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  1. I logged because on my screen it said i was dead.
  2. Naw. Last dude dunked on me. I ran out of ammo and had to switch guns.
  3. Just me. I was running around stary and novy looking for people to interact with. Heard loud shots come from behind me. Then heard snaps. I ran and hid. then I saw the guys running across the hill and I tried to hide and shoot at them. I went around to a garage and reloaded my gun. stepped out after following the guys to the parking area. stepped out. two shots to the guys out front. then dropped OP then got dropped. Miss ID on my part. I will take whatever punishment the team sees fit.
  4. It was me that shot yall. I had taken shots from the area yall came from so I assumed it was yall. Ill take the punishment. My bad.
  5. Typical Ubisoft game probably. Downgraded graphics and sub-par gameplay. The Division part 2. That being said I will play the beta, and there is like a 35% chance I buy it because I am a video game addict. I cant help it.
  6. I have a theory on whats going on in this game but not sure if people would want to hear it. Either way I dont care. The first story was so good. The Left Behind DLC was amazing too. Naughty Dog hit homeruns like 99% of the time so I am not worried
  7. To my understanding he never pulled the knife on them, it was just on his person.
  8. So. Fucking. Hyped. Might be my favorite game of all time. Cant wait for the sequel. Only reason I havent sold my PS4
  9. Two favorite jams at this moment in time.
  10. I have the hardest boner in my life right now.
  11. Mumble rap should have never been a thing
  12. Dude is trash. Worst rapper alive.
  13. Sorry for your loss. It sucks man. It hurts. I've been through this. Im sure most of us here have. Just know some of us are here for you man. I mean what I said to you, brother. Anything and anyway I can help, just ask and its yours.
  14. MLB Postseason 2016

    Anyone other than the Rangers as the Cubs.