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  1. My old group's base got offline raided everyday... it really sucked but it happens. We just resorted to hiding our stuff better and leaving traps for people who only came to grab our loot. Sure offline raiding doesn't forward RP, but people shouldn't have to ask for permission or see if people are online before they can raid. I mean IRL a smart "bandit" would wait until the place they were going to rob was empty or near empty. If you have a base, people are gonna want to see whats inside regardless if you are there or not, Its human nature to be curious.
  2. Feel like Elvis with this DRACO make them rock out

  3. Thanks for the advice Finn, you do make a lot of valid points. You're right, there has been some difficulty surrounding my character, and tbh I think im going to start fresh when I do return. Unfortunately my PC is going to be AWOL for a few months, so when I come back after then I think it will be fresh and new. Also, yes hostileRP is a inherent part of the server, just for me it has seemed that that it has been ramped up a lot as of late. And I just feel like the RP experiences I have been getting are stale and just robberies. Thats what I meant, I didn't mean to make any bandit RPers feel called out or anything. They have just as much use on this server as hero RP or evil RP. TLDR: You guys have valid and good points, I just personally think my RP experience has been stale and PVP filled for a while.
  4. When everyone is doing it, it isn't fun. Why does every encounter need to end with a gunfight or robbery. If more people with the RP focused mentality take a break like you said, then I see the server becoming a PVP deathmatch. Which will eventually get old I believe as well.
  5. Really what I think it chops down to is the massive amount of drama and hostileRP. It doesn't feel organic anymore and people hold OOC grudges. It really sucks to build a character and get the gear that you like over hours and hours of gameplay; just to have someone say hands up or die and shoot you 3 seconds later. I'm sure once the hostileRP group game play style goes away, and people actually enjoy and try to get good RP instead of bootleg PVP then people will start joining back. I know that's what I'm waiting for. Until then, Id rather not waste my time.
  6. Too much hostileRP, not fun anymore.

    1. Monker


      My response to the haters

    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      Aren't your group members literally the ones hating though..?

      Didn't your boy Tom just call people turbovirgins?

    3. Monker


      Don't know what you're talking about.

      Don't care.

      Nox is archived, not my problem anymore.

    4. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      Alright champ, I just don't see a point in burning bridges but you do what you gotta do.


    5. Monker


      I didn't say anything to anyone bud. Not burning bridges, it's not my fault if someone is mad, shouldn't go blaming someone who isn't involved with what other people said.

    6. Monker


      Burning bridges isn't something I wanna do either, sorry you feel that way 😞

    7. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      It just seems counter-intuitive to go and post a status update like this if you aren't, you feel me?

    8. Monker


      This was just something funny, theres no correlation. 

      All good my brudda 🙂

  8. Please Archive Nox An Victorum. Well, this is a post that I wasn't planning on making for a long time. But from a discussion with my group and recent events I believe that now is the perfect time. Unfortunately the state of our group on the server has become not very enjoyable. The constant raids, HostileRP, and PVP have really lowered our interest in continuing to play here. Because of this we are going to be archiving Nox An Victorum. As a RP and interaction heavy group we tried really hard to have more interactions than PVP moments, but the current state of the server, like The Mob said, is too PVP focused. I heavily enjoyed playing with people who I can now call friends, and showing creepy and "edgy" interactions with other players. I will say however, that I am happy with the work we were able to do as a group. We were able to give people a good and interesting story arch that hopefully stayed with their character forever. I am also happy to say we succeeded in most of our goals before the due date, and I am very proud for that. As of right now Nox An Victorum and its members will become inactive, most of us are moving on to new things. But in the future if the conditions that could allow a group such as this improve, Nox will be making a comeback. Thank you to everyone who made our experience fun and intriguing, and maybe one day the "bloodsuckers" will return. NOX AN VICTORUM!
  9. Monker

    Free the boys

    Very epic anime time here on DayZRP
  10. No worries @ImNovaaa bud. No hate or anything but I didn't lie. If you wanna talk privately let me know and I can clear things up for you, because I have explained myself multiple times.
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