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  1. Blake

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

  2. Blake

    Dayz randomly freezes

    It 's really is strange. I also noticed that while my game freezes it seems like my cooler turns off (Or makes less noice) and when the game un-freezes the cooler makes the regular noise again. I doubt it has anything to do with any of my specs since it only happens in Dayz, it really pisses me off tbh :,(
  3. Blake

    Dayz randomly freezes

    Hmmm, I have Dayz on my SSD right now, perhaps I should try moving it to the HDD, maybe that would fix it.
  4. Blake

    Dayz randomly freezes

    I ran into this problem when i started playing again a couple of days ago. While running around or doing whatever my game will sometimes freeze. The game itself doesn't crash, but the only way to fix it and make it un-freeze is ctrl+alt+delete. my game will then tab out and when I tap back in the game is good again. It happens approximately every 10-15 minute. I do play on a new pc but it only happens in dayz. Have anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Thx guys.
  5. Blake Johnson was born in Portland Oregon in 1980. His early life was based around his fathers job, his father worked as a photographer. Because of his fathers profession Blake had to move around a lot. This was something that influenced him quite a lot. He had to adapt to new surroundings and people. Because of this, he became extremely good at making new friends and he had a pretty easy time "fitting in". Blake did pretty well in school and managed to get decent grades. He did not feel like procuring a fancy education so he decided to sign up for the military. He did pretty well, he knew how to follow orders but that was about it...when it came to combat training he would often stand out as one of the worst in his class. This did not bother him though because he was still doing something he considered to be worth it. His career in the military soon came to an end. During a practice he fell down from a building and broke his left leg 6 places...this made it impossible for him to proceed with his training. This was extremely hard for him to cope with...He did not feel like he would fit in any other place but the military. While in the hospital he got a visit from his father, they disgussed job possibilities together but it soon became clear to Blake's father that it was going to be a hard task finding something that he would love. Amongst all the "Shitty suggestions" that his father had come up with there was one job that Blake found interresting and would later proceed...that being "War Photojournalist" He knew a lot about journalism and photography because of his dad's professsion, it was also a good way for him to be doing a difference...something that he had seeked in the military. After his time in the hospital he decided to give the career a go. It was a long process and hard work but in the end he managed to get the job. He started off learing the basics about journalism and photographing. In 2003 many of his colleagues went to Irak to cover the new conflict, he was not chosen and had to stay home. He was fine with this, he was shitting himself thinking about entering the middle east anyways. However, he would get his chance soon enough, some years later he was send to Chernarus to cover the outbreaks currently happening. He went down there with a team of six. They were met by many locals who did not appriciate them being there. As the outbreaks became even worse Blake decided that enough was enough and that he should travel home. Unfortunately it became clear that traveling home was not an option. As the situation became even worse Blake knew that he couldn't rely on anyone but himself. He was good at making friends and being someone else. This would go on to be an important trait in this "New world"
  6. Blake

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Shitty news. Rest in peace.
  7. Blake

    2019 Premium overhaul suggestion

    I mean, I wonder which feature would make it attractive for any member to spend 200 on Diamond. Still though, people are not forced to buy it so its whatever. Would be nice to see some "Diamond only clothing" ingame in the future so people who spend a lot of money can flex on kids.
  8. Blake

    Why is almost everyone hostile

    Will make sure to do so, my good pal Shane ?
  9. Blake

    Why is almost everyone hostile

    It would be boring as hell if everyone sat around their campfires and told stories tbh.
  10. Blake

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Very nice
  11. Blake

    The House

    Hope to fuck around a bit with you guys whenever we meet ingame in the future. Was fun lads, thx.
  12. Blake

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Yeah bro, we were all hiding inside that green house ? straight up house tactics >:)
  13. Blake

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Bruh, 80 procent of us was running around in the woods looking for nibbas.
  14. Blake

    The House Media

    Real important car hours with the boys. Getting some nice information from a snake.
  15. Blake

    S1 | Kabinino | BadRP/Avoiding RP/NVFL | 2018-12-1| ~19:00

    Vitaly Chayka POV We had just entered Kab when we saw him, soon after Cipher approaches him on the road. As stated Cipher goes and checks his eyes to perhaps get a positive id on him. Soon after the server crashes, the whole trying to make him come back ingame begins. When he logs back in we initiate, shortly after he tries to run away (Somehow thinking he stands a chance in the upcoming open fields ) Also, it was me who shot you and I gotta admit there was really no need to...so that was my bad.
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