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  1. Just like in 2017, it’ll be interesting for a few weeks then everyone will be acting exactly the same. It will not impact the server in any meaningful way.
  2. $10, use that streamer money
  3. Lmao at all the groups that’ll be fucked by this
  4. Taking a not from @Hollows and making a drunk thread, but with a purpose. Happy New Year my wasted Roleplayers.
  5. 1. Halo Reach: Always on top 2. Minecraft: I mean duh, spent more hours playing this shit than most other games (Also full release in 2011 so it counts) 3. Skyrim: Always loved the Elder Scrolls and can't wait for the next one 4. Rust: A game I've stopped playing recently due to not enough time and not enough friends, but when this game was good it was amazing 5. Dayz (Gonna count the mod and full game): The amount of hours I've played the mod, offshoots of the mod, and the full release means I've played DayZ more than any other game, and even though I have my problems it'd be stupid of me to not put a game I've had so much fun in over the years. Honorable Mentions: Metro Series, Assassin's Creed 3, PUBG, GTAV, and Destiny
  6. I don't want to buy Livonia because it should've been free But it was never going to be, and if you have 1000+ hours in the game you know goddamn well you're gonna get your money's worth.
  7. I* Yea bring back the map, it was cool.
  8. HostileRP has and will always be the main driving factor in this apocalyptic survival game. The sooner people realize that’s it’s not the frequency that’s the problem the better off we’ll all be. That being said, hostileRP is shit and has been shit from a majority of bigger groups. You can tell when someone is trying to just piss you off OOC and when they’re giving you genuinely thought out RP that they actually take interest in. No need to say which one is more common right now. Larger groups need to just straight up find a better purpose and reason for why they’re acting the way they are, because instead of being an intimidating force they just seem more like annoying dickheads.
  9. If Livonia actually dies because people wanna spend 1000 more hours on one map I’ll loose the little faith I have left in this place.
  10. Quality of RP has skydived, and reporting every situation might as well mean banning half the server. The people that made this place special are gone, and the biggest "names" on the server right now can't even come close. The server pop will continue to go down, as it has before, until the next "thing" happens. (0.60, 1.0, MrMoon's videos, PSI streaming) The biggest problem is DayZ is "fully released" now, so I really don't expect the game or DayZRP to ever reach the points it was at in the past, and other actual semi-successful RP communities popping up will also continue to eat away at our server population. As far as Livonia spiting the server up, I just think people are too stubborn and need to actually try a different map. I hear complaints of Bohemia scamming gamers out of their hard earned money and that'd be warranted if it wasn't coming from people with 1000+ hours in this game. It's $15, it's actually an interesting map and well put together (unlike Deer Isle), and after playing it on pubs a bit it seems like a great change of pace.
  11. I’ve spent 1,000+ hours in DayZ, saying I didn’t get my money’s worth and enjoy it would make seem pretty dumb since I kept playing it. You could take probably $300 worth of my steam library and only find a couple hundred hours. I have no idea why this community is so fucking obsessed with Chernarus. Like I can understand why Deer Isle failed, it was a modded map and wasn’t too interesting. From what I’ve seen Livonia genuinely looks interesting, but people would rather play an NPC in giant faction bases instead of experiencing a new map and actually discovering shit in a DayZ map for the first time in 5 years. When I’m off my Halo bender I’m gonna spend the $15 and not overthink something I’m clearly going to play a lot.
  12. Welcome to the Slaughter @Nihoolious
  13. I don't know why that eyesore is still in the game. No one should get building from cities for what's supposed to be a survivor camp.
  14. ...that time being Dec. 3rd. Halo Reach, and eventually Halo 1-4 and ODST, are all coming to PC, and it deserves a thread. Discuss.
  15. I understand the reasoning not to, people ARE willing to spend an irresponsible amount of money on in game items ALONG with diamond. That being said the amount the item store costs along with the price of diamond is ridiculous.
  16. Better be related to keep the bloodline pure
  17. Livonia, only sheep will stay on Chernarus
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