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  1. HenningRP

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    I'd love to see an RHS style mod for DayZ.
  2. HenningRP

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

  3. HenningRP

    Spread out spawns

    @Brodie, @N-ToxRP and I just completed a 4 hour round trip from NWAF Tents down to Myshkino, Over to Free Medics homestead, down to zele, down to pavlovo, up through green mountain and back to stary. I Took with me a canteen and 3 raw steaks. Jogging I made the entire round trip without worrying about food or water. You can easily fill your canteen in each town and nibble on food to keep your hunger in the grey. I don't believe the problem is the hunger system, its the player mindset. You really have to change the way you travel in .63, Its actually really fun traveling.
  4. HenningRP

    This is odd

    Did @PsiSyndicate fuck up? Yeah. Did anyone who even met him in game report him? Nope. Instead a bunch of people have taken it upon themselves to police a streamer that they don't like in the hopes of getting him removed from the community. Jesus just look at This thread from when the stream was live! If Someone who actually encountered him wants to step forward and report him please do, If no one steps forward then I don't understand why everyone's upset because we all damn well know that everyone in this community has let someone slide on a report worthy offense at least once in the past. I'd also like to point out that A LOT of the current generation of DayZRP's playerbase including staff are here because of @PsiSyndicate's videos. I'm one of the only members of this community left who has been here through every wave of Psimania, Yes a chunk of the players he brings in will be problematic but 50% of that chunk won't make it past the whitelist, 10% will be banned for breaking the rules and the rest will stick around and create awesome new content for all of us to enjoy.
  5. HenningRP

    Spread out spawns

    Plus we've got a 100 slot server now. Back in the days of 60 slots, having spawns that were near hubs were important. Now we have the luxury of spreading out the spawns while still maintaining a decent level of interaction among players.
  6. HenningRP

    Spread out spawns

    The issues isn't the spawns themselves the issue is that EVERYBODY spawns in the same 500-1000 Meters. The maps basically been reduced to Novy, Stary, Kab, Vybor, VMC, NWAF and Gorka. That would be fine if the server was only a quarter full but with 70+ Players? its getting kinda annoying. Also think of all the great spots down south! Prison Island: Its a fuckin prison on an island Cherno: an city that actually feels like a city, completely overhauled but fairly untouched by the playerbase. Elektro: Another city that actually feels like a city. Balota: a pretty nice Airstrip Swamps, Mountains and farms. And so much more!
  7. HenningRP

    Spread out spawns

    Of Course.
  8. HenningRP

    Spread out spawns

    Green = The spawns I'd like to see I'd love to see a lot more southern coast spawns, Cherno and Elektro have had major overhauls in past patches and I would love to see them put to good use.
  9. HenningRP

    Another Newcomer

  10. HenningRP

    S1: RDM Novy Pump - 17/10/2018 23:55 PM (CEST)

    HenningRP PoV: One of our guys gets taken hostage so we head to novy to save him. I push down along the stary side of novy, @ExoticRP and I push through barns and up towards Police station where the now dead hostage had been held. I spray down one guy behind the police station before being shot in the back. However Throughout the firefight we continued to see poorly armed or fresh spawn players enter town, pickup gear and rarely exit. We counted 8 when we started storming the town but it felt and looked like many more. I personally observed several fresh spawns walk up to bodies and loot them before running back in and around the town.
  11. HenningRP

    S1 killing a complying hostage 17/10/18,22:49

    HenningRP's POV: We were holding a man in interrogation at VMC, Neom and a few other brotherhood members walk into the compound and strike up a conversation with me. I talk with them a bit and the situation progresses, @JimRP and @LukeRP and @Brodie drop an initiation together. We Force them up against a wall and a few of their friends round the corner and kill @JimRP and @LukeRP. @Brodie a few members of Kamenici and I fight back and kill the brotherhood members who attempted to free @neom and the others. @Brodie and I were killed before the firefight ended. End POV.
  12. HenningRP

    The great Youtube Crash

    God is good
  13. HenningRP

    The great Youtube Crash

    Update: Its been over an hour still no youtube. I can't remember what the world was like before, All I can remember is its warm white glow. I miss the old days, before the world plunged into darkness.
  14. HenningRP

    The great Youtube Crash

    Please calm down with the Addy, I'm worried about you @Brady
  15. HenningRP

    The great Youtube Crash

    Youtube has crashed entirely. This thread was created to discuss the post youtube world. What will life be like? How will we move forward? Can we move forward?