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  1. Palfer

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

  2. Palfer


    PSA - We have decided to archive the group in order to role as a more dynamic group to allow us to expand our RP. Running as the Cult and with our members was great fun and I hope all our members, past and present, enjoyed the experiences as much as I. As I said, the members of the group are welcome to continue with our dynamic/malleable collection of people, which will allow us to play more 'casually' (so to speak). I will be sending out messages to some of our members to inform them of our plans for the future. Thank you again to everyone for the level of support and care you have shown us. It's been a pleasure and an honour. See you pyschos around
  3. Palfer


    Public Service Announcement - The Cult will be on a 1 week leave, where there will be no meetings or gatherings [formally], however members are of course free to play together et cetera. On Tuesday 16th August, the Cult will re-organise and the 1 week leave will be over. From then on, it will be business as usual, and back to normal activity. If you wish to contact me, please do so through Steam or PMs on the Forums. I will be in Sardinia, but will check my messages regularly. If you wish to apply, please follow the same procedure, but be warned, it may take time for a response to be formulated. Thanks, Peter/Palfer
  4. Uh, there is a template to follow for reports, check it out http://www.dayzrp.com/t-IMPORTANT-Report-Posting-Rules I think you'll be able to edit the OP according to the template found in that link
  5. Palfer

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage above Novy - 23/07/2016 18:10

    It is your job to provide evidence incriminating us. Unless you have conclusive evidence your claims are unfounded and just that -- claims.
  6. Palfer

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage above Novy - 23/07/2016 18:10

    I am going on holiday in an hour, but I've noticed an inconsistency in your stories. You one of you claim you were at Novy church, the other says you two were at the barns. Minor discrepancy but fishy nonetheless. As I was over watch, I would have seen you in that location and as I said you were not. The group you speak of only turned up as we were leaving, which was maybe 2-3 minutes after we initiated. This leads me to believe you were not within 500m as you took far too long to get there to your positions where you were snooping. What I see here is you are trying to report us; but have no conclusive evidence to incriminate us. We know we are in the right here and there is a larger overlying issue about your KOS because we know you are not necessarily telling the truth. Also; why would you (one person) take on a group of 5 around your man and another 2 or 3 in the area but looking other directions? Surely that raises the question of NVFL because you were taking on a group much larger than your own, and trying to big boss it rather than let the RP we had run its course. You will say it was because you were to our rear, but it does not matter. Your shots killed no one, and only led to the death of your mate. To me, that's blatant NVFL.
  7. Palfer


    I am going away for a week (24th-31st), I have left Moralis Wren and Kaine Wilson in charge for the week. If you are interested in joining, please message them on the forums! <3
  8. Palfer


    Hey Pat, The Lore is a WIP constantly. But we are active yes Currently IG!
  9. Palfer

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage above Novy - 23/07/2016 18:10

    Peter here. From my point of view, we went into Novy from our camp to find supplies (food, gloves, ammo etc) and saw a lone guy and Moralis and I began to talk to him, then I went off to overwatch. The RP continued below out of earshot. I had eyes down the town and saw no movement until about 2-3 minutes after we initiated which was a big group who began doing shady stuff. But they did not seem to be bothered about the situation and did not pursue. I hung about for a bit to keep an eye on the rear. Three of us did not go with the group. Later, after running into some fields and woods to check for anyone, we went to the location of the incident. I was hidden in a bush providing overwatch once again, when we came under fire by what seemed to me to be one guy. I was pinned in a tree for a moment, and then the fire stopped. I was not in the situation per se as I was looking outwards. However, I know for a fact that his friends were not at the Church as I would have seen them.
  10. Palfer


    Thanks! There's something about being sadistic that attracts players. Perhaps, deep down, we are all sadist/cannibals? Who knows!
  11. Palfer


    Feel what you want. Your RP was downright awful, not being scared by being captured by 15 armed men. You clearly need to learn how to RP properly, else you'll not get far.
  12. *Peter hears the radio chatter on one of his several radios and listens intensely, upon Jordan finishing his second transmission, he opens comms speaking in a sadistic and terrifying voice...* "If you go into the woods today... You better not go alone..." *Transmission goes dead for a short period of time, and opens again to the sounds of screams of pain and the sound of a whip cracking repeatedly, with Peter breathing heavily down the microphone* "You're doing well not to trust anyone, my boy. But you two sound like you'll be mighty juicy. See you then, sunshine" *Begins to laugh slowly, with several more laughs being picked up in the background, then suddenly, the comms goes dead*
  13. Palfer


    If I recall, it was your fault for talking when told to shut up when we were en route to where we were taking you. That is why you were shot. The other two were tortured after your departure for information. You're clearly butthurt, as you were trying to bend the rules whilst misusing sidechat. Kindly, practice what you preach. You showed no fear in being jumped by 15 guys who were clearly 'bad-guys'. Instead you kept running your mouth and acting all big, despite you being in a situation where it was clear you were not safe. Perhaps improve your RP before telling others to improve theirs? That would be splendid. You have clearly shown your level of maturity here, posting clearly exaggerated tales of a very narrow-minded view of the situation. We both know the group's RP is good, as many have said. You're the first person to say negative things, because you would not show fear and kept running your mouth, hence you being shot. Learn to do what you preach. Do as you do, and as you say.
  14. I don't know what you're talking about! ;P
  15. Thank you, Quentin! Nice editing !!! !! ----------- A nice nab, got three sinners in Novy. Quickly got to our 'place' to make them repent and find out information on certain... subjects. In the end, they got themselves killed. Amen. But, on the bright side... Meat was back on the menu! Upon refusal to comply to several demands 'James' (as he dubbed himself) was executed by firing squad in the name of the Cult. He had no last words.
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