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    TopKek Widow Main shall rule the world. 

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      I already do?

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    Scrolling through your page and just seeing that kid get fucked on 30 times fills me with so much joy.

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      I feel that same way, I guess @Hope can be thanked for that one. 

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      It's not child abuse. It's just comedy.

  1. Sometimes the best interactions come when you least expect it, people have suggested up north so I would say try there as well as the triangle ( if you don't mind being robbed.)
  2. I guess I'm not sleeping tonight.
  3. *Warwick is sat by a wreck of a ship just outside of Berenzino. In front of him there is a fire roaring away and a can of beans hung just above it with some old string. He pulls the beans off the string and begins to eat them with an old knife he found laying outside the ship wreck. While eating the beans in large spoon fulls he turns to his radio and hears a faint transmission. He places the beans down and listens carefully before responding* "Lad, sometimes the things we want most are just not worth fighting for" *A deep breath can be heard* "Aye but a King you say? I doubt there's even such a thing in these lands. Stop living in past times matey, you know there is no such thing." *The transmission comes to an end as Warwick places the radio back down on the floor and picks up the can of beans to begin finishing them off as he mumbles with a mouth full* "I bet there be plenty of cargo if a King be alive in these god forsaken lands."
  4. Warwick Holt

  5. Oh boi...
  6. I'm just gonna quote you on this, "Also for all of you awkward people who ask, "what do you mean by take from the rich!, their is no money system" its a figure of speech, obviously meaning they are geared, use your brain." How do you expect people to tell the difference when your goals are very vague? In my opinion, the goals here are very vague (like many others have said.) I would say have a look over them and possibly make a few improvements. On a side note though, when people give you constructive criticism, don't take it to heart and intentionally try to make them look stupid, it doesn't make you look good.
  7. I have a high end pc but only experienced these fps drops in towns. It might be me but it feels a little worse compared to .61.
  8. Solo

    Okay gonna try out this streaming malarkey, anyone decent at making logo's and graphics for this type of thing?

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    Oh no...

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      Oh no..I'm gonna break everything :ph34r:

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      This is how I feel ;) 

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    Shout out to to my boi @LennyCT for this dank video. Sorry @King xD 

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    Are you a premium RPer yet?

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      A premium RP'er can only be crowned by the premium RP'er himself.

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    Reinstalling Windows is so fun...

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      fresh memory

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      I shall

  11. Aleksandar Pavlović

    Find out backstory IC. _______________________________________________________________________ *Important Features* - Small scar running from his top lip to his bottom lip. - Burn marks running down his left cheek. - A rough unshaven beard. - A tattoo sleeve dedicated to his fallen friends. - The tattoo symbolises his friends and time. - Assortment of rings on each hand. - A scar on the palm of his left hand. _______________________________________________________________________ *Equipment* Clothing: - Vest - TTSKO pants - backpack of any kind - Boots _______________________________________________________________________ *Important Objects* - Small picture of his deceased family. - A locket containing a picture of his daughter. - A couple of dog tags of fallen friends. _______________________________________________________________________ *Relations* Best friends: Friends: Enemies: _______________________________________________________________________