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    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    I've had a hell of a lotta fun with this so I'd definitely say it should stay
  2. Good comeback from a year-long hiatus, I'd say
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    I'm hurt

    1. Nihoolious


      be a c t i v e

    2. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      still hurt mein goy

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    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Looks kinda cool I guess...
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    Battlefield V

    How to drop the ball on such a potentially amazing game. What a joke.
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    Hebee's pictures of activity.

    Haha this didn't keep up long
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    Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    From what I can gather, yes.
  8. Alex Vivian

    Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    I'm not sure I see the difference
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    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    What the fuck?
  10. I'm just confused about the report title. Am I wrong in saying that the title was originally "BadRP/No reason for robbery" or something similar? These are actual rule breaks and make sense as a report title. It seems you have now changed it to "S1: Robbery in Cherno" as if initiating on people is against the rules. Just trying to clear things up.
  11. Hey goys, ?obert McKenzie here. So I was told by Nighoolious and lucass that there were some ?razy people in Cherno doing some spooky shit. I ran down from Novy and @Nihoolious initiated on these spooksters. I was there for the initiation and a short time afterwards but I left to ensure the surrounding area was clear, running into another guy or two and talking with them instead. I'm told that after 10-20 minutes of nice roleplay the caterpillar people were let go. One of the hostages ran into Nihoolious about 10 minutes later and followed him around, eventually pulling a gun and discharging his weapon in the direction of Izaak Sirkov. We obviously took this as a hostile action and gunned him down in the streets. That concludes the PoV of Robert "Bob" McKenzie. If any further clarification is needed please let me know and I will provide information to the best of my ability.
  12. Growing up in Bancroft, there wasn't much to keep oneself occupied. Being in the middle of nowhere farther north than 98% of other cities in Ontario, the culture was very stereotypically Canadian. Most of his time was spent causing trouble with his buddies, terrorizing the town. As he grew older him and his buddies got a hold of some smokes and beer and hung out on outskirts of the McKenzie farm. After completing the 11th grade Bob decided that school wasn't for him so he dropped out and dedicated himself to the farm, spending more and more time with his father, Timothy. They grew very close and did everything together. Tim taught his boy to hunt and fish, brought him camping and all the general father-son activities. One afternoon in the early days of winter, Tim and Bob went for a hunting trip. All was well, Tim had his own grandfather's trusty Mosin Nagant 1891 that he kept well-maintained. It was engraved with the family name and the first name of each owner. Bob had his father's plain old pump-action hunting shotgun. As the two were tracking deer through the forest they were attacked by a bear. Tim was mauled to death after getting a shot off on the bear, wounding it. Bob fired at the bear and took off out of fear for his own life. Upon returning to the location, Bob found the corpse of his father and a trail of blood leading to a dead bear a few hundred metres off. After Tim's funeral, Bob had an incredibly difficult time coping with such a loss. His mother who is ethnically Chernarussian suggested that he temporarily move in with her family in Chernarus. Meeting up with his mother's side of the family, Bob lived in Chernarus for 4 months before deciding he'd like to return to his home. Just days before his departure, martial law had been declared in the area. After toughing out another month or so, word of some 'outbreak' began circulating.
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    Dobyvatele Chernarusi (Reclaimers)

    Woah, sick
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    Reclaimers Media Thread

    Loud Nigra for reference:
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    Dobyvatele Chernarusi (Reclaimers)

    Now it's kinda small don't you think? C'mon Nihoo fix ur shit
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    Dobyvatele Chernarusi (Reclaimers)

    When your flag is smaller than your patch
  17. Aleksi Novak was the oldest of 3 kids growing up in a poor household in South Zagoria. He had a decent childhood despite his family's financial shortcomings and always had a "glass half-full" perspective on things. When he turned 16 his father got him a job working with him on the docks in Chernogorsk to assist the family. All was going well and the Novak family's financial issue was finally on the verge of resolution when Aleksi's life changed forever. In 2009, the Chernogorsk docks were hit with a devastating terrorist attack. Amidst the carnage, Aleksi was lucky enough to escape unharmed but the same cannot be said for his friends, co-workers and especially his father. After his father's brutal death to the hands of the Chedaki, Aleksi swore to enact vengeance upon them, enlisting immediately after turning 18. After completing his training, he was selected to be an elite COBR operative.
  18. I'd be down to actually play this game if there were other people playing it
  19. Alex Vivian

    Rat Pack Media

    "Killed by Pepe"
  20. My man Squillium ONLY does leg day
  21. Alex Vivian

    Make DayZRP great again

    As far as I know, the lore factions are just like every other group so yes, you would gain KoS rights.
  22. Alex Vivian

    Make DayZRP great again

    1. Could go either way for me, but I feel like it only hurts those who roll solo or like to roll with people they meet in-game. 2. I don't see any major problems with this. 3. No, why would we force people into joining groups? What's stopping me from joining a group and just not playing with them? 4. Yeah. 5. Why we stopped doing this, I'm not sure but it really should be implemented. 6. I don't want to be forced to change my style of RP just because there's already a large amount of people doing the same thing as I am. Also, let's say I'm playing a 'peaceful' group. Does that mean I have to be nice to everyone until provoked? What If I run into a 'hostile' group? Same thing with 'hostile' groups, do we have to be mean to everyone just because our group has this label? 7. No thanks. Maybe I've just not looked in the right places but I haven't seen an in-game radio spawn in like a month. They're more common than they used to be but not to the point that most/all people can have one. Also having firefights with an IG radio would be pretty cancer, having to put your gun away to pull out the radio and then switching back. 8. Dying should matter but the way this is described is not how to do it imo. There are two major problems I see with this. Firstly, what happens when some dickhead comes up and domes the shit out of you? Boom, have fun waiting 5 minutes to get back in. Second thing is when it's mid-afternoon on a Saturday and the server's packed, 60/60 with a 10+ queue. Not only did I die and have to wait 5 minutes to rejoin, but I also have to wait in the queue. This ties in with the first point too. If I'm killed by a rulebreak during peak times, I'm going to be real happy for this new implementation.