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Shane Is Dead

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"Never Trust Those Who Beith of Long Nose"

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  1. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    thoughts and prayers
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Hebi Kotei

    just as bad maybe even worse go back to being a furry

    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Ehhh, I doubt it. I fucking hate furries.


    2. Rolle


      Is that flaming and OOC hat I see?

    3. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Definitely Rolle.

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      No hat to be seen here

  2. Shane Is Dead


  3. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Staff appreciation thread or Species appreciation thread? love ya @Species <3
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Rolle

    maybe add the council under the dayz or info tab, or am I blind?

    1. Rolle


      Did you miss the word prototype? :D 

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      looks good enough to be added tho ;) 

  4. Community Summit

    v nice
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Hebi Kotei

    You're disgusting 

    • Shane Is Dead
    • Oliv


    1. Mademoiselle


      Exactly how I saw it and this gif even lets you hear the sound without any sound on it...


  5. Shane Is Dead

    oh joyner

  6. Real life picture Thread

  7. Shane Is Dead

    Pull up skrt

    1. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      You're like years late bro.

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Am I not allowed appreciate a good song hmmmmm 🤔

  8. Airsofting

    m e r c h a n t
  9. GOT The Hound Appreciation Thread

  10. GOT The Hound Appreciation Thread

    New Ross is worse
  11. GOT The Hound Appreciation Thread

    Game of Thrones is trash
  12. The Deal With It Attitude

    Seemingly so.
  13. Overwatch Team League

    I would tipper tap you all

  15. Teamspeak and Discord

    Nope urite, discord is trash
  16. Teamspeak and Discord

    Discord is trash
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Dom

    Got the job


    1. Dom


      Well done lad

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      soound pal

    3. Oliv


      congrats man

    • Shane Is Dead
    • Raptor

    Great song tbh

    1. Raptor


      Ty ty old Drake is the best Drake tbh

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Old n new are lit tbh

    3. Raptor


      To each our own ;)

  17. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    So yeah I am gonna go ahead and assume that a lot of people here play Escape From Tarkov or have heard of it so I decided to make this thread. Post anything EFT related here, ask for tips, ask for teammates or even make trades among yourselves. Below I will link the EFT subreddits and a link to their forums and if you don't have the game and are on the fence about buying it I will also link some videos of Tarkov streamers and hopefully you will make up your mind after checking out a video or two! Forum: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/ Buy it here: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Weapons and Attachments Megathread: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/35903-weapons-and-attachments-mega-thread/ Escape From Tarkov: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/ Escape From Tarkov (Trading): https://www.reddit.com/r/TarkovTrading/ DevilDogGamer: https://www.twitch.tv/thedevildoggamer DeadlySlob: https://www.twitch.tv/deadlyslob Kotton: https://www.twitch.tv/kotton Weapon Modification Guide Tips For Beginners More Up To Date Beginners Guide Prapor Tasks Guide Skier Tasks Guide Therapist Tasks Guide Peacekeeper Tasks Guide I'm pretty sure that I missed some stuff feel free to hmu with videos or whatever you think I missed and ill be sure to add it to the OP, with that being said feel free to discuss anything Tarkov related on this thread and don't forget to post pics of your loot whore stashes Sound for the gfx @Sleepyhead
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Hebee

    comment for bean

    1. Hebee


      lol wat

    2. WesternRP



    3. Hebee



  18. Shane Is Dead