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  1. Squillium

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Been having a lot of fun with LIFE and defending the camp. Also, great to run with Fox and get screamed at for joking around to much.
  2. Squillium

    Petition for the Meme thread

    We gotta be on the right side of history -Squillium
  3. Squillium

    L.I.F.E. Media Thread

    The fact that no one initiated is an act of god
  4. Squillium

    Heldentum Media Thread

    Trying to act as a mediator between two groups on the brink of war. One got permad if it tells you anything about how it went.
  5. Squillium

    A lone house in a field.

    o7 Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Sorry I convinced you to go to the meeting :'(
  6. Squillium

    Old Mobius Frequency [Private]

    *Miller is shocked to hear someone on the old Mobius frequency and pauses before pressing the PTT* My advice to you my friend, burn that notebook. Nothing good can come from it. *Miller hangs is head, still depressed over the death of his former friend*
  7. Squillium

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Gotta love Cipher letting us perma death Mack James. Some great RP and a great conclusion to a story line.
  8. Squillium

    Heldentum Media Thread

    A great conclusion to a great few weeks, see ya around Cipher, won't be seeing Mack anytime soon. Glad I found a new home with Heldentum.
  9. Squillium

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to all the boys of Mobius. It was fun as hell while it lasted, sorry I had to betray you, but the hostile RP was great. Another shout out to Hope, even though if it was up to her Miller wouldn't have an arm right now.
  10. Squillium

    Mobius [Open Recruitment]

    Love you guys <3 Great RP till the bitter end, sorry I had to betray you boys.
  11. Squillium

    Tekkit Legends Server for The Community

    Hell yea, sounds awesome!
  12. Squillium

    A Message To L.I.F.E [Open Frequency]

    *Miller sits on top of Black Mountain Castle listening to the broadcast, concerned over the conflict between his old and new friends. He clicks the PTT* Alright this is turning into a fucking shit-show. Hope, Dima's a fucking idiot for shooting anyone even if some idiot wanted to start throwing fists. *He looks over Krasnostav, contemplating a way to resolve this pointless conflict* Hope we need to meet, not L.I.F.E. and our men, you and me. Let's sort this bullshit out before more people die for no fucking reason. *Miller releases the PTT and throws a rock from the tower, muttering, "Fucking idiots", as he walks down the steps*
  13. Squillium

    Mobius Media

    A successful meeting where many spooky ghost stories were told
  14. Squillium

    .61 Current Issues and Information

  15. Squillium

    Hope [Private]

    *Miller clicks the PTT after learning of Mack and Hope's broadcasts* Come now Hope, forgiveness is an important virtue nowadays. If I was present when Mack decided to betray you and L.I.F.E. then I wouldn't have let it happen. I already have enough problems having to calm Mack down before he has a fucking panic attack and kills himself. If his word isn't enough then you have mine. Our men will in no way harm you or your people, and if they do then I'll kill them myself. *Miller shakes his head, muttering, "What a clusterfuck", as he sits under a tree to take a rest*
  16. Squillium

    The Plantation Media Thread

    [video=youtube] See ya boys, had fun being the best frenemies in the world. Sorry you never got to get your revenge Rob. :'(
  17. Squillium

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    “If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” -Albert Einstein
  18. Squillium

    S1: KOS North of Stary Sobor 9/13/16 'Could not find a server time'

    Miller Thompson POV: Me and Acer Carmine were investigating some shots north of Stary and, after killing a cow, were approached by Melvin and Austin. As can be seen in the video the two raised their guns and said "This can go one of two ways". I didn't really react and Acer killed them while I died. It was a pretty obvious initiation.
  19. Squillium

    Mobius Intel #1 [Private Frequency]

    *Miller clicks the PTT on his radio, muffling his voice as best he can as to disguise it* After observing some survivors in Kabinino, I was taken by some members of the "clowns" after my prying offended one of them. I was then tortured and had a carving put onto my back. These people are rash, looking for any reason to give into their psychotic tendencies. I have spoken with Mack, he and I have agreed that they are a threat, and that unlike other rational groups they cannot be reasoned with. Hopefully our allies will assist us in an endeavor to deal with them. Stay safe my friends. *Miller throws his radio in his bag and goes to a pond to wash off his wounds*
  20. Squillium

    Heldentum [Closed Recruitment] [Active]

    Good luck man, miss TFO days.
  21. Squillium

    Change is Here [Open Frequency]

    *Miller presses the PTT after waking up from a nap* My friends, times have changed, a new era is beggining. With so many different organizations and groups showing up every day, I believe it is time for change of all kinds. *Miller sets his white pilot helmet on the ground, a thud can be heard* There may be a time when I will have need for such things as this helmet, but for now, I must adapt or die. To my friends, I still hold you close to my heart, and to anyone I've crossed in the past...you probably deserved it. *Miller walks out of the house he was hiding out in, a new sense of determination about him*
  22. Squillium

    Alba 19 -Snipping Discussion

    This is a point I've preach for almost this entire year, yet the community is unable to grasp the idea; and no I'm not talking about flaming. What I am talking about is peoples inability to separate their own Morales from reality. White Supremacists exist, groups that practice radical Islam exist, Groups who see Homosexuals and transgender individuals as subhuman exist. Real Life Exists. Yet many community members (And Admins) see characters within this hateful minority as Offensive and feel they should be outright banned from this community, regardless of how sophisticated or captivating these characters may be, and while some players might use these characters to troll or otherwise flame bait other characters; Groups like Alba 19 don't. Some may argue that you can play a hostile character without using hateful characteristics such as racism or extremism, but it not only creates stale RP for yourself, it also creates stale and repetitive RP for the players you interact with. The reason Alba 19 had great RP was because their motives were actually believable, They were motivated by Racism and predigest; Traits commonly seen every day around the world. Their RP felt real because you could walk out your front door and experience the same thing (Minus the zombies). Sounds great, right? Nope, not in the eyes of a vocal, and dare I say influential segment of the community. Community members and staff members who are not mature enough to realize what someone expresses as their character in game, does not mean that it is their own personal feelings out of characters. I mean, how dare someone portray someone or something that might offend someone! If some of you might step outside of your little safe space for a few minutes, you would know what I'm talking about. TL;DR This community would be much better if people could get over their safe space bullshit. Cannot +1 this enough. #NoSafeSpaceInRP
  23. Squillium

    Mobius [Open Recruitment]

    Can't wait man.
  24. Squillium

    Regrouping [Open]

    *Miller pushes the PTT, alone once more after another group of men he called family falls apart* I don't want to do this again Izaak...I need to be alone for a while. Just know that no matter what issues we had, no matter how many fights we got into, you were my closest friend and a brother. To the rest of Rising Hope, it's not really a goodbye my friends, more like a see you later... *Miller, close to tears, lowers his radio and begins contemplating his future*
  25. Squillium

    RHM Media Thread

    Well boys it was fun while it lasted, can't leave with out posting this: hicks pet moose. I have been to multiple countries more than you've been alive. I smoke cigars and drink alcohol, I have been in multiple orgies. I am Scythe Massakur *passes blunt* - Kanen Who in the blue fuck are you? - Scythe Massakur fine then *takes back blunt* - Kanen Fuck the clowns! I had to smoke like 3 cigarettes dude! They can all burn on a stake! - FoDaLavOfSalt IC: Shut the fuck up Nihoolious! -Squillium Sicks screenshots -focus Fuck you, fuck you bitch -Otter Guys this guy has a shot on me, im gonna peek him. Guys, there is a zombie body, Guys, im gonna rush him. - Wave Carson play stile -Kev Miss Kino tents -Wave Carson After you give me that seather lowing kit... -FoDaLavOfPudding I got an STD mag for ya -focus If he fucking joins the clan and has AIDS-ass comms, I'm going to eat his ass dude -Nihoolious I don't wanna get kicked out of staff yet -Hicks Ima get into the shower with a guy from Outrun. His name is Scythe Massakur brb -focus logs will killer -Nihoolious Maybe they'll want our apples. - FamousFriend *Grenade slides up stairs* "That's a grenade. We're all dead" *Boom* -Alex You tampon wearing cowboy hat motherfucker. I bet you have a Mountain Dew IV into your bloodstream you motherfucker -smilingbumcheek(Gone but not forgotten) Don't cry cause it's over boys, smile cause it happened.
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