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"Sometimes you have to do what's right, not what's easy"

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  1. Sam Fields

    New Weapon Sounds

    Rebel scum
  2. Jon grew up reading all the stories about apocalyptic events; zombie related or different. He enjoyed the idea of a simplistic world where only survival mattered, indulging in the universes of these films and books. He imagined how easy would be for him and his friends to fortify and secure their local water treatment plant- which already had high, metal link fences- and scavenge for supplies with their tuned up vehicles. One of his mates, James, even had a tractor that they could use to traverse the wasteland that North Yorkshire had become. It sounded so, so easy. Maybe it would have been, if he were in the UK when the borders started closing, and the dead started rising, and all manner of evil doers took grasp of the world. Jon instead found himself in the less than familiar lands of South Zagoria, Chernarus. A writer by trade, Chernarus had seemed a great place to draw inspiration for his upcoming novel "Wars Within"- following a series of helpless characters in different cases of civil war and unrest. With the Chedaki now underground and the country out of soviet hands, it was a more stable region than most a mere decade after conflict. Yet the dust was still settling, which made it still intriguing. When the outbreak swept across the country, Jon found himself back in one of those apocalypse stories that he had so loved. Find shelter. Find a weapon. Gather supplies. Remember how they survived in the films. But they were just films, and books, and TV shows. Nothing like the raw, disturbing slaughterhouse that became of the Novigrad docks. Hundreds dead- no, thousands. Bodies littering the paved roads and beaches alike. This was only the start. He had made friends with other survivors of the failed evacuation, only to watch them one-by-one die to sickness or famine or murder. Madness began to creep in. His coping mechanism was to embody his hero characters.
  3. Sam Fields


    4 accounts of KOS. See you in the report section.
  4. Sam Fields

    Base destruction trolling issue

    We've had relative luck with our base down in Cherno. Yes it gets broken into daily, but the groups have been OOC respectful enough not to tear it down. It's allowed us to keep RPing there despite the attacks which is good enough for me
  5. Sam Fields

    [99.1] Missing vehicle spotted

    *A gruff English voice could be heard* "Jyacob, I don't know if you read me but I may have spotted one of your stolen automobiles." *You hear a thump of metal as he slams down the car's bonnet* "Looks abandoned. But whoever pinched it must have taken the battery out of it. Looks in pretty good nick; otherwise. It's roughly two and a half clicks south west of you, in some woods west of a small military outpost. I expect you know of the place." "Hopefully you have some spare parts laying around and can come and collect it. Seemed that the boot was emptied when they left it. Good luck." *The PTT is released*
  6. Sam Fields

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Well yes, but if they're members of the community they should be allowed to play the game how they choose as long as it doesn't impact on the fun of others.
  7. Sam Fields

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Although I've voted yes, got to remember that the guys that enjoy getting into firefights daily will have their fun impacted on.
  8. Sam Fields

    Suggestion: Adding more medieval styled items.

    There was going to be a breastplate added last update, but sadly it was had a lot of issues being implemented so it was dropped. Hopefully it's patched in later down the line!
  9. Sam Fields

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Damn, was looking forward to going on a crusade (for old times sake)
  10. Sam Fields

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Shame about the wipe. RIP St. Pauls church. Has the breastplate not been added? I couldn't see it among the added items, but it was showcased in the post last month.
  11. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

  12. Sam Fields

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

  13. Sam Fields

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    Had the exact same problem with my "underground" and "secret" group, The Silent Majourity. Even the fucking name suggests that it's one that's never spoken. Geez.
  14. Sam Fields


    No cameras allowed! ;)
  15. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

    St. Pauls' restoration project has been a biggie, but she's almost ready...
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