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  1. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Forum name: Solo Uplay name: SnakySolo Timezone: GMT Top 3 attackers: Fuze, Glaz, Thermite Top 3 defenders: Mute, Smoke, Pulse Level: 50 something, I'm a noob Rank (or last rank you had): Lol never Additional info: Part of the SS (Special Squad),' I'm useful so hit me up if you want the best clutches and funny moments.
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  4. Ludvik Hajek

    Ludvik was born in 1988, in the town of Vyshnoye, into the Hájek family. His father, Borek was a tall, fit man who would enjoy hunting in the hills jut above the village as well as travel down to Chernogorsk to work, packing food to send to suppliers around the country. His mother, Evelina, was a small, petite woman who would stay at home in order to teach the smaller children in the village basic language and mathematics skills. Before Ludvik, his parents would often see themselves on the verge of poverty due to the minimum income produced from Borek's day job as a factory worker. Due to this minimum pay, the family would struggle to eat at night, only relying on the hunting that Borek would carry out at the weekend. Even then, they may still have gone without food as hunting is often a luck of the draw. Even through all of this, the two would see the positive side and strive to get through their hard times as a couple. Vyshnoye was a town of mostly Chernarussians before Ludvik was introduced to the family and the community would often help Borek and Evelina by donating food or inviting them round for dinner. The family would attmept to repay the other families and couples in any way they could by having BBQ nights in the village square after a day of successful hunting. Once Ludvik was introduced into the family, things only got more difficult. Evelina was suffered massive blood loss during the pregnancy and was placed into intensive care after being rushed to Chernogorsk hospital, luckily she made it. Ludvik was not deprived of a mother but would have to watch her suffer throughout his childhood. Borek was the most impacted however, his wife was effectively a cripple and his job didn't pay enough in order to feed two mouths let alone three. From ages one to three, Ludvik was needy to say the least. His parents were kept up late due to his crying for food or comfort, this would happen even in the morning before Borek left for work. Due to her state in the early years of Ludvik's childhood, Evelina would have to rely on a career from the village to help care and train Ludvik to speak as well as other basic functions. The carer would come to the family residence after Borek left for work and would stay until he returned in the late afternoon, normally around 6pm. Once the carer had left, Borek became the one to cook the meals and care for his son as well as wife. This took its tole slowly as he always attempted to find something positive during the slow three years. From ages four to twelve, Ludvik became less needy and began to see what life was really life for his family. He saw his father struggle to make ends meat as well as watch his mother attempt to regain her strength from the near death experience while giving birth to him. During his years of childhood, Ludvik would try to give back to his parents and show his love in anyway he could, he would help his mother around the house with laundry and cleaning, like any child, he hated it. He would much rather being playing with the other children in the village and village square as well as exploring new things but he was powered by the value of family and valued his mother and father more than anything. Once his father returned from work, Ludvik would venture out with his father, learning hunting skills such as skinning and shooting. Although not as good at first, he eventually got better; taking down bigger game such as stags and wolves. Eventually, Ludvik was allowed to bring friends along with him and his father hunting and showed them how to hunt, this let to Ludvik becoming pretty popular amongst the local Chernarussian children. At the age 16, in 2004, Ludvik experienced an event that would change him and his life forever. On 15th of June, during a warm summers evening, shouting and screaming could be heard out in the village centre. By chance, Ludvik awoke to the intense shouting his parents however, did not. Ludvik rose from his bed in the family home and made his way to the door, forgetting to put his shoes on and taking a torch before he left the house discretely. Ludvik moved towards the village centre with his torch in hand to find a young girl being stabbed repeatedly by a shadowy figure. He shone the torch onto the figure to find a tall man, dark in complexion wearing a black hoodie and a pair of ragged jeans. The man noticed Ludvik and made a run for it towards the south of Vyshnoye. Ludvik, in shock, dropped the torch he was holding and ran towards the family home in an attempt to wake his parents and inform them of the event. After rushing into his parents bedroom, Ludvik shook his father repeatedly to wake him, his father awoke and ran to the scene after being informed by Ludvik of what happened. The young girl sadly passed away as her wounds from the stabbing were severe. After the clean up crews and police forces arrived in the area to assess the situation, Ludvik would stay inside his room and would fall into states of hate directed at the person who committed the crime. His anger got the best of him which would trigger violent outbursts of vulgar language and physical contact towards anything he could take it out on, including his parents. With the violent outbursts becoming a regular occurrence, Ludvik grew distant from his parents yet they tried everything in their power to keep the family afloat. Nothing really worked as Ludvik failed to listen due to his strong hate for a group of people taking over. In the village, Ludvik discovered a small group of people, maybe two to three people who followed a group of extremists, these group of extremists went by the name NAPA. They shared views of keeping the country a prosperous nation as well as making Chernarus a predominantly white nation of pure Chernarussians. Ludvik took an interest to the NAPA as well as these individuals that supported them, he would find himself in meetings for hours discussing the state of the country as well as these people that apparently wanted nothing more than to bring Chernarus to its knees. While this was happening, a group of Russians moved from their country to the Vyshnoye, soon this would be something that Ludvik would come to hate. A few years went by till 2009, the Civil War broke out between the Communist Chedaki and the governments CDF. Ludvik and his family as well as new friends were safe from the fighting, however, news arose of a Russian man going to support the Chedaki in there fight against the CDF to spread communist views throughout Chernarus. Tensions rose between the group of Russians and Ludvik and his group of NAPA supporters. On the 6th august of 2009, a brawl between the Russians and Ludviks NAPA supporters, the fight was bloody as it included the use of large weaponry like knives and bats. During the fight Ludvik was struck with a kitchen knife on the side of his face, this caused a large open wound. Ludvik took his fathers knife and struck his attacker resulting in the attacker being fatally injured. After this the Russians began to move away from the town and Ludvik was regarded a hero amongst his fellow Chernarussian brothers but a monster amongst others. After the Civil war, NAPA was disbanded and its members were found to be merging with the CDF, as a result Ludvik supported the current governments decisions and proceeded to silence anyone who disagreed. Fast forward to 2017, specifically July. The sound of bombing filled the country and the rumours of some sort of infection riffled through each and every house around Vyshnoye. It didn't take long before of the infected made its way into the vivacity of the village. People scattered due to its ravenous behaviour, Ludvik and his friends and family as well as the whole country were simply not prepared... His Country People that share his mindset Knives (Specifically Bowie's) NAPA Smoking Working out Drinking Ethnic Russians/Russians in general Disrespectful Foreigners People who don't carry out jobs they are expected to do The ChDKZ Homosexuals Communism Religion (As a result of the Outbreak) All GFX produced by myself, PM if interested in some.
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  9. *In the school, Jared is pouring himself a glass of Whiskey while the others are sat watching School Boy train his dog Blondie. Jared takes a small swig of the Whiskey and moves his left hand across the desk to grab the radio, he adjusts the radio and holds down the PTT* "So you want to take a school boy? Damn... How the world has crashed and burned for assholes like you to tie up a 16 year old kid and leave him for those rabid meat sacks. Was it cause you're that fucking desperate that you had to resort leaving the kid with nothing to defend himself? Or is it that you just don't care where your actions are going to lead you? *Jared takes a breath and another swig of Whiskey, the others begin to take notice of Jared while speaking in an angered tone* "As much as the kid may dislike me, atleast I can show that I give a damn to run his ass back and forth to find supplies so we can just get by. Unlike you fuckers who probably sit there and wait for the opportune moment to leave someone for dead with no care in the world." "I'm going to keep this short and sweet so even dumb asses like you can understand. If I ever see you around the airfield again, especially at those containers where you left him. I will fucking hurt you and then leave you in one of those containers with fuck all to eat and drink but a fucking biter to chew your asses up." *Jared takes one last breath and places his empty Whiskey glass on the desk while still having a tight grip around it* "See you around." *Jared releases the PTT and his grip of the glass*
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