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  1. RIP the bar you guys have weathered storms from every threat and hostile group its admirable. Secondly I want you to know you group lasted close to the entire my Son was growing and he is now almost 8 months old Its impressive and you should be proud of the stories told and the friends and experiences shared with the community.
  2. @HoferI swear to god if this gets treated Like DarkRP on Garys mod Imma be upset mane. Really cant wait to be treated like sub human slime by the Online police. All jokes Aside Graphics are on point Lore is on point and intriguing and leaves plenty for players to work with and I guess you could say effect and drive the story this seems on paper a Staff owned Lore Faction done right and I can't wait to see it all in practice. PS Would join but reminds me too much of IRL stuff so best of luck xoxo Me hiding in my rat hole when the lads come to no knock raid my shit because im selling u
  3. As long as it wont be as bad as Namalsk with looking for food and then eating our homies slowly 1 by 1 Lol. Map looks amazing and very poggers as the kids say, Your hard work and passion paid off from what I can see in the trailer I am glad we are just plunging in head first and @Hofer and the Staff team seem to have taken care with everything from Lore great job @Stagsviewand @AndreyQ to also preparing well and having a good Set of rule changes to pair for enhanced player experiences. Hugely looking forward to this all guys @InfernoBlub Blub
  4. Hes trying be fucking nice! No Hawaiian Doesn't mean no floral.. hes trying Bless him. I challenge you to a who whore it better contest against him Hofer.
  5. How did I pressure you lol Regardless good luck on your exams bb *kisses*
  6. **The Triangle** *Vybor fields of shit talk* Everybody... *gunshots from all sides* Fucking yes, I know Chernarus is on the way out sooner rather than later but the triangle was peak RP hub experience for both new players and experienced hostiles RPers it was a get together of bandits and OOC friends maybe in different groups. I also remember back in 2015-2017 the Triangle had incredible fun with all the guys that ran groups out of Novy and what not. It was my first area that I got to experience both good hostile RP and also start learning how to be a hostile RPer. Hubs
  7. Please god no anything but this I love my friends and the characters we have but this is the same problem that happened with Namalsk people borught over their characters and the RP was stale and boring because everyone well had just been their same selves with no actual thought of why they were really there.
  8. 1.12 Fucked up the pvp enough with uncon gaming and what not I will abstain from voting but I dont see a huge benefit in adding this like yes slower PVP would be cool but I guess my small brain fails to see how these two mods fix dayz
  9. This is super Poggers. @SammiLR and @DingoLRwere my two friends, we had an absolute blast with you and your friend. Sammi tried to keep us in line I promise. Thanks for teaching Dingo some new American Slang and I apologize for having to hear about god knows what he does in the sink. We really enjoyed the RP over just initiations and fighting on the airfield for once. Dont forget to drop the addy for the BBQ.
  10. Two sleeping Cuties after some fighting in the woods @AlkisLR
  11. @burAlphaAFWe always love hanging out with you and your guys RP has always been fun and a bit comical but feels like right banter. Also you I believe made a woman's dreams come true tonight by getting @SammiLRa 50 round SCAR drummy and a nice sunset helicopter ride much love to you and all your guys.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 1. 2. ticket #6823-Final Warning ticket #7033-Final Warning Reset, After an Appeal was accepted. Why the verdict is not fair: This Verdict was 110% Fair my actions were crude unacceptable and were abusive to other members of the community. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think this section should rather focus on me finally realizing and seeing things from others perspectives. I went a bit wild and hoped on the hype train of sending abusive discord texts in the official discord to stir the
  13. Jo King Yu "The SaiGangster" Jo King Yu was Born to two loving parents in the middle of the Vietnam War also known as the second Indochina War in 1965 in Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon in the south of Vietnam. Growing up he was happy but poor. His Life was happy as he had his family and while growing up in the south was alright his family Supported the communist forces in the north of the country based out of Hanoi. His Childhood was rather uneventful growing up in a warzone of course does its number on anyone but Jo was content went to school and helped the family with their cattle
  14. Seriously great storylines from @Franny @N1RUand I am glad you guys are letting this storyline develop it will be fun to see how the hunt lasts. Premiere RP coming out from this group and the choices their members well Ex members make.
  15. Good Luck with this guys interesting ideas and cant wait to see what happens in game. Quoting from above this will more than likely be a very hot war so I cant wait to see how that shakes up the server dynamic. Best Wishes Kermie
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