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  1. Moxy

    Jamsheed in BFV

    Join us. We like big, long rockets. Touch the tip Xbox Profile - TH MOXY III https://youtu.be/c4bCIqKiGCg
  2. Add me on Xbox Live https://youtu.be/D4QWQ04i-zk
  3. https://youtu.be/bghx8_ragDQ Why where the mod days so much better. Yes I’m getting nostalgic - let me have my moment. Anyone else Remember these Dayz? https://youtu.be/5mgyU5PRMZI
  4. Moxy

    Back at it

    Ha not on stand-alone - and not since I got into rust. Was some good times though. I think I got the record for most time playing with a controller
  5. Moxy

    Back at it

  6. https://youtu.be/XueQiB_i48k welcome
  7. Moxy

    Fangs Are Back

    Maybe wouldn’t wheeze if you were on this Alpha program. Nerd
  8. Moxy

    Fangs Are Back

    https://youtu.be/ytzue3cMUsw Just our day to day workout for all you nerds trying to get on our level
  9. Moxy

    Back at it

    First video in a hot minute - roast the shit out of me. Trying to be your late night fap - 10 likes and nipple leaks will appear https://youtu.be/qPQglaqt9Xw 20 likes I’ll actually hop back on Dayz (genuinely looking for video critique, getting back into the game after years of being an adult)
  10. Moxy

    FANGS are back!

    The Gray Fangs. Look us up plebs. Nah we’re better Graham holt and reacher
  11. Moxy

    FANGS are back!

    Match these moves to be eligible.
  12. Remember yesterday when everyone was hyped for Dayz after like 5 years? They blew it in one day. GG
  13. Glad I read this before I got on. Thank you! Update when it's g2g.
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