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  1. AJ was born in 1989, into the Abad family. His father, Mohammed and his mother Khadija were immigrants from Iran and came to live in the UK. Searching for a better life. Mohammed found himself running a business, a small corner store within the outskirts of east London. Aj's mother worked as a nurse within the NHS. Safe to say, he was born into a fairly normal, working class family that would be able to provide for him in his early life. During his child years, AJ would do well at school like his parents asked for and was also religious, following the muslim faith by the book. He took well to the more creative side of education, preferring to study music than excel in maths or english. His parents did not really support this as they wanted him to become a doctor in his later life. Aj took this as resentment from his parents and it would come to haunt him in his later life. During his teenage years, Aj became more aggressive and began to fall out with his parents frequently, he would get into frequent fights within secondary school as his anger would get the better of him, this would transcend into his grades falling. Upon leaving school, AJ found himself with no grades that could successfully get him into any sort of substantial job, he turned to drugs and crime in order to feed himself and also indulge. Aj became involved in gang crime throughout london, and was eventually on the eyes of the police. He was hunted but Aj had a way of hiding. He wanted to flee the uk to get away from his life of crime and found out about a eastern bloc country known as Chernarus from a mutual friend. He took the money that he had and fled to Chernarus. Aj never stayed in contact with his family as they didnt want anything to do with him due to his problems. His resentment of his family has become a constant anger. He remained alone until the outbreak hit where he teamed with a group of people to help him survive.
  2. God bless this woman. 


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      Theresa May looking a bit older now it seems...

  3. Hanz was born into the Güldenstädt family, his father was a biological and medical scientist attempting to create new drugs to ensure they had a future as well as the people within the country. This profession was inherited down from past generations such as Haz' father and his father before him. Hanz' grandfather was a scientist during the war, he was forced by the German regime to look into the use of biological weapons in order to defeat the enemy. Safe to say, the allies won before any such weapon could be created or used. Heinrich, Hanz' father used to tell him the stories of his grandfather in order to secure a future for his son in the same profession. Hanz was fascinated from then on and particularly on his grandfathers work. Hanz was a grade A student at school, gathering everything he needed in order to go onto further education , particularly biological science. Hanz would go onto university in order to study this, his father and mother supporting him on the way. Hanz would come away from University and proceed onto working within a lab that would study the effects of diseases on living organisms, this would be to ensure that they could create new vaccines in order to protect those that would become infected from various diseases. Hanz obsession for his grandfathers work would come back to haunt him in his later years however, he would find the documents regarding the work found within his fathers wardrobe. Hanz would keep these documents closely in order to get an idea of what his grandfather was thinking at the time. He was surprised. From the documents, Hanz began to indulge in finding out more about human anatomy and began to study in medical and psychological sciences, in order to see how the human body worked. He would continue to study for years to come. Come present day and Hanz is in his adult years, he is still studying in medical and psychological sciences, in order to further his studies, Hanz travels to South Zagoria, Chernarus in order to talk to inmates within the Storozh Prison, this is when the Outbreak struck. Hanz has been by himself for a large portion of the outbreak, studying the infected from afar in order to find out what they really are capable of.
  4. Wagwan, here's my new whip. Its very very cool.
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    The Dollars

    I remember this, good luck.
  6. I'm alive


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      Hey Solo 👋

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  7. D&D are just the worst, that ending was total shit. 

  8. At least Cleganebowl was satisfying. 

  9. Rude. I think this is because I'm a better roleplayer than you. Exposed em when I bought one of these bad bois
  10. Correction, the EU didn't agree to one demand and failed to compromise. Thats why the Prime Minister capitulated to this shite withdrawal agreement that literally gives them what they want. I for one am fine with the idea of a no deal brexit, after all thats what should have happened in the first place cause it said it on the ballot paper "leave." Then we could just get on with it and trade with the rest of the world and outside this little EU superstate bubble.
  11. I do too, there needs to be some sort of (In the words of Nigel Farage) political revolution where both major parties are given a ass kicking in the polls. Thats the only way to sort this remainer government out.
  12. The EU has the deal it wants, 40 billion pounds for the privilege of leaving. They never wanted to make a decent deal within the 2 and a half years of negotiations because they want to punish people like me and my country because brexit is damaging to its infrastructure.
  13. Right wing, EU sceptic (I fucking hate the EU) and SJW/Extremist liberal stomper. Brexit and post Trump election brought out the worst in the left wing bias media as well as politicians and now its there for everyone to see.
  14. We live in a world filled with brittle snowflakes who can't take mean words and get offended too easily. You are correct, racism within RP thats done tastefully and not dropping the N bomb every 5 seconds is allowed and shouldn't be censored. Try to tell the snowflakes that tho, I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time.
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    Slava Chedaki!

    *Ludvik sits by the base of a tree and listens to the transmission, he chuckles to himself and marks an old crumpled map with a pen. He takes a breath before pressing the PTT* "Huh, Chedaki coming out of the woodwork once more. Like I've always said about communists, fucking useless." *static* "I give them a week before they are found dead around the north or they scurry off into hiding with tails in between their legs like the dogs they are." *The radio falls silent*
  16. Correction, I am that but I also follow the religion of the yute.
  17. Cuz, mans like 65 million years old now. Big up! 


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      Don't reveal my true age now, come on bruh 😄 

  18. You probably just need to get used to the surroundings, then you'll start to pick up the little traits that people imbed into their characters and groups.
  19. Here's where I disagree, the problem with your statement is to me like you're saying that there are very few characters on the server that meet your requirements and the majority of them are garbage and not very unique which really isn't the case.
  20. "Bossman serve me up some of that humble pie fam." The problem we have here my friend is that people have a right to play what they want, you just got the find the right people at the right time thats all.
  21. Words of wisdom right here, but didn't the issue about the abuse ting get solved? Jim did an oopsie and got the tools yeeted. Good. As for the ooc bullshit, yeah it sucks but not everyone is going to get along with each other thats just how it goes unfortunately. Most of the people on here are pixels and personas to me so I'm not really arsed and I think a lot more people should take that approach. As Beni said, it ain't worth it. Peace yutes.
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