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  1. Squillium

    Wolf Hunting

    *A man would go onto the radio, his voice shaking but determined. He would press the PTT* Hello people of Chernarus, I would like to put a formal bounty on the aggressors known as The Wolfpack. They savagely and without warning attacked a group of poor merchants at the Lopatino Castle, with only a few of us surviving. Anyone that responds to this frequency with knowledge of their whereabouts or can provide a location where proof of their death can be established shall be appropriately awarded. Staff safe my friends, and death to the Wolves. *The man would release the PTT,
  2. Squillium

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    Anyone that voted for this is RPing in the wrong game.
  3. Squillium

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Was fun running into Chance and crew the other day, keep it up guys.
  4. Squillium

    Addendum to griefing rule

    Griefing rules are for those who can’t protect their base. But if they’re going to exist make it much more clear. If I want a tent, I’ll dump the shit in it on the floor to take it, not my responsibility. That’s not griefing, it’s taking what you want with collateral damage.
  5. Squillium

    Your most memorable moments

    Always fun sniping in Cherno Also, don't joke about my pants
  6. Squillium

    Group Inactivity

    Why are groups forced to remove members who are inactive? I can understand if it leads to their group having less than 5 active members but otherwise it just seems pointless. If you have a 30 man group who cares if 2 inactive members stay on the roster?
  7. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    I can respect that if it's in terms of the community voting to change something and Rolle says no. Anything that changes the status quo could potentially hurt the community. But when staff/Rolle are in favor of a change that could potentially hurt the community that's currently doing well and a majority want to keep an aspect of the game as-is then why change it? There's way more potential for a negative effect on server pop than a good one. I'm all for new mods, and there's probably few that a majority would be against, but this is one.
  8. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Yea that's fair but since it's an open poll anyone can vote in it seems fair to respect the decision. If people have differing opinions on how the server is handled then they should go on the forums and voice it. A poll isn't made invalid because people who choose not to vote don't vote.
  9. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Then it's a control group. What makes you think taking the entire communities vote would be that different? Also, the people that do vote tend to be more active and influential on the server anyway so your point seems moot. If it was a close vote sure, but the more you increase the poll size the less getting the entire population matters.
  10. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    No. If Rolle wants to add something because he thinks it's best despite what the community thinks, fine, I can accept that I'm not paying for the place. But calling people uninformed as an excuse not to listen to them is very counterproductive. I understand what he's trying to do, I understand it'll be optimized for "our server", but the idea of teleportation in DayZ at all goes against everything this game is about. If a sky base mod was added people wouldn't be saying, "We'll just try it", because it doesn't belong here.
  11. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Pretty much what ToeZies said. I get what you want, I understand it's not as bad as Skyrim teleportation or something stupid like that. I, and it seems like a lot of people, don't want teleportation, period. This is not the game for it and certainly not the community for it. Using the idea that everyone's too ignorant to understand completely undermines the vote in the first place.
  12. Squillium

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    This thread is somewhat of an open discussion and somewhat of a message to @Roland and staff. Please, I seriously hope for the betterment of this community you listen to the people who are actively playing in it. This has happened multiple times in the communities' past with various topics, but this is the most egregious one I can find. Upcoming mods coming to the server appear to be a fast travel and NPC trading system. This was the response for the fast travel system: (Seen in this thread) And @ZeroRP made a thread for the NPC traders here: (Seen in this thread) 76.5% of people voted against the fast travel addition for VARIOUS reasons, with the biggest one in my opinion being it goes against what DayZ and role play are in general. This is only one example though. I understand that not everything that a majority of the community votes for should win out in the end but it seems that in most cases whatever the community votes for is inconsequential. This thread deserved way more of a discussion considering 60% voted to get rid of child role play and it was just completely shrugged off by staff DESPITE being an actual in game problem that at some times appears rampant: The anime-voiced 13 year olds are one thing but the fact that there are no younger models also completely breaks immersion and makes talking to a full grown man saying he's 10 years old weird. Should they be banned? Maybe not, but any discussion was shut down by staff as if it was just a stupid idea that more than half of those that voted didn't agree with. I'm not ranting for the sake of ranting, but these are legitimate concerns. The last time DayZ approached this level of popularity we had four different 60 player server full and now we can fill one 80 pop on the weekend with not enough overflow to justify a second server. Please, if a majority want something and it's a reasonable request put more consideration into it, as we all just want to have the best experience possible and 1 person or a small group of people probably won't have the best idea of what everyone wants.
  13. Squillium

    Remove Toxic Zone Mod?

    Shouldn't be in Tisy. If there's a lore reason fine but just blockading military loot is dumb. Keep it at Kamensk and if people really can't see it take away the roaming cloud. Pretty simple stuff, don't know why this is a debate.
  14. Squillium

    Discord Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: Don't remember what happened. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Probably said something staff didn't like, I never got a message about it so I don't know. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned in discord. What could you have done better?: Not said whatever I said.
  15. Squillium

    Racism in game.

    I can't contemplate how many times this thread will be made. No, go play somewhere else if you can't take your in game feelings being hurt. The world's not a nice place, and the apocalypse should be worse.
  16. Squillium

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    . . C̵̢̬̞͖̺͙̺̆̍̅̎̿͂͋̌̈́͛͢ö̡̦̳̺̻̱̜͚̼̥́͒̋͘͘͡ű̡̧̺͙̫̱͊͑͋̀̾̎͗͘͜ļ̷̙̖̪̞̔̓͑̋̉͒͊̕͢͢d̸̳̰̫̥̯̾͒̎̊̿̽̇̀͢͢n̬͇͓̹̓̏̓̄̕͢͜'̜͍̮̫̼͚͌̃̄̐̒̑̀̑͠t̶̨͔̙̳̮͚̠̔͌͑͗͛̿̕ a̡̧̮͖̲̠͗̃͋͌͂̀͌͘̕͜͟͠ͅg̴̨̡͖̘̩̘̀̃̓̍̑̒̽͛͘͡r͓̭̱͖͍̜͍̆̂̃͛̄͜͠͝ę̵̳͓͉̭̭̈̈́̏̍̄̾̚͢ͅę̶͎̥̥͕̞́́͑̏̉͟͢͜͟͡ m̸̱̹̫̩͚̯̥̉̆̂̌̈̄ͅo̤̹̮͛̈̓̆̏͐̒̄͟ͅr̷̡̳̮̩̱͇͎̦̉͒̈́̀̈͋̚ͅe̢̡͔̙̳̼̜̱̽̄́͆̃̎̉̂̚ . .
  17. Squillium

    Boys Only Thread

    The return
  18. Squillium


    Zero my friend we're a dying breed. +1, get them out of the server. Maybe like, 15 as a limit or some shit because I can believe that but 10 year olds running around is fucking weird.
  19. Squillium

    Failed Robberies Thread

  20. Squillium

    Real life picture Thread

    Corn is always interesting
  21. Squillium

    What are you tired of seeing most?

  22. Squillium

    Current State of Rule(s)

    This attitude, more than any rule, is exactly why myself and many people I know don't bother to get on. Yourself and people like yourself want to turn DayZ into something it isn't when all I want to do is grill get online and get into some hostilities (while following rules) without people crying.
  23. Squillium

    Regarding 2.3

    Yea let's keep it on topic. In 2016 when the rules were more lax and 2.3 wasn't a thing we at one point had 4 full servers. Now the server pop is going down when DayZ as a whole has gotten to it's highest point since 0.60 3 years ago. These rules push people away more people than "PVPers" ever will, and the current server pop shows it.
  24. Squillium

    Regarding 2.3

    That's pretty toxic and after playing in a few other communities in recent months I can assure you from any reasonable person's POV it's not true. If you're so unhappy than I suggest you go elsewhere. This attitude is what is driving people away from this community.
  25. Squillium

    Regarding 2.3

    Take out the rule. If you can’t stand getting into a fight semi-regularly in DayZ than RP in another game. If you’re not comfortable with how often you’re getting into hostilities it’s ok to sit back and go, “shit maybe this isn’t the game for my style of RP” instead of immediately trying to fix shit on the forums. Another problem I see is more streamers coming around and getting their viewers to +1 everything they say so any kind of hate toward certain groups is multiplied.
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