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  1. I love when Western media tries to make anime it’s 10x better... US: 1 Weebs: 0
  2. Still waiting on this to play
  3. Squillium

    Grekov Gang

    Skimming through this thread I feel so bad for you ma boi @CJBB. Fact of the matter is you guys could all be the reincarnation of Shakespeare and everyone would bitch and moan at you.
  4. In roleplay, as in real life, no matter what they technically are, some to a lot of people would call them zombies. If you go to me and say a pig is a cow but it looks and acts like my entire pre-conceived idea of a pig I’m gonna call it a pig. It doesn’t matter what a manifesto says they are, it’s what my character perceives them to be. People can RP out that they’re not zombies and I’m going to tell them IC, “Well they fucking look like them” and any sensible person wouldn’t give a shit OOC because that makes sense. I’m not making up my own lore or disregarding the current lore, but I’m going to call something what it looks like because what’s happening to my character in real time is more important than a technicality in the lore that really doesn’t even affect the current situation.
  5. Imagine people getting upset about calling zombies what they are in DayZ lol
  6. Lmao I express my opinions because maybe something will change and I'll want to play. I don't hate this place and I genuinely want to have fun here again. Great way to get people who might come back to not bother.
  7. I think the real problem is the lore is specifically written to limit people from playing a character they want. If they want to play a super-soldier Rambo-esque American I'll just think they're cringey and move on with my life. As far as the "infected" are concerned they look like zombies, they act like zombies, so unless the lore is walking dead style and says zombies weren't in any form of media why act like they're anything other than exactly what they look like. In a realistic scenario if I say one of these things walking around I and most people would call them zombies.
  8. Who cares, just play a retired US/UN/NATO soldier and give a reason why they're in the country. On another note, the amount of smugness in this thread is reaching peak RP elitism.
  9. Those darn roleplayers and their lack of willpower. (Seriousy just make the change 136-21 want it)
  10. Honestly the main reason seems to be it gets more people to buy diamond. First year and 1/2 I played here there were 2-4 hived servers, and it had been that way before that. Just because there’s fancy mods now doesn’t mean hoarding loot wasn’t a thing then too, but there was enough common sense to say, “Yea people can take advantage of this, but the alternative is worse”.
  11. According to their discord it’s just random people doing it to fuck with them. Literally anyone can file a claim, it doesn’t mean much. Also, Bohemia devs are literally in their discord.
  12. Groups could rob you, reason enough? Fears there, and is necessary for a fun experience in DayZRP, otherwise it’s just second life with zombies. Interact with people and get into some tense situations.
  13. You necro’d a 4 month old thread to admit to the world you [redacted].
  14. Servers were hived together for years and was fine. Loot whoring on S2 is infinitely better than having a pointless server.
  15. Renewed hope in this game
  16. No. Bless your soul, I hope you find peace.
  17. In the words of our fearless leader.
  18. @Eagle took like shorter than the length of the video, told ya
  19. Nice KOS event, great way to end the lore.
  20. Great video. Livonia's a better map people are just weird.
  21. My “rose tinted glasses” are more people playing on the servers. Simpler rules for a time when people didn’t take this place as seriously, but it doesn’t seem I’m agreed with anymore. Hope the wipe does decent.
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