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  1. Will the new Lore wipe bring an Epilogue to the current Lore? or will it just be that's it no epilogue it's just done. What will be an epic/good epilogue do you wanna see?
  2. Yea that is how I got my group, insiting that the Apocalypse is our punishment from destroying the earth, and that the reason we're immune is because "It's god's path"
  3. I mean, since I run a religious group, and God warned us of an apocalypse, if it fits the lore could we have a group day 1? Or will it be a "No group" rule for the first month or something.
  4. I recently made a group who met the requirements to be official, and I was wondering if/how we get out own Teamspeak channels. Cheers in advance
  5. If all the lore is there, why add more? The lore is simple and straight to the chase. Plus we're working on graphics That was a fuck up 😂😂😂
  6. Y'all need to stop. This thread was to get's people opinions, and if you call a black person, who's playing a black character a "Stupid Monkey fucking nigger", Wouldn't that offend the person? Then again, it depends on the person being insulted
  7. *Brian is fiddling with his long range transmitter and finally picks up the signal, and presses the PTT* "Hey Louie, King Louie I suppose, I'm the man in the Cowboy hat you talked to yesterday, and you said to contact you about my settlement in your land. I'm pleased to say that my group has doubled since yesterday, and I think I'm ready to negotiate. Tell me the place and location, and we're ready." *Brian releases the PTT and hangs up the PTT*
  8. It's 5 members for a group, is it not? We have 7 EDIT**: Oh, I created the group late last night and the members are yet to log in to accept the invite, I'm getting them to do it ASAP, realized what you meant
  9. Sounds fair enough
  10. So you think on all levels there is no limit to Racism? No need to be hostile man, it's just a thread asking people's opinion
  11. That's not at all the thread buddy, I was asking people's opinion on whether or not there's such thing as TOO FAR when it comes to in racism in game I agree on that one, I personally think when to RP just blatantly turns to a "Hey let's continuously call that black man a nigger and other racial slurs the whole time" then it ruins the RP
  12. All of us are are horrible with graphic designs, best thing i designed looked like a tree with a stick figure next to it, so we turned to Google
  13. The Children of Eden

    HISTORY AND LORE Brian, our prophet, our High Priest, he was told by God that the Garden of Eden was hidden in Chernaurus, and that an impending apocalypse was to happen. God told Brian to create The Children of Eden, and find loyal followers and to find the Garden of Eden. God was right, an apocalypse did happen, and those who are immune, it’s their path chosen by God to find the Garden of Eden. Brian had already been in Chernaurus when the apocalypse started, and only entered South Zagoria when the Kingdom and the Catholics were a thing, and people had a hatred of religion, so he wasn’t able to spread his religion. Near the death of King Joffrey, Brian entered Russia, and only recently returned to South Zagoria, where he started converting members to join the Children of Eden. Brian and his first loyal followers; Mic and Gordon the Zealots, Charlie the Reverend, and Dennis and Stephen his Pastors, now roam Chernaurus in the Zombie infested lands, spreading their religion to the nonbelievers, and purging the infidels. The Children of Eden usually hang around the Kabanino church, but sometimes venture as far north as Tissy, and as far East as Berenzino. We are not currently preparing for a war, but we are also in a time of need of persons, so we are attempting to convert as many people as possible, to aid us in the search of the Garden of Eden. We accept only the strong-willed, emotionally strong and physically strong, as Gods work is no work for a weak man. RELATIONS: ALLIES: NONE NEUTRAL: NONE ENEMIES: NONE IC GOALS: Spread our religion throughout the land. Convert the misguided. Purge the infidels. Group before others. OOC GOALS: Provide nice semi-hostile RP. Put the RP before gun play and gear play. Be active in the community. Help newcomers to the server. OUR BROTHERHOOD: High Priest - Brian Kinnish Military Zealot - Mick Bradley Religious Zealot - Gordon Perry Reverend - Charlie Shakur Preacher - Dennis Smith Preacher - Stephen Taylor Follower - Sergeant Day Follower - Sebastian Radz RECRUITMENT: Character name: Character Page (if applicable): Time Zone: When you’re active: English skills?: Rp Experience: DayZ Experience: Additional Info?:
  14. *Brian recognizes the voice and reaches from his makeshift hospital bed to his radio* "Aren't you the man we attempted to convert up and Tissy, and got ambushed, and violently attacked me with a sledge hammer? Voice sounds familiar... *Brian groans as he tosses his radio aside*
  15. *Brian sits in his tent around 4 of his followers, and presses the PTT* "Hello, it's me, High Priest of the Children of Eden here, as well as my Zealots and Reverend." *Brian murmurs something to one of the guys next to him* "To all the people who wronged me, who wronged the Children of Eden, we're stronger now, we have guns, ammo, and man power. Joey, Rodney and the French Canadian hating bastard, I'm coming, I'm coming with my men, I'm coming to cleanse you. *Brian lets out a demented laugh* Anyone else, start professing your faith to the Children of Eden, or you will have a bad time being hit. *Brian chucks the radio aside and turns the steak on the fire over.*