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Sam Fields

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"Sometimes you have to do what's right, not what's easy"

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  1. Sam Fields

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Well yes, but if they're members of the community they should be allowed to play the game how they choose as long as it doesn't impact on the fun of others.
  2. Sam Fields

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Although I've voted yes, got to remember that the guys that enjoy getting into firefights daily will have their fun impacted on.
  3. Sam Fields

    Suggestion: Adding more medieval styled items.

    There was going to be a breastplate added last update, but sadly it was had a lot of issues being implemented so it was dropped. Hopefully it's patched in later down the line!
  4. Sam Fields

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Damn, was looking forward to going on a crusade (for old times sake)
  5. Sam Fields

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Shame about the wipe. RIP St. Pauls church. Has the breastplate not been added? I couldn't see it among the added items, but it was showcased in the post last month.
  6. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

  7. Sam Fields

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

  8. Sam Fields

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    Had the exact same problem with my "underground" and "secret" group, The Silent Majourity. Even the fucking name suggests that it's one that's never spoken. Geez.
  9. Sam Fields


    No cameras allowed! ;)
  10. Sam Fields

    The Cavaliers' - Media Thread

    St. Pauls' restoration project has been a biggie, but she's almost ready...
  11. Sam Fields

    Generation Zero (Closed Recruitment)

    Great RP with you guys today! My character is super glad you let him off the hook. Don't know how he would have reacted to watching those in the castle die.
  12. Sam Fields

    Remove Radio Forums

    Just ban the pvpers from using it
  13. Sam Fields

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Anyone been able to find the breastplate yet or is it not in the loot table?
  14. Sam Fields

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Might be barking up the wrong tree, but had one of your guys avoid RP on me today and it was a little off putting. Selfish behaviour from whoever it was, complete disregard for other players' fun. Mute silence. Bad RP, avoiding RP. Just tell my character to fuck off next time, at least. We enjoy being shunted as a bunch of loonies not worth the time of day, but this was just an OOC decision to sprint away without a word. Please help a role-player out. Might not be one of the guys directly in your group, if so my bad
  15. Sam Fields

    Okay... This Fog.

    I hate it with a burning passion. Once in a blue moon, cool. But jesus christ
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