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  1. Interesting, looks like they are making Arma lore apart of DayZ. If you notice in the beginning it says the player is a member of CTRG NATO's secret tier 1 special operations unit from ARMA 3.
  2. So while we have tried and failed in the past, Maybe standalone will be better for a map change then Mod. I'm suggesting we change the map and settle to something new going into 2019. Maybe even just switch S2 to one of these maps on a different hive. Deer Isles https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1602372402 Set in Maine, US. Deer Isles is a group of of over a dozen large and small islands I will add more maps as promising ones become available!
  3. How about we just don't complicate things and revert back to the old rule. You may not log in within 2000 Meters of your groups active firefight. No need for complicated rules, this shit is common sense.
  4. So how is logging into a settlement that is being raided and logging in to a base being raided any different?
  5. What does this have to do with Ghosting?
  6. So by that logic, if we couldn't sneak in because you would find us, shouldn't if we take your base you shouldn't be able to log in behind us because we would have found you?
  7. Then there is no reason to edit the rule, Just bring it back and keep it at what, 2000 Meters I think it was. Any common sense individual would understand that on an RP server you should not do that.
  8. That's the argument, You shouldn't be allowed to log off in someones base. you shouldn't be allowed to log in during an active firefight when the attackers could clearly see where you would have been hiding and kill them.
  9. So if your "Asleep" in your base and someone starts fighting near your base. By your logic you would have woken up by the gun fire and wouldn't log inside once they've taken over.
  10. Can you provide a link to the situation so we can discuss this further?
  11. So your saying that if someone logged out in your base then while you were defending it from a group who he shared kill rights, he or she logs in and kills you then you would be fine with that?
  12. Agreed, there is absolutely no reason why you should be allowed to log in during an active firefight if you are in the range to assist.
  13. Stay off the forums if your drunk, never know when you might cross a line. Regardless, happy holidays.
  14. Thats Awesome I'll hit you up!
  15. Number 4. Make it like a rikers island situation and add a gate house on both ends if you can.
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