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  1. Hex

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    Without a doubt, the new patch will bring in LOADS, literal fucktons of players, old and new. It happens every patch, without fail. Every new update there is wave.
  2. Hex

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    I think the current decision to simply open another server is the best possible decision. Lets players who want to play on it do so, everyone else who wishes to wait to do that as well. Best of both worlds.
  3. Hex

    Question about ooc hate

    I'm a fan of doing nothing about OOC hate as long as it doesnt spill into IC behavior as everyone is entitled to their opinions and thoughts, provided they stay as those. I think that talking things out rarely solves the problem, infact generally makes it worse in more cases because it will just boil down to accusations, name calling and blame with neither side walking away any better. Everyone should have respect for each other yes, but this is the real world and everyone does not get along. The issue is that people take IC actions as slights against them OOC. Oh that person robbed me, he must hate me. That group is targeting us even though their lore totally states they would be against my group, they must hate us OOC. The list goes on.
  4. Hex

    Question about ooc hate

    Your example given is pretty extreme even for this community. There exists a pretty hefty amount of OOC hate in the community, however a great deal of it is simply people talking shit in teamspeak, generally little translates into IG in any meaningful way. Many people confuse IC and OOC these days however so the line in continuously blurred to the point of insanity, people cant seem to differentiate IC from OOC anymore. A fine example of this is the report that went up not to long ago dealing with a big robbery incident at the pavlovo military base. The recorded proof of the report had a good dose of OOC hate in it, however none of it made its way into the game as the players continued to play through said events without any of that disdain effecting their IC behaviors. Simply put, OOC hate is a tricky thing to deal with, it boarders into the territory of peoples personal opinions, and censoring things people say in the confidence of their own TS channels is fucking stupid. As long as it doesnt spill out into IG and IC things, who cares....
  5. Hex

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    I'm down. +1
  6. Hex

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    Wow these are damn good. Would love to see more done.
  7. Hex

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Yes, I'm impossibly happy the stamina bar is being implemented. With this change, a slew of new features become reasonable, Weight of the loadout your choosing, having to decide how much food, ammo, weapons you can carry and still remain mobile. Along with this, keeping you from simply afk running away from zombies, you will have to stealth them or kill them should they come after you, there will be almost no more running away ( Unless you have a light loadout ). Overall it adds to the survival experience and slows the pace of the game down, which is not a bad thing, it makes players move at a more measured pace compared to this insane deadsprint 100% of the time. As a member of the military currently, I can tell you its really fucking not fun to run at full speed with a full pack of 50+ pounds carrying a full loadout of plate carrier, rifle, magazines +ammo and anything else, its literally draining. I just hope they add more vehicles to off set the increased time it takes to traverse the map.
  8. Hex

    Nordic Battlegroup Media Thread

    Looks great, love the pictures so far. Looks like ya'll are working that merc skin from the good old mod days~
  9. Hex

    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

    Hm, Not much in way of the current lore, however its got me interested, especially with the goals. I'd love to see more development in terms of what the group is about within its own lore, some driving motives and such, how did the group come together. But I think it certainly has potential. Good luck!
  10. Hex


    Ah, finally made that crazy Crusader character I've been thinking of for literally weeks. Shame I wont probably play him for a while.

  11. Growing up to a modest, Christian, upper middle class family, Gabriel Anderson had as normal a childhood as any. From a young age, Gabriel was always interested in history, he adored reading about past empires and battles, dreamed about visiting the ancient places where kingdoms once stood, of holding history in his hands. His particular favorite piece of history was that of Medieval period, and more specifically, The Crusades. This desire to learn more about that specific point in time, was driven home by Gabriel's Christian teachings in school and at home, he wanted to learn about his religion, the good and the bad. Throughout his youth this was Gabriel's goal, though it changed several times as he grew. From wanting to become an archaeologist digging up forgotten relics to finally his desire to become a teacher of history. Gabriel's dreams were put on hold for a time however and in 2002, at the age of 19, Gabriel joined the United States Marine Corps and chose the life of an infantry Marine. This landed him in the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines based out of Camp Lejeune and not far from home all things considered. He was a good Marine and a better person, most joking that he was a Navy chaplain in disguise as he quoted from the bible nearly as much as the assigned chaplain did. All things considered, it was a life he was content to live, the work was hard, but it felt good. In 2003, 8th Marines were to make up a portion of the force in the invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Gabriel was going with him. 8th Marines did their jobs, taking place in some of the heaviest fighting in Nasiriyah and putting down the forces there, it was close and bloody and Gabriel lost a number of friends and having a number of close calls himself. Eventually they were rotated home and within another few years, Gabriel left the Marine Corps after his four year enlistment. Life in the civilian world was not as easy as he had remembered it, after going through heavy combat, the world simply looked different. Many of Gabriel's friends confided in him to see help, that there may be something wrong with him, though he put his faith in God and carried on. He moved on with his life, forgot about the bloody fighting in that forsaken city, he went to school once more and received his degree in teaching history. He worked at a respectable college teaching, enjoying his work thoroughly and even finding the love of his life Samantha and marrying her. Life was going good, though it was not ment to last it seemed, as Gabriel began to develop signs of a brain tumor. Once his days would be spent teaching room fulls of students, his days had changed to long days spent at the hospitals and in chemo therapy, sapping him of his strength and will to life. It took nearly a year of fighting until Gabriel finally went into remission, and after a long recovery process, he was back on his way to good health. Nearly a year later, Samantha surprised Gabriel with a trip, a cruise that traveled near and around Europe, Samantha even hinting at a few stops at some historic locations. That was all that was needed to drive him into going with her, thoughts of the places they could visit already being planned out in his head. The ship was named "Costa Risacca" and he and nearly 3,000 other individuals were aboard, a staggering number to Gabriel, but the ship brought them East to the Mediterranean, Gabriel almost unable to contain his excitement. The trip was going well, though one night, Gabriel began to show signs of relapse, his memory began to diminish, he couldn't remember his own name some times and a slew of other symptoms came flooding back at the worst possible time. During this time unforeseen storms hammered the ship and with a great crash, the ship struck a large rock formation before it could seek shelter in a port and began to sink. in the confusion, Gabriel and Samantha were separated as many rushed to the life rafts. The storm itself battered the tiny vessels, tossing them around, bashing them against some of the same formations that had claimed the cruise liner, Gabriel was in one of those unfortunate ships, his in particular being dashed against a small island just off the mainland of South Zagoria. When he awoke, he was alone, soaking wet and half frozen to death on an island. Training kicked in, though his memories were foggy, where was he? what was he doing here? Questions flowed though he had few answers to quell them. He could remember little of how he ended up here, though the broken ship and scattered bodies of those less fortunate told him he had been in a crash. He remembered fighting in Iraq, he remembered the great battles of the crusades through his years of study, his damaged mind blending the two great events together in a tangible psychosis that Gabriel could not discern from reality. In his mind he had fought in the Crusades, he had slain the heretic under the command of God himself, he was a warrior of the Lord, once clothed in the holy cross and armed with gleaming blade. He could believe nothing else, he could think about nothing else, but he knew that with the grace of God we would survive and by Gods will he would carry out judgement of the heretic, the unholy and the sinner. Gabriel had always wanted to hold history in his hands....now he was forever trapped in it.
  12. Hex

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    So I'll chime in here some. The server has always hated hostile RP, always. Through all of Standalone and back to the days of the mod, people have hated it, rebelled against it and generally done anything to get out of being robbed or hostile role play. Now the key difference in what is happening now compared to then is simple the community has changed drastically. During the mod days, if there was a big group ( Or sometimes small rogue groups ) that were going around and robbing people, creating hostile roleplay ( No matter how good or bad ) then most organized groups at the time would gather their forces, alliance up and go after these hostile groups to destroy them. It was not an easy thing to do and required IC negotiations, time and effort to be put into it all, but usually things went well and groups fought back their enemies in game. These days, people confuse IC and OOC more then ever, seemingly taking every IC slight against their characters the same as if the person had come to their house and killed their dog. Well instead of going all John Wick, these people complain, bitch, moan, and sit on their asses hoping that the person gets banned. This behavior is fucking beyond toxic and has been allowed to flourish for far to long. Many times it can be see, within recent reports or live streams of internal chatting between members talking about 'potential rulebreaks' or 'hoping they are banned' and things of this nature. So much focus on the fact that because they dont follow the same RP style as you, means they are trash and ruining the game for you, that you cant even just play the game and deal with the situations at hand. Players these days will happily push everything into an OOC context when it has no place being there, everyone here is just trying to play the game their way and have fun doing it. As in life, If everyone wins, nobody does. Onto the matter of the group. Anarchy will most likely become a full on group and I see little reason for this thread, yes polls are nice, but polls effect the group process even less then polls effect the rules. Really all this thread is doing is putting the spotlight back on Anarchy when it doesnt need to be there, they are already a very infamous group it seems ( I dunno, I never herd of them before this so it must have come about during my time away ) but drawing more attention to them only increases the number of people who will pick at them and attempt to find flaws. Just let shit happen.
  13. Hex


    I think in the first time in playing DayZSA, I finally got an O- character. I'm a universal donor!

    1. Zanaan


      I've seen your future



    2. Hex


      Thats about right haha. Good thing im playing a semi-medical character~

  14. Born in the city of Belozersk, Anya was raised by her two loving parents, Tavor and Alexia. Their family was a loving one, even with Anya's father being Russian and her mother Chernarussian. The family lived and worked in the city, though whenever possible, Anya's father would take her out to the country side to get away from the city scape, to see and enjoy nature, to hunt and fish, he believed that there was more to life then the concrete and pavement of the city. Anya proved to be a good shot with her fathers old rife, her father taking a level of pride in the skills he was teaching to his daughter. It was not until Anya reached the age of ten did conflict begin to arise, power struggle and violence plagued Chernarus once more and Anya and her family were forced to move, her father taking them North and into Russia where his relatives lived. There Anya was safe once more and continued on with her life, her father obtaining the required documents for citizenship for Anya and her mother. Their stay in Russia was longer then expected, with the conflict never seeming to fully die down in Chernarus. Anya took this opportunity to join the Russian military in an attempt to get out and see more of the world. While in the military, Anya was trained as a medic and assigned a number of places around Russia itself during her term of service before getting out at the age of 26. Upon her exit of the military, Anya returned to her family who had been debating returning to Chernarus now that the fighting had lessened. Her father was against it, they were living comfortably where they were now, while her mother wished to return to her homeland. Anya was the deciding vote, stuck between her mother and father, she chose to return to her home, Russia never felt like home, though it was close. During their time in transit, the initial infection began to take its toll on the country and within a short period, its boarders were closed in an attempt at quarantine. Despite the government forces and assistance for NATO, the infection became to large a threat and society began to crumble. During this time, Anya and her family had been caught in Belozersk while attempting to gather supplies before heading up to one of the hunting cabins Anya and her father had used during their many hunting trips all those years ago. Anya was separated from her mother and father, losing them in a great crowd of civilians fleeing in terror from the oncoming tide of infected. She ran, doing what she could to hide from he infected in the dense woodlands nearby, surviving as best she could, only seeking supplies when she could not provide for herself.
  15. Hex

    Iron Harvest 1920

    This is totally my shit right now. I'm not a big fan of RTS that much, but the aesthetic on this is something I'm really interested in.