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    I’m still alive 

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      @Chewy oof.

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      Get out spootan, you know who I am 

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      @Spartan also your worst nightmare in ts but don’t worry you’ll be hearing from me very soon

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      @PatZ in the US getting a taste of freedom

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    Real life picture Thread

    Erm no, these are truth
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    Real life picture Thread

    Whip pics: Me pics:
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    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

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    Spartans media thread

    Pretty funny ngl.
  6. Born in 1980, Finlay was introduced into a small but stable family. They were hardworking and always managed to care for him as a child. Finlays life as a small child were a bit of a blur, nothing much interesting happened other than he was able to begin his life with a loving father and mother that cared for him deeply. He grew up in a residential area within Glasgow and managed to meet some of the other children and made good friends. They would play and attend pre school together. Finlay was always regarded as a cheeky character in school by his teachers and his parents would agree, this would later follow on in his later years. Finlay eventually began to grow into a respectable young man, he had an abundance of friends and was an call away if anybody needed him and was happy to help with peoples troubles. He was respected in the town for this and everybody new him. He was always regarded as a nice person and one of the best pint pourers around. People would come to the pub he worked in and would talk and talk until the early hours of the morning. Eventually, Finlay had enough money to take him on a vacation, he always remembered looking up Eastern countries and particularly the slavic ones. He eventually stumbled upon Chernarus and took a liking to the place. He notified his parents and packed him bags and eventually made his way to the airport and got the next flight to South Zagoria. Finlay would stay down in Chernogorsk were he would attend to pubs and get to know the local people. Things were going well, until that inevitable day...
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    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    Solo: Because I'm forever alone. And only need myself because I'm the best.
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    Battlefield V

    Took the words straight out my mouth young one.
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    Real Sherlock Holmes hours.

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    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Woah we legit???????????????
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Solo great rp tonight mate, as always! @Grimnir You're cool @fletcho1 You're cool too @Scarlett Nice to meet you And to all the others I've missed, thanks.
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    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Hello, it's me. Here to share some top quality RP.