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  1. 5 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    I'm afraid I cannot agree with that, because I find the statement to be a pretense.

    The number of permabanned users does not directly imply or even suggest that there is an issue with the system, the only factual piece of evidence it can suggest by itself is that a high number of users are unable to follow community guidelines repeatedly and end up getting excluded from said community.

    It's not just the number, it's the amount of people that have contributed to this community much more than you or I and found something so wrong they found the need to get themselves banned. There's no point in this argument because you're not willing to see my perspective. Bottom line is there's a lot of people that have done a lot for this community who got banned and we're objectively worse off for it. No group in the last 2 years has stuck out to me nearly as much as The Masquerade, The Kingdom, Akrasia, L.I.F.E., or The Plantation and a large portion of there members are either perm'd or sick of this place. 


    5 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    Is it fair to say that, in order to get a majority community vote, you need at least 51% of the active player base at the time to vote in favor or against?

    I'd like to think that is a fair portrayal of a majority, a statistical majority representing the current playing populace of DayZRP.

    As of this week, 901 users have visited our game servers, a poll created this week would need to reach at least 451 votes for, or against in order to reach majority.  Agreed?

    If you want to have a voice go on the forums and voice it. If only 10% of a country decides to vote the outcome is still accepted. They have every ability to go to vote for whatever they want.


  2. 22 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    Their prior status does not justify their actions.

    It doesn't matter if you were previously in staff or not, you are held to the same rule-set and standard as everyone else, and if you disagree with the system or the way things are run, there are ways you can make a change that does not involve breaking community guidelines.

    If you want to make a change, and you want to do that by protest, there are ways you can do that, such as a mass exodus, or a well formed petition, or other forms of peaceful discourse, there are ways to voice your concerns and show your numbers without breaking community guidelines.

    I'm not saying they handled it in the best way. But if you're gonna sit here and act like the amount of banned people in this community is OK, especially when there are numerous well respected former staff and high quality RPers who are on the list you're not living in reality. No one deserves a "free pass", but when you have so many people that go so pissed that they said "fuck it" and got themselves perm'd after all they did to help cultivate this community you need to be realistic and accept the fact that something is wrong on both sides at the very least.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    Some people don't learn from punishments, and some people don't rehabilitate or change their behavior, despite punishment or attempts at teaching them to behave differently.


    We have community guidelines for a reason, it is to keep a sense of order and structure, a certain level of safety in the community, where no one is afraid of saying whats on their mind with fear of being flamed to death or witch hunted for an opinion, something that, even with the safety net we have still isn't completely possible.


    Users who continuously violate the trust and rules that they are asked to follow to play here, and continuously given chances to learn from their behavior with no sign of changing need to be dealt with accordingly, as it becomes painfully obvious after the 6th, 7th and maybe 15th report verdicts/violations that the user has no intention of actually following the guidelines, let alone keeping the level of respect towards others that is required to be part of this community.


    Why should they be allowed to stay?


    Why should we waste time and effort giving these people yet another chance to disappoint and ruin it for everyone else?

    For a lot of better roleplayers, they ended up getting banned on purpose because of the state of DayZRP and how events were unfolding with how the server was being run. Once you reach a certain amount of banned people in a community (including numerous former staff members) you seriously have to ask yourself what the real problems are.

  4. Honestly the best roleplayers are perma-banned or don’t play. It can still be fun to hop on but for the most part it’ll never be as good to me as most of the people that made it special are gone.

  5. Just now, Spazz1313 said:

    I suppose if you want to nit-pick, you're right. The rules don't explicitly allow execution of a prisoner under reasons of suspicion. But in terms of Roleplay reasons I personally believe we had a right to kill you in order to avenge your alleged bullying of Hans and to erase the sketchy-ratty-mouthiness of your character. (Talking about your character here, not your actual person.) Until you wake up in the woods that is. If you really want to make this all about the rules then so be it. The admins will make their decision one way or another inevitably but I'd rather we could come to an amicable conclusion without them.  

    It was just bad circumstances. I do hope we come across each other in a better setting where we can just hang out around a fire and tell bad jokes or have a rap battle or something. None of what happened was a vendetta or to attack you personally in any way, I hope you understand. 

    Look, I really am just trying to get you to understand the fact that it's not just a "nit-pick". Executing someone for "alleged bullying" is against the rules and also makes absolutely no goddamn sense. If I have an actual history with a group and they want to execute me I probably wouldn't report, especially if they just do a simple "//execution?", but that's clearly not what happened here. It wasn't just bad circumstances, you had ample opportunity to take the RP in any other direction and instead you decided to end it for absolutely no good reason.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Spazz1313 said:

    Unrequested but my POV may be helpful. 

    We heard gunshots at Jonah's base. I radioed him asking if they needed assistance. image.png.397088cdca9959fb9e7db4bbb207605f.png

    We get there and I stay out of the camp to keep look out. @Squillium shows up and I hear over radio that he's being really squirrelly checking all of the tents etc. The gates are opened and Nox members and Squill leave. I cut off Squill in the woods to interrogate him about why he's snooping directly after a gunfight and just find out if he's hiding anything. It then comes to our attention that he sounds just like someone who held up one of our guys. 


    As for that segment. I last heard radio of Hans seeing people breaking down the wall in our base (Could have been our architect building) so he mentioned he was gonna go double check to make sure it was a friendly. I hadn't heard any 'Okay clear' so I went over there to make sure everything was okay. When I arrived I could hear a group of people name calling Hans and our group so I backed off. During the event that this report is in regards to, Hans recognizes Squill's voice as one of the kids who were raiding the Nox base and confronted him. As I was there with Hans, this was enough for our characters to understand that Sqill had to die so he wouldn't go and Squiil to any of his bandit friends. 


    Here is a video showing Hans approaching Squill about what had happened. The next clip is my perspective of Hans being held up inside the Nox base with either @Squilliumor someone who sounds identical to him talking. 

    As a bonus, the final clip in this short video is a response to 

    when people were clearly crashing around you. You will see @Rookie52coming down the hill from the bushes where he was on Radio with Jonah hence why you hear me unmute discord when he shows up. I had it muted so I couldn't hear them communicating while I dealt with the forefront issue of someone being tied up in front of me. 


    All in all, we had several reasons but never announced a concrete one pre-execution since someone preemptively fired. We would have liked to make it more interesting but our head in command was busy and to help numb the awkward silence all of us took turns asking questions to help keep it engaging which may have watered things down and just made it confusing.  

    Ok, so again, none of that gives you execution rights on me.

    My hands were tied, I wasn't meta gaming so no one was going to come. Even IF I told people what was happening it wouldn't have given you execution rights.

  7. 9 hours ago, ggvix said:

    Do what you gotta do. I'm just explaining you what are the facts and attitudes that made my group end your character. if its not RP, you tell me what it is. maybe you don't like the way we have done it because you liked your character so much or you just don't know what is going in the story of our group. nothing is a chance, there is a lot going on. 

    Also, you didn't end my character as I never gave permission for a permadeath. As per the rules I will forget about that situation.

  8. 4 minutes ago, ggvix said:

    Listen, we are accused on the server, for a misinformation that we take ppls blood and we are creepy and blablabla, and we get killed pretty much everyday because of that, and guess what? I cant see it in the rules too!!! and we don't open reports because of that. we are stopping ppl that is spreading that kind of information ahead, because that's not who we are that's completely FALSE. In game, our group were there for helping an ally, and your character looked very, very suspicious. ( walking inside the base, looking inside every single tent, log storage, everything I was afraid of you find a better gun and do something stupid honestly... I would say that, for me, your character looked pretty much like a spy. because if I were you on that situation, I would have stayed pretty much static because and being super humble fearing my death with all that ppl surrounding me very well armed. Other fact that made myself take that decision, was when you took the zucchini and trowed on the floor. that very was rude! So yes, I had eyes on you all the time. We executed you because your character looked very suspicious, acting like a spy as I said before. and he was disrespectful too, remember when you criticize my accent at the woods and the other guy accent at the base?! you were making fun of him! Joe hated that! The way you act in game may change your future. about it was happening a bit fast, We were at the woods, nearby where ppl was trying to raid few moments ago, we had to take care of the situation as fast as possible to leave that place. You were delaying us and we couldn't let you go, because the order to fire was delivered to us, and the other facts that I've mentioned previously. Another fact is that you still had your radio! That's one more reason because it was kinda of too fast. and yes, for that. I apologize too.


    So it seems to me you just don’t have a grasp on the actual rules of the server. You don’t get to execute someone for looking suspicious. I don’t care “how fast” it was, I care that I was killed for literally no semi-decent reason. You could’ve RPed with me for an hour but if you just execute me because I was “rude and suspicious” I’m gonna call you on it.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Rookie52 said:

    You came into Shakovka and i personally thought you were acting a little suspicious. Multiple people inside also came to me and said the same thing. Then shortly there after i was told by Jonah Blank that you were impure and that you needed to be dealt with. I was planning on explaining this to you, but it was happening a bit fast for me as well. Again I apologize for that. On top of that you also began talking about our group to people in town and we disliked that. Hence the spreading misinformation.


    So in what you just said what correlates to you having execution rights on me? Because I don't see "Spreading Misinformation" on the list.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Rookie52 said:

    Curtis Rook here, i do agree that the rp was a bit short. I did not give the order to fire, however he was shot prematurely. I sincerely apologize for that. I do have a full recording of the incident, hopefully we can get this totally sorted out.

    Thank you

    I’d like to know an exact situation where you think you gained the right to execute me.

  11. Server and location: S1, North of Shakhovka

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-09, 07:53

    Your in game name: Miller Thompson

    Names of allies involved: N/A

    Name of suspect/s: Nox An Victorum

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

    Detailed description of the events: So I roll up to Sosnovka and mingle with the fine people of the base that was made there. I say something along the lines of the "creepy guys in Novi Summer Camp that take peoples blood", and as I leave am taken hostage by Nox An Victorum as they were there without my knowledge. There's some RP for 5-10 minutes, they're upset that I was "spreading misinformation" about them, and so they decide to execute me. I don't recall ever being in a firefight with them and have no idea how they can justify having execution rights on me. Also throughout the entire encounter it was very clear they were talking in TS/Discord as there was long periods with no one talking.

  12. 12 minutes ago, sanddoggo said:

    Hi, I was at Green Mountain as a new member and hours earlier we had a little altercation. @Squillium and his group of Jackals went into Green Mountain with heavy intent to provoke. After they were blasting extremely loud music over my radio broadcast and slinging insults, on orders, I was told that if they came up the radio tower they were to be shot. I fired one warning shot in their general direction after Miller attempted to climb the radio tower after being told to stop and that had escalated to threats from the Jackals of throwing toxic gas grenades, and Miller constantly following me in an attempt to bait me. After about ten minutes of him wandering about the radio tower (I was ordered to stand down and let him do what he wanted) trying to provoke me,  Squillium/Miller punched me and proceeded to hurl insults. I did nothing as I was told if I retaliated I would be kicked out of the group. This happened regardless as GM had feared my character would cause too much trouble and the Jackals would raid the place looking for him and thus kicked him from the group and left him in the rain, my ties being severed with that group despite me thinking I did everything right. ICly, my character had lost everything he worked so hard to achieve and the sacrifices that were made to get to green mountain, he tried to commit suicide with Ibuprofen pills and after a failed attempt he was out for blood. I fully believe I was justified in killing him as firstly I was attacked by @Squillium and they had effectively gotten my character kicked out of the group reacting to their hostilities and provocations, while (Arvo) had to grin and bear it and nothing about that would make my character not go after someone who has stripped them of their duties, their pride, and their sense of community. I hope you understand this isn't any OOC dislike of you, your character was actually really good at doing his job lol.

    Hope that explains it, as a side note did not see you log in or out at the time when I returned to Green Mountain.


    Man you seem dedicated to your character and I respect that. As far as baiting is concerned I only reacted to the stuff you started. Just don't shoot someone over a punch 20 minutes after it happened and we'll be solid in the future.

    That being said this report can be closed, not a big deal in the long run.

  13. Server and location: S1, Green Mountain

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-09, 6:25

    Your in game name: Miller Thompson

    Names of allies involved: Jackals/Charity and @NorwayRP

    Name of suspect/s: Don't know

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

    Detailed description of the events: Basically went into GM with some of my guys, lost connection and as I re logged I got domed. Around 20 minutes earlier some of us had an altercation with a guy with an orange armband after he initiated on me as I was climbing GM tower and shot toward me once. After a little back and forth it ended with me punching him once and walking out of GM. I logged but decided to get back on a little bit later and went back to GM. The gentleman who shot me was "kicked out" as reported by the charity and all was well till I lost connection, re logged, and got shot. I can't imagine anyone else would've shot me unless it was legit just a random guy that mis-IDed me.

  14. *A man would go onto the radio, his voice shaking but determined. He would press the PTT*

    Hello people of Chernarus, I would like to put a formal bounty on the aggressors known as The Wolfpack. They savagely and without warning attacked a group of poor merchants at the Lopatino Castle, with only a few of us surviving. Anyone that responds to this frequency with knowledge of their whereabouts or can provide a location where proof of their death can be established shall be appropriately awarded. Staff safe my friends, and death to the Wolves.

    *The man would release the PTT, 

  15. Griefing rules are for those who can’t protect their base.

    But if they’re going to exist make it much more clear. If I want a tent, I’ll dump the shit in it on the floor to take it, not my responsibility. That’s not griefing, it’s taking what you want with collateral damage. 

  16. Why are groups forced to remove members who are inactive? I can understand if it leads to their group having less than 5 active members but otherwise it just seems pointless. If you have a 30 man group who cares if 2 inactive members stay on the roster?

  17. 6 minutes ago, Angel said:

    Honestly, if we considered the majority's desires and committed to them fully, we'd be a sinking shit instantly. Most people simply don't know how things work on the back end. I don't even know, and I don't know if what I'm saying is even correct.

    I'd rather they focus on what people want removed than what people want to be added. My opinions on things that should be removed are much stronger than of things I want added, and I'm sure the things I want added aren't always possible.

    So yeah, democracy doesn't work here.

    I can respect that if it's in terms of the community voting to change something and Rolle says no. Anything that changes the status quo could potentially hurt the community. But when staff/Rolle are in favor of a change that could potentially hurt the community that's currently doing well and a majority want to keep an aspect of the game as-is then why change it? There's way more potential for a negative effect on server pop than a good one. I'm all for new mods, and there's probably few that a majority would be against, but this is one.

  18. 2 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    If you want a community vote it should represent the entire community, not just a fraction of it, that is the point.

    I did add some more to my post so feel free to read that as well.

    Yea that's fair but since it's an open poll anyone can vote in it seems fair to respect the decision. If people have differing opinions on how the server is handled then they should go on the forums and voice it. A poll isn't made invalid because people who choose not to vote don't vote.

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