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    The Mob Media Thread

    Good song choice
  2. Tom was born just outside of Dublin to two successful doctors. He grew up and was almost exclusively raised by his Grandfather since his parents were always busy, and grew very close with him. His grandfather would tell him stories of how their family helped liberate Ireland from English rule, and were well respected members of Irish society. Growing up, Tom had a pretty average childhood, making friends that he'd have throughout high school and dating a few different girls. When he went to university for history however, he met the love of his life, a Chernarussian girl named Anna. Falling in love over the course of their college career, Anna moved in with Tom after college as they both got jobs in Dublin. Since they were both history majors however, getting a well paying job was hard, and eventually they both agreed to stay with Anna's parents in Shakovka and work at her parent's supermarket. After a few months Tom began to love the country, as he always loved the outdoors and the rolling hills and dense forests fascinated him. When everything started, Tom and Anna tried to hold up in their town with the few others that decided to stay behind. After a few months they had to go out for supplies. While going through Stary Sober looking for food Anna was dragged away by a group of armed men in a truck, and when Tom got back to Shakovka the city was ransacked. He's on his own now and just trying to keep himself alive.
  3. Squillium

    Interview With A Community Member: Mademoiselle

    Piccadilly Pisces best medical RP
  4. Squillium


    It's not just the number, it's the amount of people that have contributed to this community much more than you or I and found something so wrong they found the need to get themselves banned. There's no point in this argument because you're not willing to see my perspective. Bottom line is there's a lot of people that have done a lot for this community who got banned and we're objectively worse off for it. No group in the last 2 years has stuck out to me nearly as much as The Masquerade, The Kingdom, Akrasia, L.I.F.E., or The Plantation and a large portion of there members are either perm'd or sick of this place. If you want to have a voice go on the forums and voice it. If only 10% of a country decides to vote the outcome is still accepted. They have every ability to go to vote for whatever they want.
  5. Squillium


    I'm not saying they handled it in the best way. But if you're gonna sit here and act like the amount of banned people in this community is OK, especially when there are numerous well respected former staff and high quality RPers who are on the list you're not living in reality. No one deserves a "free pass", but when you have so many people that go so pissed that they said "fuck it" and got themselves perm'd after all they did to help cultivate this community you need to be realistic and accept the fact that something is wrong on both sides at the very least.
  6. Squillium


    For a lot of better roleplayers, they ended up getting banned on purpose because of the state of DayZRP and how events were unfolding with how the server was being run. Once you reach a certain amount of banned people in a community (including numerous former staff members) you seriously have to ask yourself what the real problems are.
  7. Squillium


    Honestly the best roleplayers are perma-banned or don’t play. It can still be fun to hop on but for the most part it’ll never be as good to me as most of the people that made it special are gone.
  8. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Look, I really am just trying to get you to understand the fact that it's not just a "nit-pick". Executing someone for "alleged bullying" is against the rules and also makes absolutely no goddamn sense. If I have an actual history with a group and they want to execute me I probably wouldn't report, especially if they just do a simple "//execution?", but that's clearly not what happened here. It wasn't just bad circumstances, you had ample opportunity to take the RP in any other direction and instead you decided to end it for absolutely no good reason.
  9. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Ok, so again, none of that gives you execution rights on me. My hands were tied, I wasn't meta gaming so no one was going to come. Even IF I told people what was happening it wouldn't have given you execution rights.
  10. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Also, you didn't end my character as I never gave permission for a permadeath. As per the rules I will forget about that situation.
  11. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    I do not have any video evidence
  12. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Ok. So it seems to me you just don’t have a grasp on the actual rules of the server. You don’t get to execute someone for looking suspicious. I don’t care “how fast” it was, I care that I was killed for literally no semi-decent reason. You could’ve RPed with me for an hour but if you just execute me because I was “rude and suspicious” I’m gonna call you on it.
  13. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    So in what you just said what correlates to you having execution rights on me? Because I don't see "Spreading Misinformation" on the list.
  14. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    I’d like to know an exact situation where you think you gained the right to execute me.
  15. Squillium

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Server and location: S1, North of Shakhovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-09, 07:53 Your in game name: Miller Thompson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Nox An Victorum Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: So I roll up to Sosnovka and mingle with the fine people of the base that was made there. I say something along the lines of the "creepy guys in Novi Summer Camp that take peoples blood", and as I leave am taken hostage by Nox An Victorum as they were there without my knowledge. There's some RP for 5-10 minutes, they're upset that I was "spreading misinformation" about them, and so they decide to execute me. I don't recall ever being in a firefight with them and have no idea how they can justify having execution rights on me. Also throughout the entire encounter it was very clear they were talking in TS/Discord as there was long periods with no one talking.
  16. Squillium

    S1 - KOS with possible Ruleplay

    Man you seem dedicated to your character and I respect that. As far as baiting is concerned I only reacted to the stuff you started. Just don't shoot someone over a punch 20 minutes after it happened and we'll be solid in the future. That being said this report can be closed, not a big deal in the long run.
  17. Squillium

    S1 - KOS with possible Ruleplay

    Server and location: S1, Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-09, 6:25 Your in game name: Miller Thompson Names of allies involved: Jackals/Charity and @NorwayRP Name of suspect/s: Don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Basically went into GM with some of my guys, lost connection and as I re logged I got domed. Around 20 minutes earlier some of us had an altercation with a guy with an orange armband after he initiated on me as I was climbing GM tower and shot toward me once. After a little back and forth it ended with me punching him once and walking out of GM. I logged but decided to get back on a little bit later and went back to GM. The gentleman who shot me was "kicked out" as reported by the charity and all was well till I lost connection, re logged, and got shot. I can't imagine anyone else would've shot me unless it was legit just a random guy that mis-IDed me.
  18. Squillium

    It's been a while.

    Good to see you
  19. Squillium

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Time for some roleplay
  20. Squillium

    VPN Detected

    Yea no, with the amount of DDOSing that has gone on in this community it’d be nice if we could actually prevent it.
  21. Squillium

    Wolf Hunting

    *A man would go onto the radio, his voice shaking but determined. He would press the PTT* Hello people of Chernarus, I would like to put a formal bounty on the aggressors known as The Wolfpack. They savagely and without warning attacked a group of poor merchants at the Lopatino Castle, with only a few of us surviving. Anyone that responds to this frequency with knowledge of their whereabouts or can provide a location where proof of their death can be established shall be appropriately awarded. Staff safe my friends, and death to the Wolves. *The man would release the PTT,
  22. Squillium

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    Anyone that voted for this is RPing in the wrong game.
  23. Squillium

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Was fun running into Chance and crew the other day, keep it up guys.
  24. Squillium

    Addendum to griefing rule

    Griefing rules are for those who can’t protect their base. But if they’re going to exist make it much more clear. If I want a tent, I’ll dump the shit in it on the floor to take it, not my responsibility. That’s not griefing, it’s taking what you want with collateral damage.
  25. Squillium

    Your most memorable moments

    Always fun sniping in Cherno Also, don't joke about my pants
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