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  1. Siorre

    New Moon Media Thread

    Now there's some nostalgia #BrotherHoodDays
  2. Siorre

    New Moon Media Thread

    -User was warned for this post-
  3. Siorre

    If That's What's Required [Open Frequency]

    *Viktor turns his radio on and you hear the click of an AKM reloading* So Miller, when are we going to slaughter these pizda's and finally put their parasite like nature to rest? Because it seems like these people don't know when to die off. *he clears his throat* Was retard your best insult there bud? And Who cares what we look like? It won't matter when your head gets chopped off. Don't fuck with family. *he turns off his radio angrily and starts target practice on zombies tied to trees*
  4. Siorre

    Final Warning Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/a Why the verdict is not fair: it's been almost over two years and the only warning points I got was for unnesacary posting(Didn't read the new rules about posting in discussions that get somewhat serious) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got a final warning in February 2015 where I got told my points would be removed if I changed my attitude and was active for the three months of the warning. The points expired after 3 months and then today I got a PM from Oliv saying he had to reinsate my final warning because I didn't 'appeal' it. Everyone can see that my attitude has improved over these two years. I haven't gotten many warning points and I haven't started any shit on the forums to get a rise out of people like I used to. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My final warning gone. What could you have done better?: not been on final warning two years ago I guess.
  5. Siorre

    Criticism, bullying and projection

    User was warned for this post
  6. Siorre

    Goodbye and Farewell

    love you man i'll send you dick pics tonight
  7. Siorre

    We'll Meet Again

    fuck all my friends are leaving
  8. Siorre

    not leaving this time... taking a small break

    as some people know I broke my arm and had to have critical surgery on it. and for that reason I am unable to play games when i'm better. don't know when that will be. i broke both bones in my forearm clean in half and have slight nerve/tendon damage. i'll be on ts from time to time but physical therapy comes first. i hope to get back in game with y'all soon sorry for typing errors, only have one hand here is a picture of my arm before surgery and traction:
  9. Siorre

    S! Rogovo Around 21:00:00 Bad RP, Unessary OOC, NVFL

    nah famm
  10. Siorre

    S! Rogovo Around 21:00:00 Bad RP, Unessary OOC, NVFL

    The only satisfaction I got out of that situation was shooting you tbh. Also, I had gotten information that you found somethings in game traumatizing. If you can't handle things said In RP as a torture device, then don't play the game if you can't handle aggressive RP.
  11. Siorre

    [GAME] How does the person above you die?

  12. Siorre

    S! Rogovo Around 21:00:00 Bad RP, Unessary OOC, NVFL

    Server and location: S1 Rogovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 21:00:00 Your in game name: Viktor Reznikov Names of allies involved: New Moon Name of suspect/s: Darra (Logs and video will show) Last Name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video up soon Detailed description of the events: We see two people running away from us and we chase after them. We initiate on Darra and she complies. She proceeds to not respond to frisking but responds to it in voice saying if you're searching me for a radio I don't have it." She becomes cocky and says she doesn't know anything about any groups. We go to rogovo and try to torture her. Where she proceeds to ignore us but the only time she does emote or show pain is, "Screems in pain". She goes ooC before that and says, "Hold on a second." and afterwards says, "there you go" In voice. She proceeds to NVFL for life and tries to fist fight one of our men. They fist fight and she gets knocked out. She wakes back up and then tries to punch one of our men out. She dies by me because I sprayed her down. We want to know why she NVFLed and BadRPed.
  13. Siorre

    Post Election Discussion

    I sure hope he will. I will not have respect for someone like this and I won't have respect for any of his supporters.
  14. Siorre

    Election Day

    you can't end me Files on top of files of everyone. My goal is to do the ultimate snake and get 85% of the business' consumers banned. I shall reclaim Jr GameMaster. Anyways, I'm happy Trump is pretty much going to win. fuck
  15. Siorre

    Election Day

    Agreed, I motion to Banish him. Does anyone Second the motion? I'll end you you can't end me
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