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  1. Oh no, I've just realized... PROFILE IMAGES ARE SQUARE AS FUCK

    1. Chewy


      Better square up

    2. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Nah I'll just wait

    3. Lucius


      1v1 me on Rust, MW2

    4. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      No-scopes only?

    5. Lucius


      sure, why not. Also no knifing or Ill get my dad, who works at Microsoft, to hack your account.

    6. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Haha jokes on u, my dad also works for Microsoft and my dad can definitely beat up your dad

    7. Lucius


      we will see about that. Im 10th presitage

    8. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      I got the 20th prestige hack from my uncle so I win nibba