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  1. Blake

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    Boys from the ends almost shanking for mans drugs.
  2. Blake

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Real RP hours at the Pub today, Thanks to all the boys from the ends and the proper boys from the pub. Real BOSSMAN TINGS.
  3. Gary Smith was born in South London on the 7'th of December 1997. He had a rough childhood, his mom was a heroin addict and his father was extremely violent and would often beat the shit out of Gary. Growing up in South London he had to be tough and because of this he would meet and later become friends with other youngsters from the same background. He met his two boys Joey Ends and Dommy Kings. They would often go out on runs and steal people's money and bikes. Somehow they never got caught and continued this life style for some years. After a while Gary and his boys decided to go and watch a football match in Russia, mainly because they wanted to go beat up some Russian. They went to Russia and watch the game, got into a few fights and later went out drinking. It was a wild ass night and Gary and the boys got extremely wasted. The next day they woke up in a small almost destroyed apartment only to soon realise that they had someway ended up in Chernarus.
  4. Blake

    Child RP

    Spend a solid 2 mins making this meme which explains my thoughts But on a serious note, I feel like "kids" or teenagers in the apocalypse would be a lot more tough (Sure some might be scared af or some shit) But most would not act like they are mentally 4 years old.
  5. Aleksey Alexeev was born the 8'th of november 1980. He had a pretty typical upbringing. His father was a working man, working in a factory further down south while his mother mainly stayed at home. While growing up he would often talk a lot to his father because of their close relationship and in his teenage years they political discussion would often be the main topic around the dinner table. His father was Pro - Chernarussian and believed that the country should be dominated by true ethnic Chernarussians. At first Aleksey did not think much of his fathers political views but while at school and later searching for a job he realised how well the foreigners had it in his country. W When Aleksey was done with school his father passed away from cancer, since his father and him would mainly discuss political views this would be on of the major things he would remember his father from. Because of this Aleksey became extremely focused on politics. Through this he would come to meet people with similar views regarding his extreme political views. He would spend a lot of his time taking part of discussions and even go as far, with help from his friends, to spread propaganda in the news paper about how Chernarus should only allow ethnic chernarussians. When the country started to change Aleksey realised that he did not know much about fighting, weapons ect. So he decided to seek out people who had the same beliefs as himself, this would result in him being even more "radicalised" into extreme nationalism, something that would fit perfect in this new world.
  6. Blake

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    Sounds good, doesn't work (Not saying that to sound arrogant) But trust me, that's how it is, regarding this topic at least.
  7. Blake

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    Because it all honestly It makes no sense to have a discussion about this is the first place (Ofc. do it if you feel like it, no problem at all my man) But the fact of the matter is that there have been more threads about this topic than there are atoms on earth. And yes, we should strive to fix our problems in a general sense, but this is not a problem, when you have a community with large amount of people it will be devided in groups, if there is a rule break...sure report it, but my point is that this thread does nothing other than people thinking: "Oh another one of these" and two hours later people have already forgotten and does not care about it.
  8. Blake

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    Honestly there have always been and there always will be a devide between so called "PVP'ers and "Campfire RP'ers" The only difference now is that people talk about it a lot more (Mainly because of the 2.3 hate wave and everything) That's just how things is, learn to live with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Blake

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    Good luck.
  10. Blake

    Jaysh Allah Media Thread

    Sick frags boys, im just pissed you did not include my sick ass triple kill (Watch this and be amazed) https://gyazo.com/5c30283ac8837f0bfa6b12d54f8b51e4
  11. Blake

    NozzyRP's Not So Good Edits

    Not the last time next time it will just (More than likely) be some fully auto pvp rp instead
  12. Blake

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    Honestly 2.3 was never a thing in 2014, 2015, 2016 or even 2017. So what happened? Were there just fewer PvP focused community members back then? No, there were even more. The only reason this is a thing now is because people like their safe space and would rather go yell when they don't feel like the IC actions towards them are fair. Aight sure, sometimes it can be too much and sometimes OOC actions may be needed to sort things out in special cases but jesus christ this has gone too far. In general I feel like the 2.3 rule needs a complete makeover.
  13. Blake

    Real life picture Thread

    Don't flip me off Reported honestly.
  14. Blake

    Real life picture Thread

    Its a socialist country so they are hard to come by, also, dont call me diamond 2.0 Diamond is way cooler than me
  15. Blake

    Real life picture Thread

    Thought it was about time to post what I actually look like. Sorry in advance for trying way too hard in this pic, but sometimes it do be like dat
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