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  1. I can see you put a decent amount of effort into the making of this but I think there's quite a lot of areas for improvement. 1. The containers, I myself, am always cautious when using containers in the editor cause there's often very little RP reason for them to be there. While yes, you could argue it makes the place look more "survivory" it doesn't really have a place at a ruined castle. You could use some containers, but currently it seems the containers are the only thing you are using as a wall, perhaps you should look around the editor for other possibilities. 2. In some place it looks like you just randomly placed some things on the ground, especially the last picture; we see a medical tent on a slope it seems, we also see a random umbrella and in the background we see some random market stalls floating sideways into the sky? Perhaps you should take a better look at some of the details. 3. On the third/fourth picture you see a deerstand, also on a slope so it's slightly tilted forward. I'd recommend using the command "this setVectorUp (0,0,1);" which places it up right. Some of the containers also look in a kind off "unnatural" position, perhaps you should play around with the command on them as well. I do think this POI could become better, and have it's place in the server but currently I would say no.
  2. I guess it's time for a return of Luka Soldatov.
  3. Nickerd

    LOTR vs GOT

    I'd go with Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire), simply because it's much more complex then LoTR. But then again, only one book of the ASOIAF series has more pages then the entire LOTR trilogy. Edit: Oh.. we're only talking movies and tv series here, then I'd still go with GoT probably.
  4. What's this thing you call "soccer" ?
  5. So.. if I'd say I have O- blood group, your not going to kidnap me right?
  6. Beware your system is exposed to risk.
  7. Wow.. how didn't we notice the obvious!?
  8. Both really, because you were kinda one of the leading figures in JGB, so it's a bit strange that you'd nominate your own group. But Enar has nominated you as well now, so it's fine.
  9. Hey sorry, Lunabug your wrote in the rules your not allowed to nominate someone if they're a friend of yours, but nominating yourself is allowed..?
  10. Don't forget that time when we sold you to Al-Takizh or that one time when we chased you with hatchets..
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