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  1. Hex


    Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say you have not been here long enough to really know what direction the server is going brother. The server is actually in a solid spot right now when it comes to hostilities. There are no massive groups dogbraining the server, initiating on everyone that movies. If you get robbed, chances are that you are mindlessly looting a high risk area thinking nothing is gonna happen to you. If you dont want to get robbed, dont carry high tier gear.
  2. Hex

    Bring back the crosshair

    On instinct I instantly hit no after reading a bit.... But honestly after thinking about it a bit, why not? As long as the cross hair only is raised up when you have your weapon up, its pretty intrusive and you can logic it out by thinking that your character is half sighting down the weapon, not quite using the sights but certainly aiming in their direction. If you've ever done this sort of shooting you understand. Along with that, having others able to use third party software or built in features to replicate this feature while others do not have it at all is a lopsided advantage.....though most people still cant aim for shit in this game so i guess they need all the help they can get. I wish I could change my vote on the poll, but its now a +1 Yes from me.
  3. Hex

    DayZ Update Thread

    Looks like a solid update with some good fixes
  4. Hex

    Groups initiate way too much and shoot way too fast.

    I agree, but disagree at the same time. Lets take a look at this objectively and using your video as reference as well for this particular example. You find yourself in a military base in 'The Triangle' which is a high risk area patrolled by bandits. This is due to the high loot areas of NWAF, Vybor Military base and Tizy if you wish to go that far north. The Triangle is well known for being pretty much the wild west and if traversed alone, you could easily find yourself missing some items and some teeth getting rattled out of your head for your troubles. Lone players and small groups should not feel safe in such area's when large bandit groups roll around with impunity there. Its pretty much like the ocean, you are a single small fish or a small school, a hungry predator fish comes or another school of bigger fish come, they will eat you....though sometimes.... You should never feel safe unless you have fifty killers in the tree's waiting to sweep in to your rescue. Its a dog eat dog world and you occasionally, sometimes, look like a whole snack.
  5. Hex

    Assault Vest Black

    I believe this has been a noted problems to the Dev's. This version of the vest has been known for deleting the items in its slots and being a bit more buggy then the normal version.
  6. Hex

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    With a nice helping of FREEDOM.
  7. Hex

    S1 Cherno Docks - Avoiding RP - 2030 server time

    I've decided to drop this report. I dont believe you had some IRL emergency, but teaching newer players lessons by getting them banned is probably not the best of idea'. I half considered keeping it open due to you telling me that people have told you we do not allow people to leave for emergency reasons or whatever. We are human beings as well, we are not mindless nor do we not understand the need to leave when RL calls. Had you interacted with us briefly, even so much as a simple 'Hello' followed by a quick little OOC message, I would have not minded. Would I have been a little annoyed it happened? Sure, but I would have not sought out any repercussions such as this report. It is not ok to simply log off in front of people like this, no matter what your friends tell you about us or anyone. Dont let this happen again.
  8. Hex

    S1 Cherno Docks - Avoiding RP - 2030 server time

    Server and location: S1 - Chernogorsk Docks Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Roughly 2030ish. Your in game name: Zorin Navalov Names of allies involved: Green Dragons & D7 Name of suspect/s: @steeltalen - Bryer Claypool Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We were investigating Cherno area for groups that we have been in conflict with only about a few days prior and wanted to make sure our weapons ban is being upheld. After a very brief fight/chase in the base down there, we wander around Cherno looking for people involved before I spot a man holding a red backpack seeming overburdened with gear and a long rifle on his back running from the Cherno industrial area to the base area. I head up to him to chat and ask if he had seen the people we were looking for when he sees me running to him and stops and logs out right when I'm about to speak with him. He saw me, saw my armband and logged out before I could reach him.
  9. Hex

    Lore wipe

    I'd personally like to see a lore wipe, but I'm in the same boat as many others that say 'it will just be the same in a few days'. The main reason I'd like a lore wipe would to be rewrite major portions of the lore and including the new radiation/infection mod that is being worked on to include it and create a bigger lore aspect for it. Why are these heavily radiated/infected? what does that mean for the world and Chernarus? Currently I dont care much for the lore, as others have said it just boils down to Russia making a land grab for Chernarus it seems. I just dont care about it, its not interesting for me and rarely involves what I'm doing on any given day in Chernarus. I shouldent have to pretend be worried about some pretend dudes doing fake stuff that has no impact on the average player. I should have to be worried about actual IG things like zombies, infected/radiated area's, finding clean drinking water or edible food. If half the map has been heavily radiated due to dirty bombs or creeping radiation from a blown stack on a cooling tower from a power plant West of South Zagoria, I should be fucking worried because it will kill me IG if I'm not.
  10. Hex

    Plaid hunter jacket?

    Dats nice as fuck. I'd love to see one in the colors of that hero skin as well! Same thing with multi colored long sleeved shirts.
  11. Hex

    Plaid hunter jacket?

    Like this?
  12. Hex

    The Green Dragons

    There you go. We never intended to even negotiate because this was our revenge for earlier.
  13. Hex

    D7 Mercenaries Media

    We out here smokin' big doinks.
  14. Hex

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    After reading the initial paragraph I was starting to wonder why I was reading about a century’s old explorer but after reading the whole thing I’m very happy I did. the idea is great and is a pleasant mix between old ideas like The Trade Post ( with its trade post faction ) and the current set of mini events we have going now. It allows for a gathering of people around a planned timeframe that players can prepare for and around. This itself harkens back to the days of the mod with RSM hosting The Ravens Nest every Friday evening with entertainment and trade. This also will be a good way for staff to enrich the world by bringing details of the outside world to players, opening the doors to a number of stories and new factions to arise. Along with this quests that are given by said factions will go a long way to give aimless players something to do. This could bring about the formation of new groups in its own right, something that could bring solo players together akin to the whole STALKER idea where unaffiliated members of The Zone are considered STALKERS. this is a great idea and I hope we can tie it further in with edits to the loot table, making food more scarce unless hunted for or traded for, with canned food slowly becoming rarer.
  15. Hex

    So lets talk about surrendering..

    If you go to a place that has such hard points then you should be prepared to sit around and wait/starve them out. Siegeing places that have been fortified and well picked is always a time intensive thing. Realistically they cannot stay cooped up in a location forever and will eventually starve or die of thirst, albet slowly. not everything can happen fast, that includes some gunfights
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