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  1. Hey guys, I have to say I've had a good time on DayZRP, but I'm moving to work on from DayZRP to focus my time on an ARMA community/movie. It's been a great time, met and roleplayed with a bunch of good people. Anyways, @Oliv, I was on vacation and didn't have a chance to answer @Major's questions on the Children of Eden's page It's been a good year, I might hop on time to time to time, but really wanna focus on this project
  2. *Brian picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Shut the fuck up. You Christians are nothing but a punch of idiots, THE CHILDREN OF EDEN believe in the one true god." *Brian chuckles and releases the PTT*
  3. *Brian laughs nd presses the PTT* "What's he gonna do? Use his facial recognition program to find out magically where I am?" "What? You don't wanna have a chat? You seem like a nice guy." *Brian releases the PTT*
  4. I didn't know what the fuck to do, you were just crying and we didn't wanna hurt you I was just stuttering and shit
  5. The Kabanino Shit show. (35.1 Hz, Open)

    *Brian erupts laughing and presses the PTT* "Well, you see, it wasn't about the doctor. The doctor was to be used as a bargaining piece, really, a source of information. We were gonna use her to funnel into the U.N., then to the CDF. I mean it was a long shot, as she was only a fucken' doctor, but we weren't gonna harm her. They were gonna bring her to me, I would have made us some steaks, maybe some coffee, and we'd calmly talk. We don't mean harm to an innocent person. *Brian releases the PTT*
  6. *Brian sighs and presses the PTT* "This is Brian Kinnish, leader of the Children of Eden, what's up?" *Brian releases the PTT*
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    you're fucking morse code transmission had my dying of laughing. Plus 1

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      Not my morse code :ph34r:

  7. *Brian sits with his radio up to his ear, listening to a static transmission, he switches frequencies and presses the PTT* "Well, it appears our heist on the WHO head researcher went bad. Two of our men were wounded, one being one of my doubles." *Brian smirks and chuckles* "Well, the thing is, scum of Southern Zagoria, every single name, every single little detail of the men and woman seen collaborating with the U.N. and CDF were taken down. The rest of our men in the compound buggered off, but we will be back, in full force. I mean, we attempted that with only 4 men. *Brian releases the PTT* *Brian immediately picks back up the PTT and says* "Apparently their corporal was wounded? Anyone can confirm?" *Brian releases the PTT*
  8. *Brian, confused, presses the PTT* "Um... Ok?" *Brian releases the PTT*
  9. *Brian sits in his room and holds his radio in his hand, he presses the PTT* "To anyone who I've encountered, or have heard of us, we have finally set up a safe haven. It has a clinic and we're on the look out for doctors. We're here to help people... Anyone trying to get away from the CDF contact us here, we'll come get you and bring you home. *Brian releases the PTT*
  10. *Brian sits at his table with his men, he looks at the map and presses the PTT* "Now, people, I've been off the air for two days, and that's purely because we've been monitoring the Radio's... Let me get this straight, the CDF is our primary target, we're attempting to destabilize their foothold in the region... Then we're going for their leadership. Any groups, whether military, paramilitary, or civilian collaborating with the CDF is exempt from our safe keeping, and will be dealt with accordingly. This is a cry to all terrorists, militants and freedom fighters, we must take up arms against the CDF. *Brian releases the PTT and continues planning.*
  11. Group map of Chernarus. (WIP)

    This map was for the bigger groups (I.e. NATO, UN, VDV, CDF, ETC ETC) but I don't know all they're positions IC
  12. Group map of Chernarus. (WIP)

    Thank you!!
  13. *Brian puts on a southern sounding accent and presses the PTT* "Well, if you're fighting the infected, how many men are stationed there? What about those Children of Terrorist crazies? What if they attack? *Brian releases the PTT and waits*