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  1. If only Battlefront 2 wasnt published by EA...

    1. Finn


      Can say the same for a lot of games, games have turned into moneygrabs... 

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


  2. Had some AWESOME RP last night. DAMN, it is good to be back!

    1. Roach


      Awesome man :D

    2. Keira


      Hope to see you IG :D

  3. I dont care what people say about CoD: WW2. Its Campaign was AWESOME.

    1. SweetJoe


      careful, no videos  or screenshots now. TBH dangerous to even bring up that war here.

    2. Harvey


      I thought Fury was bad with 3 Shermans vs a Tiger 1, but 1 Sherman vs a Tiger 2, A FUCKING KING TIGER?? Nahhhh mate 

    3. LightGhillie


      @Harvey Yeah I didnt like that but all the infantry stuff I thought was cool. I only play CoD campaigns since they feel cinematic and I get my multiplayer out of Battlefield. 

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      I dont even want to think about that campaign 

  4. Charlie Heaton could totally play a young Daryl Dixon, right? When ever I see Jonathan in Stranger Things he just looks so much like Daryl to me.

    1. Watchman

      True as fuck

      cant unsee

  5. .


    1. Max



    2. LightGhillie
    3. Max



    4. LightGhillie


      Why does everyone forget about Yurtle :(


  6. Season two of Stranger Things...WOW...It was amazing.

    1. Ender


      just finished the season. it was amazing I really liked the resident evil vibe it had. I hope i'm not the only one thought of resident evil when watching it. 

    2. LightGhillie


      I thought Resident Evil and Supernatural.

  7. Hard to believe that theres pretty much only two months left until 2018!

    1. NateRP


      No kidding, it flew by QUICK.

  8. I think im gonna come back this weekend in RP...Turning 18 tomorrow...holy shite.

    1. Watchman

      Happy Birthday my guy! hope you get some dope presents and a nice party!

      Ps. Love the profile!

    2. LightGhillie
  9. Wish there was a better MP3 hoster than Kiwi6...smh.


    1. UndeadRP


      just get pushh screen shot capture . U can right click it and upload file and upload ur mp3 and ur all good.

    2. LightGhillie


      Rip :( 

      puush has been running out of our pockets since 2014 (since paypal deactivated our account, classifying us as a "file sharing service", against their terms of service). With an ever-increasing userbase, the costs involved in keeping puush running have escalated beyond $1000/month.


      We do not have the spare time to maintain this service to a point we would be willing to consider other means of receiving money (such as Patreon), but at the same time are financially unable to continue supporting growth of the service.


      As such, we have made the decision to disable new user registrations for the time being. Existing users will be unaffected by this change for now (given fair use of the service).


      Thanks for enjoying puush!

    3. UndeadRP


      oh wow fucking rip wtf. Damn still works for me for now then but that sucks they took it down as it was pretttttty dope. Theres gotta be some equivalent out there. I don't know if Gyazo has file upload but they might.

    4. LightGhillie


      I think I may have found a thing.


  10. What a great fucking episode of GoT I dont get all the hate for S7 it was AWESOME! I just hope they dont do a cop out and loads of main characters at once in S8 because that would be too easy to see.

  11. Guess its time to change my profile background.


  12. Got this beauty after I sniped someone on Shoreline. 


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    1. ToeZ