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  1. Fantastic. Loaded into DayZ, Found out Mic apparently wasnt working...In the worst way possible.

    1. Elmo


      Nightmare right there, its why I always do a mic check before hopping IG.

    2. LightGhillie


      Well I know for a fact that my Mic is like working OUTSIDE of DayZ, Streams, other games etc, but when I tried to connect to DayZ both of my mics were not being picked up. Is there any way I can do a Mic check In-Game? (Just came back to DayZ after quite a long break)

    3. Elmo


      DayZ defaults to whatever your default microphone is, make sure that's set in your sound settings. That's usually the most common problem when mics don't work in DayZ.

    4. LightGhillie


      Hm, It should've been my headset as that's what I was using (Discord is set to default as well and works) when I streamed I use a Snowball Mic, I did stream before I played DayZ and still had the Snowball plugged into my desktop when I was playing and unplugged it mid-game, so maybe that was why.

    5. LightGhillie


      Late reply but I got it fixed! I have a feeling it had to do with switching Default mics mid-game. Got into some RP the other night and it worked perfectly : )

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