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  1. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Squillium

    .....what.... :o :(

    1. Kevin

      oh lol

    2. ExoticRP


      Squilliam was a better leader than Nihoolious

    3. Jango


      @KricketRP you're now  the only Squillium we acknowledge 

    4. ExoticRP


      Mazel tov!

    5. Jango


      @ExoticRP Remember this as the day you almost killed Captain Squillam leader of Glorious Bastion...

    6. LouieRP


      uh what the actual fuck

    7. EndeavourRP



    8. Buddy


      Jesus christ, its Jason Bourne O.o

    9. VictusRP


      ???????? Didn't deserve it tbh

    10. Whitename


      what did he do??

    11. Mia


      Another good one gone . . .


    12. Hollows


      >last died, March 1st

      Hmm... If only that day is a day of infamy or something... March 1st... What occurred on that day that wasn't like any other in this community's history... A... RolePlaying D-Day of some sort..?

    13. LouieRP



    14. Jango




  2. Squillium


    Rolle: We’re gonna make this change.

    The community, former staff, current staff, Jesus Christ: How about we don’t do that.

    Rolle: Nah we’re gonna do it.

    1. Buddy


      I fixed it for you, my love :$



    2. Cuntstable


      Why fix things that are not broken tbh

    3. Buddy


      Because as Rolle's profile quote previously stated:

      "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is!"


    4. Roland


      Not sure what you mean mate, majority of the existing staff agreed on these changes to groups, the decision was discussed and made during a staff meeting last month. All admins and GMs were given multiple weeks to give their feedback, suggestions and improvements to a draft of these new rules that you see.

      I understand that it's easier to just blame big bad Rolle who doesn't even play the game, but still sets the rules for it, but in this case it wasn't just me who decided on this rule change.

      As for the community, well, unfortunately this isn't a democracy, we can't have a person with the most friends dictate how others will play. 

      No hard feelings though, I'm used to being blamed for everything bad around here ;) Have a great day! 

    5. Buddy


      Please tell me it wasn't this that did him in... I mean... I was trying to make light of it all in a joke and I wake up to see him etched out?? 

      What is dis??? :(

    6. Jango


      Buddy you dont fucked up m8 , only thing worse than a snake is someone who gets someone banned and you just made that list @Buddy, now not even your campfire RP will save you...

    7. Buddy


      Really hoping that was sarcasm because I missed the part where I got anyone banned? Hello @Jango what? o.O

    8. gElmo


      I knew you were a snek boi @Buddy

    9. Roland


      How could you do that to him @Buddy? I thought you had something special!

    10. Buddy


      I mean.. @Rolle & @Elmo I thought that WE had something special too since you've both expressed your undying love to me on several occasions... but then you both go ahead and gas my ass in cs the other day... ¬¬

  3. Squillium

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Jesus Christ man, you’re like the people that blindly support Trump no matter what he does. And YouTubers brought 95% of people here so idk what your talking about. I’m not gonna blindly say everything’s fine when the stuff that made this server interesting is being ripped from it. The community won’t die because of some rule changes, but it had potential to be fun again in beta. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t see much point in getting in game anytime soon.
  4. Squillium

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    It honestly sounds like Blizzard when they’d talk about vanilla WoW servers. “You think you know what you want, but you don’t”. Like why not just see if the community would want to get rid of dynamic rights with a poll? Instead this is pushed down our throat by people that barely get in game and say “It’ll promote RP”.
  5. Squillium

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    So be in a group or don’t have fun? Gotcha.
  6. Squillium

    • Squillium
    • Mexi

     You're still gay


    1. Mexi


      I take back what I said earlier, I stand by what I said last night.

      jk luv u jew

    2. Kordruga


      I almost cried

  7. Squillium


    Alright, Youtube cucked me, hopefully this stays up


    1. Oliv


      You had to resort to Vimeo? Vimeo?! You try too hard Squill. Meme's shouldn't be that forced.

    2. Squillium


      I worked too long dammit @Oliv!

    3. Oliv


      Thanks for making me the Asian guy with the damn fine hair btw, I'll take it

    4. Squillium


      I thought you would

  8. Nihoolious

    • Nihoolious
    • Squillium

    you're like a facebook grandma with your shit memes and inspirational quotes

  9. Squillium

    Squillium's Lit Media Thread

  10. Squillium


    Fuck me this took decades

    Also, apparently it's blocked in at least Britain so RIP

  11. Squillium


    Remember ladies and gentlemen, BadRP is a bannable offence unless it's the basis for an event.

  12. Squillium

    • Squillium
    • Nihoolious


    1. Nihoolious


      i wish i was staff again so i could delete this cringe

  13. Squillium




    1. EndeavourRP


      Oh yes

    2. Squillium



    3. Shane Is Dead
  14. Squillium

    Supply drop

    *Will would press the PTT* Aren't most people up north at the Severograd settlement nowadays? That's a long way to go for some toilet paper. *He would release the PTT*
  15. Squillium


    Right now the server really just needs a group that goes around and robs people. People that won't get worried about salty cucks who will look for anything to report you for, just rob people and give them RP without being scared of some bad boy points. Getting in game is so goddamn boring right now because there is no conflict whatsoever, and no amount of events, settlements, or staff intervention will fix it. The beta might, but if the attitude of the community doesn't change than it won't be worth playing.

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    2. Roland


      Yes, the old "RP comes after the initiation" concept.

      Before the RP can happen people have to surrender to you, right? Perhaps their characters don't feel like giving up everything they own, getting questioned, beaten up or tortured by bandits and they will not comply during your robbery but rather fight back. Then you have a firefight, people die = PvP. So with that in mind, robberies are the main trigger for PvP, so the whole concept can be considered PvP, since you are effectively attacking other players, no? Just because a small portion of people will comply and you will give them some hostage RP doesn't take away the fact that it is in essence PvP.

    3. Cuntstable


      Yup, and i agree with it :) 

    4. Roland


      No Squillum, engaging in hostilities for the sake of engaging hostilities is not allowed.

    5. Mexi


      If they care more about losing items than they do getting RP that's the issue there, not people that are wanting to provide said RP. At the end of the day you've done nothing but prohibit one kind of RP style because lets be honest Rolle, you've not done it before so you don't understand one side of the argument.

      At the end of the day, if the RP provided is then decent people need to let go of their pixels and enjoy.

    6. Squillium


      Rolle, I'm not asking that.

      Is robbing someone, a valid reason to initiate. Not OOC just wanting their shit to horde gear, but to legitimately give them RP through a robbery, which I promise on my dick happens way more than you think.


    7. Dew


      A small portion? I'm sorry but your statement is simply absurd. Saying that Hostile RP and PVP is practically the same thing is silly. Judging by your reply the rational thing to do, in your opinion, would be to simply bad initiating on people. The very thing that made your server popular, you're trying to get rid off. 

      Rolle have you ever done hostile RP, or tried playing a hostile character?

    8. Tom


      wew now boys stop making sense, thats how people get banned

    9. Shane Is Dead
    10. Roland


      @Mexi Some people do not enjoy hostile RP. Especially if you're getting robbed of everything they own, tortured and humiliated every few hours. Sure, you may enjoy being a scary angry bandit who dominates other players, everyone likes to win. It doesn't mean that people have to like being subjected to hostile RP and have to lose, just because you think that kind of RP is fun. DayZ is essentially a PvP oritented game, this community was founded on the concept of being a safe heaven from that excessive PvP, when I started a no KoS server in 2012. I intend to keep that concept going, by heavily restricting what hostilities are and aren't allowed on our servers.

      @Squillium Again, no, it isn't. Rules clearly state that you need a valid IC reason to be hostile against other players. Just being a hostile character or wanting to do hostile RP is not a valid reason, similarly how being a murderer doesn't give you kill rights.

      @Joe is dead What made this server popular was the no KoS rule and actual idea about it being less hostile than regular servers, not the concept of PvP or hostile RP. There's plenty of that on public servers, people do not need to join this one to get that.


    11. Squillium


      Ok, so robbing someone isn’t a valid reason, fine.

      What is?


      Also, I’m not trying to make this a, “Alright lads, let’s gang up on Rolle”, I’m legitametly curious and a little concerned. 

    12. MrPanda


      Yeah I have a question if I’m not allowed to start hostile RP just to get hostile RP how am I supposed to begin hostile rp? If everyone is nice then the server has no conflict and every story needs a conflict

    13. Tom


      Robbing people in a apocalyptic situation where there are undead individuals walking around trying to eat you and the people you care about which leads to people separating from very populated areas and sticking to smaller groups of individuals that don't care much about other people that are not in that very small group of people which then leads to those who are capable or harming others or have questionable morals to band together in groups so that they could prey on loners or smaller groups in order to increase their chances of survival is not a valid reason. Gotcha.

    14. Dew


      Less hostile than regular servers? There are no hostilities on regular servers because it's simply shooting people you see. DayZRP was popular because the game was this massive open world survival game that could breed extremely fun story lines, such as the oldest in the book, Hero vs. Bandit. Hero vs. Bandit is essentially what made your server a hit on DayZ Mod and SA. I remember when I first joined and running into people that were apart of a hero group, them giving me food and ammunition for my gun and asking me information about the bandits at the time since they would hunt them down. It was amazing and it made me come back to the server and play again. That Hero vs Bandit story line wouldn't exist if you simply attack hostile RP and say "It's not good because a people don't like it" And the people who don't like it are a small portion of the community who more than likely have never contributed to this community positively. It's sad that you're taking the side of people who are too obsessed with their gear to give people the fair RP they deserve. 

    15. Roland


      @Squillium A lot of things are, for example if people call you names, threaten you or your group, steal from you, maybe you're at war with them because of previous hostile encounters, you know things that actually happen in game during role play  that would justify being hostile and killing others.

      Definitely not ganging up on role players who have done nothing wrong to you and dominating them in PvP because you want to have your hostile RP and they are easy targets.

    16. MrPanda



    17. Roland


      @Joe is dead Then we will have to agree to disagree. I will always believe that the success is thanks to no KoS and less hostile interactions than other servers. Serious role play started getting enforced much, much later. People came here primarily to escape PvP of publics and that's what we continue doing to this day.

      So you wanting to go around and PvP (or rob, as you like to call it) without any role play justification just for the sake of hostile RP is just not going to be accepted here. There are other communities like Underground that give you freedom of hostile RP - something that you seem to be after. We will stay focused on more peaceful RP and heavily restricted and controlled hostile RP that originates from actions done in game.

      @Mr.Panda You seem to be having trouble with comprehension. Stealing from someone or calling others names does not require initiation from your side. And yet, the owner of the stash or the person you called names can now initiate on you. Poof, it's started.

    18. Tom


      What people don't tend to understand is that if you don't have one side the other side automatically becomes less appealing. If you surround yourself with individuals who hand out food, meds and ammo to every person the server would that gets boring real quick. But if you know there's groups of people running around who mean to do you harm if they capture you and they do capture you, torture you and take your shit and you run into that same good samaritan after all that that and then he hooks you up with some supplies when you're actually in need of them it makes all the difference. From that point on you can either;

      a) Attempt to become friends with the guy that hooked you up

      b) Perhaps see if that person would aid you in exacting your revenge on your enemies

      c) Whatever the fuck

      ^ That's how stories get made and progressed, not sitting around a campfire trading 5.56.

    19. Squillium


      (I had a long thing typed out but you responded so RIP)

      But Rolle, that's not what a majority of people over the years have come here for. And more than that, while you may disagree, this feels like something that has just come up within the recent months. You can put restrictions till the world ends but at the end of the day this is DayZ, and without conflict and hostilities being the driving force behind what happens in game you're not going to have a successful community.

      I feel that the problem isn't that you have the wrong people trying to "force" things into the community that you disagree with, I feel that the problem is you're trying to make rules and restrictions that simply don't work for a game like DayZ. And while you say, as well as said in the past, that other RP communities are present and have more of the, "RP we're looking for", we all know that at the moment and for the foreseeable future this is the place to go if you want to RP in DayZ, and anything else pretty much pales in comparison. (I mean Underground doesn't even have a white-list ffs)

    20. Roland


      @Tom and now reverse the situation. You think getting constantly robbed by hostile groups that are in majority on the server is not boring? Getting all supplies you gathered for your campfire RP or storyline taken from you, getting questioned and tortured for the Nth time this week. Newsflash, it gets boring to them too! And more importantly, it gets frustrating, because you can't have the RP that you want to have with your friends. Many great roleplayers have left our community due to oppressive nature of the PvPers and hostile RP.

    21. Mexi


      @Rolle there is 1-2 hostile groups. Only one of them does that, hardly a majority.

    22. Squillium


      -Fuck polls tbh-

    23. Roland


      @Squillium this is definitely not something that has happened in the recent months. I have disbanded probably half a dozen of hostile groups in the last few years, permabanned probably close to a hundred members of said groups. Made the hostility rules more strict on way more than one occasion due to events that happened in game and abusive hostile RP. It is nothing new that hostile RP is heavily restricted here and will continue to be so.

      That being said, I am all up for allowing freedom of RP. If the hostile RP is not abusive or oppressive in nature and is kept within reasonable limits with role play justification (the reason for initiate that I mentioned), the rules will probably not get stricter, groups will not get disbanded, people will not get permabanned. Perhaps quite the opposite, should we see less of a "PvPer / rob everything that moves for shitty reason" behavior, the hostility rules would probably be relaxed over time. But I don't think that will happen ;) 

    24. Tom


      @Rolle Yea you know why? Because people care about their gear, and they care about their perfectly matched pristine outfits and they care about being the alpha dog in every situation - which in turn should give those people fuel to stand up for themselves, put a group of people together who have had hostilites with that same group of bandits and, I don't know, progress their stories somehow. Most of the people that complain about being bored of getting robbed are one of the following things;

      a) Lazy

      b) Unable to back up their shit talk

      Most good hostile groups are not going to rob you for everything you're worth, they'll take your gun, maybe your backpack and some meds or some food. If that "inhibits" you from roleplaying the way you enjoy roleplaying or it breaks your storyline somehow maybe you shouldn't be running around double carrying an m4 with an SVD when up until half a year ago you were a elementary arts school teacher turned edgy cannibal.

      Again , you can't have one side without the other. Ying and yang and all that.

    25. Squillium


      But at the end of the day you have to realize that's why new people come here right? 

      They want to get in game, initiate on someone, and probably torture them and call them all sorts of mean things. Is this all people should do? No, but when you think of RP in DayZ, you think of a something like the walking dead or the road, where serious shit happens all the time and bullets start flying because of actions characters have taken. Not, just, sitting and talking about nothing important all day.

    26. Kordruga


      In my opinion I think people look into this way to much, a server focused on story lines and characters needs balance for the people playing those characters to have an all-round experience. You may want your character to live a life successful in surviving and avoiding all hostilities, but the fundamental concept of the world our characters inhabit in DayZ is a harsh one. Limiting the routes to violent acts is fine, it creates that balance of having to justify hostile acts and cuts out the "10 secs drop weps" mindset. However, cutting all reasons of violent acts down to how other characters interact with you, for example the reasons mention "someone calls you names, steals from you, group fighting" etc creates a wall that people who play generally hostile characters find difficult to climb. Good hostile RP was difficult to do with the previous rules on engagement but now with the limitations on why you can perform hostile RP it is nearly impossible, forcing people who create cruel and violent characters, have to play nice. Which obviously is not what a violent psychotic person would do in an apocalyptic wasteland. In my opinion, funnelling hostile RP with limitations was good, with it being even stricter now, it limits the character development that hostile RP'rs desperately want. Allowing people to learn from performing bad hostile RP through reports is the best way to improve the RP on this server. If they cannot learn to do it correctly, they will create more passive characters and play DayZRP in a different way. The salt due to loss of gear etc is part and parcel with this game, RP servers or public and some people on here cannot grasp that.

      TL;DR - Some limitation to hostile RP is good, it creates balance. Current hostile RP limitation is concerning, limits hostile character development.