received overwhelming negativity. I myself voted no last time, and I'll vote no again. However, when I'm in a group that is KOS-able and we're running in a big enough group, I make my members put their armbands on if they want to run with the posse. It's what we do in the Corp, and it's what I plan to do in the Peacebreakers once we gain enough members to have a decent size group. Sorry, but I have to say no.
  9. A big time jump would be sick. Weapons spawn in bad condition and have to be cleaned and repaired, there could be an ammunition-reloading process to replace scavenging for boxes of ammo (which I assume would be rare after such a long time and considering how much shooting goes down even in the span of two years), melee becomes a standard for 90% of the server as a result, have cars spawn with bad condition parts or no parts at all, etc. I feel like there would be less hostileRP as a result, but interaction and diplomacy would be more encouraged since you can't have Ivan Ivanovich in the treeline with an SVD trained on your enemy's head without the gun repair kits and ammo to service and feed the rifle. tl;dr I think this could make the roleplay a lot more interesting, reminiscent of Dying Light 1 and 2. Also, ammo-reloading pls.
  10. Me, Unnxmed, and Quack are all sticking with PB as far as I know. I'll try to contact Gary on discord to help get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks, @Voodoo.
  11. @Ducky The lore is ever evolving, I can certainly find ways to abide by existing stories. Thanks for informing me of this.
  12. Thanks, Phoenyxx! I hope to see you around on the server more often, I feel like our two groups could have some great experiences together. Also, a big thank you for the graphics! They look amazing. Be seein' ya'! _________________________________________________________________ BIG UPDATE: - Graphics! - Lore! - So much more! Thanks to @PhoenyxxRP for the beautiful graphics!
  13. Koko Boy


    Had some decent hostile RP with these boys today at Geneva. Attempt at showing strength failed, had to back down. Got marked. We'll be seeing you in the future I'll bet.
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