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  1. Before the outbreak Alex used to live in Karmanovka, a small village tucked away in the hills of northern Chernarus. Her mother, Marya, was born there. She met her father James when he visited back in 1989 for a buisness trip. Hence the english surname ''Cooper''. They fell in love, moved in together, got married and had Alex and her sister Ellie. It took a while for the epidemic to get to Karmanovka since they lived in the north. They heard about it on the news, and thought that it was not something to feel uneasy about. It is almost silly how mistaken they were. As the illness spread over the country, everyone in town got more and more concerned. After about three weeks from hearing about all the terrifying cases of bloodbaths and towns lost to decay, Alex parents knew they had to do something. Since her father was a famous buisnessman, they were one of the few families that were offered a planeride out of the nightmare. It would lead them to England where we could start a new life, or so they thought. AIex felt guilty and heartbroken for the community she left, all her friends and relatives had almost no chance of survival. The road to the airfield was suprisingly calmer than they had excpected. Once they arrived at the Krasnostav Airstrip they waited, and waited, and waited. The airplane never arrived. She never got to know why. Maybe they felt like it was too big of a hazard for them, or maybe they were denied access into Chernarus. It is more likely it was the latter. The drive home was, well, let's just say that the only ones that made it home was Alex and her sister Ellie. Her mother and father sacrificed themselves for their children when the lifeless attacked, and for that Alex is obliged to do her best to survive, and take care of her dear sister. They now explore whatever is left of this deceased land, looking for a place to call home where they can feel safe again. Family Marya Cooper - Mother (Deceased) James Cooper - Father (Deceased) Ellie Cooper - Sister