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  1. Remember yesterday when everyone was hyped for Dayz after like 5 years? They blew it in one day. GG
  2. Glad I read this before I got on. Thank you! Update when it's g2g.
  3. Moxy


    search the old dayz mod forums https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/16-dayzrp-mod-groups/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/67888-napa-narodni-strana-zbytky-open-recruitment/?tab=comments#comment-1200686
  4. Moxy

    Is calling your characters ethnicity white allowed?

    Wow, I hope not.
  5. Welp, nails are the new currency
  6. Pleasure meeting both of you as well! It's been years since I've been on! (It's been about 3 years so I forgot how to slow walk, the emotes, and how to use the radio XD )
  7. When I attempt to join the new server, I get returned to the main menu. The message is (you were kicked from game: modified data,steamapps,dayzrpmod) I have the game up to date using the launcher clicked the mod box have an active character
  8. Moxy

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    Ok now I can join but right as I go to load it I get kicked for having modified files: dayzrpmod
  9. Moxy

    DayZ Update Thread

    Oh I didnt click the dazrp mod box under mods
  10. Moxy

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    Server wont let me join, saying bad version but its good
  11. Moxy

    DayZ Update Thread

    I had to re download dayz, and got the launcher. Just can't join for some reason
  12. Moxy

    DayZ Update Thread

    How do I join the server. I have the launcher but it says bad version when I go to join. Are we on experimental?
  13. Moxy

    SCUM RP ?

    Anyone else having issues connecting to our server?
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