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  1. I'm "Red" and thanks for the shout out! I hope everyone enjoys my RP and loved it from everyone at the circle jerk... I mean party ?
  2. So that there Caboose and I decided after a long quarter of work at da millwright factory, we would go for a long nice trip for some good ol' game. Me not bein the type to do much research into where to go and ol' Caboose bein the kinda guy that makes sure hes spick and span knowin where to go, did his research and mentioned some place called cherno...no.. chernogorki or somethin of that matter. We then took a nice plane ride over to the UK and from there took a dinky little 4 seater plane over to Chern...no...Chernag... whatever it was, the place we were going. We did a bit of shapping to
  3. I just wanted to thank @HeartlssHeretic for the AMAZING roleplay with my newly made best friend Rehctub, the internal RP we had today solidified our relationship! @Juice Hand thank you for being the only one that fully RPed with us throughout that whole hostage situation. It did go WAY longer then was needed or expected but the RP you brought to it made it much more enjoyable! Thank you to the people that ended up giving us food and saving us outside of the corp base after the long waited firefight!
  4. Thank you for the great RP @BravoActual tonight and thank you for including my new character in the conclusion of Axel Hammer's story. I thought it was a fun ending ;D
  5. Just wanted to thank @Dongle for the absolute QUALITY of role play he has given both myself and the group/compound the last couple days. He’s been loading and rolling for us constantly and just wanted to publicly day thank you! CHEERS!!
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The reason I feel as if this verdict is unfair is because of the following; In my POV there were only 5 people from the OP that ever entered the compound. This is then confirmed by not just one, but both of the videos that were posted by members of the OP. I was never in radio coms with any of the civilians in the compound and had been RPing with them prior to the hostile interaction. Some had been in the compound before this interaction and some had even lived in town saying they would defend the to
  7. Had a grand ol time in the great battle of Sitnik. Special thanks to all the groups that were involved and great RP and PvP from everyone! Thanks to the bois and gals on our side to just name a few @Zanaan @twig @Dongle @Mademoiselle @HDragon @HeartlssHeretic @Milo and everyone else I may have missed!
  8. No need to accuse me of being a liar because I I’m not. Thanks for your insight on the report there @maybelele but the aggression wasn’t needed. I heard what I heard and saw what I saw. If I need to reiterate my POV posted above then I can. I tried to reach out to talk this out with the apposing party but apparently I need to “learn a lesson”. I’d like for an admin to call people in if anyone else posts because 2 people not called into a report have posted. Thanks.
  9. I’d like to point out that yes they may have had 10-15 like they are saying in the area but again from my POV and the video, there were only 5 that I could see that were coming in from the front gate. There was no way for me to know about the others on the outside or the ones that were “under cover” as civilians and in my POV I had thought the civilians were fighting back.
  10. I'm not going to go back n forth with you after this. To reiterate, I had no way of knowing we were outnumbered and AS FAR AS I KNEW we had more people. I have rewatched your video and the sound isn't the best but in no way would I try to fight back if I didn't think other people weren't either. Again this is my point of view whether my view was wrong or right, I heard more then 2 shots and thats why I fought back. most of your snips are also completely out of context and I say its from my view the whole time. There was no way for me to know you had people "undercover" and people on the o
  11. Look at it from my perspective. I never knew you had people inside and only thought they were civilians. When hearing more then just 2 socom shots I thought the people were fighting back. I have 0 track record and know the rules, and those shots were the only reason I turned around (also the fact that 2 of the 4 you speak of left and one was turned away at least thats what I saw). And the only people I saw even from re watching your video is 5 people coming in through the front gate including the one at the front gate PvP dancing. In my eyes, we had the upper-hand, we outnumbered you, the
  12. Red's POV; So its just myself as a security member of the group holding it down and a bunch of civilians just hanging out and listening to music in the compound while the rest of the group is close by gathering supplies for cars. I am about to put a lock code on the front door when it swings open and from what I saw, 5 people run into the compound and say something along the lines of "Hey everyone... hands up". I quickly say over radio that we are being attacked and "ok ok ok hands are up". I put my one hand up because I have a gun in my hand and tbh didn't know what the key was for both h
  13. I'd like to say some things about what you said above: 1. Us talking "trash" ooc has never happened I'm sorry but we have screen shots of you're messaged back to us laughing at us and taunting us saying "Youre a weird fuck my guy" and "lmao you must hv a real big one huh budy" when we are trying to contact you OVER RADIO on the forums ICly. 2. The incident that you are referencing is a completely different occasion that myself and you had talked about over discord. You didn't think you did anything wrong when there was no initiation from you or your friend but the reason I didn't r
  14. POV - Was called in for overwatch to check on a good friend who had a bounty put on his head by people living in Gorka. Was there for safety purposes if something went south and had their backs if needed. One of the boys jumped in from the back of the compound and drove out with a car then went back again since nothing was done about it and once he was shot dead I took one shot at the man who shot him when driving out. After the shot went off I saw people start to run towards my position so I booked it. Circled round after no one saw where I went, to check on the situation and be there if
  15. Reds POV: Was re-gearing myself after an encounter earlier so I make my way over to Myshkino Tents. The only shots i heard in my 15-20 mins of being there were my own of me shooting zombies in the town just before going over to the tents. So I get to the tents and I get a whole bunch of zim-zams on me so I get up on top of one of the tent fixtures and turn back to the forest. I radio in to my boys who are on their way to help with the whole zim-zam issue, when I see a man in all black emerge out of the forest about 30 meters south of what looks like another man laying down scoping at me. I
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