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  1. No. Bless your soul, I hope you find peace.
  2. In the words of our fearless leader.
  3. @Eagle took like shorter than the length of the video, told ya
  4. Nice KOS event, great way to end the lore.
  5. Great video. Livonia's a better map people are just weird.
  6. My “rose tinted glasses” are more people playing on the servers. Simpler rules for a time when people didn’t take this place as seriously, but it doesn’t seem I’m agreed with anymore. Hope the wipe does decent.
  7. Easy, less restrictions that hinder a more natural style of RP and take away player choice. Stop protecting groups, let settlements get destroyed or attacked. Don’t force people to play a certain way but let groups have the freedom to handle situations even if it goes against the other groups goals. Take away the double mic rule since the people it’s meant for don’t follow it and the only thing it does is prevent video POVs in reports. For the love of god don’t stop official groups from being a thing for a month, let people get excited about a fresh group after the wipe instead of having to wait. While you’re at it take out SMART goals since a majority just seem present for the group to be accepted and forgotten about. Have a staff faction that are big baddies with great gear and killing them seems like a cool prize. Literally everything I just stated (minus the staff faction) was how DayZRP was in the past and it worked fine with a higher server population. I’m genuinely not trying to rant to piss people off I just don’t see this going the way people hope. I want this place to do well but it just seems a lot of the decisions made here will hurt DayZRP in the long run.
  8. The lore has and will continue to have little to no impact on what happens in game, especially the further out you get from a lore wipe. Just make a basic story and let RP go in anyway the community wants it. All of this seems like so much wasted effort and it's just going to lead to where we were before except if anything more unnecessary restrictions. Edit: I also cannot contemplate a seasonal model for lore in a RP community. The staff is overestimating how much people will care about it. I'm not trying to be a downer and you guys can actually make change that'll help the community but this is the wrong way to do it.
  9. Bullying @Lindse and @Zanaan in Dredgens was fun. New Moon coming back was great for like a week. Sniping CDF in Cherno skyscrapers right after lore wipe was probably the most fun individual moment.
  10. It’s currently 12 AM EST on a Saturday night This is definitely not good. The difference between this lore wipe and the last one is there’s legitimately other places to go. If someone leaves because there’s basically a month of dead servers they’re not going to come back if they’re invested somewhere else. Theres only so much time someone is going to devote into RP in an unfinished survival game and most people won’t regularly play on 2 servers. This whole thing goes back to the lore being hyped up and mattering 100x more than it should. Give a basic reason why things are the way they are, have fun events, do some lore faction stuff sparingly, but this is ridiculous. Whatever convoluted geopolitical bullshit leads up to what’s happening really doesn’t matter because it doesn’t drive RP, and when it does it’s not natural and feels forced by staff/lore masters. (See the CDF after last lore wipe) This place is the most fun when members have interesting groups and interact with each other, and that is completely irrelevant whether we’re 5 weeks into the apocalypse or 5 years.
  11. Like last time the lore wipe will bring initial hype then we’ll go back to the population we had before it was announced. No amount of world-building will make people RP better or give long term population. The only actual way to improve the community is for members to take initiative to make this place better and therefore encourage more to play. It’s out of staffs hands, it’s out of the LMs hands and once people realize that the sooner this place can improve. Theres nothing inherently wrong with a lorewipe, but it has little impact in the long term and is more like an RP event than a massive change. Also getting a PSI or Mr. Moon to play would matter 10x more than a lorewipe ever could.
  12. Yea I hope the newer and better map takes over again. I’ve been playing Chernarus for 7 years.
  13. Things aren't as good as they have been. Not the worst they've been either...yet.
  14. Ahh yes, another pointless increase in difficulty that only Rolle and 3 people will agree with. DayZ isn’t a PVE game. The aspects that make it difficult are player interaction, however that may turn out. The creators of the game know it, a majority of this community knows it, and I know it. The game wasn’t meant to be something like a traditional MMO or even something like Rust where PVE challenges are actually something you have to think about. Just making things more tedious and annoying to deal with is a negative for the community and will turn people away.
  15. Bring me my baby
  16. Livonia is better by people that actually want to play it
  17. 04/17/2020: Livonia with clear lead going into the weekend
  18. -User has been warned for this post-
  19. Make settlements less rule protected, allow groups to steam roll RP hubs and force people to move around again.
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