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  1. *Miller hears the broadcast and rolls his eyes* Christ Mack, and I went through all the trouble of putting on that shitty accent for those...*He pauses*...lovely gents. *Miller laughs as the puts his radio in his bag and heads down the steps of the plantation warehouse*
  2. It's Spread.PNGOur inactivity has spread

  3. Thanks fam, you get me in these situations anyway
  4. Miller Thompson POV: I walk into Stary running in a dynamic with World Without Borders. We knew we were gonna try something on the people in town as they had some previous issues with them before I arrived After someone said d"on't touch the body or die", Deputy_Derp used his KOS rights and killed him. After this some of our men get taken hostage and I snipe Luna. While the OP claims she had nothing to do with the situation she was standing next to your group and the hostages, wearing the same red berret. I learned OOC after the situation transpired that she was in the Pestilence Militia Coms. A gunfight unfolds which includes me shooting at a man north of Stary who had shot 2 of our men. I eventually die from a man with a shotgun, as I was rping with him thinking that he was just a random when he actually was with the opposing group.
  5. Nominee: @Diamond Reason: Great at telling a good story. Clay Diamond is a great read.Evidence: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-218/
  6. Nominee: @Cipher Reason: A true lad, putting a lot of effort into various groups that have all been enjoyable. Great to talk to, and has had an enormous forum presence. Evidence: Activity in ts, in game, and on the forums.
  7. Nominee: @Hebee Reason: Super nice guy that just seemed to get a hell of a lot done. Evidence: Always in ts, always willing to help people, and helped solve a metric ton of reports.
  8. *Miller hears Ace and, with a smile, presses the PTT* Stay safe you crazy son of a bitch! I'll keep everything going smoothly, god knows Izaak can't. *Miller can be heard laughing as he shoves his radio back in his backpack*
  9. The only thing they said was "before Christmas", but everyone knows how good they are at estimating release dates.
  10. Really good stuff, next time hopefully it doesn't end with me getting drunk.
  11. Server was dead fam, pinky promise.
  12. Decided to decorate for Christmas: Thanks to Camp 101 and Victor from the Zealots for searing off a certain scar: Posted at the request of Xxxx(aka Eagle but he needs to abuse his mod powers)...: <3 you horsies
  13. RIP Wen Noom

    RIP New Moon.PNG

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  14. I sound like a 3 year following an ice cream truck but hey, whatever works.
  15. The snow was pretty cool until I had to drive home
  16. Idk man, horseman just get shot at so much they've become immune to bullets
  17. Less PvP the servers... ;) 

  18. *Miller looks over the plantation from the manor house where hours before he was fighting for his life* This...this is the last thing I ever wanted. I've grown close with multiple members of your little group of serial killers and was glad that we not only had allies, we had friends. But people who put ammo in front of an alliance are no friends of mine and you've just fucked with your last chance at survival. *Miller pauses, struggling to spit the words out of his mouth* Fox...I truly am sorry. Won't be the first time we've fought I suppose... *Miller throws the radio across the room, holding his head and shaking as he contemplates how hard the coming days will be*
  19. *Miller looks at Izaak with a blank expression on his face and, knowing he is unable to sway his ignorant former friend, presses the PTT* Anyone that says that they want to make a better world by burning down the old one in some kind of "Final War" simply want power. There's no point in arguing over this anymore, I didn't contact you to try and have some kind of political debate. I just wanted you to know that someone still sees you for what you truly are, a worthless piece of shit who's just using others to get ahead. The last thing I want is to run into your one-eyed ass again, but at this point it seems like an inevitability... *Miller leaves the campfire and goes to lie in his bed at the plantation, afraid yet prepared for what the future brings*
  20. This is what happens when @Eagle doesn't play with me and @huffmanbran...

  21. *Miller hears Mack's broadcast and tightly grips his radio, becoming much more serious and staring at the fire as he presses his PTT* *Miler releases the PTT, shaking as he become filled with rage and dread*
  22. *Miller sits at a campfire in front of the plantation manor house, thinking about all the things he's heard recently about Mack and his new organization. He presses the PTT* *He releases the PTT and looks up into the night sky, unsure about what awaits in the coming days and weeks*
  23. Not to make this twitter like some people. (Shadows) But I got to go through a good old fashioned American college lockdown today. They thought some guy had a gun on campus. 

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