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  1. To everyone in Lopatino!

    *A Brooklyn voice chimes in over the radio* "Hey, guys! Take a fuckin' step back, okay. Cal here is a stand-up gal and I'm, err, I'm sure she'll help make this town place safe 'n' shit. But it's gunna take time..." *The voice sounds a little less sure of himself* "I'm sure any of the... fatalities were just terrible, terrible, accidents. These, err, things fuckin' happen. Okay? Ain't nothin' doin' for it. Just sad little accidents. You got armed guard day and night, you got a real, err, community growin'. Keep up the work I say." *He pauses, his doubt resonating through his words* "Er yeah-" *The PTT is released*
  2. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    Just to summarise the stream: .63 experimental will launch without base-building, vehicles, mod support. When .63 goes stable, all of these elements will have been added in (gradually).
  3. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    Please... I don't care whether I fall through the floor every 10 steps, or if trees randomly crush me. I need beta like a moth needs a lightbulb.
  4. A cry for help

    *He snatches up the radio, shouting into the receiver* "Are you fuckin-.... Jesus christ, no!" *His voice dwindles to little more than a hoarse whisper* "Hailee... I don't have the words... I don't have the fuckin' words... I just-" *He catches himself, composing his final sentence* "I'll be there... with the doc..." *The PTT is released*
  5. Where the fuck is Jonny Hard [Open]

    *The PTT is pressed. A pissed off Brooklyn voice sounds through* "Jonny. Jonny fucking Hard. You hearing this? You gunna pickup this damn fuckin' radio?" *He lets out a sigh* "I do hope my efforts in keeping you safe ain't gone to waste. You told me you were gunna keep me fuckin' posted, yet I ain't heard shit. Do yourself a favour and pickup the damn receiver, ey?" *The PTT is released*
  6. Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    "Turn it on and off."
  7. Interview

    Check the entitlement my man and you'll fit in just fine
  8. Weight Loss Thread!

    Lost the fat, kept the muscle. Good lad!
  9. Greetings everyone!

    What was the agreed rate for this kind of name dropping again?
  10. Radio and Role Play: The Comprehensive Guide

    You tryin'a tell me that *Smashes Radio* isn't a viable way to end a broadcast or somethin'?!
  11. Start the consigliere search? [Open]

    *The PTT is pressed. A Brooklyn accent sounds through* "Hey, Sal. I hope you ain't fuckin' wrecked the place whilst I'm out, eh! Listen, I think it's pretty, err, safe to fuckin' say that our consigliere Mr.... errr..." *He pauses for thought* "Mr.... Eh, I don't fuckin' remember his fuckin' name. This English fuck. It's pretty safe to say that we ain't gunna see him no more, he's fucked by the sounds of it. Like properly lost or some shit, I dunno. It's been a good few fuckin' months since we've seen him so, ya know, he's probably sleepin' with the fishes." "Nevertheless, we need to keep track of shit. I aint' gunna lie, the loss of motor vehicle functioning is probably not entirely your fault. But we gotta stay on top of our spending and time and shit. Without that Brit we've been bumblin' around at fuck knows rate of knots without concern of the bigger fuckin' picture. We need to start out-sourcing shit again, ya know. And to do that, we gotta get ourselves a brand fuckin' new consigliere!" *He pauses to puff on a cigar* "But maybe, ya know, not annoying fuck like we had last time choo' know. What you think, eh?" *The PTT is released*
  12. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *The Brooklyn voice is heard again. A loud truck engine is heard in the background* "A fuckin' chocolate bar? Will that do? You Kiddin'? I'd give you a fucking arm and a leg plus the blood sample for a fucking chocolate bar, I swear to god-" *Another Brooklyn voice is heard amongst the loud engine* "Ey, Louis! You tell the good doctor lady that if she wants fuckin' Italian stallion blood it's gunna 'ave to be two chocolate bars!" *The first man takes over once again* "Well, you heard my brother!" *The PTT is released*
  13. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *A sleazy Brooklyn New York accent is heard* "Eyy, yeah me and brother got fuckin' bit some time ago. If we were to, ya know, put ourselves forward for testing and that shit, would there be- how do I put this? Would there be any, you know, reward? Payment might be a better term. Payment for our services to man kind. You see, I fuckin' hate needles I tell ya! So I'd be really putting myself forward for some serious and potentially damaging psycho- errr, psychological fuckin' trauma. It's only fair I get somethin' outta it, ya know." *The PTT is released*
  14. What was your first RP encounter?

    Had the privilege of accidentally stumbling across The Refuge and meeting a whole host of great characters.
  15. Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    People have somehow managed to turn an innocent online forum system into a form of mob-lynching. Could make "beaning" potentially hateful remarks against the forum rules and have a share of the warning points dished out.