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  1. Can we just be done with winter Chernarus and really Chernarus in general its bland, stale and for most of us with hundreds/thousands of hours its just not engaging in any capacity.
  2. I cant tell if this is sarcasm loL ----- Yeah its funny sometimes when you get banned you get a shift of perspective and realize things are pretty good and being a little shit and terrorizing the discord is not a great idea. I think it should be case by case, and after the person appeals and completes the 3 months of good behavior they should be allowed to at least apply. Some of the most passionate players here are also the ones who have been bonked.
  3. Big Tings to come For the server. Hopefully this brings a lot of great faction RP
  4. GMs and Admins have the power to aggravate or lessen a punishment. This is their discretion at work. Think of them like Cops, yah weed is illegal in some places and depending on how severe the infraction is and how cooperative the individual in question is all make the outcome slightly different. GMs and Admins have the power that Rolle gave them to make smart level headed decisions I trust them to do their best even if we don't always agree with them. Lying sucks its horrible and should be dealt with....that being said it should be a case by case basis. Let the punishment system work the way its intended putting someone on final for lying while in some instances ver necessary and acceptable in others I could see it being heavy handed and a huge shit show. I voted No but I also left my thoughts here.
  5. Link to the situation: N/A Discord stuffs Any supporting evidence or notes: No Video or screenshots. Feedback: I just want to put out that Lettuce has been helping me this week with getting things sent to the right people in the community. She has always been super nice and very prompt when messaging and dealing with my concerns. She was quickly able to answer my questions on what I needed and how best to go about sending things to the right members of the Staff team. Lettuce you get a +1 and a gold star from me. Normally I despise any admin related things but you made it simple and concise and handled my inquiries with a smile. Thank you Suggestions for improvement: Honestly nothing could have made my experience any easier or smoother.
  6. 🔥


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      Best video production in a while from anyone I know.

  7. @YAKMOUTH for L.M., US Events pls someone make this happen

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  8. KermieSB

    Kase's Designs

    These are getting really professional well done, I love your character pages homie.
  9. @ChaseRP @IntenseGeek @God

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      Heeeeeeeellllll yeah

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      groovy blisna

      ill put you all into a head lock

  10. Rust and this community lol I love rust and I love this community likewise but to say half these people could deal with what is said in VOIP on rust(Just Rust culture) I think it would somehow lead to more drama .
  11. +1 Let me goblin more things Seriously up the spawns world feels desolate and barren would be enjoyable to actually go on a scavenging run and come back with a full bag of useful items.
  12. People always be wanting to talk big when guns are in their mouth.

    Me too homie me too. 

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      bad take

  13. This dude still out here with a vibin' Kermit as his profile picture 

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      Always vibing

  14. Mama we made it:



  15. Jan was born in Aarhus Denmark. His dad was from America and his mother from Denmark. He lived in Denmark until he was 3 years old and the family moved back across the ocean to New Jersey/New York for his fathers work. He was alright at school and his early life was quite good he was privileged to travel and enjoy a very comfortable life. He went to university for business school and became an accountant and then an investment banker for Bank of America. He mainly dealt with loans and big trans national deals and companies. He was working tirelessly on a deal with a Takistani investment company before the frenzied flu arrived and once it did he was hurried into a truck over the border and out of the country by the US consulate in Takistan. The truck passed through the borders seamlessly only to be taken captive by some local bad men looking for a quick profit, he has been held captive by those men and when the ransom money from his company came in they released him into this cold foreign landscape with nothing more than a backpack and some food. He has since met up with a friendly group of marauders who have kept him safe this far and he owes his life to them. **WIP** Will be flushing this out with graphics and more content as I write it in
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