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  1. Hex

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    Chatting with Vegas as I loot the tent area, he tells us that he has guys chasing him around the red roof barn just South of the North West airfield. I start to move that way as soon as he tells us that and I move South out of the airfield and start to run that way, passing through fields and treelines. I run a little to far South and end up a little closer to Lopatino and alter course back to my intended destination. I hear gunshots from the treeline a few hundred meters ahead of me and go there. By the time I get there, the hostiles have fled and those that dident died. I shot no one.
  2. Hex

    Legion Corporation Media Thread

    Tossed that frag up, killed the dude with the frag then dead sprinted up the stairs and killed another in a bathroom who had a SAW. Was a good time.
  3. Sent to Syria in the special advisory role in 2011, Nikita and his team served the Assad regime to the best of their ability. After the intense urban combat of Aleppo, Nikita and his closest brothers decided to move to the private sector. Hearing of a potential new job with Legion Corporation they packed up and set out for an interview. Hired as a package deal, this group of men were given pseudo-autonomy within Legion Corporation. Referred to on the inside as the "Acquisitions Department", they served as the harsh right hand of Corporate. No names, no faces, no games was the slogan for these men. If Corporate needed a job done, they called acquisitions. With the current deployment of Legion nearing its end, Corporate wants to send fresh faces to research the potential weaponization of the virus. Hence why they have been deployed to the region.
  4. Hex

    Never Formally Introduced!

    Welcome, hope you continue to have a great time here!
  5. Hex


  6. Hex

    Large Groups

    So what you are saying is that, large groups have a sphere of influence around them that can force other groups near them to do what they want/play how they want or are forced to move? Yeah thats how it would work in real life.
  7. Hex

    New Raiding bases rule

    Truth be told, trading is not as good as many believe and not the solution to loot saturation. trade implies that both parties have something they each want. When I come up to a trade post with the intention of trading for an m4, chances are I don’t have anything that would be of equal value besides another assault rifle. If I don’t have anything of value, people don’t want to trade and if I do have stuff of value, chances are I don’t need to trade anything because I already have gear and a decent gun. This is the issue, it still overstocks the trader with shit that people will most likely never need or trade therefore overflowing their stash with junk, countless rifles no one will trade for and more. without some sort of currency or resource like in early dayz mods, such as Epoch where one sold items for gold or whatever to use to buy things from NPC traders, the whole trading RP thing generally just means you are a walking loot pile for some bandits. As for the topic of the thread, why enforce more OOC rules to make the wasteland more bitchmade? It should not be a safe place to store 5000 guns and hundreds and thousands of rounds of ammo. Why do I give two fucks about who’s base it is and if I’ve talked to them. If I want something in that base and I have the means to take it, I’m gonna get in there and take what I want. That is literally Dayz. Don’t like your base getting raided? Hide it better. Don’t want your base being found? Don’t build a fucking fortress, build small. It’s simple stuff. modern problems require modern solutions.
  8. Hex

    Griefing Rule Clarification

    Also gonna stop you there. Lets just define what GearRP is shall we? Gear RP is pretty much the desire for nothing but someone else's gear or kit, thus usually leading to them robbing someone with no real RP other then a simple 'drop weps ten secs, run north' sort of deal. It is indeed ok to rob someone for their gear provided that you actually roleplay with the hostages and dont focus on all the loot they had during said roleplay. I'd say something similar for people who horde vast quantities of guns and gear for no real reason. I'll speak to this against the folks on Prison island who, from what we saw had what seemed to be literally hundreds of crates around....and that was only one server one, which we know you have an even more build up base on server two, leading me to believe there would be double the amount of crates and tents there. Obsessively hording and cycling stuff that spawns from the three barracks on the island plus what spawns in the prison itself feels quite gear oriented, then you cry gear RP when you get raided for the first time in what I'd imagine to be months considering how you guys dont let anyone in normally or even come out to talk to most visitors to the island. The second to last time I came to the island, you all did not even open the doors to come outside, you jumped off the rooftop ( a 2/3 story drop, injuring yourselves in the process ) then came to talk to us. RP does not need to be more heavily enforced, it needs room to breathe otherwise it suffers from being to constricted and gets dull.
  9. Hex

    Griefing Rule Clarification

    I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there. If you did not want the tents for storing gear, why did you take them then? Because you could? That would make the point of you tossing stuff on the ground thrice as damning then. Personally, if you are gonna raid a compound then do it properly, don't run in, quickly drop useless stuff from tents and then run away. Its comparable to a 10 second robbery where you tell someone hands up, drop everything or die then run south. You were afraid of retribution of the camp owners? Yeah you should be considering its two large groups base pretty much, but it doesn't make it right that you ran in, quickly grabbed the tents then dipped out. That's not really roleplay, that is, nearly by definition, gear RP.
  10. Hex

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    Hex's PoV: We are going to the prison island after discovering one of our stolen cars parked at the beach right before the island. We head over, though by the time I'm in the water swimming to the final part of the island, I hear the megaphone initiation telling everyone on the island to put their hands in the air, no more or less. a firefight breaks out and devolves into a like 4/6 hours siege. people die, people kill and eventually I die 15 minutes or so after we made entry into the prison, searching for the last survivor.
  11. Hex

    S1: NewLifeRule at Prison Island

    Oh boy, I’ll keep this as to the point as possible. Hex’s PoV: we attack the island, we fight and kill some, lose some. Call reinforcements for supplies as the fight drags into a 4 hour siege. I channel my Inner Iron Warrior and begin to craft the siege works to break their fortress. Meanwhile my other battle brothers continue to hammer the walls with grenades. At about the start of the fourth hour, we have broken through the main tunnel and I abandon my siege tower to make the final push. About 6 of us remaining and we charge through, take a few losses as we kill one defender guarding the breach and spread out into the compound to savagely murderize anyone surviving. Find what we believe is the last guy, he peeks and slays myself and two others, one as he located him, one down the hallway at the same time and myself as I charge him about 15 seconds later. I die and head off to my warriors rest.
  12. Hex

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Liam Sinclair Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman/marksman Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: No Group Name: Legion Primary Phase: 2 Reserve Phase: 4
  13. Hex

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    We can make a pro R6 team of you come back to us Brandon
  14. Hex

    Tweak Intermediate Rifles

    How about we make the M4 do slightly less damage then the AKM because of the bullet size. My has a faster round but a smaller one, AKM has a bigger but slower round. truthfully just crank all the damage values to max on every gun so they are all viable. Getting shot with a 9mm should hurt just as much as being shot with a 5.56....you just got shot and have a literal hole through your body. Fuck it
  15. Hex

    Time acceleration

    Considering there are PLENTY of light sources, some of which are easy to carry and even night vision goggles in game, I wouldent mind seeing more night time. Also considering the servers crash about an hour or two in, thus leading to a reset of the day-night clock, we almost never see night time. I'd like more night.
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