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  1. ShaneKOS

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    why the hate? thought we moved on
  2. ShaneKOS

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    ninja ruins everything
  3. you have to pay for a hood lmao bro im fucking dead

  4. hes not going anywhere mongo
  5. ShaneKOS

    A-Z of Video Games

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  6. @Dew @Alex @Herico that was some nice hide and seek roleplay fellers 

    1. Dew


      2 ez claps

    2. Herico


      Didn't even see the fuckin watchtower, only reason I came honestly.

    3. Noxious


      updating drivers now to see if it'll improve frames

      i'm guessing it won't

  7. ShaneKOS

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    lets post up a click away yeah nice dude *would hit a jig*
  8. just tried that and im running around on the server and haven't got kicked yet so ty roman xx
  9. hi hello hi I cant get onto the server keeps kicking me saying this is not your active character. I have changed the profile name to my characters name and it use to work and now it decided to break again and i did it in the main menu also this game is aids help me fix pls xx
  10. Descendants

    peep it 


  11. ShaneKOS

    Cipher's Avis

    DiCaprio 2 great album