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    This is odd

    Sure, but if the people who were, we’ll say, “victims” of the rulebreaks don’t care why should staff and why should anyone else? If it happens to you, report it, if it doesn’t, don’t worry about it.
  2. Quill

    This is odd

    Anyone can make a report, that’s true, doesn’t mean staff have to pay attention to it if the reporter had nothing to do with what happened.
  3. Quill

    Spread out spawns

    Honestly I’d be down with the Southern coast being the spawn area like the mod. Plenty for everyone to loot and then you go north.
  4. Quill

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I’d rather have a streamer bring new people in, regardless of his RP, then RP with the same people everyday. Honestly though the megaphone thing was hilarious.
  5. Quill

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Well typically you can’t report rulebreaks you weren’t involved in. Most of the people I see that are upset didn’t even run into him, and yea he did things he shouldn’t but personally I’m not bothered.
  6. Quill

    New Moon Media Thread

    @Nihoolious @PsiSyndicate Gatted before his time
  7. Quill

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    The server needs more people, Psi helps bring them, I'm down
  8. Quill

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Thermal AS50 with 1600m zoom Also varsity jackets
  9. Quill

    The great Youtube Crash

    Youtube last night
  10. Quill

    New Moon Media Thread

    I'm swelling with pride
  11. Quill

    Kordruga's Media Thread

    Quality content from a semi-decent person, my favorite
  12. Quill

    Battlefield V

    At the end of the day this may be one of the worst marketed triple A games in history. I really don’t care if they had an in-depth character customization system that allowed for some admittedly stupid and nonsensical character models. The problem is they made it center stage, having a one armed woman be the focal point in the launch trailer for a WW2 game and even putting her on the cover. That’s bad enough, but literally telling your fan base to deal with it or get out, and then being surprised when the preorders were garbage, it’s like 12 year olds tried to sell this. It’s ironic, because when BF1 came out it destroyed Infinite Warfare, but it looks like both sides did a 180. I really hope EA goes bankrupt within the next few years, because idk many companies that deserve it more.
  13. Quill

    Save/Resting Points

    No thank you
  14. Quill

    One Group

    Rough Riders fuck the haters Also the Brave and the Catholics were pretty cool, especially the war between the two.
  15. Quill

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Ah smart goals, my old nemesis. @Nihoolious fix it
  16. Quill

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    We'll get accepted one day lads, stay strong
  17. Quill

    Quill/Squillium's Lit Media Thread

    Thanks for taking a look guys, I'll post Screenshots/Videos/Memes whenever I can. Let's Start off with some 0.61 stuff. Found both new backpacks and messed around with the new lighting system at Tisy:
  18. Quill

    Quill/Squillium's Lit Media Thread

    Gotta start off with some quality RP from my boy @Nihoolious
  19. Quill


    It was a good deal tbh, thanks Rolle
  20. Quill

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Obviously Joker reference, but reminds me of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, 9/10
  21. Quill

    DayZ Standalone Mod Video

    You give me that new map I won't play anything else for a year
  22. Quill

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Terra @Ron When there's less than 10 people on the server but you still run into someone. Good stuff though, +1
  23. Quill

    New Moon Media Thread

    Also this
  24. Quill

    New Moon Media Thread

    It's good to be back
  25. Quill


    Jabba’s sun over Chernogorsk is grade A