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  1. Liam Reddington

    Well it used to be just Red and his best friend Mr.Green on a little over the pond hunting trip when things took a turn for the worst... They found themselves in the middle of a shit show where people were going absolutely crazy. People were shooting other people, other people were going mad with rage and biting people and the only thing Red could think was if he should join in with all the biting and shooting as well. He ultimately chose not to join but that didn't change the fact that shit was going south, and fast. Himself and Mr.Green did there best to stay alive and away from the crazy people and made their way into the forest to maybe be able to live out the insanity. But when hungry struck the two of them, Red had to do what he had to to stay alive. Now I'm not saying Red ate his best friend Mr.Green but then again im not saying he didn't. Red had to then make his way back to civilization to see if things had "died" down...
  2. Hello from Canada

    YES ANOTHER CANUCK!! Welcome to the community
  3. The Death of Doctor Tyrus Mason

    we shall see what is to come...<3
  4. The Death of Doctor Tyrus Mason

    Bo and Mason always had a special bond and ill never forget that, thank you for all the amazing RP that you brought to the community and the hours of RP you'll bring in the future... LOVE YOU MASON :'(
  5. Loved the hostile RP from @Strawberry and his merry band of men and women! Way better RP from the group then the last time I ran into y'all. Hope to meet again soon!
  6. *Listens in and presses down the PTT* "First off I ain't looking for a fuck "Mate" cuz personally I don't quite roll that way... But thanks for the help there bud..." *Pause* "Oh hey there Amber... um I kinda just fergot where I was supposed to come to talk to ya bout the Winning sign on me neck... where abouts should I be headed?" *turns to Mr.Green while still holding the PTT down* "Am I supposed to say over to these things?.. No?... Fuckit ill say it anyway... OVER!" *Releases PTT*
  7. *Red puts Barb away in his backpack and brings out his radio... prematurely presses down PTT* "Mr.Green go away I'm trying to do something here... No I'm not gonna bring Bernie over, hes had enough of ur shit... Fine ill bring him over for a play date later then ok... FINE THEN... shit, oh whoops... ok well um Hi... the names Red, R-E-D and I'm looking for a lovely lady named Amber... uh she was called other colors as well but mostly Amber from what I recall so if anyone could help a friend or person or whatever you want to call me, out then it'd be reeeeeeally appreciated... ummm... thanks!" *Releases PTT, gets up and pulls out Bernie to bring to Mr.Green* @Keira
  8. I'm back baby

  9. Private Frequency - R-E-D Red

    *Red was flipping through his radio stations hopefully to find one that could best suit his future hopes for Barb and himself when he overheard Red...* *Presses down PTT* "Yee ol fuck... why doncha take ur lucky ass charms and stick'em where the sun don't shine?.. In fact where ye be right now? So I can personally shove em there for ya? Fuckin piece of shh..." *releases PTT and pulls Barb out of his pocket*
  10. No thank you for being my friend for the night! Hope to see you soon!
  11. Im back

  12. To the ye'ol Sassmaster

    *Red sits down after another go on good ol' Barb and presses down the PTT* "Hey there bud, so didn't want to be pushy or any of the nonsenses like that but its been a lil more then tomorrow for lettin me know whats happenin there... Don'tcha worry though i still got ur hat on me and was wonderin when and where we gonna settle for a nice cup of joe... not the guy joe but like coff.... nevermind. Anywho let me know ahkay!\ By the way its Red... R-E-D if ya fergot!" *Red releases the PTT and without hesitation pulls out Barb to only see that shes been ripped due to ware and tare...*
  13. To the ye'ol Sassmaster

    *Red puts Barb away in his pocket and wipes his hand on his pants, pulls out his radio and pushes down on the PTT* "Hey there buds, I be lookin for the man known as Sassmaster. Now look i firstly want to apologize about takin ur hat and after a tiny bit of realization in myself, I realized that it wasn't even a red hat ye had on..." *sits there facepalming in his stupidity* "Now I do thank you and yer friends for lettin Ms.Black go on her marry own way unharmed, and I would also like to meet up with you and yer boys so that I'm meeting my side of the so called 'deal'. Unfortunateely I dropped a lot of your ammo on the group whilst ur buds were wastin ammo on me and my friend but I do infact still have yer hat. Anywho I'd like to meet up somewhere of your choice so you or ya boys let me know where and when and ill be there ok boys... By the way, the names Red, R-E-D if ya fergot!" *releases PTT and pulls Barb out for round two and starts to giver* @Flash
  14. Calling out to all Misfits [OPEN COMS]

    *good ol Red hears all the chatter over the radio and instantly presses on the PTT* "Oh hey there buds, the names Red as in R-E-D hope tuh see y'all round some time! Maybe we could sit down for some chatter and hot cup of joe! Anyways good luck with with the fuckin or whatever y'all are doin! Have a good one there bud!" *Releases the PTT and tips his hat for some reason, then realizes to himself no one is around so he begins on his merry way*