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  1. Yeah I'm fine with this sort of rule honestly, however if it was to become official then we would have to take a serious look at how one gains execution rights. Perhaps we could ease into something like this? We could use factions as the first stage of this to see how it could effect the server as a whole. Factions are supposed to be held to a higher standard as they merit more special rules and the ability to start a settlement. Why not have it so interactions between settlement groups have permanent death results should characters die in the conflicts between the two factions. If that works then start bleeding the rule into other groups and finally into every player. I dunno I like the idea and the risk but I'm worried that it will make dayzrp more 'cliquey' and people will really stick to the remote areas to avoid someone possibly killing their character. This is truely one of those things that could be good for the server or bad.
  2. "Do you want to trade?" "I thought this was an RP server" "what kind of ak is that you have?" "I just woke up" "last thing I knew I was here" "I went to Chernarus on vacation" "I used to be a *insert military group member here* before I ended up here" in text - "I'm a girl" "can I at least get my sniper back?" "I like to wear this ghillie suit" "I wear this gas mask to cover up my scars" - mega fuck you for this one. "your not leaving me with any chance of survival!" "they call me....*insert edgy fuckboi name that no one actually calls you*" "we're taking the hobbits to eisenguard" "I'm looking for my son" "I'm looking for my daughter " "I'm looking for my wife" "My Wife" "i have *insert arbitrary bullshit number* of kills" "I'm gonna torture you for no reason" "should we search him for a radio? Nah."
  3. As someone who has been here in one way or another for a little over three years now, I have seen a good number of things. I have seen the good, I have seen the bad. The truth of the matter as I see it is that what Jimmy posted is true, people are putting forth the bare minimum effort and expecting the world. With everyone trying to 'win' DayZRP, there will ultimately be no winner, everyone will lose. To me this has all been a long time coming and I saw this trend forming back during the end of mod days, where you had people calling others 'Campfire RP'ers" and such, that trend, that divide between 'campfire rp' and 'RPvP', has done more damage to our community then any other event. This also brought about the total disconnect between IC and OOC, which tears at the community the most these days then I have ever seen, it is the festering wound that lingers, never to be cured. We as a community have become something so entirely different, something so far from what we once were, I'd imagine that the community a few years ago would have considered what we have become a joke or a failing sideproject thats destined to fail. We were once so full of life, not even in server numbers, but in the sheer joy of RP and wanting to have fun, to create a new story, but as old members left and new blood was brought in, the mindset changed and thus the community changed. To me it was our fault that the community is like this, those who have been here the longest, those who think themselves to be the best because we outlasted. We set the poorest of examples, we thought ourselves above the rules, above the standards, thinking them for puny whitenames only. In our hubris we showed them a terrible side of the community that should never been shown to new players, instead they latched onto it, spread it to other new players like a virus, a rotting plague that swept across every new player who thought 'oh hey thats just how the server is' and let it happen or propagated such behavior. To be honest as I type this I'm filled with an awful melancholy, that for however much we say 'oh its not my fault this is happening' and quickly turn to blame someone else, I know that I need not look farther then myself for who to blame for what this community has become. It is time for change, not a change of rules, not a change of staff, not increasing the difficulty of the whitelist, but a change in ourselves. For this community to return to what it once was, we all have to make a change, to not just do the bare minimum, to put forth the effort even if it hurts, to take the extra hour to work on something or inform the community on a possible project, to forgive a long time enemy, to put your hands up and put forth your best hostage RP or torture RP, to think to yourself 'perhaps we dont need to rob him, we can talk and maybe go on an adventure together'. This community has been around for a long time, it has seen members rise and fall, stories told and forgotten, friends made and lost, but the one thing we must realize if we are to continue is that we are all playing here together, with each other, not against each other. #ChangeForTheBetter
  4. what is this????

    Seriously how did anyone think this was a good idea? I'm sorry but thats simply fucking retarded by all measure and a heavy handed approach to the community. If a group is weak and cant defend their shit, then they should get fucking ruined by stronger. This is supposed to be the apocalypse, not hello kitty online adventure. We already have enough rules defending settlements but now this kind of shit? what about the small groups that have beef but dont require 40 people to do something? Many times there have been small groups of 5-8 people that have fucking wrecked groups three times their size, even going against settlements and CR's with their rules on their side. Seeing shit like this makes me worry about who is just changing these rules and not thinking of the consequences.
  5. Ban the use of silenced scorpion until a patch fixes it.

    And the problem here is...?
  6. Arma 3 RP

    Hello everyone, Lately I've been trying to think of some fun additions to the DayZRP community and I think I've got something that could be good, Arma 3 RP. Now to say this first, DayZRP does not have a good history with side projects in that they usually die off within a few weeks or a month max, with all attention diverting back to DayZ and rightfully so. That being said, the idea had to be flexible enough to actually be able to work when people were in the mood for it, something that could be up and have players to fill empty slots as opposed to a ghost town draining money. The idea itself is pretty simple, utilizing Zeus or pre-existing missions in general with a custom mod pack, let people RP throughout a story line in an almost D&D esq way, where people could develop characters in different situation depending on who is 'DMing' essentially. Example: Someone in the Zeus slot has created a custom mission while the party, a squad of five who are roleplaying as private contractors operating in a war torn region of Africa, kit up in their base of operations before heading into the briefing room so that the DM can explain to them the situation and their current mission. The mission outlined is where the team has to move into a town and destroy a weapons cache used by the local rebels. Utilizing Zeus, the DM can effectivly jump into the body of any NPC or enemy or friendly encountered by the group in a very D&D fashion, using them to chat with the party as the character he took over, play the roll of a single sniper or a friendly unit assisting the party. The party, being so small and fighting a much larger force has to specialize in what they take with them as they can only carry so much equipment, thus giving rise to individual roles within the group. I dunno what people will think of this but I think it could be the base for something that could be a fun little side project thats not super serious, just something to pass the time or do something a little different or have people tell interesting stories for others to indulge in. I do know that all this sounds terribly like a life mod, but its not really so large or persistent, the only real thing that would be persistent would be the story of your character. Thoughts?
  7. While in a perfect world I would agree to this, stating it's more realistic and helps people take in character relations much more seriously. I think this would be a very mature and serious thing to add into the community, but that's really where the issues arise. Many people enjoy just messing about really, eager to continue the same cycle over and over, catch bad guys, firefight, with hostages, execute them or let them go for them to continue this all over again. Most are fine with endlessly fighting a war they have no business fighting because they lose every fight only to shit talk on the radio the next day. I would like something like this to come about but it will never become so due to it being able to end a characters story and no one wants that.
  8. Hearing the once dead frequency come to life, Foster is more shocked then anything. He hadent herd anything from his brothers in a good number of months, having been living on his own in the relative peace of the more heavily wooded areas in the region. "Bobby, that really you lad....? You know I could never never let a brother face the end by himself, I'll be seein' ya' at the rock" He says as he sets his radio aside, taking a deep breath and exhaling, unsure what the future will hold next, but excited to make something of himself.
  9. Liam hears the 'broadcast' and cant help but chuckle some, he had to give the guy a little credit, better to try doing something rather then to fade into obscurity. "Listen fella, I would have more confidence in what your saying, but I'm quite sure that ' Leamer' is not in the military phonetic alphabet, which somewhat damages anyone taking you seriously."
  10. This has been happening to me terribly so lately and I think it is not the fault of the server, just days being days. I had terrible rubber banding to the point where whenever I would run into people, they would be about 15 or 20 feet away from me because that's where my body was to them.
  11. The Plantation - Settlement [S1]

    Been here twice in two days and havent seen a soul here, this place even a thing anymore?
  12. Only issue I see is the fact that you wish to take and control a city as large as novo, but at the same time keep your group secretive and stuff. That's not going to happen, you can do one or the other but not both.
  13. DayZRP Groups

    I like it. It gives people a higher standard to be held to for groups
  14. New Settlement Rules

    And what group was that good sir, because I'm curious.