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  1. HenningRP

    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

    -User has been Warned for this post-
  2. HenningRP

    God Bless The United States Of America

    This is the greatest state on earth and I will fight you like a walleye on lake minnetonka during a winter Ice heave if you say otherwise. //Thread has been Merged with God Bless The United States Of America
  3. HenningRP

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    DayZRP is about everyone's story, not just yours. If your critical of someone or something on this server simply because it does not fit perfectly into what you want, maybe this isn't the server for you. DayZRP is dramatic Improvisation, it is a play, a movie, a TV show, it is media without a script. Logging onto the server, interacting with other players and their characters. Taking things in stride and allowing the RP to flow naturally is what makes DayZRP fun for everyone. The key word there being everyone. If you are forcing the RP to fit your story you've spent years developing, its only fun for you and those close to you. For the rest of us its frankly shit. What anarchy does is flip the script; They walk into a situation where everyone is talking about their past and they say "Fuck you, focus on the present". The coalition, The gun embargo; all this that forced people to RP about the present instead of running around telling people about what they did before the outbreak and how they got to Chernarus. The best part? all this things were pretty much improvised by @LouieRP and the rest of Anarchy. They saw an interesting path open up in the RP and BOOM! Arms Embargo, they saw another interesting path open up and BOOM! 60 Player event with a 30 man queue. They didn't create Anarchy with the sole purpose to rule chernarus and ban assault rifles, they developed these ideas naturally through IC interactions.
  4. HenningRP

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Maybe you should not be bullying people? Your right, the community should be able to talk to one and other but it's people like you with your nasty attitude that push people away.
  5. HenningRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Just start listening at 5:00, about maybe 30 seconds after? IDK, there is so much OOC hate in that VoD its hard to tell where it starts and where it ends.
  6. HenningRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    5:00 Talking about brigading our threads with bad feedback, apparently with your permission @Roland
  7. HenningRP

    Post Scriptum

    I found a way to boost into single player.
  8. HenningRP

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    The USMC has up until this point used standard issue rifles with 3 round burst. With this structure change the Doctrine of the billet will stay the same, the Automatic Rifleman will be designated to put the rounds down range.
  9. HenningRP

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    Like I said LMG's are housed in a specific Weapons Platoon in the Rifle Company, the Rifle company has a squad of LMG's, Squad of Anti Tank, Squad of Mortars. The SAW had more round but it still fired standard 5.56 NATO, the boxes are heavy and are not interchangeable with standard rifle mags. The new IAR will allow the entire squad to have interchangeable ammo, carry more ammo per person, etc.
  10. HenningRP

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    Because the USMC has been changing out the SAW for the M27 IAR
  11. HenningRP

    Post Scriptum

    From the studio who brought you squad. stream today. playtest this weekend.
  12. HenningRP

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    But what purpose would it serve?
  13. HenningRP

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    I mean they still have an ENTIRE platoon dedicated to that in every company... In the current setup, an Automatic Rifleman carries the M249 SAW. The actual "Machineguns" in the USMC are housed in the Weapons Platoon in each Rifle Company.
  14. HenningRP

    Battlefield V

    I don't know what your talking about, Battlefield V looks amazing!
  15. HenningRP

    From SA to Arma 3