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  1. LightGhillie

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    I hope we can Because I really don't understand why they are releasing 1.0 with LESS content than we had back in 2016. Don't get me wrong I am really glad DayZ SA is finally gaining a little bit of traction and added modding finally but it is still disappointing to see them releasing in this state just so they can get out of EA.
  2. LightGhillie

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    R O Y A L T Y
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  4. LightGhillie

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    Drat, 3
  5. LightGhillie

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    Really hope that the modding tools isn't barebones (Wouldn't be surprised either) as I feel like the modding tools is what will make or break DayZ SA's success post 1.0 release.
  6. Derek Richards, Born in 1990 on his father's small farm in Montana. He was brought up by his father and mother until he was 11 years old, during these years he got to help his family on the farm, caring for the animals, yard work...with his father's help of course. On September 23rd, 2001, Derek's mother and father were driving to go and renew their vows, Derek's Aunt and Uncle were helping him get dressed for it at the farmhouse. A few hours past and before Derek and his family left to meet his parents they saw red and blue lights shining through the kitchen window, Derek's uncle ran outside and was greeted by two police officers... Derek's mother and father were in a car crash on their way, they were pronounced dead on the scene, it was a hit and run. They were going through a green traffic light and hit by a pickup truck blowing through a red light, the pickup fled the scene before police arrived. Derek's uncle walked into the house in tears and prepared to tell Derek and his Aunt what happened. After this Derek was taken in by his Aunt and Uncle and raised on their farm, he met a girl named Lindsay, she was a helper on the farm, She was also 18, Derek's age. Overtime during them working on the farm together they started to develop feelings for each other, They were happy together, this was the happiest Derek has been since his parent's passed away. A year later, Derek asked Lindsay to marry him, they got married in August. They were happy, they were in a perfect relationship. They did everything together, Derek helped Lindsay study for her medical degree while he was still looking for careers. In 2012 Lindsay got her medical degree, her and Derek celebrated that night. Derek also found his career, he wanted to be a Federal Agent, especially after hearing news about the man who caused the car accident in which his parents died, he was a major player in the drug trade and the FBI arrested him along with a few of his accomplices. Lindsay supported Derek in getting a job at the Bureau, he studied and trained for the position. In 2013, Lindsay's friend was going to Chenarus because her grandmother was sick, Her friend figured it would be a good idea to work in Chernarus in a hospital, she encouraged Lindsay to come with her. Derek talked to Lindsay about it and tried to convince her to stay as he'd never get to see her again, it started a long argument between the two. Lindsay ended up storming out of their house in anger, Derek was angry but also sad, he didn't want Lindsay to have to give up something but he also didn't want to lose her. She returned the next morning and told Derek she was going...And that she was also filing for divorce, Derek was devastated, While he hated her decision he listened and they got the paperwork settled quickly, They were officially divorced, but Derek still drove Lindsay to the airport. They hugged and she left, shutting the car door behind her. "I love you," Derek whispered after she was gone, He drove home and tried to cope with everything, he eventually went into training with the bureau for a few years. In early 2017 Derek was officially an agent for the FBI. He enjoyed his job, drug busts, arresting warranted criminals, he was serving justice. The end of human civilization began in 2017, Derek was in his home when he turned on the news, these issues he was hearing about in Chernarus was terrible, he didn't like it...Especially since Lindsay was in Chernarus. In late July at 5:15 PM Derek was called by his supervisor she told him that a Nuclear Weapon destroyed the NATO fleet that was off Chernarus, Hearing this Derek feared Nuclear War. He drove to where his supervisor stationed him as after the news started covering this event people were losing it, Derek hadn't seen people this bloodthirsty since 9/11. After the outbreak fully spread throughout the world and everything was lost Derek had been surviving with his Aunt and Uncle, They were attempting to get a boat to leave the US, The traveled to the coast of Maine in December, where they found a working boat, they decided to just sail until they hit new land, maybe the Outbreak wouldn't have spread that far. They have been sailing for 2 days Derek awoke to find his Aunt and Uncle lying down, he tried to wake them but they wouldn't wake up, he kept trying to wake them up for what felt like hours. They froze to death overnight, Derek sat against the boat and cried, these were the people who took him in after his parents died, After a few hours he realized he had to get rid of their bodies, He didn't want them rotting on some boat. He covered and tied their bodies in blankets and lifted them up, He then rolled them off the boat and watched as they sunk to the bottom of the sea. Derek kept sailing before he hit land... He landed in Istanbul, he had a map with him, he decided he was going to make for Chernarus. He traveled until October before he made it to Chernarus. He is now in Chernarus trying to find Lindsay, as that's the closest thing to a family member he has left.
  7. Michael was born in Manhatten, New York. He grew up in a smaller apartment but his family was well off. It was mostly him and his mother as his father was part of the New York City police force, which only makes Michael's profession even more...odd. Michael at the young age of 21 started working jobs for the local mob family. He did smaller jobs, like passing on information and such. He did this for about 5 years and once he was 26 he grew up in the ranking of the mafia. He was a soldato, not to any specific family, only the ones in the area around where he lived. He never met any of the family above the Capo. He had a few friends that were soldiers, they carried out their duties one by one, day by day. Once Michael was 29 he was a Capo himself, he commanded Soldatos to do jobs for the Don. Michael was immediately noticed by the Don for his skill in commanding and even skill at dealing with shit when it had to be done. The Don, overtime spent a little more time with Michael, discussing private matters that most under-bosses didn't even know. Michael instantly knew he wanted to become the boss of his own Mafia. Michael woke up one day to get a phone call from the boss, he let Michael know that there was a celebration at his family home in Brooklyn. Michael didnt know what this was about as he never experienced how close the high-ups of the mob were with each other, they truly were a family. Michael arrived at the home to be congratulated on becoming the Under-boss, a few days earlier the current underboss was killed by a Soldato from another family. Michael didnt expect this so he didnt really know how to react, the rest of the guys congratulated him when he walked into the house. The Boss congratulated him as we was cooking a meal to celebrate. Once the celebration was over the boss pulled Michael aside to give him some secret information only he knew. Michael had to organise a way to kill the boss who is in control of the family that's Soldato killed Sonny (The older Under-boss). Michael took to gathering the best soldiers he could for this. The supposed boss was visiting Chernarus for a meeting, this is where Michael would get the fucker. Once Michael gathered enough men they set out to Chernarus. By the time Michael got to Chernarus the Apocalypse was only a few weeks away. Michael was busy researching on the whereabouts of the boss. He ended up finding him and set off into a dirt trail that would hopefully lead to an estate. The estate didnt have anyone there yet, the boss was planning on going there for the meeting the next day. When the day arrived Michael and the other men waited to spring an ambush on the Don and his soldiers. When they arrived Michael told the Soldatos to wait for the signal to open fire. Michael wanted this guy to himself. They hid in the shadows of the estate and the boss went up to the office and Michael sprung out from a corner, the boss knew and spun around shooting his Makarov at him. The bullet grazed Michael's side. Michael stumbled back for a moment before toppling over a bookshelf taking cover. The rest of the Soldatos were fighting with the other men downstairs. Michael pulled out a snubnosed revolver and opened the doors of the toppled shelf and shot through it, landing three hits into the bosses upper-body. By this time the police had heard the gunshots. Michael and what was left of his crew snuck out the back of the estate hiding in the woods. When Michael got back to the city Michael noticed a large, unusual amount of panic. The crew quickly fled back to a secret area his boss told him about and hide out there. When they got to the hideout Michael made a plan to break it for Russia, he had some friends in the Russian Mafia who could definitely get him back to New York. The Outbreak began and Michael's crew left him in the time of panic. He is know alone in Chenarus, trying to figure out mainly what is going on and how to get back home.
  8. LightGhillie

    I've made it... (Priv Frequency)

    Michael hears Trent's transmission come through, He unclips his Radio and speaks into it. "My leg is fine, Im perfectly okay...But what the fuck is goin' on...Is everyone ok? IF not I am headed down there now...With the rest of them...Trent please respond to this as soon as fuckin' possible..." Michael looks up at Billy, voices can be heard but you cant make them out. Before the radio cuts out you can hear Michael whisper.\ "What the fuck is that." A gunshot is heard the radio drops onto the ground, still transmitting. Many gunshots and yelling can be heard before it cuts out and only leaves static.
  9. LightGhillie

    I've made it... (Priv Frequency)

    Michael clicks on his radio, fearing the worst fell upon his friends. "Whats going on down there? Clowns? Is everyone ok? Shit man...Im sorry, whatevers happening you gotta stay safe..." Michael clicks off the radio, eagerly waiting for an answer.
  10. LightGhillie

    I've made it... (Priv Frequency)

    ( @Buddy @trent_rouls @Bun ) Michael sits up in the house him and his group chose to stay in and clicks on the radio. (It would sound fuzzy, the signal is not great) "Ah...Hello? Mike, Jeremy, Ellie, Trent, any of you hearing this? I made it to Russia...I dont know how you are all doing but Me and my group are safe, we were thinking of heading down to Chernarus if you are all still safe...Sorry again about leaving I just couldnt stay, that was on me. I hope you are all doing good..If you hear this contact me on this same frequency...Stay safe...Good luck... Michael would sigh slightly before clicking off the PTT hoping for a response but not expecting one.
  11. LightGhillie

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some awesome RPtoday with @Roach @Buddy and some of my first medical RP with @Bun also a suprise encounter with @Elmo loved your character so far man, I gotta learn more about him though
  12. LightGhillie

    Ads on the website

    So just to clear this up, these are ads that open a new tab and play a robotic voice right? Cause I did a scan and I dont have a virus AND They dont appear on any other websites. Okay, had a friend read your post @Rolle and it clears everything. I read one thing about technology and websites I draw a complete blank. Everythings all set now
  13. LightGhillie

    Summer Challenges 2017

    Got this one tonight of me @Roach @Bun and @Buddy
  14. LightGhillie


    I dont know how I feel about this Phoenix...
  15. LightGhillie

    We'll be right back after this commercial break

    Fuck yeah Todd! You made easily one of the (if not the best) groups in DayZRP. I am sure everyone's character, even the ones that acted all high and mighty had a fear of the Masquerade. I know my current character would. The group was fun and the RP you guys brought for the hostage was awesome. You guys did such a fantastic job with the group and if you bring it back after the lote wipe I cannot wait! Its finally gonna bring some true fear back into Chenarus. Good luck man!