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  1. I have noticed an odd crash on my side, but nothing warranting the removal of this QZ in Chernogorsk. I feel like people are quite split about, as we’ve got people hanging out at the police station, then to the bar. Then we have the group i’m with which is at the school which is a considerable distance. Then you’ve got a group in the summer camp which is again quite a sizeable distance away from the main city, as well as the Dubky boys who are on the outskirts in the apartments. I think the worst times are when there are events, but this could be the case for any event in any location since there usually will be large player bases for events. I’ve really enjoyed the RP in the QZ, and would dislike for it to be removed (unless it was in an IC basis from a people’s revolt but not for a long time yet) like people have noted, it stretches far. Right up to Mogilevka !
  2. Yeah this is a fantastic idea, many of times have I wrote out long notes and found that it's been cut far too short. Especially when I wanna write in another language then write under it in English.
  3. new profile pic so everyone can stop being grossed out by the eye. editing courtesy of homie @Nonplayer and big shout out for the eye @Ron and the work you did on it. much love for helping someone completely useless at editing gif 

    1. Bryan


      I liked the eye..

    2. Murdercool


      well fuck now I gotta change it back to the eye.......... thanx bryan 💔 should have shown the eye some love sooner. I'll probs return it at some point 


    3. Bryan


      yo, gimme that link to the music 

      samuel l jackson gun GIF by The Good Films

    4. Murdercool


      b0ss has to deliver the goods 



    5. Poster


      As someone who has seen some gross eye stuff at my vet clinic with dogs, I am so glad you changed it hahaha it kept giving me flashbacks of this cat I saw with a maggot in the eye 

    6. Ron


      the eye was disgusting. I like this way better.

  4. W.I.P Yfrem was born in Volgograd in to his half Russian half Chernarussian mother Ada Vitek and his father Michail Vitek. Yfrem was enthralled by the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavski a famed Russian theatre / acting practitioner that went on to inform much of what is known of acting today. Towards the end of his studies, he became very interested in in playwrighting. Wrote some of his own works and admired the works of Anton Chekhov; who wrote plays like The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard and Three Sisters. He also had quite the interest in literature; mainly Russian literature. He was influenced by his uncle Sacha who was a novelist himself. He was not always as supportive of his son's work in acting and tried to push him further into playwrighting and being a novelist or publicist. This was not Yfrem's dream though; it was to become a great actor. A great Russian actor; since the modern world of Hollywood and Television rarely included Russian actors like the days of old.
  5.  what an amazing colab 

  6. Drop weps 10 secs

    1. Murdercool



    2. Murdercool


      Much love Mr Bandit. Hope this means you might be returning to ol daz r up ! 


    3. IAmJackBandit


      bray wyatt horror GIF by WWE

  7. Hell yes Dupe! This is such a great idea; the potential this has. Frying an egg on a frying pan and making cakes etc would be the next (albeit distance) step. MASSIVE +1 FROM AN EGG BROTHER.
  8. Welcome to the DayZRP community mate! All the best with your whitelist application, hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Met a few of you in Chernogorsk tonight; it was really nice. Enjoyed the pacing of your guys role-play, had particularly good conversation about the futility of warring against the Russians. Looking forward to meeting you guys some more and to eventually seeing some hostile gang RP from you guys!
  10. Happy to see you moved on to do this, will be really interesting to properly meet this group this time round! Good luck mate
  11. Hello there! Welcome to my feedback page. Take constructive and non constructive criticism very well, it’s all appreciated very much
  12. This is mega

    1. Murdercool


      One would even say. Mega mega Jamie my friend 

  13. I, Murdercool, hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  14. Fabian Peshek. Grounds keeper. Old man. Tractor man. @Nonplayer - Juri. The flying dutchman.
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