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  1. Proverbs 31:6 6 Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts After ditching college to become a promoter for festivals all across the Southern United States, Peter believed he'd truly learned the meaning of life. However one dark evening, somewhere deep in the sweaty mists of party tents, between the writhing, drug fueled, and sex driven fleshy masses of sinful humanity, Peter tumbled down a K-hole and met God himself. Awakening, crazed and soiled, to the aftermath of the party and blinding glory of God, Peter immediately set out to find Jesus for himself and quickly met a man who could guide him on his course away from hedonism, and toward the pure light of the Lord. Josiah proved to be a wise and loving teacher, who showed Peter many new things about himself that he didn't know before. Armed with this new love coursing through his body, Peter gave up all his worldly possessions to secure a place in the paradise of South Zagoria, where Josiah said life would change forever. As for the future, Peter see's himself creating a slice of heaven in South Zagoria, where he can party with his friends Josiah, Mr. Coomer, and Jesus while the sinners rot outside their compound.
  2. Honestly, although I support the recording, I can see why less limitations is a good thing. Also I agree that group punishment is not a good idea. I just think it would be a better community if we had more people recording, how best to implement that I don't know though.
  3. How is this campfire rp vs hostile rp? The only way this makes sense is if you're scared of being recorded. Edit: Also, only ONE person has to record, not you necessarily?
  4. How is this even possible? I have a much worse setup and stream with 60fps
  5. This is a fine idea, every computer except for the worst potato can record in like 800x600.
  6. @Castiel This is cancer.
  7. Get on for the first time in a couple months and was absolutely surprised to see our responsible GM @Eagle making a (superfluous) report! That never happens!

    Great to see nothing's changed.

    1. Eagle


      Who are you?

    2. Rabbit


      My mistake, I forgot about your amnesia. I guess when you report everyone you have any hostile RP with then you see a lot of new faces.

      I think you forgot who Wumby and I were when he was getting reported too.

      Must be nice.

      Cya in 6 months or if beta ever comes out.

    3. Eagle


      All i remember is the 2 hour camping session that made you question the time we played together..9_9

    4. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      Hey Rabbit Nice that you are Still Alive :D I know you Still 

    5. Rabbit


      Hi Kunkka, I've missed all the murder and mayhem. Once beta hits I'll join up again at least briefly. Till then, pubg!


      Eagle, all I remember is trying desperately to talk to you as a person, and you couldn't even manage that despite being former friends. We could have prevented a perma that started a chain of permas.

      Anyway, I've stayed too long, wouldn't want to become relevant again. Good luck with all your reports.

    6. Eagle


      Lol your a funny guy.

      Most of those chained perma players hated or had no clue who he was not my fault he memed whilst crying wolf.


    7. Rabbit


      "A dog will look down when it knows he's done wrong, but a snake will look you right in the eyes."

    8. Eagle


      And a rabbit will do neither as he shivers in his hole.

  8. Dan


    1. Rabbit


      I literally got on to fix my profile lol

      And check the group list.

      Holy shit these groups are SO stale.

    2. Dan


      It's a long story but yeah.

      I'm probably gonna make one that's pretty big. I'm going to the LMs for approval atm.

  9. Nevar f0rget


    1. Cid


      We try to forget this moment.

  10. Happy I could be of service in closing yet another thread. 

    I'll happily appear in any thread that is absolutely insane and illustrate it as efficiently as possible.

    Also, for anyone's use: http://www.wikihow.com/Keep-From-Being-So-Easily-Offended


    1. Hollows


      ur 100th beanz. yw

    2. Rabbit


      No one else to give them :'(

      Thanks Hollows, it's only me and you left... and sort of Castiel?

      I won't report you when you shoot that school up ma d00d.



  11. Oh I don't have any problem with ni?️?️a, that clearly just says Ni -Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B- -Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B- a. Totally different from nibba.
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