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  1. Popular Opinions Thread

    Not English, don't agree with EVERYTHING in this, (I don't think it's a race problem, more of a cultural one) but this really speaks for a lot of western countries today.
  2. Impersonation Interpritation

    Yea, thank you. This can be closed
  3. Impersonation Interpritation

    So we all know you can't go around claiming you're in a group if you're not, especially if you do something to make them look bad. My question is can you lie about the actions of a group and say they told you to do something? An example of this would be if you capture someone, rob and/or torture them and claim a group "paid you to do it", or something along those lines. In the past I've heard this is both fine and a rulebreak, and just want some clarification.
  4. Dynamic Lore Timeline Event Applications

    Noice, looks good
  5. It's over, the weebs are gone. We can live the rest of our lives in peace and harmony.04EC34E1-4DCF-4FA7-BD98-0B210AD7E3FB-920-000001C8BD6DE2B6.jpeg.16b79b249fec610a1b1ef3a73dbe891a.jpeg


    1. WildCurtos o7

      Except yourself

    2. Squillium


      How dare you

    3. WildCurtos o7

      B E G O N E  W E E B

  6. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Pop Which member of this community are you closest with?
  7. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    Damn, too bad there's not an evil black guy to save this doctor from.
  8. So I make two high quality PB and Js for lunch. I eat the first sandwich and look down at the second, and it has fucking mold on it, which I'm assuming the first one did too. Living alone is great.

    1. evanm23


      replenish your bread every 2 weeks

    2. Squillium



    3. Keira


      A little penicillin never hurt anyone

  9. You've come a long was Yung Curtis. One day you might even become relevant.


    Follow your dreams

    1. WildCurtos o7

      Gracias senorita

      I shall agree yes I will follow dreams

      Miss you papi 


  10. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Puerto Rico was pretty cool Would you say you're happy at this stage of your life?
  11. The Legion

    But seriously, we all know "niggley" isn't going to be accepted. Change it before this gets closed and there's another community wide autistic spasm.
  12. The Legion

    Alright, devil's advocate. It's dumb, like really fucking dumb, but the server needs something like this. There's literally no reason to get on and shit is boring as hell. Maybe keep everything but change the word niggley and you'll be alright.
  13. Fucking hate when you do well on a quiz/test but make some stupid mistakes on stuff that's supposed to be easy.

    1. Buddy



    2. Squillium


      Lol best part was it was a pressure problem in thermodynamics