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      Squilliam was a better leader than Nihoolious

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      Hmm... If only that day is a day of infamy or something... March 1st... What occurred on that day that wasn't like any other in this community's history... A... RolePlaying D-Day of some sort..?

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  1. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Jesus Christ man, you’re like the people that blindly support Trump no matter what he does. And YouTubers brought 95% of people here so idk what your talking about. I’m not gonna blindly say everything’s fine when the stuff that made this server interesting is being ripped from it. The community won’t die because of some rule changes, but it had potential to be fun again in beta. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t see much point in getting in game anytime soon.
  2. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    It honestly sounds like Blizzard when they’d talk about vanilla WoW servers. “You think you know what you want, but you don’t”. Like why not just see if the community would want to get rid of dynamic rights with a poll? Instead this is pushed down our throat by people that barely get in game and say “It’ll promote RP”.
  3. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    So be in a group or don’t have fun? Gotcha.
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    you're like a facebook grandma with your shit memes and inspirational quotes

  4. Supply drop

    *Will would press the PTT* Aren't most people up north at the Severograd settlement nowadays? That's a long way to go for some toilet paper. *He would release the PTT*
  5. I mean if you’re wrong just let them go? Don’t really see why it’s a big deal.
  6. The Pedlars - OPEN RECRUITMENT

    Another hostile RP group? Another group that’s gonna stay in one city? Another group that’s gonna hide in the woods? See, I can do that too. You can make anything seem boring.
  7. You really didn’t, at least not any better than before the lorewipe.
  8. Not only do I not want a lorewipe, I’d prefer that the lore doesn’t have any major dramatic twists. No one cares about a nuke in the ocean and no one has RPed it out. The lore’s written, stop overthinking it because it has almost nothing to do with the popularity of this place.
  9. Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    Junior year on the way to an Aerospace Engineering Degree
  10. The Pedlars - OPEN RECRUITMENT

    Put my character as William Drake
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    1. Squillium


      Well atm the fucking lawns on fire so idk

  11. Is it just me?

    People bitching about hostile players ruined it for everyone else. Now people who want to be hostile either try to play more docile characters or don't get on.