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  1. Ethan was born in the town of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Born into a construction family, he was taught hard work and good will from the start. In school, he would be... Average. Bs and Cs at most, daydreaming about being outside. A bit of an outcast, but he was friendly and had some decent friends, and usually kept to himself. Going through high school, he kept up the same average, and he graduated normally with the rest of his class. Once out of high school, he went on to go to construction work, getting an apprenticeship in it, and going on to get his pilots license to fly Skycranes. He would go on to work for a few years, before moving out to Chernarus to help with construction there. Despite it being lower in pay, it was a good way to get to travel and see a different country. Eventually, he gets caught up in the firestorm of everything happening, and escapes into the countryside to avoid most of it. Coming back, he's greeted to the infection, and his story continues from there.
  2. OK_Sierra


    Wrecked my car, got a concussion, getting stitched up, then encounter a metagamer. Fun!

  3. Roger Canning grew up in a not-so-good neighborhood of Boston. His parents were pretty abusive, as any parent would be to a glutton. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was addicted to cigarettes and marijuana. In school, he did as best he could, but with all the bullying because of his weight (he says he's big-boned), and his parents constantly abusing him, he eventually just started to be more evil in general. During high school, freshman year, he had his first cigarette. He was hooked almost immediately and would almost always be caught smoking, and despite his addiction, still performed decently enough in school to go to college. He moved out during high school and got a full time job, and worked hard, but he didn't treat others very well at all, almost always going for what worked for him best. During college, he went for a business degree, and took an interest in acting and Hollywood and its history. Once he graduated with his bachelors, he saved up enough money to get a flight to Hollywood and start up his career as an agent for movie actors, taking an interest in foreign movies in particular. Eventually, one path lead to another and he met Solomon Lucky, what he thought was his quick way to fame and money (and more cigarettes). He was on the plane with Solomon, having taken a similar abusive relationship to him as his parents had to himself, and once the apocalypse happened, he made it his goal to find Solomon and make it big again.
  4. OK_Sierra

    Real life picture Thread

    Awesome. ?
  5. OK_Sierra

    Real life picture Thread

    Two peas in a pod. When's the wedding? ?
  6. OK_Sierra

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    @BanksRP 2 Not necessarily a PK from my understanding if you become a carrier, but if you turn full infected, it's a PK. This is from what I know.
  7. OK_Sierra

    Yaropolk Yusupov Journal

    Amazing journal. Makes me want to do my own.
  8. OK_Sierra

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    @CamoRP I've gotten sick from drinking creek water. It doesn't last very long at all. Also, to OP, people can still play as if they got bitten from the zombies or just RP that they caught a cold or something like that. It's what I'm doing and it provides interesting RP.
  9. OK_Sierra

    S1 - RDM - KOS - Ruleplay - 2019-31-1

    Me and Bobby Chikens were allies of Benjamin Kurtz. POV: Ben, Bobby, and I were walking down after the situation at GM, way out of the way from what happened where a lot of people got initiated on. We had a nice jog down to where the supply cache was, which was between GM and Kozlovka. We get there without any issue, and once we arrive, we take a moment, talk a bit, and grab the crates and begin making our way back up. We hadn't left the field when the group had came over to us, and we said our hellos, and offered them ammo. Only one replied, saying "That must be a lot," before we get sprayed down by the group. They hadn't said anything other than that, just spray us down without saying really anything.
  10. OK_Sierra


  11. OK_Sierra

    Nordic Battlegroup

    I'm going to be the biggest disappointment to you ever
  12. OK_Sierra

    For any military personnel

    -Wolf presses down his PTT.- "Understood." -He releases his PTT.-
  13. OK_Sierra

    For any military personnel

    -Wolf would pick up the microphone for his radio and push down the PTT.- "This is Leutnant Eschenbach.. I would be willing to have a meeting with you both. Break." -He pauses for a moment.- "Meet me at Grid location zero four zero, zero three seven when you can. Come alone."
  14. OK_Sierra

    Odd Broadcasts From The Mountains to The West

    -A lone man, named Wolf, would groan out, awakened by the sound of the broadcast coming over the radio. He groans as he leans over to his backpack, extending the radio antenna on it to pick it up, instinctively, listening to the rest in clearer quality as he gets it at the last three sentences.- -He picks up the microphone attached to the radio itself, which was tucked away in his bag. He presses the talk button on his radio before speaking.- "Who is them?" -He speaks with a clear voice, with a thick German accent.- "And why are they here?" -After his short questioning, he sits up, and silently waits in response, staring at nothing as he awaits a response.-
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    also rip mark

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      reported, all of you

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