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  1. https://www.incredibleegg.org/recipe/basic-scrambled-eggs/

    Hey man, yeah its me blake, probably forgot all about me haha 🙂 

    anyways, i heard that you are finna learn how to make scrambled eggs and all dat. Right okay so just look at the video i posted, learn to perfect this and you can give your girl some nice ass eggs, if you had a gf that is 🤡 
    anyways cool, check out the link and you are welcome. 

    1. Dew


      I did leave you on read on purpose haha 


    2. Blake


      Bruh driving towards your adress at this moment, see you there cuh


    3. Dew



  2. nbjoupsgd098u12q34poj bnu908´no+ui0+´981234hniouadsghoipags08y2089uy323ljasghioasg90+24´120iuh4ojabsfgjbasgfjbasg0+2u39208323ojhsfa0isfhashfaåskfhasfkhafojhasojfhsakfjahfahp. 

  3. Pretty sure it's just the hype created from Mr.Moons video that's dying off. But having two servers up with almost the exact same players on it sure does feel ridiculous.
  4. Happy 21 years of alive and stuff 😠 all love. 


  5. Trying to say this in a way so that it doesn't seem like I'm riding Lord Kords dick here , but Baron Blake have tried many times and have not had succes killing Kord YET. @Shroud There is no way in hell you will beat Kord sorry man Side note: When kord is done with your ass I will finish the rest, see you there. Also your new name will be Sumpter Shroud. What is a Sumpter you may ask? Well it is a Packhorse, pony, mule or other animal.
  6. Love you ❤️ Merry Christmas ❤️ 
    I hate @Nik dude 😠 

    1. Bobby


      Don't talk to me 

  7. High ping. And those clips are old af Leave me and Lord Kord alone
  8. A sad day indeed my friend. Will drink a glass of whiskey in your honor You should have tried contacting the JACKALS, we are always looking for shooters who feel like their free speech is being threatened.
  9. First montage of Lord Kord and myself Baron Blake
  10. dew something


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