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  2. Are you the real Frankieonpcin1080p?

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    Who do you think you are? Using an Elder Scrolls theme too? Fucking coping nibba 

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      Pulls out a 2006 era meme with the watermark at the bottom lmao. Proved my point

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      Morrowind is good, ESO can suck my nut sack, and WoW was good all the way up until WOTLK, MoP was decent, but everything else is GARBO!

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    @Kanen Welcome New User!

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      You know I'm right

      This picture was taken at 6:43p.m and it is currently 10:30. So it's been about 4 hours and I'm fuckin' right


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      photoshopped :ph34r:

  4. @iBUYCHOWDER We got this




      One day our dreams won't be memes.

  5. Boobs 9/10
  6. Waiting for 0.62
  7. @lukzo2024 puttin em down son 

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      Have my beanz Louie. @lukzo2024

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      I would give them back but I'm all out :(

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      No need to give back. A good roast deserves beanz.

  8. New lore


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      I've watched so many unfinished lore videos, I'll have to bookmark this.

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  9. @Joules I think the main disconnect is the fact that the lore isn't the foundation of the player base. To be completely honest it's just an afterthought once people get through the whitelist and the actual ingame RP determines the quality and quantity of this community. While the lore is used to help further RP it's not essential for RP interactions, especially the longer you get into the apocalypse.
  10. Definitely agree with @Kat, lore doesn't need to be a novel. It's just a jumping off point for people to tell their own stories. While I'm sure the lore is very well fleshed out and detailed, it just seems like it'll be overkill and limit people's ability to tell their own story. Literally all that is needed where, when, and how the infection happened and how the world got to the terrible state it is in, anything else is unneeded.
  11. To be completely honest it just feels like the Lore masters are overthinking things. I understand that the lore should be fleshed out but going overboard is definitely not a good thing. In my opinion I believe they went past making a solid server lore and have just begun writing stories that in all reality either shouldn't be involved or are just unnecessary. An example of this was the "folklore" stories brought up in the meeting which, while I'm sure are interesting, are not going to be brought up or have any impact in game and therefore just seem like overkill.
  12. 0.62 goodness
  13. GOTY 2k17


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      you probably installed that you cringe lord