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  1. So what everyone is trying to say is, Soon(tm)?
  2. When we moving to .63 now that its out?
  3. Moxy


    Just added 4 more years to development
  4. Has the hype died down for this? Feel like we've been asking for years for this, now that were actually getting somewhere doesn't seem to be much of a buzz.
  5. Stress test offline feels good so far. Anyone else tried it?
  6. Moxy

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    Wrong thread - oops
  7. Never was able to get into it, but at this point I think it's best to try.
  8. Release the modding tools and game as is, community will do the rest.
  9. (Vilém Novák) Day: 212: We were just walking down the coast, admiring the lovely radioactive green color the water. Everything seems greener with night vision googles on I've learned. Suddenly, a blinding sensation violated my pupils. As my pupils dilated, I heard someone whisper "Vehicle" Then I see it, the headlights lighting up the area in front of me like all the power of the sun was shining there. I had to remove my NVG's just to be able to see.Two of us moved up the road and took positions to question this individual of their activity in this known dangerous area. As we approached the vehicle sped off, only to be intercepted by the 2 of us up the road. As the vehicle stopped and the man got out, I had a terrible feeling this would soon turn ugly. My 2 Comrades started to question the man, asking what he was doing. He was constantly vague, and kept aiming at us, clearly scared and nervous, a dangerous combination. Constantly he was looking around, as if he was waiting for someone. I took this as a hint to search the perimeter. As I crept around the hill which was south west of the vehicle I thought I spotted something, or someone. Suddenly the image of a man was not even 20 meters from me, prone and watching the car. I panicked, and immediately raised my weapon on him asking who he was and what he was doing here. My heart was pounding as I knew this must have been an ambush at this point, my radio was full of chatter about who this man was and I quickly had to make a choice deciding this mans fate. I hesitated when he spoke, " who are you?" Why this question snapped me from my fear and suspicion of this man still bewilders me, but regardless I asked him back "who are you?!" He then tells me he just saw the lights and approached, just as we did I thought. I still had my rifle pointed at him, but his nonchalant-nes made me feel more at ease. I asked him for his name and Identification which he promptly gave. His name was Ian Kassuja Soon I found myself even almost trusting this stranger who only moments before I thought was certainly set up to ambush us. Having felt good about possibly saving this innocents life I tell him to walk with me, and we both lowered our guns and chatted while the others questioned the suspicious character on the road. In the corner of my eye I followed the movement of one of my allies, watching this mysterious mans every move, waiting. As the man and I chatted, we noticed tensions rising at the car, things were going to heat up very soon, I could feel it. Then Just as I warned the man that things might get ugly soon and he should leave, I see him give a strange twist in his body, almost like a signal. I at first thought maybe it just was me being paranoid, but then he did the same awkward pointing of his body again. That was all I needed. I immediately drew my weapon and asked why he was doing these movements, his response was dodgey at best "I was stretching" now I knew he was with them. I immediately started mimicking his movements to hopefully confuse whoever was watching from a far. I ordered him to drop his weapon and stop moving, my heart now pounding hard, all the while I am wondering If I am really going to have to shoot this man . He is not complying, my comrades are getting nervous, tensions are escalating not only with me but with the man at the car as well. I keep telling him to drop his gun now! You have 10 seconds or I WILL SHOOT YOU! He continues to pretend to be hard of hearing, afraid he is stalling for another to get a shot off on me I start circling the man, my heart is literally beating out of my chest with anticipation of what will happen when suddenly I hear it; That Crack of a round flying so close to me that it blurs my vision. Time seems to stop, I hear the echo of the round, I hear shots start to erupt at the car and then for a split second I feel frozen by fear.. Immediately I snap out of it and fire wildly into the man. Bullets now raining down on me from the unknown sniper I run as fast as I can for cover. I hear the cracks of rounds breaking the sound barrier and the sickening thuds of the rounds hitting the ground around my feet and the wall next to my body. By the gods I manage to get behind cover without being hit. As I re-coupe from the near death experience my hearing starts to come back and I hear the screams of my teammates in the distance. My friend behind me is hit, and I hear another is down near the car. My mind is racing, I felt torn. In one hand, I am finally safe after what felt to be an eternity from running away from those snipers rounds and the thought of leaving the sanctuary behind this wall seems mad, but at the same time the screams of my teammates made me sickthinking that they are in danger while I huddle against a wall. Before I realize it I'm already off, heading back into the open. I don't look for the sniper, I just run. All I hear are the screams. He's on the beach!! This is my destination. I flank wide right, going south east, and manage to not get hit yet again. As I hit the beach, I remember that snipers are not my only enemy here, the multiple Bursts of 7.62x.51 have now attracted a hoard of these "things" that are heading right at me. I know am running from the dead, looking for my dying friends, and all the while looking for these murders who could be anywhere. God only knows how many there are. I use the night to my advantage and run through the bushes along the coast, buying me some time to get away from the monsters. Suddenly in front of me I see the outline of a man, a living man, firing. I know it's the one who killed Ivan. Suddenly I am more filled with rage and adrenaline then ever before. He's far, and moving, but I have one advantage, surprise. I know once I shoot I will have blown my cover to him, the sniper, and the dead. I'm breathing so hard I can hardly hold my gun, let alone aim to fire a precision shot. I HAVE to stop moving to be able to get this shot. To save my friends, and to avenge Ivan. So I stop. I hold my breath, even as I hear the dead closing in on me I remain still. In for three. 1, 2, 3. Hold for three, 1. 2, 3, out for three 1, 2, 3... Just as I finish lowering my heart rate I see him lay down in the sand. The dead are now to me, I can feel them starting to grab me. My aim is true now, I take aim, switch my rifle to burst mode, hold, press the stock of the rifle deep into my shoulder, breathe out... and fire. I see the man drop. He starts to move and I let another burst into him. I knew I had just killed a man. ---- My first kill. To you, I will never forget on the beach together Edit: Later reports indicate I killed both men. (Vilém Novák) Day: 32: These fucking cannibals will not stop. There is no reason still trying. We saw some of the military, but they were already made into cannibals. This sickness, it does not stop. We have seen others though, also cannibals. They still talk and act more like normal people but are also eating people. They must have recently been with the infection. We must exterminate these demons. We must save our lands. When all we had seen were these cannibals, Jiri and I found a group of people. It was a strange sight to see so many, almost happy people together. Sort of took me back like things were maybe not so bad. But then I realized where I was and that it could all be a trap... They were well armed, but did not seem like threat to people. They were cautious but let us in. They killed kill some cannibals, but seemed confused on what the cannibals were. Some of them were good people, come to our land to help. Others I did not get to know. Perhaps they might live, but some were too nice. They will not live long here in how things have been going. Something we learned was that there is some place called a city for survivors or some shit like that. It sound suspicious to me. Probably a Russian death camp. I don't know. They were going to this camp up north. We did not follow, but will make a trip there once we find the rest of the brothers. ------------------ Today was good day. We found a filthy Russian. He asked us for help, he was hungry. We start to ask, as we always do what he wanted with our land and why come here. This is where he began to act very suspicious. He kept not answering. Finally little brother and I got tired of this mans lies. We took him into the woods and tied him to tree. Here little Jiri got some information. This man was Russian, sent to our land with some Vials with the infection. It was as we originally thought was now true. Russia was doing this, or at least played a part in it. He was a mercenary too. We tried to give this scum a chance at life, but he obviously did not care anymore. He said that we were crazy. he did not care for our people, and laugh at the hundreds and thousands of dead innocents here. Little brother made sure this type of evil man was no longer a threat to the people here. We found his radio though, and a map with markings on it. This is leading us one step closer to finding the cause. What we learn today is that Russia and Britain were wending people over to spread infection. Little brother did good today. He did not hesitate or take shit from Russian. He stayed strong, and demand answers. Little brother grows up so fast. Glory to Napa. -Vilem
  10. Did a clean install and seems to have fixed it quite a bit.
  11. Cadet Wilson was just like other the other cadets in his Battalion at his host University. He wanted more out of life, feeling the repetitive motion of school and daily life. It was not leaving him with the sense of accomplishment that he so desired. He always was looking for more ways to gain this sense of pride, from volunteering around his town, to being a part of homeland Security’s CERT, and always making sure his family and friends were ready for any emergencies. He was obsessive about his physical fitness and diet as well and always followed a strict regimen for himself. This is what attracted him to the military. When a recruiter for ROTC approached him at the school gym, he was told of the opportunities to Lead and Become All He Could Be. This was appealing to the young student, and he went in since he didn’t have to sign anything. Soon the daily PT and weekly Labs and FTX became the norm, and soon was part of the young cadets life. After his first two “trial years” he signed up and committed himself to 6 years after college. Cadet Wilson a third-year ROTC student was selected for Project Go, an opportunity to go study abroad in another ‘selected’ country that the USARMY deemed needed for soldiers to be fluent in the language. Wilson always wanted to study abroad, and thought his 4 years of French, 2 years of German, and 2 years of Spanish would certainly land him the marks to be selected for the trip. He knew not many get selected for French, but he knew that with his knowledge of German and Spanish he would for certain that those would be his fall back languages. Little did the young Cadet know that the Army has a magical way of changing what you thought you were going to doing for the “needs of the Army”. When it was announced that he was selected for Project GO, the cadet was ecstatic, though when he found out the destination, he was less so. Russia was the host school. Better than China he figured, but being from the south, Cadet Wilson was not looking forward to the harsh winters. Cadet Wilson had not been to basic yet like some of the other cadets, and thought the little lessons of land nav and 9-Lines where always to pushed, and couldn’t wait to leave “cadet land” as some of the other Regular Army guys called it. His MS-IV’s always drilling TLP’s Basic medical and Navigation over and over sometimes bothered Cadet Wilson, thinking “how many times do we have to do this?” Luckily, the cadets did get trigger time. During the FTX’s they would qualify with M16’s, Berettas and the 5.56 Squad automatic weapons, or SAW’s. This was always his favorite FTX, that and times they would simulated room clearing with paintball guns, nothing like shooting your instructors in the face after endless criticism from them. This always renewed the cadets motivation for his choice in the Army. Little did the cadet know how much these skills would soon help him survive. While in flight to Russia, there was a lot of concerned looks of the Officers faces as they formed in groups at the front of the plane. Soon, over the intercom, we were instructed that we would not be landing at out base in Russia, and instead be landing in a remote area to then meet up with a convoy. The cadets started to get concerned, as the plane landed in a small airfield called something like Balota, they were instructed to stay close to the plane. As we departed we noticed the eerie quietness of the airport, no one manning the ATC, or any of the vehicles that seemed to be just left here. Something was wrong. And the Cadets soon realized why. These people, these, things started moving their way. The Officers started yelling at the cadets, instructing the cadets to get back into the plane, there was a jam at the door, to many were scrambling to get in. Suddenly the things were on them. They made horrible sounds, like guttural screams and coughing of blood. They were disgusting and they could tell they have been savagely killing. Not being armed during the ride, most of the cadets panicked. Cadet Wilson was one of them. Suddenly those on the plane were overwhelmed as the monsters started crawling into the cabin. The fleeing cadets could hear the screams, but knew if they went to help, that they would join them. Cadet Wilson, with nothing but his backpack and uniform soon found himself stranded in a foreign land, wondering what his next move would be. - (Cadet Wilson) Day: 1: This was the be the best summer ever. After completing his first 3 years of ROTC and earning his scholarship for a fully funded college tuition, young Cadet Wilson was selected for Project Go to study abroad in Russia to become more fluent in the language. Everything was starting to move fast for the young college student. All he wanted was an adventure, something different in his life. He wanted to do more, see more, and especially be all he could be. Though he was soon learning the Army would ultimately be the deciding factor of what he would be. Having still not been to basic training, he was a proven soldier yet, instead, still a cadet. he had been training every morning for PT with his battalion and FTX every Wednesday. teaching a wide variety of skills from weapon proficiency, to land navigation to a host of other skills. Cadet Wilson thought his MS IV's were pretentious, always beating a dead hoarse with their 9-Lines and TLP's, thinking this was just "Cadet Land" as some of the prior service called it. So little did he know how valuable these skills would soon be. Once grounded in Russia things seemed off. At first he thought maybe the SOP's here were different, but soon found out things were much different. Soon the world was vein thrown into a chaos, the plane was given the order to land in a remote area until further notice. Once grounded, these things started to approach, out of no where. The class tried to reason with them, thinking they were just sick, and speaking in some foreign language. As we tried to help, they soon learned of what these were. Everything went insane fast, and cadet Wilson barely made it out alive. He followed the coast, hoping to find some sign of living life. Pages of this journal are being collected by an unknown source.
  12. Ended up going to France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Czech, and Poland (Passed through Slovakia) It was epic.