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  1. Had some really awesome RP today with Mikey Francesco and "Jacob" as well! Really enjoyed chilling with @Bubbles, @Kuki, @BillyR at the camp! Great RP with Johnny Black in the Church from Bastion. Was good getting introduced to you and the group!
  2. These are awesome Hessian! Love the photos, glad you had a good time. It's good to have you back as well!
  3. Happy Birthday Phoenix! :D Have a good day! 

    1. Phoenix


      Thanks pal! It was a great day haha.

  4. When the rain comes out, we need to occupy ourselves with a game of Dodgestone and Basestone. Very enjoyable day today meeting new people!
  5. George Bowman, the songbird of the South Zagorian apocalypse.
  6. Murdercool

    Makers Alter

    He has returned.
  7. Ooooh! That cheeky church shot is my work Looking forward to adding more to the thread
  8. Had some really nice RP today! First time role-playing with @Grim in a while! Really enjoyed @Kuki's role-play as well. Hopefully will be seeing him a lot more now! And as usual enjoyed @Bubbles and @BillyR RP as well!
  9. dis is a road blok, tha smel of bollets steel and led

  10. Murdercool

    'Fly The Friendly Skies'

    Welcome to the community friend! Your Punisher and Game of Thrones gifs are welcome! ?
  11. Had some great role-play tonight with @Bubbles, George, @Dragan, @isaac lineheart, @Jack the Ripper ! Then really enjoyed meeting @Bigrat and @Simatho it was great!
  12. Really enjoyed the role-play today I had with @TryaxReck in Gorka, your text RP was very enjoyable. It's a shame that your character is now feeling guilty for accidentally firing a shot at Travis!
  13. Thank you very much @Simatho and @Bigrat your RP was very enjoyable! I'm sorry I cut it short by having some bugs. I liked your retelling of the Alfred Fish you knew, although there can only be one Also really enjoyed the role-play today with Twitch and the boys today! Looking forward to finishing off the story with Twitch!
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