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  1. Squillium

    Lore wipe

    At this point there’s not any kind of reasoning that will convince me a lore wipe should happen. In a few weeks everything will be the same, and forcing people to get rid of their old characters will just piss them off. If you don’t enjoy playing take a break, there’s no magic trick that will just make everything fun for you again.
  2. Squillium

    Amnesty Who?

    Honestly respect you for just saying it, I mean I’d want my friends back.
  3. Squillium

    Amnesty Who?

    There’s no use in trying to cover it in any way, some people were allowed back because they were friends with staff. If I had been involved in DDOSing individuals I’d never be allowed back here.
  4. Squillium

    Restraining people in game

    Honestly not my problem the server takes a shit, I’m gonna restrain someone if I deem it necessary.
  5. Squillium

    Add back double stamina

    If only cars didn’t turn into rocket ships above 90 players
  6. Squillium

    Base map

    @Zanaan *Soon*
  7. Squillium

    Base map

    *As you walk through Stary you would see a poster hung up on the Church, looking like it was put there recently. There would be a few dead infected scattered around* //Image is 5072x5072, zoom in if need be. Will update as time goes on. All of these locations are places I've actually been IC or have been told about IC.
  8. Squillium

    S1: Vystovo Griefing? - 03/15/2018 14:54

    No, anyone could have walked up I suppose. @MoodyOG even made it a point not to leave anything on the ground and put a hacksaw or something back that one of us dropped.
  9. Squillium

    S1: Vystovo Griefing? - 03/15/2018 14:54

    William Drake POV: As far as the last incident, I'm pretty sure it was a few of us after leaving the event last night. We found your base and only broke things that were necessary to get into it and only took what we could carry both on ourselves and in the car we fixed with the parts you had stashed. We didn't despawn anything. I currently have a lot of that stuff hidden with the vehicle up north, along with whatever the other guys were carrying. Sorry man, not griefing, didn't despawn anything and didn't break anything that wasn't necessary to get in. I have no knowledge about the first two incidents.
  10. Squillium

    Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    I got dayz'd
  11. Squillium

    Halo on pc

    What if you miss? I won't
  12. Squillium

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    C’mon man, this is a real bad look
  13. Squillium

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Only hope for the server tbh, go kill a lot of people
  14. Squillium

    Change back to 100 cap on the server

    I literally just want to use every aspect of the game, including cars. If the recommended is currently 80, put it at that. Open up another server as needed, also with a pop of 80. stability > more people
  15. Squillium

    Real life picture Thread

    Müch snöw bröther
  16. Squillium

    James Brothers Gang {Recruitment Closed}

    Good job guys
  17. Squillium

    2 Servers at 70 vs 1 server at 100+

    Well the player cap was put up to 120 today, how high does this go before a new server is added instead of breaking the server more?
  18. Squillium

    2 Servers at 70 vs 1 server at 100+

    I get the arguements, but people have been using the others servers to loot and ghost before, and no one really said anything until beta/1.0. While there’s only 1 car now what happens when vehicles are a more pivotal part of the game? I sure as hell would never attempt to fly a helicopter or plane over 60 people, and while I’m sure the devs want to make higher pops more stable, I doubt it’ll go too much higher.
  19. Squillium

    2 Servers at 70 vs 1 server at 100+

    There's always going to be some kind of trade off, DayZRP had 2 servers for years and did just fine. Also, with how high the population has been getting recently the second server would probably actually be used as intended, considering the amount in the server and queue today could've filled 2 normal sized servers. If server 2 is empty or near empty, couldn't you just close it? I remember this happening at one point before beta and it seemed to be fine.
  20. Squillium

    2 Servers at 70 vs 1 server at 100+

    Short and to the point, DayZ's devs have stated that they can't guarantee server stability above 60 people, that's why public servers max out at this number. This can easily be seen with the instability of cars when the server is full, essentially making them useless. To those that say it's harder to find people, I've never had problems finding people on a full 60 player server, and I doubt you'd have any problem at 70.
  21. Squillium

    Removal of buried stashes

    Hey man, I'm not gonna get in a long winded argument, I've already said what I believe. You bring up some good points but the last time the majority of players weren't listened to for the "sake of RP" this place took a very noticeable dip that Rolle himself has admitted to. Also, a weapon, most importantly the best weapon you can possibly get, would be the most important thing you could have in the most realistic scenario you can think of.
  22. Squillium

    Removal of buried stashes

    If it drives a majority of people to not want to play, which this thread seems to indicate, it's an issue. The people who seem to have a problem with this aren't mass groups trying to initiate on everyone, it's people who just want a chance to defend themselves.
  23. Squillium

    Removal of buried stashes

    You can say that, but the same could be said for basically anything you would loot in game. I don't think you'd find any canned food in literally any house or store either but of course you do because that's not hoarded to the same extent. If people want to go hide their stuff fine, but burying it literally makes it almost impossible for anyone else to find. 600 days into an apocalypse guns would be hoarded in a settlement or by a group of people, not buried en mass all over the countryside.
  24. Squillium

    Removal of buried stashes

    Still a video game man, a lot of people don't want to play if the most important items in the game are so rare you'll never find them.
  25. Squillium

    Cheytac Intervention

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