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  1. *In the school, Jared is pouring himself a glass of Whiskey while the others are sat watching School Boy train his dog Blondie. Jared takes a small swig of the Whiskey and moves his left hand across the desk to grab the radio, he adjusts the radio and holds down the PTT* "So you want to take a school boy? Damn... How the world has crashed and burned for assholes like you to tie up a 16 year old kid and leave him for those rabid meat sacks. Was it cause you're that fucking desperate that you had to resort leaving the kid with nothing to defend himself? Or is it that you just don't care where your actions are going to lead you? *Jared takes a breath and another swig of Whiskey, the others begin to take notice of Jared while speaking in an angered tone* "As much as the kid may dislike me, atleast I can show that I give a damn to run his ass back and forth to find supplies so we can just get by. Unlike you fuckers who probably sit there and wait for the opportune moment to leave someone for dead with no care in the world." "I'm going to keep this short and sweet so even dumb asses like you can understand. If I ever see you around the airfield again, especially at those containers where you left him. I will fucking hurt you and then leave you in one of those containers with fuck all to eat and drink but a fucking biter to chew your asses up." *Jared takes one last breath and places his empty Whiskey glass on the desk while still having a tight grip around it* "See you around." *Jared releases the PTT and his grip of the glass*
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      very spicy, especially when people forget about that guy @Grimnir lmao

  4. The Last Light

    Looks nice, good luck!
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      is it salted popcorn? or sweet one?

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  6. DayZRP Community Memes

  7. Blackout Media Thread

    Family Photo. Autobots Rollout!
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  9. Do people still care?

    Urm okay. I don't really understand the point of this but I'll throw my two cents into the mix. People can dump the most amount of time into anything and it won't get noticed (artists for example) but there's no point saying that just because there was so much time put into something that people should take notice. Events are cool, yeah but why should I turn up to something when it doesn't interest me? I'm not inclined to am I? A fishing event would be the least of my worries if I am trying to survive, I guess is what I'm trying to say. I for one would like to see more LORE events as we have had some good ones that have led to good, progressive role play. Bitching on the forums about each other or a particular type of role play style does not solve anything. Again, no one is inclined to experience someone else's work if it does not interest them, people shouldn't take it to heart as it can just lead to more arguing rather than focusing on trying to entertain each other with... yano... RP.
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    I don't give two shits about wildlings, it's gingers I hate.

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      Did you get your girl stolen? kek

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    your a talker

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    it's so sad to see what Overwatch has become.

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      What did they do? I haven't played it for long

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      Roadhog nerfed into the ground, junkrat is now op as shit, doomfist had been nerfed to the point where hes not worth picking and not to mention toxic ass players.

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      Sad days 

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    Probably just had the unluckiest 10 days of my life.

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      I know what you mean. :/

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    Mmm... the sweet nectar of a top quality roast. 

  14. Lore Wipe Mulligan?

    To me the lore wipe has been fine, in terms of the quality of role play. However, there hasen't been enough of an impact from events or lore factions for people to properly drive a story. People can say "it's down to the players to drive the role play" which is partly true but how can you drive something when there's not really any substance. No events other than the nuke (which was good), no impact from lore factions due to inactivity and other reasons. Events now would be the way forward but I understand it can take a while to create things. I can also see the reasoning by keeping the lore wipe till beta (probably the best option), fresh content provided by the devs would give some sort of interest back into the game and give people the drive to role play and put effort into it. Yet, in my opinion, Dayz is a game built on empty promises so I can see something going wrong and we'll all be sat with our asses hanging in the breeze waiting for a release date and eventually it gets pushed back and we're all left disappointed. But who knows.