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  1. I hear we have live footage of the DayZRP staff shack, which we can show you now:
  2. Things seem to be calming a bit. February 22nd, 2020: Slowly lowering from 72%
  3. Daily (Weekly?Monthly?) drama percentage's for our fine community. February 21st, 2020: Drama holding steady at 75%
  4. Squillium


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I mean it was a joke, just inappropriate but I've seen worst posted Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from discord What could you have done better?: I have no intention of posting in the discord, I just need to be able to join voice for hostage stuff
  5. Seriously, like depending who the notes go to I don't know why anyone gives a shit
  6. This would be a big problem that I don’t think staff are prepared to deal with, at least not correctly. Also in the past a lot of trouble makers played on the server religiously, so they’d get 0 points in a week.
  7. Objectively bad “balance” changes, makes 0 sense to anyone that actually plays and has killed a bear/wolf.
  8. It’s a roleplay community dude, the whole thing’s recruit
  9. Lmao why is everyone tweaking out on Beni. Welcome back, things are worse then when you were here last.
  10. Anyone that voted no values their loot above all else and you can’t convince me otherwise. If people spent less time fortifying mega bases and more time roleplaying this community would be a better place. Absolutely pathetic.
  11. His death had nothing to do with your issues highlighted in this report.
  12. Being an absolute fenian lately
  13. Thomas McCarthy POV: Essentially we take Kyle from the Soup Kitchen and bring him a little north. After a few minutes Yannick and someone else show up and are very unwilling to leave, leading us to initiate on them. The man who’s name I don’t know dies but we move Yannick and Kyle north, yelling at Yannick since it was a stupid decision IC to try and stick around a hostage situation. During this berating I at some point(s) do say “faggot”, but again it’s all IC and getting upset over it OOC doesn’t lend itself to good RP. Yannick starts to get mouthy so we ask him to apologize during our walk, which he refuses to do. Once we stop in the northern woods he goes OOC in text and is completely immature, leading me to request him to stop using OOC text. We give him another chance to apologize and he refuses, simply saying “shoot me”. We offer Kyle the ability to be set free if he kills Yannick, which he does. Let me make it clear that we OFFERED Kyle the kill and did not force him to execute Yannick, and he seemed more than happy about it. We then go off to wait our timer. I have no video evidence. @punchie If you can’t handle vulgar language, and especially if you get PTSD when someone has “absolute control” in RP I genuinely don’t know why DayZRP interests you. I’m not trying to be an asshole or discourage you, but hostage situations and hostage takers being “bad guys” is the name of the game, and something that everyone here needs to be comfortable with. If you had a problem with certain language you could’ve simply just asked us to stop instead of going on a tirade OOC. We have no obligation to stop using certain language as we weren’t being trolly but we would’ve at least taken it under consideration if you had been respectful.
  14. -User was warned for this post-
  15. RP today more than makes up for the hostage situation last week. Always good for 2 Irish to yell at each other. Thanks guys, and sorry to whoever I dome pieced.
  16. All in all I'd say renting my car to some mobsters was a good investment
  17. Who the fuck are you? And who are “your bais”. I didn’t take none of ya hostage and ma car got shot up. Fuckin tossers...
  18. *An Irish man would turn on his radio while leaning against his shot up Cadillac* Just so you kind folks know, there's some scumbags running around with green armbands that tried to rob my car after I gave them a ride. I don't know who they are but they're desperate for gear and can't shoot. Stay safe everyone. *Releases the PTT and starts patching his fuel tank*
  19. Dude you could literally use the Livonia river as a reason you got there. Modern day Vikings in an apocalypse actually make some sense.
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