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  1. syphnatto

    To the camp near Tisy (Open Frequency)

    *Aiden leans against a nearby tree, sets his rifle down and slides his radio out of his vest before activating his PTT. His voice is raspy and he sounds in pain* "This is Aiden again, I heard someone on here a while ago... Hunter? if I recall correctly" *Aiden coughs and spits* "I was at my camp...ah, fuck I can't make it to Camp Hope, I've been shot." *Aiden releases his PTT and opens his jacket to inspect the bullet wound in his shoulder before pressing the PTT again* "I'm not sure there's much more I can do for this wound...Fucking bandits. Watch your backs out there" *Coughs again* "Aiden out." *Aiden releases the PTT and drops the radio before sliding to a sit against the tree*
  2. syphnatto

    To the camp near Tisy (Open Frequency)

    *Aiden sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the camp and rests his rifle on his lap in defeat. He slips his backpack off and slides his radio out of one of the pouches and presses the PTT* "This is Aiden, Leader of Reika Skógur. Dr. Hope if you are out there-" *He would release the PTT and think for a brief moment about how to continue, before pressing down the PTT again* "We... We want to help, so if you are out there please respond. We are setting up near your last location and will be awaiting your hail. Reika Skógur wishes the best of you and your people. Aiden out." *Aiden would release his PTT, turn off the radio and slide it back into his backpack before staring into the valley where Camp Hope lays abandoned"
  3. It was so cinematic I wish I had recorded it, it was awesome. @poonpoon @Desperado326
  4. Aiden Walsh's Audio Log | Part 2
  5. Aiden Walsh's Audio Log | Part 1
  6. Because you where ****ing shooting lol Edit: Who wouldn't run or pull a gun
  7. I complied was on my knees naked and you (or someone) with little to no RP shot me in the head. Wheres the reason for killing someone on their knees, hands up and totally complying. Didn't say or ask me anything other than "you are a cannibal, say goodnight" (which i never said i was over radio or at all in character as i am not). Also before Slavoj and Eddie raised their guns after they where shot at but i know there is no video evidence so whatever
  8. Server and location: Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Mid day, 2019/05/05 Your in game name: Aiden Walsh Names of allies involved: Eddie Jameson, Slavoj Milosevic, Sean Mc Callahan Name of suspect/s: Unknown but they killed Eddie Jameson, Slavoj Milosevic, and Aiden Walsh if you have logs. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately none.... Detailed description of the events: My group (Provisional Army Of Chenarus) arranged a meeting with another group (the Prison Island) and upon arrival to the coast line we ran into an individual who seemed friendly we will call him Joe (i never got his name). The four of us (my group) and the three other individuals (Who this report is for) ended up on the coastline between Kamenka and Komarovo. Once there we spent some time deciding who is going to make the swim. While deciding another random person showed up (Who is with the Joe but we didn't know this well call this new guy Bob) Once we decided who was going to make the swim (Sean Mc Callahan and Joe) they set off. A few minutes later Joe swam back and we where asking him why when a third person showed up (call him john). After a few minutes of wondering whats going on. Joe, John and Bob started hostile action (the usual put your fucking hands up) then before any of us could react they started firing in full auto gunning Eddie and Slavoj down. Eddie was dead, Slavoj was unconscious and I was stripped of my gear awaiting. Slavoj then woke up and Bob immediately shot him in the head without saying a word. Once Eddie and Slavoj where dead they walked over to me and said "We don't fuck with cannibals" (which we are not and had said nothing about being at all) to which i replied "we are not fucking cannibals what the fuck?" they then said "we hear you over the radio saying you got some fresh meat to send over to the island" (something i definitely didn't say as i had never even met the island boys) then they said "say good night cannibal" and shot me in the face. I have no idea who these guys where or what their names where as they just gave nicknames or no names at all. This situation was blatant Fail RP and basically KOS as once the third guy showed up they yelled at us and before we could even talk they opened fire. The involved (on my side) will be posting their POV's shortly. There was no RP just "put your fucking hands up" then they slaughtered us. Thank you for your time
  9. "Aiden hears the chatter and pulls his radio out of his backpack* "Hello? I'm already up North I could help you out, I'm no doctor but I've patched myself up enough. Where are you?" *Aiden turns the volume up awaiting a response*
  10. *Aiden hears the transmission and pushes his PTT* "Hello? This is Aiden Walsh, my people could use your help doc. Where can we find you?" *Aiden releases his PTT*
  11. *Radio static is interrupted by a crackle followed by a voice" "Hello this is Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Walsh of the Provisional Army of Chernarus I am seeking anyone who has information about or that is currently inhabiting Devils Castle. The P.A.C is looking for trade, work and temporary refuge. If there is anyone out there please respond, our rations are running thin and the river water is getting us sick. *Aiden sets down the handset from his field radio. Scattered voices can be heard from the broadcast then the transmission cuts off*
  12. syphnatto

    Unable to load into the game

    There was an official DayZ update, More weapons mod is broken due to that (I think) the server's down anyway probably updating.
  13. Aiden grew up in the town of Tralee, Ireland, his family was heavily involved with a large local gang and noticed almost from birth that Aiden was mentally unstable. Throughout his life he was admitted more than thirty times to mental hospitals around Ireland. A long history of diagnosed schizophrenia and sever psychosis molded Aiden into something almost inhuman. Although usually calm and subtle it takes very little for Aiden to violently lash out often injuring anyone in his path. In early 2016 Aiden once again found himself in an asylum being dosed with all sorts of drugs that wouldn't help. Aiden finally decided enough was enough and plotted an escape. The escape attempt would end up being successful although leaving two nurses dead and another handful of staff injured. Once in free Aiden then boarded a plane to Chernarus with an illegal passport he acquired through his gang ties. Once in Chernarus Aiden avoided large cities and towns and lived off the land. What Aiden did not know was that the drugs the hospital he escaped from were giving him had made his conditions much worse and his mind was deteriorating more and more every day. Aiden would find himself unwillingly screaming throughout the night and talking to himself or inanimate objects regularly. Although Aidens thoughts where destroyed he never became suicidal even knowing how to use a firearm from his past gang activities. After living off the land for so long and having auditory and visual hallucinations the entire time the apocalypse was nothing new for Aidens perspective. Aiden has developed a split personality disorder where once side is calm, passive and almost normal. Where the other side of Aiden is out of control and horrifically violent. Aiden now roams the forests with whoever is nice to him or doesn't appear threatening.
  14. Growing up in Ho Chi Minh City Taz realized that he wanted to seek a career in the medical field at a young age. Once 19 Taz attended a school to learn English so that he could travel and move to America to attend a better medical school, his parents being extremely wealthy could afford to assist Taz in this life choice. At the age of 25 Taz had complete his training to be a general surgeon and decided to join the military as a combat medic, his parents where frightened with Taz's choice to join the military but supported his decision. Taz would spend the next five years on bases around the U.S serving and training as a medic. Until he was deployed to Chernarus as a part of the NATO aid on July 17th. Taz got separated from his unit during an engagement and got lost in the foreign wilderness where he would come to realize that the infection killing people here was not going to be stopped by anything. Taz established himself in the forest far from any town and decided that his best bet was to avoid people at all costs, at least until he stopped hearing bombs, distant gunshots and firefights. After 53 days alone in the wild, hiding from anyone he saw, Taz set out to discover what was left of the country and try to get back home, helping who he could with his medical training and avoiding bandits.
  15. Born in 1985 Jacob was raised in the prairies of eastern Alberta, living the quiet country life most of his younger years and attending trade schools. Having an interest in heavy equipment and mechanics Jacob worked in shops all around Alberta until his late twenties when he got a lead on a job working for an oil company in eastern Takistan after taking the job it eventually lead to him being transferred to work in Chernarus as a Rig Mechanic. Once the infection struck Jacob was trapped in Chernarus to ride it out.
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