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  1. Ayo bro could you stop reading my mind sheesh, look i love ts and prefer it to discord but basically what dusty said the people that made it fun back in the day are either not playing anymore or were sent to the shadow realm so its really not worth bringing it back just leave it the way it is.
  2. HABIBTI!!!! cannot wait to roleplay with you again hop on soon x
  3. had fun roleplaying last night guys!
  4. mainly to become better friends and live long happy and prosporous lives together also to kiss dew
  6. hey nice profile

  7. -REDACTED- Shane Slander was born in REDACTED, REDACTED on 11/10/1996. He had a mediocre upbringing, playing sports but not being particularly good at any of them and often being picked on a lot then one day he finally found something that he was somewhat decent at and that was badminton. After years of playing badminton and wining some trophies his career wasn't starting to look great as not many people were seeing him and it wasn't a very profitable career so he decided to join REDACTED at the age of REDACTED. He was really good at CQC and was donned The Shadow as he would be able to breach enemy lines and infiltrate compounds unnoticed. Unfortunately one day he slipped up and one of his good friends donned The Unseen had to bail him out not shortly after The Unseen had being kicked out and The Shadow decided to follow him. He joined REDACTED, a PMC group which was recently deployed in Chernarus for REDACTED reasons.
  8. excuse me? can I have my avatar back
  9. GROUP LOOKS DOPE BRO!!!!! BEST OF LUCK WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Paddy McCoomer image is a fantastic image and gets my approval

  11. thanks for taking my char song

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