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  1. Squillium

    Discord emotes

    Let it be known, for the record: Honestly, I can't tell if you're serious or not. No, the emotes are fine and most of them are in every decent sized discord. Please don't concern yourself with the little pictures you can post and just play the game.
  2. Squillium

    Severograd Compound Is Now Open [Open Freq]

    *Miller presses the PTT* The old Saviors compound? Ironic given what John told me the district did there in the not-to-distant past. The place is cursed, haunted, whatever you want to call it. Anyone that goes there is sowing the seeds of their own demise. *Releases the PTT*
  3. Squillium

    Long queues

    There's no good RP on S2 because everyone sits in a queue instead of switching servers. And yea, unfortunately the base building changes have caused the RP-hub mentality to get worse. Also, I'd hope you wouldn't run around alone in the woods all day on an RP server, seems kind of pointless.
  4. Squillium

    Long queues

    People are too attached to their bases vs the RP they could have
  5. Squillium

    Metagaming rule trial

    Video evidence in reports for the next month: Good news is the clarification of stopping all 3rd party communication once a hostage is great.
  6. Squillium

    Base map

    Yea it's all IC. If I roll up to a camp and no one's there I just put it as abandoned.
  7. Squillium

    Base map

    *A big poster on the pub wall near the bridge in Severograd would be hung up. You would notice a crashed Gunter 2 just down the road...* \\Excuse my language, or don't
  8. Squillium

    Kamensk military base - adding it to rules?

    Either say the radiation has subsided so it doesn't matter or add an actual in game mechanic. It's dumb to try to micro manage like this.
  9. Squillium

    Metagaming changes

    I just don’t understand, the double micing thing was added a while ago and was followed by the server being near empty. (I understand there were many reasons, but rules like this were a contributing factor) @Roland, you then took out very specific and arbitrary rules like this so people could focus on “roleplay vs rules”, and it was followed by DayZRP getting to the population it is now. I clearly remember my friends and myself only agreeing to do amnesty because the rules were essentially reverted back to when we had the most fun in DayZRP and when there were 4 full servers. The people that want this are only looking at how this an “RP focused” rule with out understanding that it’s a pain in the ass in practice. Literally NO group will do this 100% or even half of the time, and since most group eventually get into firefights and reports at some point there will be significantly less video evidence leading to them being even harder to solve. Edit: Basically this
  10. Squillium

    Metagaming changes

    The difference is AOGM is much more rare vs literally every firefight when people will talk OOC and just not post any video evidence. This happened before. Restricting rules were implemented and a large portion of the server had a problem with it, which was a contributing factor in the driest period of DayZRP history.
  11. Squillium

    The Black Roses

  12. Squillium

    Metagaming changes

    Because it's the only time the rule is really relevant and important. It's a theory vs practicality thing. It's annoying af and not fun to have to double mic when you're worrying about people shooting at you.
  13. Squillium

    Metagaming changes

    Kinda how the rule was like a year ago (or more) right? I mean I'm not gonna lie it makes sense but everyone I've talked to really didn't like it, and I think this can be classified as one of those rules that were added for a select few and actually hurt the server in the long run.
  14. Squillium

    Real life picture Thread

    Lmao Grizz out here getting shit on for no reason, take some sunset you soulless shits.
  15. Squillium

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare discussion thread

    Yea I’ll play it
  16. Squillium

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Really am hoping you guys get accepted
  17. Squillium

    Life is Feudal?

    The game is just weird, ngl. If it wasn't such an obnoxious grind it'd be worth it, but I just don't see enough people getting interested as is.
  18. Squillium

    Viridian Media Thread

    Good content
  19. Squillium

    Attention women of Chernarus (Open Freq)

    *Miller hears people spewing nonsense out of there mouth and becomes amused. He presses the PTT* I don't know what's weirder or worse, the random ass radical islamists looking to take over a country they definitely don't belong in, the women who have some random need to entertain them and send idle threats, or the "honorable" men defending their fair maidens. They obviously sent out this message to get a rise out of you idiots and it clearly worked. Go hunt some cows or something. *Releases the PTT*
  20. Squillium

    Cursed Images Thread

    -_- That's legit just some shit luck Edit: Forum games are gross
  21. Squillium

    Cursed Images Thread

    Just ya know...nothing legit fucked up pls
  22. Squillium

    Increase Server Slots To 100

    When the people that literally make the game set a recommended server cap you should probably follow it. It isn't some made up number, server performance suffers when you go past 60, so in reality 80 is too high. I don't get what is hard to understand about this.
  23. Squillium

    Rare Pepe Thread

    Ahh, men of culture. Have a pepe friends...
  24. Squillium


    - User was warned for this post -
  25. Squillium

    Minecraft server update [Modpack change]

    Vanilla on hard with no protections, would be fun af but people just wanna play like they’re in creative.
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