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  1. @SatansNightOut- Glad we are becoming good friends even if you got us lost, almost got us eaten by a bear and traveled 2 days to meet with your cartel friend who actually scared me a bit. @YAKMOUTH-What an incredible and deep character you have that actually gave me a scare fromt he way you carry yourself but also I saw a conflicted man struggling with himself and you expressed it perfectly with your tone and everything, looking forward to seeing and interacting with you and your boys more.
  2. *the radio clicks and a heavy sigh is let out as you can hear boots squishing through a mix of water blood and food cans* Hello this is Sergei To the random man who met me at the bridge and showed me about town life who walked me all the way to gliniska and to the military encampment around there, I hope you know I tried to do everything to keep you stable but sadly you seem to have faded away in a hail of bullets and moans from these ungodly creatures, I lsot sight of you during the chaos and I hope to meet again soon you have instilled hope in me that there are decent people and I just hope if there is a god oyu will magically find this radio transmission in the sea of many. This man said he was friends of those who run the soup Kitchen Im hoping maybe I can talk to or contact someone there to help see if I can find this gentleman who helped me so much. Talk soon my friend, Many thanks. *the radio would close with a small whimper and a clatter can be heard as gun is dropped on concrete*
  3. I agree 100% with this people already hide away in little encampments with 6 m4s and then around other areas the loot table gets fucked, wipes force everyone to move around and go to these high risk high reward places and it force RP if you want the big boy toys I like that. Keep it at a month or honestly make it shorter but please don't extend it.
  4. Im a simple man I see screenshots I give BeanZ, Im apparently an extremely simple man I see Major and screenshots I give double BeanZ. For real though your game looks really pretty hopefully you can see people when the PVP kicks off
  5. @GrimTheGreat I'm sorry how did I meta game you after I legit saw you go back behind the tents where @G19RPwas and empty a mag into him I called it out on radio the description of you and gave chase you had me beat for a little so I was out of VOIP range for a short time. I saw you run south and they used that info and description that I had provided while still alive and chasing you before I initiated to find and identify you.
  6. One of the best guerilla experiences I have had so far in the group had a blast getting chased through the woods. Thanks for the great hostile rp from your end as well @Dakotaenits always a two way street.
  7. I was searching around Vybor with @G19RP he went behind the fruit stand to check out some tents we had seen while back there he started rping with another unknown individual talking about what was in the tents and who owned them. @G19RPwas then shot point plank by the man/women in question and I ran after him, my death should not be an issue in this scenario because I then tried to reinitiate since we don't share KOS rights and that's when I was shot, but G19 was shot purely out of nowhere while already rping with another people.
  8. *Sergei clicks the ptt responding calmly* If this accusation is true a simple bullet will do more justice than any bureaucratic trial but so be it, I am friends with Zednik and If I could get a time for this trial I would be happy to show up as well and do my civic duty. Sergei releases his ptt*
  9. lmao I have papers do this week for university and Final exams next week sorry @LemonRPbut your homework will have to take a backseat to constitutional law and how it applies to law enforcement officers lol
  10. Cool Idea looks good so far keep it up
  11. I am pretty sure the two guys wearing the yellow armbands said nothing to anyone and no one asked who they were honestly in the situation I would have been much more worried about the 10 plus blue arm band guys, but I also echo what @LemonRP said let the big guys give us a definitive answer on who can and cant be impersonated and to what limit.
  12. *Sergei reluctantly hearing the response presses the ptt button* I've been around a decent enough time to see this shit unfold maybe I took a backseat to most of it but hey I still saw shit go down I'm just picking a winning side best of luck enjoy the little time you have left as it seems by everyone else on the radio you aren't long for this world. *Sergei lets go of the ptt feeding Blue's New dog before she wakes up*
  13. *Sergei while cleaning his AK styled rifle on the table hears the war chatter and grabs his radio* War this, war that, war never changes and neither will the victor, I will gladly give my gun to the boys in blue to defend my home of Novy keep your childish war out of my street otherwise you will learn quickly that you should have kept this shit show to yourselves. Also somebody gave some good advice to you Syndicate guys surrendering at Novy might make your demise a little more comfortable Sergei places the radio beside the clean AK and admires his work*
  14. I guess we are on the same page with that last part regarding the damned and the corporation Being part of the corporation for a bit I get what good hostile RP can get to and I love it and you are right not many people say anything about the good experiences only the bad seem to surface, Im sorry Whitename for blowing you up over this just can't get quite frustrating when you do the right thing but a lot of people group all hostile RP together
  15. It's a thread to speak your mind my man I don't expect any actual rule change from this, I just wanted a place to get this out of my system.
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