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  1. Brandon Hoey

    Came to visit brother before the My name is Brandon Hoey. I have lived in Chernarus for many years but moved here from Northern Ireland. In ireland i worked as a bar man and hated it, i wanted to do something else with my life so i decided move to Chernarus to live with my brother. when i frist arrived here i went to my brothers house that was on the coast of Chernarus. I got a job as a painter too make some money and after 2 years of saving i decided to move to a small house on the north side of Chernarus. I was still working as a painter and would go to see my brother every so often. One morning i decided to go see my brother and maybe go out for a few drinks later on in the day. When i was driving to his house i was listing to the radio and i heard something about sick poeple or something like that i wasnt really listening. when i arrived my at brothers house we went inside and sat down for dinner. After dinner we sat down and had a few drinks by the fire while we where watching TV. We got very drunk and passed out the next morning i woke up on the coast. I didnt reconize the area so i decide to walk up to the main road and when i was there a man covered in blood and guts ran at me so i ran into a near by house. I shouted to see if anyone was there but there was no-one. i tried to check the TV but it seemed there was no power so i grabed a pipe that i found and ran out of the house until i ran into a group of men they point guns at me and said stop, i followed there commands and they took me into a truck and on the drive they explaned that there was some sort of sickness that was making poeple aggressive. they offered tp let me stay with them and come back to there camp but i wanted to find my brother so they gave me food and water then wished me luck so i headed back to the coast where my brother livedoutback and got stuck in the country
  2. Our group were chased to the building we were held up in because we tried to rob a guy but he didn't comply so we killed him and started to run as we were running we started taking shots that's when we went in the building and the guys shooting us started to push us and i died. I was with @Max Stercore @Luke Dowsett @Kieran Earl
  3. I had died before the "abuse of mechanics" so i don't know the whole situation.