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"Sometimes you have to do what's right, not what's easy"

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  1. Sam Fields

    DayZ RP Youtube (I need your feedback)

    Get some cinematics to put under the voice over. If you've got Arma 3, you can use the editor and the chernarus winter+ map. If not, just turn your HUD off and find a nice shot (then just track in in your editing suite). Could always, dare I say, script some cool events to have as the main theme for each episode!
  2. Sam Fields

    Avoiding RP

    It's the sprinting my dudes. Jesus, when some of you Saviour guys starting sprinting after me in Noveya after I saw you fuckers coughing your lungs up, my character pissed himself (so did I). I even climbed a roof
  3. Sam Fields


    Ouch. With the rate of most characters' hostilities, one life IG isn't enough time to form any sort of story worth living out in my opinion.
  4. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

    Always bring a spare raincoat when Ashford's around.
  5. Sam Fields

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Dec 2018]

    I'd kill for a red texture on the Men's Suit Jacket.
  6. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Ah, our characters were off at Lopatino castle. Wasn't a wasted trip though. The man you beat up, Nicolas, saw you and shat the bed.
  7. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Please do come back. Very sorry about the shaky start, two of our guys had PC issues. You lot were bloody impressive, though- as always.
  8. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

    I had to mute my mic eventually. I was pissing myself too much.
  9. Sam Fields

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    Recker's Renegades were up there for me with my first character.
  10. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

    We arrived at your castle. Felt very welcome ;D @Cipher
  11. Sam Fields

    Limping/Injured animation.

    Yeah, it would be awesome. FiveM RP has this along with a series of other great "emotes". Might be worth looking into adding more if you get a skilled static animator.
  12. Sam Fields

    Favorite Soft Beverage

    Haven't had a fizzy drink for about a year
  13. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

  14. Sam Fields

    Campfire Collection Sneak Peak.

    I'm getting my "Builders Anonymous" tattoo next week.
  15. Sam Fields

    Campfire Collection Sneak Peak.

    Moar! Feed me moar, Seymore!