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  1. Quill

    The Cavaliers

    The red coats are coming
  2. Quill

    Hostile Air Waves

    +1 to what diamond said, it serves a very minor role, just ignore it.
  3. Quill

    Could we rely only on IG radios for IG communication.

    No way to enforce it, a lot of people wouldn’t do it, gonna be a no from me man.
  4. Quill

    Quill/Squillium's Lit Media Thread

    Good views and salty bois, Rust is a magical game
  5. Quill

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    I got you
  6. Quill

    The House Media

    *Would hand man lease for Bastion Castle* You earned it
  7. Quill

    Anyone up for Dayz Mod?

    Ah you are correct. For some reason I thought you were trying to push for a mod server, carry on ma boi.
  8. Quill

    Anyone up for Dayz Mod?

    Time for the mod is over, Arma 2 is severely outdated. The population just wouldn’t be there.
  9. Quill

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    Bless this man
  10. Quill

    Quill/Squillium's Lit Media Thread

    Only good thing to come out of all the fucking broken cars from the past 2 days
  11. Quill

    War Goals/Attritation

    Yes in a real life situation I’d want to know why there’s dead people walking around. If asked in character I’d say, “Yea I’m curious what happened”. But OOC it doesn’t improve the RP for me, I think it’s only come up IC a few times in the 2 years I’ve played here. Either way, we moved far off from group war rules.
  12. Quill

    War Goals/Attritation

    I literally just mean I don’t need to know that the infection came from a secret facility made by the Russians, or that a random nuke exploded in the ocean, or the intricacies of Chernarussian politics. None of that helps me get in game and experience good RP.
  13. Quill

    War Goals/Attritation

    I’m here for the RP, I know the lore and can reference it if need be, but I don’t care why there’s zombies walking around, they just are.
  14. Quill

    War Goals/Attritation

    Hard truth, most people don’t care about the overall lore of the server. That doesn’t mean they don’t like RP, or that they’re unwilling to progress stories though. Wars offer conflict and interesting scenarios, such as hostage situations and negotiations between hostile and neutral groups. If people want to be involved in a war, for whatever amount of time, allow them to be. If they don’t, then they can negotiate IC and figure stuff out. And finally, if they’re in a war and the opposing side isn’t willing to stop, no matter what happens in RP, then the admins should be talked to so stuff can get settled, you don’t need a rule for that. Putting in a rigid system to solve a niche problem caused a lot of problems in this community in the past, it’d be unfortunate if that lesson wasn’t learned.
  15. Quill

    War Goals/Attritation

    Alright let me put it this way, if 2 groups agree to something beforehand then sure. Forcing them to do something they don’t want to do will cause problems. Maybe some people just want to fight? If their RP is fine and they don’t break any rules idk why everyone’s upset.