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"Never Trust Those Who Beith of Long Nose"

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  1. ShanePVP

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

  2. stop killing my friends please fucksake smh
  3. ShanePVP

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

  4. ShanePVP

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    remove stashes too and nerf zombies ty x
  5. ShanePVP

    Shroud's Clipperino's

    Nice kills @Puncture
  6. "On Jah" - Alexei Kosolov
  7. ShanePVP

    Dredgens: Group Profiles

    dont lie
  8. you wildin lions lit especially when ya have a dokkaebi as well and a finka nothing better
  9. ShanePVP

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I mean instead of defending a castle you could of went out and looked for hostile groups to attack catch em off guard ya know
  10. ShanePVP

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    honestly cant be fucked reading all these pages but im already assuming that people have brought up the AlL hOsTiLe GrOuPs Do Is RoB pEoPlE argument like please stop this is clearly not the case if you actually came out of wherever you're hiding and interacted with these hostile groups you'd realise that theres more than just robbing people bet tbh its actually a joke lmao
  11. im down it would be my pleasure to body you boys again
  12. ShanePVP

    Where is all the loot?

    andrey, you've changed please buff loot and nerf zombies the shit is so fucking annoying no guns to kill zombies with and the zombies actually fucking destroy you please do something I beg
  13. i hate people

    1. Watchman


      does people include me

    2. ShanePVP


      whoever aggro'd a zombie on me in novy that got me killed basically

    3. ShanePVP


      also @Watchman please nerf zombies or something shit is so fucking cancer

  14. Fuck me this is still going on, honestly build a bridge i dont see why this such a big deal like honestly if i stumbled across it in game id think itd be funny because of how cringey ERP is lmao, y'all buggin that being said good night and god bless x
  15. ShanePVP

    • ShanePVP
    • Roland


    1. Roland



  16. ShanePVP

    Dredgens [Open Recruitment]

    stay unoriginal bish glhf xx
  17. ShanePVP

    Dredgens [Open Recruitment]

  18. its gamer time 🤠

  19. ty for the help but the game just fixed itself, appreciate yas x
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