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"The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."

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  1. image.gif.7abcab22109a8cb3734f0a3d59ce90e2.gif

    Congratulations mate! Well deserved, it’s good to see you in red! 

    1. Bryan


      Thanks man ❤️

  2. It's sad to see you leave the team man, don't be a stranger! Hit me up on discord if you ever fancy a chat 😄 

    1. Peril


      Absolutely man! You know where to find me 🙂

  3. can’t beans yet because of a wealth of wise words spoken this evening. but thank you very much @cas much love, uno reverse back to you. your RP is stellar, especially your pain and hostage RP. Now if we’re going off what my favourite hostile RP was from @Stagsview on his character Alanze but it opened me up to the group The Fallen which had evolved from a Hero group known as The Watchers into an anti hero group of particularly lost and brutal individuals. It was when I was on Fish and myself and Stagg’s were torturing Chris a member of The Watchers (Staggs the leader was on an alt torturing his own member) after Fish had found out their involvement in executing Fish’s long time friend within the Outlaws George Bowman. May his beautiful Scottish soul rest in peace. Stagg’s acted as a great teacher in character and out of character at this point in time. [apologises for the heavy breathing and not as raspy voice, was some years ago now]
  4. almost finished with having corona. still not reunited with my personal cum machine. having a war with my flat mates, just miss logging in with the homies and sounding like i have a bag of molten dicks in my throat
  5. Dobře noc přítel! Always great to had some Czech speakers on the server, miss our resident Czech boi @PaulB! It’ll be great to see you putting your native language into practice in game. I hope you really enjoy your time here on DayZRP!
  6. The perfect profile doesn... 😎

    *jamie's profile exists* 

    1. Jamie


      Thanks g x

      Check out @Dom's too

  7. Waddup G Man at 36 seconds. Amazing video, good to see that you've come back lad! Looking forward to seeing what you're brewing up.
  8. APPROVAL HYPE. can’t wait to get back to whats important in this world. Fishing with my cousins at this very special time of the year. the birth of our lord and saviour. the one that fed the fish and bread.
  9. very nice. time to get our resident flying fisherman @Knight to get us up in the sky to catch them legendary winged pike.
  10. Welcome mate ! I hope you enjoy your time here. I really be appreciating that Charlie gif ! If you have any questions don’t feel afraid to give myself or any other member of Support team a message!
  11. Yeah I've got to say that the RP that has come out of it has been great. I emphatically disagree with the lowering of Wolf and Bear spawns. It makes sense RP wise why there would be more of them since the decline in population of people on the island. They are a great source of hunting and survival; since once you've killed even one or two you are set for a while on food. So this is a bit fat -1 for more. Yes people go around asking for food; but this is a massive RP opportunity too. I do not think that this should be a reason for Roleplay over Survival; since people can RP out the desperation, desire and need for food. I have not died from dehydration / hunger on the server. You need to move out of the zones which are being constantly picked by people and move onto methods like hunting and fishing to feed this. If your character doesn't know how to do this; you can meet people and RP out situations where you learn how to hunt and fish from people that have frequented the island / are natives of the island. I've also seen you wanted to see the lower of the infected rate too; they are finally a threat. It's a smaller map; so it's not laggy and buggy to have lots of infected around the map. Making them an actual threat. It's really fun in my personal opinion!
  12. EVEN BETTER praise be the Misho
  13. Ooooo shit. Maybe the spawns are really rare or they only spawn in really random locations with strange prerequisites. I was surprised to not hear about their introduction!
  14. Hi there, this is a suggestion that may receive quite a controversial division I'm sure. I know this is no Stalker server. However, back in the Mod on the Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Mod there were Bloodsuckers on Namalsk. With all the phenomena and spooky shit going down, if there could be some introduction of Bloodsuckers that would actually amazing. There could be a lore event that introduced them, they could come from the pipes of the underground of Namalsk and be slightly rare. The fear RP that would spur from them would be absolutely brilliant. Here's an image of one in game in Standalone, in the Mod and obviously in stalker they had the ability to go invisible and they were terrifying. This suggestion would only extend as far as Namalsk. If we went back to Chernarus they may not carry over. It would just be great to see them in game and extend further to the eerie elements of the map.
  15. Much appreciated Whitename. We were quite scared that the fishers could not fish. If we could not get worms how could we attempt to catch the legendary Golden Cat Fish.
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