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  1. Hex

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Not counting the jug armor, because your average player wont wear that. So you can use either the 6b5 or plate. 2 options. I dont see why it being crafted makes it less inclined to have protection against gunfire? If proliferation is an issue, players find just as many plate carriers, plus you need to have the correct materials to make it. So instead of just finding a plate carrier, you find scrap metal. Same thing in truth. People are still gonna wear the damn thing because its different, but its just kinda silly to nerf something to the point of uselessness because its a contender with other items.
  2. Hex

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Honestly I understand the reasoning, but in truth, the plate carrier has zero opposition in terms of protection, if you look at any other game almost 100% of the time they will have alternatives to protection. I felt like this could have been DayZ's big opposition to the plate carrier and it being a pretty good difference in style as well. I agree the protection should not be above a plate carrier, but perhaps a little closer? maybe 45 or 40%? Just to give people the actual reasoning to wear it....or whats the point of even having it? There are loads of other vests that give protection, but nothing that can beat a plate carrier or even come close. I think the 6b5 is the only vest that comes close to its protection values.
  3. Hex

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Well thats disappointing. Back to everyone wearing plate carriers it seems.
  4. Hex

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    In relation to the plate carrier and other armor sources, where does the improvised armor stand?
  5. So I'm fairly certain that it goes through a process, but players dont see it. It would not be added in unless it had the blessing of staff. As for the topic of 'its too OP' alright? its supposed to be a strong point. It is not supposed to be easy to attack unless you are skilled, have numbers or the defenders lack numbers. It is not so easy to just bum-rush in and get cheeky kills, you have to plan and work around problems. Prison island is pretty difficult to attack itself, especially when built up...but people still do it?
  6. As someone who has handled barbed wire in real life, walking on it, handling it and shit like that is usually not a problem. By the looks of it, that barbed wire is basic, the type anyone thinks about when someone says 'barbed wire'. The barbs are pretty spaced out and the wire itself is pretty tough, so if made taut enough, one could feasibly walk on it safely with just a pair of half-decent boots. Considering most of the buildings and structures were built up during the Soviet era, I doubt the wire is all that sharp anymore. C-wire however would be a bit different, instead of barbs spaced every 12 inches or so, it has razors pretty much spaced every 4-5 inches which is a metric pain to handle and walking on it is difficult as fuck if its set up on the ground. All and all, its not a problem IG.
  7. I'm amazed this turned into a 2 thread merger of now 6 pages. Quite frankly who gives two fucks? You go to a town, see the well is blocked off, you either deal with it or move on and find another well. The shit Corp has blocked off is like maybe 2 or 3 wells on the south coast? they have not blocked off 30+ wells in the most populated part of the map, they are doing it with a few wells nearest to their base. Once more, who cares. I do see where people can get annoyed about this, as not everyone can find chlorine tablets and antibiotics easily. The new loot table/update by DayZRP has done looting little favors, infact has made commonly and easily horded items almost never spawn it seems. I havent seen antibiotics spawn in game in at least a week and only find them on dead players...that have a few to many bullet wounds. As for chlorine tabs, well much longer. Realistically though, if you know those wells are blocked, why go there? let alone go there unprepared if you know they are blocked. Seems like piss poor planning and an unwillingness to adapt to IC problems through IC means. People bitching about IC stuff on an OOC forum is how so much shit gets stirred up and makes the community take a huge fucking plunge into the SJW side. TL:DR: Stop bitching, get over it.
  8. From a young age, Doyle was always a big kid, though despite that, older kids and bullies tried their hand at pushing him around. Doyle fought each one with a savage fury, pounding them bloody with his bare fists each time, teaching them all a lesson if they decided to try and push him around. Gaining a level of notoriety for such schoolyard beatdowns, Doyle was never one to initiate such things, he would defend himself whenever the need arose. With his little brother Cormac he fell in with the other boys from Elddis, boys like him who did what they needed to do, eventually traveling from their homes in their later years, ending up in Chernarus over the span of time they traveled.
  9. Jodani Hexov's PoV We head to the prison island with some of the boys looking for some extra gear as we had poked around it the other day and found an extreme amount of high grade weapons ( like 15 ak's per tent sort of thing ) so we were hoping to grab more today. On the way down we spot what seems like 5 or so people standing around, we drive another 50 meters or so before we actually end up stopping and we hop out. The group instantly books it North, I see a group of two break off on the west and the other three further east. We chase after them because originally we just wanted to talk, but anyone who runs obviously is running for a reason. a few of us catch up to Pip while a handful of us push further into the treeline to search for those missing. We chat with Pip for a period of time, probably 5-10 minutes, though she seems to want to leave and that she has no idea who we are talking about. At this point we point out that we know they are Kamenichi just because of how they dress, with Gorka top and blue jeans being the signature Kamenichi style pioneered by the original Kamenichi boys. We try to get Pip to move away from the open area and come with us, but she wont budge without us initiating it seems despite there being overwhelming numbers against her so we eventually initiate. I raise my weapon on her as well, confident that the rest of her group ( no more then 4 to my knowledge now ) would be halfway to Green Mountain by now with how they were running. As we move her South, I go afk to grab pizza because I was a hungry boi and jump in the truck with one of my favorite Irishmen @KordrugaRP so he could chauffeur me about while I stuff my face with pizza. When I return I hear the shots of the hostage being executed for not complying to what was ordered of her to do ( dropping her radio ) We go to prison island, waste like another 30 minutes there before driving North again and get lit up by a whole bunch of fella's while passing the military base. The only thing I herd anyone way was 'Dobry' or something like that. They shoot as we near and we push through, with a number of us getting bugged in the back and unable to exit the vehicle. I attempt to relog quickly, but my game crashes in the process. I try again and I get in only to see one of the dudes standing in front of me looting one of my boys. I shoot him, expecting there only to be maybe 3 more at this point as I've only seen 5 total run from us earlier and Pip being dead and this other guy being dead too, I figured my odds were ok and I had a pretty damn good close quarters weapon being the MP7. I get caught on dead bodies in the back of the truck as I try to move and die.
  10. Growing up poor and homeless for the vast majority of his childhood, Jordani stayed with his mother and father wherever they managed to find shelter. While life was hard, the family was loving and did what they could to provide for each other within the confines of the law. Growing up into a young adult, the families situation improved only slightly up until one night while on the streets, Jordani's mother and father were robbed and killed by a Muslim immigrant with the young Jordani having seen it all from across the steet. With not much he could do, he begged and pleaded with the police to do something, though their own hands were tied with no evidence beside Jordani's testimony to prove the mans guilt. The man was released and no further charges were followed. This lead Jordani into a deep anger, the inescapable position he was in and the helplessness he felt as he was left alone. Seeking something to bring stability in his life, he joined the Russian military, serving for a term of service before leaving. During his years in the military, his hatred for the lone Immigrant man morphed into something ugly, fueled by the militaristic lifestyle and by the combined thoughts and opinions of others in the military it turned to a hate of all non-white races and other religions. Finding himself aimless and with pent up rage, he explored militia groups who he could devote himself to the cause, of fighting back where the law could not. This is where he met Konstantin Nintinskovich and the RNU, following them through warzones until eventually traveling to Chernarus.
  11. Yes. There should be actual threat in area's of high tier loot in general. Nothing forces players to go to these area's to get weapons, civilian weapons and others can be found in many other places. Most players cant/wont roleplay without looking like a super cool dude dressed in all black with an M4, AKM, pistol and Mp7 all tucked away in their backpack.
  12. In truth you would not have even gotten into the base if this was real life and occupied by a force the size of Anarchy. Anarchy is a 35 member group, you think that if this was real life we would not have rotating guard shifts to keep people from slipping inside and stealing? So if you are gonna take the 'Oh in real life you would already have been captured' bullshit, you would have not even gotten inside. Ya'll raided at like 1 in the morning, certainly not prime time for anyone with a normal sleep schedule. Also its not avoiding the rules if he dident break any, if Severson had died it would have been NVFL, but he dident, so he dient break any rules. This sort of situation has been ruled plenty of times in the favor of the defenders. Many many many times we would go into compounds, clear them and have a whole group log in on our heads. Its not ghosting or anything because thats just where we logged out. Raiding a base comes with risk and this is one of them.
  13. Hex's PoV: The vast majority of us are offline playing other games because there is not much going on in the RP server at like 1AM. Severson logs on to quickly check in on our base and catches people inside looting, cutting off locks and generally tossing gear everywhere. They initiate on him for being Chedaki....which makes no sense but alright...and he no comply's, killing two and calling everyone in. They are raiding our base, the base belongs to us so realistically we would be staying there IC while asleep. I log in, accidentally shoot Oraim a few times because he probably deserved it, clear some the area before pushing forward and engaging two. I knock one and die by the other. Obviously Severson believed you to be sloppy raiders and took his chances, he came out on top and killed two of you off the break without even getting a scratch on him so its not even NVFL. its been well over 2 years into the apocalypse and if you havent had several guns pointed at you at least once, then you are lucky. IC we are used to such things and even a day or two ago we went 11v30 and still came out on top easily. We have little to fear simple because you have a numbers advantage that was soon taken away. Ultimately this was a salt report as shown by the screenshots and even the discord messages in the DayZ channel.
  14. Chatting with Vegas as I loot the tent area, he tells us that he has guys chasing him around the red roof barn just South of the North West airfield. I start to move that way as soon as he tells us that and I move South out of the airfield and start to run that way, passing through fields and treelines. I run a little to far South and end up a little closer to Lopatino and alter course back to my intended destination. I hear gunshots from the treeline a few hundred meters ahead of me and go there. By the time I get there, the hostiles have fled and those that dident died. I shot no one.
  15. Tossed that frag up, killed the dude with the frag then dead sprinted up the stairs and killed another in a bathroom who had a SAW. Was a good time.
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