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  1. HenningRP


    I mean I put over $60 USD into skins on this community for A2. No one offered me any credits and I didn’t complain.
  2. HenningRP


    Alright I've read over your post. The basis of my argument is this: You can not build a house on rotten foundations I agree with you that switching the entire community would be of course a massive undertaking. You are right in that the community was founded around DayZ*. But DayZ standalone is a dying game. To bring new players into the community and keep it alive requires new people buying the game. In the games current state (Including the massive joke that is the "1.0" release) I don't see a massive number of players coming into the community. regardless of how great modding can be, you can not build something on DayZ standalone as great as you could on say Arma 3 or GTA because the game has a plethora of issues, of course some of these issues can be fixed by modding but at it core DayZ is broken or at least in bad shape. Eventually people get bored, people get banned or people get fed up with the game. We NEED new people and new ideas to keep things fresh and I do not believe Standalone will give us that. Of course, I could be wrong. And @Cipher if I am wrong and DayZ Standalone somehow rebounds to say the player numbers it saw in mod, I will gladly write " @Cipher was right" on my four head, put on a bugs bunny outfit and drink an entire bottle of hot sauce while Space Jam plays in the background.
  3. HenningRP


    DayZ: GTA:
  4. HenningRP


    Not suggesting a side project. Suggesting a full switch.
  5. HenningRP


    Because I enjoy this community. If there ever was a time where I disliked this community more then I disliked the game then yes scar I would leave. Just like you might make a thread because of a rule change or someone getting banned unfairly. I have the privilege to make A thread about an issue I feel is plaguing the community.
  6. HenningRP


    Are you memeing? I genuinely can't tell if your joking or not?
  7. HenningRP


    If we can't get VineRP back, can we open a RobloxRP server?
  8. HenningRP


    Who would make a better game? a 17 year old with zero game development experience OR a fully staffed development team with over 5 years to develop a working title?
  9. HenningRP


    Roblox PVP: DayZ:
  10. HenningRP


    I'd take Roblox over this dumpster fire of a game.
  11. HenningRP


    So DayZ 1.0 is a joke, Can we bring back GTA 5 Vine RP please?
  12. HenningRP

    1.0 Countdown

    VineRP Plz. I wanna be shot in a driveby by a bunch of Armenian's
  13. HenningRP

    1.0 Countdown

    Shouldn't a full release game not require fixes like this?
  14. HenningRP

    1.0 Countdown

    So whats the plan @Roland, are we sticking with Standalone or are gonna start looking for alternatives?
  15. HenningRP

    1.0 Countdown

    So instead of actually fixing the issues beforehand they push a broken game so they don't get kicked off marketplace by steam.. Nice.