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Sam Fields

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"Sometimes you have to do what's right, not what's easy"

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  1. Sam Fields

    Staff level system

    An MMO leveling system for staff? I don't understand why... but why not, I guess
  2. Sam Fields

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    You treasonous basteds! You'll all hang for this!
  3. Cooper spent his youth being brought up in broken Britain. School never agreed with him, nor did any form of authority. His Dad left when he was only 8, leaving his mother to raise 3 children on her own. Her struggles led to Cooper's habit of stealing. First it was food, then it was cigarettes and alcohol. He was caught of course, serving time in juvenile at 14. With no qualifications to show, he joined the military after a number of arrests for minor felonies and served 2 tours. Iraq and Afghanistan.
  4. Sam Fields

    Why? Where?

    *A Brooklyn voice sounds through* "Alright Ruski, give the guy a fuckin' break. He don't need shit from you unless you're gunna help him. Beatin' little girls ain't a fuckin' joke." *He takes a deep breath* "Alright, I mean... I could take a goood fuckin' guess to which assholes did this shit- but I ain't one to throw things on over people's doorsteps without knowing." *The PTT is released*
  5. Sam Fields

    Can we kill radio chatter yet

    Just make it a rule where only pro pvpers can speak down the radio in a hostile tone. That'll surely solve all our ills!
  6. Sam Fields

    Alexa dead

    *He snatches up the PTT. A grizzly Brooklyn voice snarls through* "You think you can gun her down, keep her head as some sorta.... sick fuckin' trophy and call a reality check?! No. Fuck that. Give us the Chernarussian mutt, he ain't got no place in this world." *The PTT is released*
  7. Sam Fields

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Exhilarating event that didn't finish for me even after catching a bullet. Stumbled across the altar radio folk and had some great RP with the perfect hint of tension. And my boy Leo hooked me up with that red mountain bag!
  8. Sam Fields

    The Walking Dead Viewing Figures

    There are 3 main things that make a good show/film/whatever: 1) the script 2) the script 3) the script The Walking Dead writers are fucking awful, sadly. Don't know where season 1-5 writers have gone but the dialogue and narrative have just been piss poor as of recent.
  9. Sam Fields

    Howdy, another RP question!

    After Kibuka was done with him he was just a piece of raw meat. It was a mercy killing.
  10. Sam Fields

    The Battle of Novy Sobor - Coalition vs. Anarchy + Future (Lore Post)

    This fucking traitor
  11. Sam Fields

    Who got you in/motivated to make you stay in DayZRP?

    Oh stop it you
  12. Sam Fields

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    I understand the frustration, but one ts conversation with this guy ^ and you'd realise that you're barking up the wrong tree. He's an absolute stickler for fair play.
  13. Sam Fields

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    POV: Went to the airstrip with the group as apart of this small lore-esc thing with Major. Logged about 10mins after arriving due to a fuck-off sized hangover.
  14. Sam Fields

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    -User was warned for this post-
  15. Sam Fields

    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    *The PTT is pressed, a Brooklyn voice sounds through* "Glad you chooches got the fuckin' message. Be seeing you." *The PTT is released*