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  1. 25 minutes ago, Roland said:

     regardless of RP surrounding it

    What kind of sense does this make? No matter how much sense something makes and how much role play is involved, you can get fucked over because there was too much PVP involved in something, even if a majority of the time your group didn't initiate. There was no constant attacks, there was no "overdoing" it, and by the way you've posted in this report it just seems to reinforce the fact that you're disconnected from what it's like actually playing in the server and how groups actually behave. We started the conflict with them, that's fair, but everything we did from that point on was tit-for-tat based on their response. There could have been no conflict if the OP and Umbra decided to RP out the situation in a way that would have allowed them to live peacefully, which they could have easily done. The 503 aren't PVP monkeys despite popular belief, not only would there be no conflict if Umbra RP'd with a sense of self-preservation, they literally just had to not actively try to continue conflict with us. (aka immediately go out and attack our base in response)

    It gives me such a bad taste in my mouth to see people go so far as to report something that by all accounts seems like a fair and natural conflict between two groups, and it's even worse that after everything presented in this report you're not only entertaining it but just stonewalling anything to the contrary.

    I'm in the group and was involved so I guess I get to post here

  2. 39 minutes ago, DieselTheSnowMan said:

    I'd like to add to my POV that despite telling the 503 lads not to shoot through discord, nobody heard me due to the fact that several people were talking over each other. Of course I did not realize this since I immediatly deafened myself in order to make out what the other people in the scene were saying.

    Again, didn't hear this but it's fine.

    @Lucas was not sitting by the hostages when I killed him. He pushed up to a combine in a field moving closer to the position of both myself, CJ, and Ingvalid. As per the current rules, initiating on an official group gives kill rights on the entire group. In this case, since the Joyces initiated on our members in the other car both groups had full kill rights on each other. Immediate safety, such as someone who can kill you moving up on your position, takes precedence over whatever the hell is going on with the hostages.

  3. 5 hours ago, Rutkiy said:


    Then @Challenger tells the other 2 hostages to say on the radio that if we take any shots we will kill them, and so they do. A minute or 2 later, we hear shots flying over our heads and Lucas calls out that he's getting shot at. @Challenger then executes both hostages and we take our leave.

    I don’t think I remember hearing anything from the hostages between Eagle dying and me killing Lucas, could be wrong.

  4. Miller Thompson POV: @CJ@Ingvalid and myself skeedadle when it’s clear the Joyce’s were going to run up and initiate on us. I park the car down the road by a shed and go into the woods to get a shot on the attackers. I see one by the combine in the field after CJ calls him out and I take a few shots at him, killing him. We then go back to the car, relocate and wait for one of our boys that crashed, then go to another position to continue the fight.

  5. 5 hours ago, Apollo said:

    Also, im going to bite my tongue here because im REFORMED but dont appreciate having a new group called generic, we took the path to bring a new group into the server rather than choosing to bring back one of our old groups and bring it back, and again.

    The groups purpose is to collect guns and drugs, you might as well have brought back one of a dozen old groups. You might not appreciate being called generic but that’s exactly what it sounds like based on the thread. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun but don’t act like you’re any more creative.

  6. 9 minutes ago, JamesRP said:

    See, these PVP montages have been on DayZRP, not some random deathmatch server that has nothing to do with DayZRP  🤡

    Yea dude, PVP montage flexing over roleplayers. Nice.

  7. You guys bean farm hard enough? I post screenshots from halo games too and somehow I can still manage to RP. You join the 503 and people can't wait to flamebait, wonder why?

    1 hour ago, FaeRP said:

    Roleplay media would be good to see...

    I dont give a shit how many idiots y'all can shoot on a PVP server 🤔

    Then get out of the thread or literally scroll up to the other content. How many of your friends have made PVP montages in the past? Posting a screenshot from one game on a death match server seems less PVP-centric than making a whole compilation of kills in RP.

  8. 51 minutes ago, PhoenyxxRP said:

    *She'd chuckle and press down on her PTT*

    "I wear an Armband as well.
    Its a nice dark green, with a black wolf logo on it.
    Let the games begin I guess?

    And may the odds be ever in your favour"

    *Miller's eyes would roll up as he internally cringed. He'd press the PTT*

    Well that's probably the worst possible way to respond, why humor an idiot?

    *He would move on*

    Anyway, indiscriminately attacking anyone with an armband is probably the most ill-informed and stupid decisions anyone could ever make short of literally shooting themselves. Do yourself a favor, try to not make a majority of the country a target and focus on someone specific first. Like maybe, the leader of Wolfpack? Just a thought...

    *He would release the PTT*

  9. 6 minutes ago, Blake said:

    Hey Shane 🙂



    5 minutes ago, Hollows said:

    mhmmm enjoyable comps Squillium, however

    *sniff* mhmm i-is that women i smell? *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffff*

    oh my, yes indeed it is female. hehe *tips hat* good'day m'ladies, mhmm... may i join? hehe *puts arm around squiliam* hehe we go way back 


    4 minutes ago, ShanePVP said:

    Hey Blake aka The Greatest Roleplayer I know I hope you and the family are keeping well I am getting around to sending you that christmas card I was talking about it should arrive fairly soon, I am hoping to come over and visit in the next few weeks 🙂 

    Much Love,

    Shane. ❤️ 


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