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  1. *Red grabs the radio off of Caboose's backpack while he sleeps in the shed next to him and presses down the PTT* "Uh hey there boys of Anarchy... meself and Caboose and all the other boys couldn't quite make it to the summit y'all were havin but we would like to talk tuh y'all soon about some stuff if y'all have some time... ...just uh get back to us or somfin or we'll see ya around I guess... Hope y'all are alrite... *releases the PTT, puts Caboose's radio back and acts like he never took it in the first place*
  2. *As Red sets up the last of the tents, and Caboose the supervisor just watches, he pulls out his radio and presses down the PTT* "...Uh howdy doody erybody, just makin a little announcementthingy that the once known Vybor Quick-E-Mart has now moved to the magnificent town of Zelen...Zeeelena... CABOOSE WHATS IT CALLED AGAIN?... We have now moved to the town of Zelenagorsk! So if y'all need anything to stay well equipped and alive just come on down and we'll make ya an offer for yer best goodies... ...and Caboose says thank you come again, whatever that means..." *He releases the PTT and goes back to doing all the work...*
  3. Much respect and glad you're back. Hope to either be with you or against you in the time to come!
  4. i am Bambi

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Glad to see the doc @Mason26 is coming back with a couple friends, good luck!
  5. i am Bambi

    Goodbye My Friends

    Love you man and hope for the best, keep those newly found botmojis coming every morning you fuckin goon! LOVE YOU MA DUDE
  6. I was RPing with some people by the UN camp that was in Kab at the time when i heard over the radio that skip was being approached by some people. @twig said something along the lines of "I'm on my way" and that's when I turned and started to head in the last known direction that I heard @angry_skipper was in which was Vybor military. while I was on my way to where i thought he was a number of shots rang out right before I got to the top of the hill. Once i did i saw 2 men surrounding a body (@angry_skipper) and 2 men coming towards me. They broke formation and one came to me to tell me to turn the other way when he then recognized me from another encounter and told me to go back south which I did. I also have no video recordings because I don't record sorry.
  7. I'd just like to say that the whole reason for the initiation was unrealistic in the fact that we are 2-3 weeks into the lorewipe and you had no ic reason to hold us up. @Puncture we have rolled in the same dinamic twice now as well so I don't know what ic reason you had. I know the people I'm reporting are good guys and I've played with some of you but if people are going to just hold people up for their gear then why play on an RP server. In all honesty I just wanted to get a point across but it's not really working so instead of wasting everyone's time here I've decided to take down the report. I'd still like to talk over ts as well at some point.
  8. All good @Dusty I just wanted to address that if I did break a rule that I didn't quite understand then I'm sorry that I combat logged. I had no intentions of going back because that would be NVFL as well as since I had not performed the hostilities and lost sight of anyone for most of the time I ran, I logged. The other thing is that the report is for the RP that happened and the suspicion of meta gaming that went on in the opposing party. I'm home now and available to talk in TS if needed.
  9. First, the initiation was dropped after @twig was walking away and the initiation was stop walking away and put your hands up. Second, I logged south of vishnoye not in stary, where I was way far away from anyone. If I "combat logged" I'm sorry but I was way further away from you then you think.
  10. I logged out at the castle south of vyshnoy, to my understanding unless I had shot or was the one performing the hostile RP, I didn't have to wait the 30 minute timer but instead make sure there was no furthur RP to be taken. I made sure no one was even close to me and that I had gotten away. I'm sorry if I had misunderstood the rule but I honestly didn't think I had the timer from what happend.
  11. to my understanding I never shot or did anything hostile, I just ran as well as I made sure no one was anywhere around plus I was 2 towns over from where the incident took place. I didn't think I had a timer on when I had to log, just had to make sure there was no more RP.
  12. I'd like to talk about what happend over TS at some point but I will be out all day today.
  13. Server and location: S2 Kabanino outskirts Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07:00 Your in game name: Liam Reddington Names of allies involved: Eli Grey Name of suspect/s: @Punctureand the dynamic he was in at the time Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 vehicles, ours and theirs Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): unfortunatly not Detailed description of the events: Red and PF Chang stumbled upon a broken down car which was just missing a couple of wheels to be be fully operational for them to drive, so they decided to do their best to fix it. When they were, PF Chang was having some problems with his connection to the server so I stayed back to watch the car so no car theifs (which we had run in to quite a bit lately) would steal it. While I as waiting a friend (Mr.Dizz i believe was his name) I met the other day and from what I saw as his girlfriend as well as another man in a blue hat came by to sayed hi and we started to talk about the events that had recently gone on in Kab. While talking we saw a man fully dressed in military cloths @Puncture emerge from kab and start to walk towards us. He came to a stop for about 30 seconds then continues to us. At this time PF Chang reconnected and was still having troubles. The first thing that came from @Puncture was "who are you" and this continues almost the whole time that he was there, it felt like it was his mission to find out who we were for some reason. We questioned him on his outfit and if he was in the military or part of the military groups that have been around as of recent and he denied it and just said it was his stuff. a few minutes later another car came driving down the road with 4 other people in it. once the car got there all the passengers and the driver got out and started to just walk around, at this moment the nice couple (Mr.Dizz and co.) said they had to leave now and began to run away. I also believe that the blue hatted man disconnected or crashed as well. Once they left it was just myself, PF Chang, the weird "Who are you" military man, and the 4 men frantically running around. I then begin to talk to one of them about his shirt because it was the same as mine and also why himself and his friend (who was wearing a cowboy hat at first but now with a motercycle helmet) were wearing a motercycle helmets. His response was "so people cant see our faces" and when i asked "what does that mean" he replied with "Because of whats going to happen later". At this moment I heard steps behind me which I believe was PF Chang walking away and then the man infront of me pointing his gun saying "Stop running and put your hands up!" With no hesitation I heard his scorpion go off then a shotgun shot go off. I was in awe seeing my best friend drop like a fly, then the man telling me to put my hands up and stay where I was. I saw the group that shot swarm to my best friends body and when they all were running at the loot I quickly ran. They took shots at me but luckily missed every shot and I ran 2 more towns over and got away. In my perspective this was very poor RP not only for hostility but for conversation. There was no IC reason to hold us up and the fact that all of them were wearing very fresh spawn items, most didn't have guns (that I could see) and it felt a lot like a gear RP hold up. Also with the way there were all involved with each other, spread out and not talking at all, I have suspicion that they were communicating over TS or some other secondary program (radio) and there was no RP that showed that they were, therefor meta gaming.
  14. Well it used to be just Red and his best friend Mr.Green on a little over the pond hunting trip when things took a turn for the worst... They found themselves in the middle of a shit show where people were going absolutely crazy. People were shooting other people, other people were going mad with rage and biting people and the only thing Red could think was if he should join in with all the biting and shooting as well. He ultimately chose not to join but that didn't change the fact that shit was going south, and fast. Himself and Mr.Green did there best to stay alive and away from the crazy people and made their way into the forest to maybe be able to live out the insanity. But when hungry struck the two of them, Red had to do what he had to to stay alive. Now I'm not saying Red ate his best friend Mr.Green but then again im not saying he didn't. Red had to then make his way back to civilization to see if things had "died" down...
  15. YES ANOTHER CANUCK!! Welcome to the community