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  1. Solo

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    No thanks, -1.
  2. Solo


    RIP, they made some pretty good baps ❤️


    We'll be back though. SLAVA!

  3. Solo

    • Solo
    • derNils

    where dem baps at?

  4. Solo

    • Solo
    • Mexi

    Where dem baps at? 

    1. Mexi



    2. Solo



  5. Solo


    Behold the mighty cobra. 


    1. Mexi


      Fine specimen. 

    2. PatZ



    3. Solo



  6. Solo

    • Solo
    • DrMax

    Oh dear...

    1. DrMax


      Oh dear, oh dear

  7. Solo

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Always enjoy running into you guys. Absolute unit of a group.
  8. Solo

    To the people of South Zagoria, Unite!

    *Ludvik moves for his radio once more* "Like I said, if you want to start another civil war, then travel to the south. Then we will see how long you can keep up the propaganda for. Your family's as well as yourselves got what they deserved, may they find peace in hell." *the radio goes silent*
  9. Solo

    To the people of South Zagoria, Unite!

    *Ludvik sits in a chair, in one of the many houses of Zelenogorsk. He hears the transmission from his radio that is located on the table in front of him, he looks at the map that is also situated on the table, marking out key areas and vantage points within the south he moves for the radio as the transmission finishes, he places the marker pen down and slumps back into the chair and presses the PTT while moving the radio towards his mouth* "This Russian pig spews lies while even knowing the consequences of his own actions... Laughable really, the grave you speak of does not exist. Most of the foreigners and others alike have moved north. I know where I stand with foreigners and they know where they stand with me. As for Russians, they get what they deserve! The ones that suffered in the civil war were my people, not yours. Now you pay the ultimate price and come scurrying back like cockroaches while also trying to drag those that we have no interest in, into this bullshit. The woman and her people at Green Mountain have a deal with us, she is trying to do something good which I have no problem with as my people reap the benefits by going there." *Static* "Your posters shall be collected and burned. The rest of the country will come to our aid if they hear that Russians are trying to take everything from us like little greedy dogs! If what you say is true about being Chernarussian Nationals, you are nothing but traitors. If you want to start another civil war, I invite you down into the south of the province and see how far you get, I will imagine you wont even come. You Russians are useless and are all bark and no bite." *More static* "Slava Chernarus!" *The radio falls silent as Ludvik places it back on the table and continues to look over the map*
  10. Solo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a blast tonight with all the Kozlovs and the Kamenici. Proper force bois, was great. All the randoms and the green mountain people too. Also the african we took hostage, good stuff. Hoped everyone that came down to Zeleno enjoyed the nice PA message ? Also forgot to add, @Ryan Shepherd was fun to run into you, don't know where we stand IC so had to play nice.
  11. Solo


    Good night of rp lads


    1. Mexi



    2. cheeks


      very very good ERP

  12. Solo

    Where u live? [State]

    Mums basement, UK
  13. Solo

    How to fix a lot of the bad rp

    The only way people are going to learn is through experience and feedback, preferably through PMs. Many of the hostile groups as well as characters on the server are good and well done from what I've seen so I'm failing to see the point of this. Let people play what they want, a few weeks of just good guys would be hella boring.
  14. Solo



  15. Solo

    S1-Zelenoghorsk Gear RP

    Okay I'm going to break this down since I believe that the rp we provided was fleshed out for our benefit and yours to. This is not really an excuse, when you returned you should have known the lore before playing as well as your own character. As for mechanics its really not that hard to pick up since they haven't really changed much so please stop with that excuse. You told us that your character did not work when he came to chernarus, leading us to believe he was nothing but a scrounger and a thief. We questioned you because of this before removing the backpack to prove our point, nothing was taken but emptied onto the floor, you can see this through my emote in the chat logs. Not sure what you mean by this cause we was pretty clear through our actions that our characters do not like russians, does not matter if they are innocent or not, that is what we believe. Okay forget the excuse bull, we took you hostage to develop our characters as well as yours. Plenty of people that have played Russian characters have been in your position and have enjoyed the roleplay provided to them. You said this yes but its clear you just wanted to cut the rp short so you could that report us which again is just a dick move. There was no spam at all so I have know idea where you are pulling that from. And finally we did let you log as we believed it was something other than this which clearly wasn't the case. At the end of the day just post the video you claim to have cause it'll clearly show the truth here and that is that the rp provided to you was well done and flushed out.
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