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  1. Solo

    S1: Invalid Kills 15-11-2018 22:15 ish

    M4, riders jacket, black cargos, black beanie, hunters backpack.
  2. Solo

    S1: Invalid Kills 15-11-2018 22:15 ish

    Server and location: S1, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:15 Your in game name: William Mackinnon Names of allies involved: @Grimnir @cheeks Name of suspect/s: Kamenici on alts Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No but allies may have Detailed description of the events: Good evening twitter so... Me, @Grimnir and @cheeks and a tag along make our way up to Kabanino where we are greeted with a chinaman, a cockney and a black man + the allies that they had lingering around somewhere. The cockney bloke begins to talk to @cheeks saying that "Chernarus is a shithole" to probably get a reaction, then @cheeks asked for an explanation as to why to which I have no idea what was said after that. A little bit later a text initiation is dropped, followed by 1 other voice, I comply and @Grimnir and @cheeks begin to fight. A couple of the hostile party are gassed by my com padres while I watch. Sooner or later the glorious actions of my friends are put to bed as they are bushwacked by the remaining lingering hostile party members. I would like to point out that only 2 people initiated and about roughly 5 started shooting. While @Grimnir and @cheeks are being bushwacked I am complying to which I am shot by the chinaman because I cannot hear him in VOIP, I eventually drop my weapon as I hear his friend shout the demands. I am bandaged by the chinaman then he is shot followed by me while I am complying hence the invalid kill accusation. I would also like to add that my allies deaths were probably invalid.
  3. Solo


    The UK is finished. 

    1. Falk



    2. DrMax



    3. Solo


      Not even funny. 

    4. Galland


      maybe others will look at the UK and and turn around, thanks that you folks together with sweden serve as a bright examples of a dark future

      but if you folks are at it give that empire thing another go ja?

  4. Solo

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    This was great.
  5. Solo

    Open cans?

    Real conspiracy hours For real tho, I hope they fix this soon.
  6. Solo

    • Solo
    • Dino

    pffft, bloody grape. 

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  7. cheeks

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    congrats on getting in staff!

    1. Solo


      Silly boi. 

  8. Solo

    Tuath Dé - [Selective Recruitment]

  9. Solo

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    I'm not being funny or anything but haven't we had this conversation before? Racism and other sorts of "ism" and "ia" absolutely do add to roleplay and the setting that our characters are based in. Imo and I think I said this on the last thread about this that if it bothers you that much, take a break. We don't need rules restricting roleplay because someone doesn't like it cause it kills creativity. Also excessive racism etc will fall under the BadRP rule for example: Saying the N word like 200 times in 2 minutes.
  10. Solo

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    This is simply not true and you know it
  11. Solo

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Oh boy.
  12. Solo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I know
  13. cheeks

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    Just felt like sharing this with you, gay frog.


  14. Solo

    I guess I have returned

    You absolute god. Welcome back my friend.
  15. Solo

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    People should be allowed to RP the way they see fit as long as its done well. People can report if they want but if someone is going to be offended over something a fictional character said then I think they need to take a step back and just think for a second. Edit: I also don't agree with ERP, that shit is just strange but people have different tastes to me.