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  1. Hex

    Building limitations

    While this is technically true by sheer fact that there are no distinct rules for it on DayZRP, its probably in poor taste to attempt to block off high loot area's like barracks at NWAF. Realistically if you have the group numbers to do it and hold it, it would prove no problem, but this is a video game and those who try to wall off high populated area's will probably end up having their stuff torn down. But yeah, no rules so build wherever.
  2. Hex


    You put down a solid point, however things are being worked on in different ways. Yes the server is planning on a 'campfire RP' update, however others are working on other things as well. Stability issues are stability issues and thats equal parts the actual Dev's and in some ways DayZRP Dev's responsibility. There is nothing wrong with planning/working on things while the main problems get sorted out. Base building and other fixes will be pushed through in a short period of time, be it by the modders or by the proper Dev's themselves.
  3. Hex

    Generators/lights/cables disappearing

    I've noticed this as well, though thankfully not to the scale that others have. Though when going to the free medics camp, they seem to have a healthy number of walls and structures that have been there for a while now. I do know what if the structure is not fully completed before a restart or crash then all building progress will be lost. As for placables like generators and lights, it seems the persistence for these items is not working properly.
  4. Vasily Mikailov grew up in the city of Moscow, the heart of Russia, and was the only son of a relatively poor father and mother. While their life was never particularly good, Vasily grew up to a loving family and his fathers ideals of kindness and strength were his guiding morals in his initial years. When Vasily came of age, he sought a way out of the poverty that he had faced as a child and a way to support his aging family. He was trained as a medic and did well through his training and studies, ending up being placed within the military forces being sent to Chechnya for the growing civil war. During his time in the conflict zone, he saw a great many things that disturbed the young medic. The horrors of war and the inhumanity of what people can do to one an other sat wrongly with Vasily, though he did his duty and was determined to save as many lives as he could. After the withdrawl of Russia from Chechnya, Vasily's unit was moved throughout Russia and through a number of smaller conflicts, each one doing well to reinforce his morals of saving life when possible and taking it when needed. After a honorable service Vasily rotated back into civilian life, finding a job with a local hospital as part of the medical staff, though he found civilian life to be more difficult then expected. After a series of alcoholic incidents, Vasily was fired from his job at the hospital and was forced to live nearly homeless for a number of years due to his addiction to alcohol. This downturn for the now aged medic turned into something of a blessing, though he had little money on the best of days, he used his sharp medical skills on the number of homeless and addicts that his situation placed him with. This continued for a number of years more before the outbreak with Vasily having been staying in Southern Russia during the outbreak and after a number of months Vasily traveled south in an attempt to reach the ocean, seeking refuge from the hordes of infected in the seemingly safe waters. This way of thinking had him traveling alone usually though he would run into surviving groups and military forces, trading his skills as a medic for supplies, information or simply to help a suffering soul. Naturally he ran into many less reputable survivors as well and lost little sleep over their death as his skills of marksmanship were as sharp as his skills with a scalpel. Finding his way to Chernarus, he was quickly disheartened to find little in way of operating ships and could not find it in himself to travel back North, instead deciding to stay in Chernarus and ply his trade as best he could, for whatever supplies he could trade.
  5. Hex

    Change Rule 2.2

    I doubt I could literally +1 something harder. or just as an addendum that states you can use items as shields haha.
  6. Hex

    War Goals/Attritation

    This is a very needed system to be implemented. At the moment there are very little consequences to dying other then having to regear and run back up north. Using a system that gives risk to fighting will slow the vast rate of fighting and initiations and also curb the desire of players to try overtly risky things unless there is equal part reward. Large groups could have “group life’s” where if they lose a certain amount of people in the span of a determined period of time, they would have submit to consequences. What those consequences are could range from player injury to disbanding a group because everyone ‘died’. I support this system fully and want this in game ASAP. A interface system to track this would be great as well.
  7. Hex

    Vehicle persistance/part health

    I certainly learned a lot about the current system, a pretty harsh lesson in radiator cooling, but good lessons none the less and each mistake gets me one step closer to maintaining a car for more then 2 hours
  8. Hex

    Vehicle persistance/part health

    So I just spent a healthy number of hours fixing and subsequently losing vehicles, I have to say that vehicles currently are SO VERY FRAGILE. If you bump one in the wrong way, you lose your tires and break the radiator or worse. After you set off to find your replacement parts as well, chances are the vehicle will de-spawn after you left. I'm not sure whats going on, but I would really like to see some adjustments on persistance of these vehicles or an increase to part HP to keep the damn things from breaking each time I even touch anything or get bumped to hard by the road.
  9. Hex

    Player recognition system

    The point of the whole thing is realism. I would recognize one of my buddies who I spend literally most of my time with from a fair distance away.
  10. Hex

    Change Radio Chatter Rule 2, Part 2 Electric boogaloo

    This is a fair bit of extra work for staff to go through and approve threads such as that. Why not just include the translation within the post.
  11. Hex

    Player recognition system

    Indeed they are done mainly with microphone, though this would most likely be something that would be tied to a series of commands that would be typed into game. For example it could be tied to when someone types *shows id* or something or other. Preferably it would be a system that would develop naturally without any need for player interaction, like the more time you spend within a certain radius of a player, the name would slowly begin to appear over their heads for you.
  12. Hex

    Player recognition system

    So we’ve all been there, you are in a gun fight, things are tense and you have been hit a few times. The adrenaline is flowing and your trigger finger is twitchy. All of a sudden some random walks around the corner and you spray him down because you thought it was a bad guy....uh oh....it’s actually your teammate who simply failed to announce himself. Or perhaps you have been role playing with a group for a few hours before parting ways with your newfound friends. Later on you want to recognize them again but can’t remember what they are wearing or if they have changed. Needless to say there are a number of situations where proper identification of friendly units or friends in general would be a massive help to all players. The system I propose would be one similar to how Rust has theirs currently, where you can tag friendly players into a ‘group’ of sorts and see an indication of where they are when they are not obstructed by line of sight. My suggestion would not be so dissimilar, having the system where once players introduce themselves via names, the name given by that player would be shone over their head in some hopefully non-invasive way while the players are close. The farther the player moves, the more faded the name becomes until it disappears entirely. Its not a perfect solution and I’m not even sure how possible it could be in the current engine, but it would be a good step to reduce mis-identification in fights and to aid in a more organic role play experience with players using each other’s in game names more.
  13. Hex

    Rule Change.

    Perhaps a addendum to the rules where if you hear a number of gunshots and move to them, you forfeit your own safety. Most people can tel the difference between zombie killing shots and an actual gunfight. Single shots for zombie killin and long bursts of talking gunfire between parties for fighting. However this would be a poor addition as it would be hard to reinforce and hard for players already in the area to leave without being shot in the back most likely. I dunno, it’s hard to find a viable solution with the tools we have.
  14. Hex

    Dayz Server Monetization Rules

    I don’t mind donating some money here and there for the convienience of having the outfit I want. That was generally the whole concept for skins as well, though there was the exclusivity of most skins in the mid being donator only and unable to be found in game. I see it as donating to the server that I enjoy playing on more then getting any sort of edge over others or getting things quicker. It is slightly worrisome that the monitization rules may change and we may be stuck with nothing to show once more
  15. Hex

    Rule Change.

    I wish something would be done in general about the current state of fights. It’s become a guessing game with everyone pretending to be someone else until the time to strike presents itself. Some day perhaps we will have the ability to look at more then just hit and kill logs, hopefully location monitoring or even changes to character clothing at some point. Anything to help alleviate the pretty much guessing game that has become the meta.