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    Hahaha! I remember that happening! I'm hoping I create some more moments like that!
  2. Early Years Alfred Fish; hailing from the English city of Norwich found himself buttery side down on the floor more often than not. Some would even say he burst his way into life already angry at the world. Spending most of us his life in the United Kingdom he was quick to fall into a life of crime; never having enough he always wanted more. In secondary school he began selling cigarettes, Fish never did it for popularity he scorned those that did. He enjoyed his own company more than anything; having acquaintances but never allowing anyone to come too close. Never seeking any form of romance or companionship in his early years only desensitised him to his troubles at home. His home life collapsed at the beginning of his high school years; his mother and father's relationship was never stable. His Dad was the meanest alcoholic Norwich had ever known; and that was saying something. His mother timid; withdrawn. Fish had no siblings to endure this with. The relationship collapsed when Fish's father found out after trying for another child that he had never been fertile in his life. Born with a genetic disease that mean he could never produce healthy sperm no matter how hard he tried. Fish witnessed him beat the truth out of her; Fish was born of a rape. His mother was too ashamed to ever tell him. Now bleeding, weeping on the tiles of the kitchen floor. Fish cowering in the living room. Listening to every word; understanding each beat and every cry. Something in him died that day; the boy. His fear. In his brain it snapped like it was born brittle. What formed Alfred wrong; was that they both acted as if it never happened. His mother made it out; surprisingly not in casket. One day while Fish was at school and his father at his usual drinking pit; she left. Neither of them knew were; Fish's father used to always say to she ran off with somebody else to be a whore elsewhere. Fish felt the affects of this. Upon leaving secondary school in 1983 he turned to the only stable, efficient network he knew. Drug dealing. Adult Life Fish left Strangeways prison Manchester in 1998 The Apocalypse
  3. Born Antonin, but to those acquainted to him now he is Krysa or Rat in English. Antonin only survived the fall of Chernogorsk in the beginning through living in the sewers. It wasn't by his choice he was down there; he worked down there. What came to be his home for many months; became also his source of food. Using his nimble form and knowledge of the city to bypass the dead and collect food he became the sole survivor of the South Zagorian Sewer Flushers.
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    I'm not exactly a newcomer but I'm returning after not posting or playing for 2 years! Wondered who was still about that I couldn't find on the discord or through other means. I'd like to just to say hello to those all old and new! P.S sorry if this isn't allowed in here, I just remember when there was an introduction/farewell section and I couldn't see that anymore. Anyways, looking forward to getting back in to Chernarus and role-playing with everybody again!
  5. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some really awesome RP today with Mikey Francesco and "Jacob" as well! Really enjoyed chilling with @Bubbles, @Kuki, @BillyR at the camp! Great RP with Johnny Black in the Church from Bastion. Was good getting introduced to you and the group!
  6. Murdercool

    PHOTOS: My trip to Japan

    These are awesome Hessian! Love the photos, glad you had a good time. It's good to have you back as well!
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  8. Murdercool

    • Murdercool
    • Phoenix

    Happy Birthday Phoenix! :D Have a good day! 

    1. Phoenix


      Thanks pal! It was a great day haha.

  9. Murdercool

    Untouched Media

    When the rain comes out, we need to occupy ourselves with a game of Dodgestone and Basestone. Very enjoyable day today meeting new people!
  10. Murdercool

    Untouched Media

    George Bowman, the songbird of the South Zagorian apocalypse.
  11. Murdercool

    Makers Alter

    He has returned.
  12. Murdercool

    Untouched Media

    Ooooh! That cheeky church shot is my work Looking forward to adding more to the thread
  13. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some really nice RP today! First time role-playing with @Grim in a while! Really enjoyed @Kuki's role-play as well. Hopefully will be seeing him a lot more now! And as usual enjoyed @Bubbles and @BillyR RP as well!
  14. Murdercool

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    • Bubbles

    dis is a road blok, tha smel of bollets steel and led

    1. Bubbles


      Lit mate

  15. Murdercool

    'Fly The Friendly Skies'

    Welcome to the community friend! Your Punisher and Game of Thrones gifs are welcome! ?
  16. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I meant @Bigrat sorry Jimmy!
  17. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some great role-play tonight with @Bubbles, George, @Dragan, @isaac lineheart, @Jack the Ripper ! Then really enjoyed meeting @Bigrat and @Simatho it was great!
  18. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Really enjoyed the role-play today I had with @TryaxReck in Gorka, your text RP was very enjoyable. It's a shame that your character is now feeling guilty for accidentally firing a shot at Travis!
  19. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you very much @Simatho and @Bigrat your RP was very enjoyable! I'm sorry I cut it short by having some bugs. I liked your retelling of the Alfred Fish you knew, although there can only be one Also really enjoyed the role-play today with Twitch and the boys today! Looking forward to finishing off the story with Twitch!
  20. Murdercool

    S1 - RDM Stary Sobor 25-3-2017

    I was stood round a flare in game with my friends Bubbles, Pestol and Dragan. Joffrey then came over and began to have a conversation with us it all good. Until we started to hear some shots, they start coming at our position. Prior to this we had no hostile encounters with anyone at all, we did not hear anyone initiate on us. Dragan games crashed and he was then murdered by the person firing the rifle, then Earl took some shots and was unconscious. I then proceeded to run away, I logged and then logged back in because I was experiencing a bug with my game where I could not move and look left to right which was really effecting my ability to do anything in game.
  21. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    No way was that you! Always running into you and having great RP with you! See you again in game soon! <3
  22. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Didn't make a post but had some really awesome role-play last night with @LoneWolfy, @Bubbles, @Dragan and @Bigtoe. Really enjoyed meeting Irish Matthew and capturing and torturing @RedSky your RP really impressed me. Really looking forward to RPing with you more in the Crows. Then met some more great role-players in Stary Isaac and Hawk. Thanks again everyone for making me enjoy this server once again, kinda wish I never left!
  23. Murdercool

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    First time playing the server in a while and I really had a great time, had some great RP with @Bubbles and @LoneWolfy. I also had some really nice encounters with all the people that I met in Kabinino. I can't remember all your names I can only remember Mary and Apollo. Thank you very much to all I encountered as Fish though, you've got me back into playing RP. As well as Bubbles and LoneWolfy!
  24. Murdercool

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Christopher Thornbrook, back in the mod he was apart of the Watchers. My character and Stagg's character brutally tortured him because of the watcher's involvement in killing my character's friend George. We lead him to false pretenses of safety and brought him back down with brutality. He played the guitar a lot in game, so we smashed him guitar in front of him. The hilarious thing was that Staggs was in the Watchers but was on an alternative character.
  25. Murdercool

    The mod.

    Words cannot describe the love I have for the memories I made on the mod! <3
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