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  1. Derek rubs his hair before thinking to himself, then presses the PTT "Eh, yeah probably would be best to get a therapist, not sure what the future holds for me but there sure as shit are some things I need to get off my head... An *He mumbles to himself before speaking* An appointment would be good, I think... He releases the PTT without another word.
  2. Derek rolls over on his side and grunts in pain before pushing the PTT, his voice would sound weaker, "You know...maybe a private session isn't such a bad idea...guess it would kind of be similar to a priest right? Confessing all your bullshit to feel better about yourself...if I am about to die, I want to die with an level head...So yeah, maybe I will try out this...not a public session though, don't even think I would be able to make the trip now. Sorry for coming off rude before...I regret that now... Derek goes silent and releases the PTT
  3. Derek looks at his radio that he now has sitting next to him as he roasts a piece of Chicken meat over a small fire, "Look...Miss, offering me to attend a public session isn't really the type of bargain im going to take. No offense. I'm not going to get caught with my pants down in some group therapy session with a bunch of other people, that's just a perfect recipe for all hell breaking loose. Private Sessions? Do I personally think its a smart idea, no, not really, but I damn well think that is a much better idea than just inviting a bunch of people to a 'public session' I've seen my fair share of blood in my life and I do not want to see anymore, I just can't stand seeing this damn race just kill its self off, yet, thats what we are doing." Derek sighs to himself, realizing he may being a bit to rash and clicks the PTT Again, "I am sorry if I came off rudely, I just value my life, and hearing other people seemingly, willingly, putting themselves in an unreasonable amount of danger just kind of rubs me the wrong way if you get what I mean, but in the end you are going to do your own thing, hell, your a stranger, why would you take advice from some random guy over a radio? Maybe I will try a private therapy session. Regardless, good luck with your plans, I do hope the best for you people, I truly do." Derek lets go of the PTT thinking to himself and believing another group is just going to get themselves killed over another false sense of heroism. He takes out the picture of Katelyn before smiling to himself, he slides the photo back into his pocket then continues to cook his Chicken.
  4. Derek raises an eyebrow hearing the odd exchange over the radio, he looks around his surroundings, the buildings surrounding him and the woods beyond that and sighs, "So, let me get this straight, you people are out here in this cold ass country just giving out...therapy sessions? Forgive me if I sound a bit harsh, but doesn't that sound a bit...foolish? You do realize that scheduling private sessions can give people the perfect opportunity to just take your shit and move on with their day? Don't mean to be rude but it just sounds to good to be true, not particularly trustworthy either. If this turns out to be true than I wish you all the best, I believe everyone here could definitely use some therapy these days, I know I could...but not sure I am willing to just give my information to complete strangers." Derek releases the PTT and clips the radio onto his hip, he looks up into the sky and sighs once again as the snow lightly falls against his face.
  5. Borderlands 3 is fucking amazing. May not be in-game for a couple days lol

  6. Fantastic. Loaded into DayZ, Found out Mic apparently wasnt working...In the worst way possible.

    1. APositiveElmo


      Nightmare right there, its why I always do a mic check before hopping IG.

    2. LightGhillie


      Well I know for a fact that my Mic is like working OUTSIDE of DayZ, Streams, other games etc, but when I tried to connect to DayZ both of my mics were not being picked up. Is there any way I can do a Mic check In-Game? (Just came back to DayZ after quite a long break)

    3. APositiveElmo


      DayZ defaults to whatever your default microphone is, make sure that's set in your sound settings. That's usually the most common problem when mics don't work in DayZ.

    4. LightGhillie


      Hm, It should've been my headset as that's what I was using (Discord is set to default as well and works) when I streamed I use a Snowball Mic, I did stream before I played DayZ and still had the Snowball plugged into my desktop when I was playing and unplugged it mid-game, so maybe that was why.

    5. LightGhillie


      Late reply but I got it fixed! I have a feeling it had to do with switching Default mics mid-game. Got into some RP the other night and it worked perfectly : )

  7. Where does everyone chill In-Game these days?

    1. Watchman


      Deer Isle

  8. The Rifle in the darkness.
  9. It'd be great to see infection lore be the main focus of Namalsk, Make Namalsk a more horror-themed map. IN Chenarus in RP the groups and other people are a major threat, make the creatures on Namalsk a major threat. Would be interesting to see characters who felt the infected were easy to deal with to go to Namalsk and see all the mutated zombies or mutants on the island. (Assuming Bloodsuckers and Radiation Storms will still be a thing. Maybe infected animals as well?)
  10. Really wish DayZ had this type of ambiance and lighting. Imagine massive buildings that you NEEDED flashlights for that actually looked run down and not just a few toppled chairs and blood stains. 

    1. LightGhillie
    2. JimRP


      They use their own engine. 

    3. LightGhillie


      True...Id imagine achieving something even close to this in DayZ would either be extremely difficult or extremely unbalanced and laggy.

  11. Been having a lot of IRL things going on lately...One I am very happy about and that requires 99% Of my time, I really hope to return to RP soon.

  12. Merry Christmas everyone! 

    Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!

  13. I hope we can Because I really don't understand why they are releasing 1.0 with LESS content than we had back in 2016. Don't get me wrong I am really glad DayZ SA is finally gaining a little bit of traction and added modding finally but it is still disappointing to see them releasing in this state just so they can get out of EA.
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