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  1. Haven't played Rp in about a year, but happy to be back again!
  2. jakeGodwin

    Public Service Announcement [Open]

    *Vladimir suddenly sits up from his chair, the loud noise almost making him fall off* radi trakhayetsya! *He sits back in his chair and closes his eyes*
  3. *Vladimir leans back on his chair as the rain patters against his neck* For how long have I now been in this god forsaken country, a year? two? My name does not matter, neither does my previous occupation. It has become increasingly more difficult to, how you say... "deal with someone" these days and it has become a lot harder to arm yourself to do so. *The radio cracks as he gestures his spotter to ready his rifle* I am not a man of god, or a man of good intentions, I am simply a man trying to survive. So I am making a small proposal; for food on the table, a man can cut down some trees or mine some coal, for bullets in his gun a man can do a number of things... but make no mistake, I am not a hitman...I am but just a man, trying to survive. * A sudden crack from a rifle rings out as the transmission ends*
  4. I am sad that are little "interaction" ended so abruptly. I am afraid that my game crashed and due to the bug cause me to die, did try to log back in but spawned on the shore. Maybe at some point we will get to do the same again. Hopefully not!
  5. Given that this is an Open Frequency, it would be unwise to disclose our locations until we can muster a sufficient amount of armed security. That being said, we should definitely stay in contact, comrade. Understood comrade, however i often stroll through the kabinino area, I am noticeable by my red beret.
  6. Privet comrade, my name is Vladimir Pidski, I am a member of a Russian PMC and I am very patriotic. It would be nice to finally meet some people with the same Ideals and nationality as me. If you disclose your location I may be able to help your cause.
  7. I understand that this is a Uk based group but since it is an Unknown PMC group do you accept Russians Etc.
  8. jakeGodwin

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    YES! this is a great idea and an Epoch type building system would make it even better
  9. Yeh, that seems like a better thing to do however since I wanted to make the lore around an already formed group (not just a group of survivors) I can recruit in game, so i need people that would want to make a new character for it Sounds lit, Hit me up when you in game, I wouldn't mind giving it a go Ah nice sure thing man!
  10. Hmm yes, I was thinking that we are tied off or I could make it so that we are some kind of mercenary group such as cold water. As well as this I would like it to be so that we are highly against Chernorussians, this way there would be some good conflict against upcoming CDF groups.
  11. Yeh, that seems like a better thing to do however since I wanted to make the lore around an already formed group (not just a group of survivors) I can't recruit in game, so i need people that would want to make a new character for it
  12. I would like to mention this thread is also to receive ideas, suggestions and improvements. As well as this it would be nice to find someone like this in game.
  13. Yeh, something like that, or something more towards a disconnected military group. Mainly I would like the group to be very professional. A russian Merc/PMC would fit this nicely.
  14. Since the beginning of my time in DayzRp I have had a Russian character. As a Russian I think that I can Rp alot better and find my self enjoying it more. I also like the idea Military Rp however I hate the Idea of waiting in bushes for 20 mins while your superiors talk to someone. I want to create a new Military Russian group that is not a Movement or new power, just a dangerous and reasonably powerful Squad or platoon. I am happy to make a lore, graphics etc. however I am currently looking for an individual that would be passionate about this kind of thing and could create a group thread. I am in European timezone (UK) *edit* I am highly thinking about changing this into a PMC/Mercenary group named порядок "poryadok" - Order. This group would act in a way such as Cold water receiving payments for tasks. *new edit* порядок "poryadok" - Order. Russia and Chernarus Have never seen eye to eye. This is clear by all of the brutal wars and invasions. When the infection first hit, Russia new it would not be long before the infection would spread to their glorious country. Most of Russia could not help but blame Chenarus for the infection and this seemly inevitable end to their lively hood. Many people in Russia began to despise Chenarus even more than they already did, it was like a pregnant spider being squashed only to explode into 1000 more spiders. The Military setup various defensive positions, protecting the border as much a possible. Various fire fights would take place between the CDF and Russian forces as well as the thousands of zombies trying to invade. Nothing was being done, nothing could be done. That was until Russia started to use some of its money. The government began giving lots of its money to PMC comanys. One of these was порядок "poryadok" . In the past порядок had been involved in some covert operation taking place in takistan and other countries such as Syria and Iraq but now they would be tasked with a new mission. One division of soldiers was tasked with moving into Chenarus pacifying local CDF forces and neutralising the infected. They were not told how long they would be gone but most of them knew that this was a suicide mission. Due to the political delicacies of the mission tasked it was never made public who had entered Chenarus and how many. It was know however that those tasked were great patriots. They would need to be able to kill hundreds without remorse, they would need to be strong, they would need to survive. Many of the men had been previous military or spetsnaz, sourced and drafted from the best. After 12 days since arriving in Chernarus, they had already been very successful. They had created a large camp in the northern eastern sector of Chenarus. Radio reports state that they would have to step over the dead citizens just to get to the toilet. They were already making a name for themselves being feared all throughout Chenarus. To them, all were the infected. This was not all good news however as what was left of the CDF and some Militia forces planned an attack on the group. A week after the last radio transmission sent, a bloody battle took place between the two factions. порядок lost three Soldiers that day, however the CDF lost at least 20. However the group was scattered. 2 years later the now reformed group still actively try to complete their mission however they still need to survive. They took up their previous jobs as contractors taking money for "jobs" . They rob, they kill, they take. This was a pretty quickly made lore just trying to give you a good idea of what this group is going to be about. I am not at all very good with the Lore or story making, so please could you comment and criticise.