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    Group production is coming on well, graphics almost sorted, goals done, just need to write lore and find people. Then we golden. If there is a slight chance anyone might be interested, shoot a PM my way and I'll hook you up with the details. 

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  4. Alexei Nováček

    The life of a political party leader is something that isn't really thought about yet some of these people are the backbone of a country or a democracy. Alexei's life all started back on the 23rd June 1975, a few months after the US pulled out of Vietnam, in a small hospital located in the hearth of Chernogorsk. Alexei's mother during the labour was very weak and only had a few seconds with her new found child before she tragically passed away due to blood loss. Alexei's father was present at the birth, he was a rather tall man, well built and a local politician working with the Chernarussian government. A childhood, especially the early years, is supposed to be fun and allow for parent and child bonding, although this was not the case for Alexei and his father. The family did well for themselves, as anyone would if their father was a politician working for government, yet it was bitter sweet due to the hours his father hand to work in order to provide the life that Alexei had. A family is nothing if their is no one to bond with, Alexei would play for hours a day and not have a father but a carer to bond with him all because of the profession his father had chosen. As Alexei got older and gained the ability to speak and eventually attend a local nursery on the outskirts of Chernogorsk, the separation between father and son began to rear its ugly head. Alexei would be subject to violent outbursts against his carer and father, this would include verbal abuse and physical abuse. One night, Alexei's father returned from a hard days work, he would pant as he stepped through the door to hear screaming and swearing coming from the dining room of the family residence. He made his way into the dining room to find Alexei throwing knives and forks, screaming that he hated his father and family. Alexei's fathers face became encased in anger as he reached to strike his son for misconduct within the household, once struck Alexei fell back, his eyes watered as he stared at his father looming over him. Alexei's father muttered "anger should only be used when misconduct arises my son, promise you won't do this again." Alexei looked at his father and nodded while giving an uncertain smile. Now in his teenage years, Alexei learned to control his anger after the incident with his father a few years back. He was now in high school studying his favourite subjects which were history, maths, economics and politics. His father was delighted that his son was following his footsteps with wanting to become a politician working for the chernarussian government. Alexei would return home from school, awaiting his fathers arrival to tell him about the things he learned in class and the grades he was getting during tests. However, the late nights began to take a tole on Alexei himself, late nights became restless ones as his father would return home later than usual right into the late early hours of the morning. Alexei's school work began to take a nose dive, grades dipped and attendance did as well until the final straw was pulled and Alexei was withdrawn from his classes. Depression was another factor that Alexei had to put up with while away from school and dealing with his father until it all came to an end as Alexei moved away for a career in the Chernarussian Armed forces. Disciplined, armed, prosperous. The three things Alexei saw within the soldiers that had come to train for the Chernarussian Defence Force. However, this wasn't something that was totally alien to him as his father followed the same philosophies. Training intensified as he got older to account for laziness. 2009 swiftly came and the civil war broke out between the communist Chedaki and the current Chernarussian government. Although he enjoyed challenge, war was something that only a tyrant could want and back however as it raged on these views became null due to the constant fighting and destruction. Communism wasn't really something that Alexei took an interest in but the more information he received on the Chedaki , the more he began to respect their mindset and political views, none of this was shared though. After the conclusion of the civil war, Alexei moved away from his position in the CDF and focused on politics by creating his own political group focusing on some of the views from the Chedaki. Not much is known about this political party, only time will tell...
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    When you trying to make graphics for a future group idea and your pc takes a shit and deletes them... REEE

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    @King I'm still here my guy, see you around tho.
  7. *In the school, Jared is pouring himself a glass of Whiskey while the others are sat watching School Boy train his dog Blondie. Jared takes a small swig of the Whiskey and moves his left hand across the desk to grab the radio, he adjusts the radio and holds down the PTT* "So you want to take a school boy? Damn... How the world has crashed and burned for assholes like you to tie up a 16 year old kid and leave him for those rabid meat sacks. Was it cause you're that fucking desperate that you had to resort leaving the kid with nothing to defend himself? Or is it that you just don't care where your actions are going to lead you? *Jared takes a breath and another swig of Whiskey, the others begin to take notice of Jared while speaking in an angered tone* "As much as the kid may dislike me, atleast I can show that I give a damn to run his ass back and forth to find supplies so we can just get by. Unlike you fuckers who probably sit there and wait for the opportune moment to leave someone for dead with no care in the world." "I'm going to keep this short and sweet so even dumb asses like you can understand. If I ever see you around the airfield again, especially at those containers where you left him. I will fucking hurt you and then leave you in one of those containers with fuck all to eat and drink but a fucking biter to chew your asses up." *Jared takes one last breath and places his empty Whiskey glass on the desk while still having a tight grip around it* "See you around." *Jared releases the PTT and his grip of the glass*
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    Family Photo. Autobots Rollout!
  14. POV: Wasn't a part of this situation as I was not in game nor the discussion on teamspeak.
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