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  1. *Creeps out of the shadows* Knowing this community, friday funtimes etc. games that allow you to mess about and have fun on TeamSpeak with your buddies are quite popular. Well, recently we have been playing quite a bit of Golf It, and I decided to come and start a thread here to see if others are playing it. I even made a map for it. (The design is not beginner friendly and is sure to demolish friendships if you and your soon to be former friends turn collision on.) For the love of the unicorns!
  2. These Korean meat balls really are the dog's bollocks.

  3. Greetings fellow mortal. We meet in the darkness, but the Light of Brian shines brightly upon us. Made someone go apeshit in Stary. He was looting the buildings and I spoke to him very gently from the shadows.
  4. d73b044c47.png

    +5 flame resistance

    +15 armor value

    1. Nihoolious


      I love me a good flame-resistant helmet with some rule armor for my chest

  5. RX-FNM_030111-Insert-011_s4x3.jpg.rend.h


    I love food photography.

  6. She is quite stimulating, isn't she.
  7. c3f6d10d4a.png

    All hail the one, the divine, the magnificent.

  8. 138e1c527c465be92c55aa8c02842b10.jpg

    I have had an overall successful week. I hope you all have a happy weekend.

  9. Vice Admiral Stellar Unicorn reporting in.
  10. Every time I watch Go Jetters with my daughter I think of you...Ubercorn.



    1. Othuyeg


      I like it.

    2. Dax


      Brian approves

  11. d61926e2187619cb8db87b2bc7f3ddd1.jpg

    1. Caesar




    2. Samaritan


      That isn't entirely true, in 'Tapestry' he is shot and dies...but he wakes in another realm and 'Q' appears so you don't know if it is a dream or if he died and was brought back by 'Q' at the end of the episode, he awakes in sick bay and is Captain again. Sorry...I know what you think of me for saying this so no need to say anything. :) 

    3. Othuyeg


      True true.

    4. Caesar


      So badass I return to life, so yeah. :D

      That wasn't one of my favourite episodes tbf.

    5. Samaritan


      I love a good old resurrection...

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