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    Regarding the server split

    long story short is @Blake speaks the truth and s2 should always be an overflow server and thas on god x
  2. ShanePVP

    Regarding the server split

    youre doing gods work
  3. ShanePVP

    Regarding the server split

    yeah nah blake it wont work valiant effort m8 you finna catch the smoke, boys came at my neck for suggesting this smh
  4. big fucking lmaooooooooooo

  5. ShanePVP

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    User has been warned for this post.
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    this profile offends me change it at once

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  7. "Snapping necks and cashing cheques" - Shane.

    Quote of the day

    1. Osku


      Quoting yourself as the quote of the day...youre better than that Shane.

    2. ShanePVP



  8. Jaden the GOAT don't fucking @ me on god

  9. nah thats not me cant be a wasteman thats not me living at mumsies thats not me them man are clumsy thats not me nah nah thats not me
  10. charged up

  11. image.png.d16b2a5df981fd5d182641b0e4763001.png

    1. Sleepyhead


      it me

    2. ShanePVP
  12. in all fairness tho right its been done before and everythang was gucci might just add a poll tbh or see what the big dawg thinks
  13. bruh I dont care about the 100 player cap this is about not having split servers that is all
  14. I don't know man since I start playing again its usually 50-60 on both and takes a long time to find people it should just go back to the old way and have it locked and I know a good lot of people feel the same way bro I didnt come here for the smoke smh
  15. its definitely not fine as is how is 50 on both servers good, 50 might sound like a lot but its takes fucking ages to find people and when you do its just "hi hello how are you goodbye"
  16. if S2 is opened at 60 thats mad pointless because itll just turn into split servers again 70+ is nice
  17. yeah i actually never thought of that lmao 70+ would do
  18. regardless this is about locking s2 till s1 is full how can having two servers open be good last night it was roughly 50-60 on both servers its just dumb takes ages to find people too
  19. i wasnt here a month ago pal
  20. 100 cap on S1 would be dope not even gonna cap
  21. Don't open S2 till S1 is full because its some annoying having split servers, that is all thots?
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