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  1. Solo

    "Racism" in Roleplay

    We live in a world filled with brittle snowflakes who can't take mean words and get offended too easily. You are correct, racism within RP thats done tastefully and not dropping the N bomb every 5 seconds is allowed and shouldn't be censored. Try to tell the snowflakes that tho, I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time.
  2. Solo

    Slava Chedaki!

    *Ludvik sits by the base of a tree and listens to the transmission, he chuckles to himself and marks an old crumpled map with a pen. He takes a breath before pressing the PTT* "Huh, Chedaki coming out of the woodwork once more. Like I've always said about communists, fucking useless." *static* "I give them a week before they are found dead around the north or they scurry off into hiding with tails in between their legs like the dogs they are." *The radio falls silent*
  3. Solo

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    Correction, I am that but I also follow the religion of the yute.
  4. Solo

    • Solo
    • Dino

    Cuz, mans like 65 million years old now. Big up! 


    1. Dino


      Don't reveal my true age now, come on bruh 😄 

  5. Solo

    Roleplay and you

    You probably just need to get used to the surroundings, then you'll start to pick up the little traits that people imbed into their characters and groups.
  6. Solo

    Roleplay and you

    Here's where I disagree, the problem with your statement is to me like you're saying that there are very few characters on the server that meet your requirements and the majority of them are garbage and not very unique which really isn't the case.
  7. Solo

    Roleplay and you

    "Bossman serve me up some of that humble pie fam." The problem we have here my friend is that people have a right to play what they want, you just got the find the right people at the right time thats all.
  8. Solo



  9. Solo

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    Words of wisdom right here, but didn't the issue about the abuse ting get solved? Jim did an oopsie and got the tools yeeted. Good. As for the ooc bullshit, yeah it sucks but not everyone is going to get along with each other thats just how it goes unfortunately. Most of the people on here are pixels and personas to me so I'm not really arsed and I think a lot more people should take that approach. As Beni said, it ain't worth it. Peace yutes.
  10. Solo

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    I very much like this!
  11. Solo

    Ban Rape RP

    Having some sick fetish about raping someone and going about it in game is just weird imo. I'm all for having people playing and doing whatever they want when it comes to rp but ERP is just cringey af and leads to nothing.
  12. Solo


    So I'm having to re design the toyota prius for a uni project, lord have mercy upon my soul. 

    1. Mexi


      If it doesn't have the words "Pussy Wagon" written on the side in comic sans, I'm disowning you.

    2. Solo


      on it. 

  13. Solo


    Walking outside in the uk right now...


  14. Solo

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    Ah must have been the timing then. Nevermind. Best of luck trying to change this tho, I'm sure it can be really annoying!
  15. Solo

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    I can't help but feel that this came directly after the situation when we had you hostage. I was the one speaking to you and remember the armband and said uniform from a different encounter with a different character of yours, thats why I brought up the logo as I remember you emoting it out to us from the other situation in Pavlovo mil. I know for a fact that I didn't use the name, only "some sort of company." and left it at that. If this wasn't from our situation, let me know.
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