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  1. I'd like to say some things about what you said above: 1. Us talking "trash" ooc has never happened I'm sorry but we have screen shots of you're messaged back to us laughing at us and taunting us saying "Youre a weird fuck my guy" and "lmao you must hv a real big one huh budy" when we are trying to contact you OVER RADIO on the forums ICly. 2. The incident that you are referencing is a completely different occasion that myself and you had talked about over discord. You didn't think you did anything wrong when there was no initiation from you or your friend but the reason I didn't report you was because I was trying to help you understand the rules of the server which you still arrogantly denied. 3. You are correct that you shouldn't remember gunning me down when you did but the only reason it has been brought up is because YOU IC brought it up and said "we are after you because you shot down Red" and you saying that IC already breaks the NLR rule. 4. The reason that we are after you is because we made an IC deal that you hired us to do a job for you and defend your base. Yes you were part of the Mechanics, but we made the deal SPECIFICALLY talking to you not the group as a whole. This is not us going after you for "ooc hate" it is us going after a payment we have not received. 5. We have heard you are trying to get sympathy saying that "we have killed you 6 times in the last 2 days" which is absolutely not true. The only time we have ever even shot you is when you gunned Red down so please stop trying to spread rumors about our group. 6. As a last note I would like to say we have never said we wanted to kill you IC we have only said that you owe us and we need to make an example of this because if we the Contractors never go after our payment then whats the point. We have many on-going story archs with a lot of people in the community and you are the only one that hasn't payed your debts IC so I'd love to bring this arch to a close in the near future but logging off when we are around and switching servers won't do it. Admins, I am part of the group that is directly involved in this report and he is bringing up a main event that my character is directly involved in, that is why I am posting in this report so that we can get the events that both parties are talking about straightened out. Thank you for your time in the report.
  2. POV - Was called in for overwatch to check on a good friend who had a bounty put on his head by people living in Gorka. Was there for safety purposes if something went south and had their backs if needed. One of the boys jumped in from the back of the compound and drove out with a car then went back again since nothing was done about it and once he was shot dead I took one shot at the man who shot him when driving out. After the shot went off I saw people start to run towards my position so I booked it. Circled round after no one saw where I went, to check on the situation and be there if it went south again, blending in as a civilian.
  3. Reds POV: Was re-gearing myself after an encounter earlier so I make my way over to Myshkino Tents. The only shots i heard in my 15-20 mins of being there were my own of me shooting zombies in the town just before going over to the tents. So I get to the tents and I get a whole bunch of zim-zams on me so I get up on top of one of the tent fixtures and turn back to the forest. I radio in to my boys who are on their way to help with the whole zim-zam issue, when I see a man in all black emerge out of the forest about 30 meters south of what looks like another man laying down scoping at me. I cant see that far because of graphics and the lack of having a scope but the man in black comes to me and it turns out to be a guy I had met the day prior. We start talking while waiting for my boys to come take care of the pests. Once my boys get there, we take care of the pests and @twig and the nice friend go over to the man "laying down" in the field. That man was actually dead so they begin to loot the body while myself and @Rapid Steve loot the tents. Out of nowhere shots go out and we see both the nice guy and @twig drop (hearing shots from the treeline beside us). We wait for the guy to come out of hiding, try to light him up with what little resources we have and I get mowed down by some fully automatic, lead spraying chainsaw of a gun.
  4. Thank you Piss her pants Leila @Bounty for the great RP tonight. Big Balls Sam loved almost getting run over and running away from you trying to whisper in my ear!
  5. We have been good and miss you all over here across the pond!
  6. i am Bambi

    God Bless The United States of America

    We got ur back there eh!
  7. i am Bambi

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    Great RP tonight from this group, Eliots a monster in the ring and hope to see more from y'all!
  8. Its not the fact that the crate was moved, but its the fact twice now they have been moved into a line to block the car tent. That's the thing that (to me) is blatant griefing. I can't confirm it was @Hellish or any of his guys but someone has been griefing our base. Since the game is still buggy and we can't really pull logs for every single thing i guess ill just close the report. Thank you for all of your time.
  9. so you didn't do the crate thing, cool. But why break the wall if there was no lock on the gate? lol @Zanaan any chance of other logs from yesterday for breaking locks? it had to have happened on the Saturday because I was on the Friday night. Just talked to my friend who was on last night around 07:00 server time
  10. if you broke the walls, are there logs for the person who broke the lock? because only 3 people knew the code to the lock and non of us were the ones to unlock the gate. @Sage07 Was there a lock on the door when you broke in?
  11. Server and location: S, just south of Stay Sabor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Hopefully logs will show (saw this when I just logged in) Your in game name: Samuel Hunter Names of allies involved: No one Name of suspect/s: Logs will hopefully show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): non in base or out Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/6a69134eed5cad520e21b7fa86924c5c https://gyazo.com/438056b0677000bb0168b5c758339ebf Detailed description of the events: I was the one that made most of the base and this report isn't for the gear at all. This is the second time someone has raided us but not only raided us, but went out of their way to place the 3 crates in-front of the black tent so that we can't access it. They also not only broke in through the walls but then destroyed the locks for no reason. Also just saying this for log reasons because I''m not sure how logs work but a wire mesh box was taken, blue civy tent, and a yellow barrel. Again this isn't about the loot its about the reasoning for destroying the locks AND breaking walls, as well as the whole crates thing now happening twice.
  12. We were informed that our friend had been taken hostage about 2 mins into "waking up" at green mountain. After meeting up with him once getting back onto the radio he gave us a full description of what he remembered. We as a group then set out to find the people. We had contact with some stragglers at VMC hill where myself and @Wellington we approached by a man in a orange hat yelling at us for pointing guns in his general direction. After asking if it was his friends on this hill and him denying it we set off northwest towards Vybor. One of our guys over the radio got a confirmation on one of the gentlemen with the very low voice and @Pepperthedr said yes that's him so after that one that was confirmed got isolated, I took the shot and instantly killed the man. Then seeing through my scopes a man in all black with a black balaclava and the man that was aggressive at first emerge from the VMC treeline shooting back at me. I hit one of them again and retreat back only to be killed by what I assume was the black balaclava guy.
  13. So myself and my friend @MrBowTie show up to a castle which we were at 1.5 week prior and the place looks like it’s unfinnished/deserted. We go up to the top start taking some stuff that we do need and leaving some stuff we dont need. Again the place looked deserted and it looked looted already. We are midway through looking when a gentleman yells “hey is it you...” then I crash and through discord my friend crashes (area crashed have been a thing for me and friends but I don’t know about other people). We say hello exchange some info then he says it’s his “friends” place but he’s looking through for stuff that he needs as well (example: nails). We Finnish taking some stuff and leaving others after a restart that sent us back 5 mins then head out seeing 2 others covering a door. We say good day and stay warm then head out. We also put everything we took out of the tent back into a crate because we had no intention in griefing and just were looking for supplies. I do have the tent sill in my person from last login in and if it is something of significance then I can bring it back if needed.
  14. I was over in northeastern part of Ukraine near Kharkiv working with a labors permit to help build up some new residence building. They were for a billionaire who had bought a bunch of land over seas and didn't really trust the locals, so he flew myself and a bunch of coworkers over for the construction process. About a week into the build we started seeing a lot more police officers and ambulances around going by like crazy until we then realized what was happening. There was a virus outbreak that started making people turn on each other and from there I didn't care about the pay from this guy, I just knew I needed to get the hell out of there. Myself and a couple of coworkers ended up in Russia a couple weeks after the "outbreak" and fortified a small barn with an old couple where we could be safe from the infected. After the fortification was done, more survivors showed up and that's when I met Jeremiah, their leader. He was well spoken and seemed to know what he was doing. On a scavenge run for some supplied I had gotten myself cornered by some infected and 2 of our people left me for dead not thinking I would live but Jeremiah knew that you never leave a man behind and saved my life. He is the reason that I'm here today and for that I will always follow him and I owe him my life. After the winter in the black mountains we got separated and I was on my own for a while. Throughout winter I had to hunt and live off the wild, all the while keeping a low profile from the infected. I made my way south, doing my best to remember where the others were heading and that's when i came across a small town by the name of Sinstok where I was then reunited in South Zagoria with my people.
  15. i am Bambi

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *Red finishes washing his hands in the river, sits back down under his canopy and presses the PTT* Ya know, all this war shit has really been erkin me to the next level eh? Ever since me workers blew up my shop there in Vybor, I've been on a little, could you say, "Vacation" so to speak from society. And with hearin all this stuff about wantin peoples heads, skin and flesh makes me thing i might have to finally choose a side... I never wanted it to come to this but I guess someones gonna have to get eradicated... As I like to say "You fuck with Red, you see RED!" *Red releases the PTT and begins to pack up and head back into Myshkino from the woods*
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