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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say hi since I'm planning on coming back to DayZ RP. Was too busy after a surgery to really get to do much which made me sad since it was a blast being in the server. I just wanted to know if it's possible to log back in right away or if there's a process I have to go through again. The Whitelist page says I'm still in, so I assume I can jump right on back in? Hope to see everyone around soon!
  2. They 'took' your tents? Is that even possible? Or are you saying they took GEAR from the vehicles and tents?
  3. So you think everyone does that and you just want to get it over with? Not everyone is going to break rules because you robbed them. Again, you need to make it fun for both sides, not just fun because you get a new weapon to add to your list of weapons.
  4. I never said any of that. Learn reading comprehension. I said it's not fun because we are told to do the same thing every time. There's nothing creative or new when we get robbed by most of Brotherhood now. It's always "Drop your gun... yadda yadda yadda." I lose my gun to robberies, I man up and get a new gun from regular scavenging as well. Stop caring about gear in a way that you don't RP robberies past 15 seconds. It's boring to the victims.
  5. You just proved our point. Stop caring about gear, it makes it almost no fun for most of us being robbed since you just want our shiny stuff.
  6. The problem was mentioned very well above by Nadya, Osaka and Livs. The bandits now are turning it into "I'm robbing quickly so I get gear." Gear shouldn't matter in an RP setting. I don't care that I lost a good weapon to an OOC robbery (Other than him being OOC...), but I care that the robberies I've had against me have all been very boring. I've only been on a couple days and I'm already sighing whenever I hear "DROP YOUR GUN, COMPLY OR DIE YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS." There's no entertainment, it's only entertaining to the bandits because they get a shiny new gun. Please, before RP-ing bandits by telling people to run to the coast, plan better. I know a few of the Brotherhood that don't even care for RP it seems as all they do is rob, or if they don't see a good enough weapon, they just run away without any RP.
  7. That's a good thing, Vaan. We need more RP with the bandits that play. People finding lame excuses to execute people needs to end.
  8. // SO MANY DOTS. Honestly though, you like to use "..." a lot it seems. Anyway, are you really leaving? Or just continuing some RP that I completely don't understand why is going on anymore in the thread?
  9. This is 957 characters, it has to be a minimum of 1,000 characters. Technically, it isn't even long enough to be considered at all. You NEED to add a LOT more detail.
  10. Godshelp

    My Balota Buddy

    rip balota buddy 2013-2013 3
  11. Was definitely a different experience role playing fear in that sense that I was about to be eaten by a cannibal! Wish I wasn't as sick so I was able to talk louder and with more expression! Bob is safe in my shoe, I've put padding for him to sleep on.
  12. Entry Whew... out of breath, been running for quite a bit into the trees. Didn't want that... cannibal catching up just in-case. He seemed friendly for the most part, minus wanting to taste my hand and cut my toe off as it was apparently his friend named 'Bob.' I haven't written since I woke up on the beach the first day I arrived in "Chernarus" as I've been told this place is called, very natural and serene when there isn't walking dead around. Decided to visit the location of the ruins of the original Trading Post that other survivors had built, not much remaining there it seems. When I arrived just to check it out in person completely, I met someone named "Stas Boyko" of the Chernarus Liberation Front. Was a very nice guy, even apologized to a fellow that had a bit of a run-in with his group. I definitely admire them now that Stas showed us his Point-of-View about us foreigners landing here in this country. After the other guy left, it was back to just Stas and I. He mentioned someone named "Nine-Toes Zhunk", apparently friendly, however a cannibal and said to just be careful around him. After a while of story sharing, laughs, and being called a naive American, he stepped away to go meet with his comrades as he put it. Just a couple minutes later, I see someone poke his head up over the hill and walking towards me slowly. Beginning to almost cackle as he introduced himself as this Nine-Toes. Fear yet curious to meet him in person, I didn't really know how to feel with the whole cannibal thing I was told about. He offers a handshake, which I'd gladly accept. Almost regretted it when he asked how it tasted and if he could have a taste, the fear began overtaking my curiosity. I just wanted to get out of there. He mentioned he used to be in an asylum... I wonder why, sounds absolutely insane, he does. Cackling like a maniac, wanting to taste my muscle and even mentioning his theories of eating an eye-ball would make sight better, or eating someone's legs would make him run faster. Let's not forget he nearly cut my toe off just because he thinks it's his Bob friend. After he backed up, I stood up and contemplated just running away at that point. I wanted to give him a chance, he really did seem friendly. Friendlier than all the corrupt minds that would rob me of my only pistol leaving me defenseless against the walking dead. I still couldn't stop feeling restless. Walking around, he mentioned getting a fireplace going. Didn't really think too much of it at the time until he actually made the fireplace. I came over, not wishing to sit down but instead standing on the opposite side of Nine-Toes. My fear that he would actually cook me rose too much. It was time I left. I left him a can of sardines, maybe it's as good as human meat if he doesn't read the label... End of Entry // Just wanted to thank Zhunk for the amazing experience. Was a great change from "DROP YOUR GUN, COMPLY OR DIE." that I had a lot of today. Hope more people are creative like this. Definitely one of the most creative things I had seen through RP like this.
  13. I'll definitely come. Can't wait for something this interesting and fun. Will definitely be a nice change from being robbed in the middle of a forest!
  14. // If only people 'involved' posted, wouldn't that mean just you and Nadya? We're all here for some fun to share, and almost everyone who posted is already white-listed and have more than 5 posts. We aren't trying to "ruin" anything. Just wanted to say that.
  15. Dear Matt, I think it's over. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll meet someone else in this zombie infested world.