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  1. Blake

    Jackals Media Thread

    Not to be rude, but then get ingame and figure it out yourself, instead of asking where the rp is at on different threads.
  2. Blake

    Jackals Media Thread

    It's just hostile roleplay ma' guy.
  3. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    What do you mean?
  4. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    I can't keep destroying Mak in firefights if my game freezes. Send help.
  5. Blake

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    For me, it sometimes does feel like a simulator where you have to keep your obese character happy with meals constantly. It doesn't make sense that you are this hungry/thirsty 24/7. It would be nice if we could change it, so you wont be as hungry/thirsty constantly.
  6. Blake

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    The OOC "hate" or in general just the OOC complications is just something we will have to deal with. I have seen many of these threads lately and even though I respect that you have your opinion it won't really help on anything. Also, for me, the OOC drama/hate and whatever is a nice part of the community, it feels good to kill someone in a firefight that you have previously been beefing with...Don't know if I am the only one who feels this way, but the OOC just adds something unique to the community >:).
  7. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    Thx for the suggestion, Will make sure to do that when im Home. Appriciate it!
  8. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    Unfortunately it didn't fix the issue, but thx for trying, appreciate it.
  9. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    Haven't tried that, I'll do it later and give an update, thx.
  10. Blake

    Dayz (Still) Freezing.

    Okay so I have made a thread about this issue before without any luck. Basicly my game will often freeze for around 7-8 seconds, my game wont crash, it will just freeze and un-freeze again. I have tried a couple of things and those are: - Reinstalled the game - Verify game files - Moved my game from SSD to HDD (Its now back on my SSD) - Reinstalled windows - Checked that all my drivers were up to date. - Given dayz high priority in the task manager. I don't think it has anything to do with my specs since they are basicly all new. I'm making this thread hoping that someone have had/ is having the same issue. I also wanna point out that im not talking about general "small" lag spikes, my issue is literally a completely frozen game for 7 seconds. I am so god damn desperate that if anyone ends finding a permanent solution i will paypal you 20 euros, cause this sh*t is just depressing af. Also, check out this youtube video I found, this is exactly the same that happens to me (at 1.18 mins in the video) Anyways, thx. The video:
  11. Blake

    S1 invaild execution Devil castle tower

  12. Blake

    S1 invaild execution Devil castle tower

    So we were at Devils castle. After entering we started looking for people to talk with. We found an entrance in the wall and started entering. Soon after we started taking shots and the firefight began. (In general the whole firefight was extremely confusing.) We then proceed to push up the stairs in the tower since there were hostiles shooting at us from up there. We clear the tower while still taking shots. After a minute or so Steeltalen logs in during the firefight. We thought he was part of the revenants, we initiate. He puts his hands up and complies. He is then asked to drop his vest ect. and puts his hands down. I then come down the stairs and execute him...believing he was part of them. I then realized that he was just a completely random guy. I can't really say much more other than I'm sorry about executing you, since you first of all had nothing to do with the situation and there were still a lot more roleplay to be had. Sry for the inconvenience and my awful trigger finger.
  13. Blake

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

  14. Blake

    Dayz randomly freezes

    It 's really is strange. I also noticed that while my game freezes it seems like my cooler turns off (Or makes less noice) and when the game un-freezes the cooler makes the regular noise again. I doubt it has anything to do with any of my specs since it only happens in Dayz, it really pisses me off tbh :,(
  15. Blake

    Dayz randomly freezes

    Hmmm, I have Dayz on my SSD right now, perhaps I should try moving it to the HDD, maybe that would fix it.
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