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  1. Song on your profile is stellar! 10/10

  2. I avoid the triangle for the reasons described in the OP. Honestly, if you're looking for wholesome non-combatative roleplay I'd stay far away from Stary. You'll be lucky to get any RP at all in that neighborhood.
  3. Rushed a cop with a sharpened rock and got mowed down. The reactions of other prisoners in VOIP made that action alone worth the event.
  4. These are rare? I found a pair a few days ago and kept them, but to hear they're rare is actually pretty neat. Feels like finding that coveted Mountain Dew.
  5. Everyone's going crazy over rain and I'm just sitting here with my four gas lamps waiting for it to get dark.
  6. Frayzies

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    Trilbo Baggins, Hobosticks, Mask, Thompson Lambardi, WhiskyTango, Major Tom <3, Husky, Riggie-Marshall, Doctor Dax, the beautiful and just Chernarus Liberation Front, the fair and well-mannered Raven Shield Mercenaries, and the short-lived but rightious Skalisty Island Black Skull pirates. RIP mod days.
  7. I don't know if I think it's more important than everything else, but I'd be so happy if they added more customization options. Maybe even being taller, shorter, skinnier, fatter. I doubt we'll see those latter ideas, as neat as they'd be.
  8. The static crackle of a new signal breaking in could be heard. "Uhhh... heeeyyyyy, duders..." There's a pretty significant, if awkward pause before the nameless voice would speak again. "This is like, Marty. I was kinda' listenin' and stuff about your whole like, trading thing, right? I was thinkin', like, I'm not really a trader or nothin', but I kinda' sorta live in Cherno and I'm like, always gatherin' stuff for trade." The signal would fade for a moment, eventually hizzing back to life. "I know Episode One was like, the lamest of all of the Star Wars movies, because all they talked about was like, stupid trade routes and stuff, but I thought like; whoa-... I could be like, a trade route." Marty seems enthused. "So if you guys like, ever see yourself heading down to Cherno, feel free to like, radio in. Mi casa tu casa brotato, right? I usually got like food and stuff; clam chowder, raviolis, bacon, only the dope stuff. So yeah. Radio at me bros."
  9. Noiiiizeee! Just got this today, coincidentally. The astute might recognize it.
  10. Have had a few family members in and out of the Pagans IRL over the years. I think it's a laughable waste of one's life but whatever floats ya' boat. For DayZRP I imagine it could make a pretty cool context for roleplay though. Be sure to roleplay baseball bats as axe-handles!
  11. I'd much rather see a system of barricading existing structures before outright crazy basebuilding of big camps and walls and all of that.
  12. I just ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and then enabled ads on DayZRP. I'm getting literally nothing but Pizza Hut ads. It's almost kind of creepy, lol. Feeling like I'm being watched but couldn't tell because I had ads disabled everywhere I go.
  13. The SIG is one hell of a gun, but it's 1911 all day for me >< But for a defence weapon I never had an issue with the SIG at the range, if you want to get a crisp trigger, I suggest going for the P220, it's .45. Could just be me, but I think the .45 version of the P226 is a lot better. The trigger is I think a 5 pound pull? Not too weak and not to strong, for me it's perfect. I'm a whore for snub nosed revolvers, myself. I have a couple of autos but I always find myself going back to my model 36.
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