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Sam Fields

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"Sometimes you have to do what's right, not what's easy"

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  1. Sam Fields

    Unable to reply to radio threads.

    Ahah! Most appreciated my dude
  2. Sam Fields

    Unable to reply to radio threads.

    I'm unable to reply to radio threads. I'm a hall of famer, and I'm unsure whether it's affecting the whole IP group. Thanks!
  3. Sam Fields

    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    He was bloody fantastic. He held the mantle of racist RP within the community, making it feel more gritty. I mean... he did kinda fuck it up on march the 1st with, ya know, all that racist shit he posted OOC. Makes me sorta think he was using it as a platform, which is a shame. Left me on the fence about racist RP after that- but that's not to say it doesn't up the ante and realism. Following the rule of media, if the character is a little theatrical and can take losses: racist characters are fine for all audiences.
  4. Sam Fields

    Switch to 0.63?

    Whether you despise 0.63 or not, I think anyone who wishes for DayZRP to stay on .62 for the foreseeable future is a nutter. The current state of the player-base is completely off putting. No new interactions because everybody's done to death with DayZ. 0.63 is going to bring a shit ton of old and new players to the community. Rolle confirmed earlier that he would be having a .63 server ASAP, thankfully.
  5. Sam Fields

    Whats the worst you have ever been drunk?

    On my 18th I threw up on a guy, gave him my shirt then got carried out by medics whilst topless.
  6. Sam Fields

    Anybody out there?

    *A Brooklyn voice sounds through, opening with a giggle and a sly tone* "Well fuckin' shit, hehehe. The Doc's got all turned around, eh?" "You must be kiddin' around, no? You really gone and lost your memory? That's kinda... kinda funny. If you're still in Gorka, someone'll find you soon enough. Tell em to bring you to Sal, Louis, Fae or anybody from old Lopatino- as a matter of fact." *The transmission cuts*
  7. Sam Fields

    Where is player activity?

    0.63, my friend
  8. Sam Fields

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Ya boy @Dirty Dan finding my character in a slum after Kamenici left him fucked up. Had a blast after the last few days I've spent on the server consisted of me laying there just in case anybody came across me randomly. Dedication to the RP sesh
  9. Sam Fields

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    You're a dirty liar! Stop with your hate speech!
  10. Sam Fields

    Everybody Loves Sal

    You really need to finish that short form script. Impeccable writing.
  11. Sam Fields

    Louis Scarpaci's Last Transmission [194.7]

    *The radio crackles to life at 11PM down the Moretti family open comms* *The transmission is cut. Louis' radio would remain silent*
  12. Sam Fields

    Share Funny Stories

    Anything I would tell would be toppled by Kenneth's story of how he got his cat. If you get the chance, ask him to recite that novel worthy tale.
  13. Sam Fields

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    By george, I think we've got it! An authentic mobster environment full of drama and back-stabbery, hidden under a cool and collected surface. Bravo to my fellow Morettis and to the drop-ins that fuel our RP.
  14. Sam Fields

    The Scarpaci Famiglia - Episode 1

    Kyle's next.
  15. Sam Fields

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)