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  1. Hex

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    Impossible to enforce, no thanks.
  2. Hex

    Savior's Media Thread

    Ah that fight in kab was pretty wild for sure. not sure if some of those clips are from the one where ya'll ran down into town/green two story with like 15 dudes like a horde or the most recent attack. Not bad for sure. I was the dude who ran into ya'lls room in the white barn and backed out, ghost bullets are a bitch. ...Also some of the end clips are totally not from DayZRP
  3. Zorin grew up in the city of Prishtina, Serbia. He lived a quiet life with his family though in 1998 Kosovo declared its separation from Serbia, sparking a year long battle of rebellion. Zorin's family lived near the boarder of these events and hostilities between the local Serbians and the separatists boiled over into the surrounding villages. In one such battle, young Zorin's home was destroyed by tank fire, killing his mother and father and leaving Zorin alone to fend for himself in what was becoming a war zone. For many months the young boy of only 13 did whatever he could to survive, he robbed, stole and in one particular situation, killed a man who attempted to beat him for taking food. the Kosovo Liberation Army had the backing of NATO and provided their support against the combined forces attempting to put Kosovo back under the control of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Surviving to the end of the conflict, Zorin made his way deeper into Serbia, eventually joining the Serbian army once of age and serving for a term before moving on. Once out of the Army, Zorin was rather aimless, he did not wish to return to the slums from which he came, nor did he wish to deal with the strain of rules imposed upon him by military. Eventually a friend had offered him a job as some muscle. All he had to do was stand there and look intimidating was what he was told and he did so, earning easy cash in the process. Wanting more of this work, he prodded his friend for more, accepting a place in one of the Eastern European crime syndicates. He started low, simply an extra body who could carry a gun, but through hard work and the willingness to move himself into a better place in life, he worked his way higher through violence and cunning. Years passed and life was good for Zorin, he had what he wanted and knew his place in life....until a raid on the main groups compound by police forces and Zorin escaped just barely from being taken into custody. Seeing this as a sign, he packed his bags and moved, traveling east and across country boarders. He plyed what skill he had with the local rebel groups of a number of countries who were willing to pay outsiders for help in their causes. It dident matter what they were fighting or for who, as long as their money was green, he would take it. Fighting through Takistan for a number of months, Zorin met with a few local Chernarussians who were eager to see a few scores settled in their native homeland. With their cash in his pocket, Zorin accepted the job, a quick hit for quick cash. However all did not go according to plan and Zorin wound up captured by the local police for murder and sent to prison on the coastal Prison complex. There the Serbian sat for another few years before eventually a prison break occurred, the guards seeming to simply have left the prisoners. Many prisoners stayed in the jail, using what supplies they could but many others sought to travel to the mainland and swam. Reaching the shoreline and realizing that something significantly worse was happening in these lands, Zorin attempted to scavenge what supplies he could and traveled inland, hoping to find his way out of Chernarussian lands but realizing he was more or less trapped. With few land routes out of the region and no boats, he was force to stay and survive.
  4. Hex

    Push to talk/VOIP not working

    Deleting the xml files worked. Thanks!
  5. Hex

    Push to talk/VOIP not working

    Tried it as well. The issue is not a computer one, it seems to be a dayz issue. You can have no mic hooked up at all but if you hit your VOIP key, the little microphone will appear even though there is no input. My little icon is not showing up.
  6. Hex

    Push to talk/VOIP not working

    Tried swapping it to a new key, dident work. I use default caps lock
  7. Hex

    Push to talk/VOIP not working

    Done that. My mic was the only device enabled.
  8. Hex

    Push to talk/VOIP not working

    So after the most recent update from the DayZ Dev's, I log in to find that the little icon showing my ability to speak in VOIP is no longer appearing in game and no one can hear me. I've tried verifying my game cache twice and reinstalling even. What is going on. Plz send halp my name is Nathan.
  9. Hex

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Breastplate armor picture please. We thirsty as fuck for content. 5 years of a drought and then bandits stealing most of the content at the end have made us starved for anything and everything. WE. NEED. MORE. ....*ahem*....yes but good work to you and the Dev team.
  10. Hex

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Breastplate armor? Please tell me it matches the knight helmet? PLEASE I WISH TO CRUSADE FOR THE HOLY LAND.
  11. Hex

    Execution Rights

    It really shouldent matter. If I think you are apart of a group who helped or did something bad against my friends or group, why should that protect you? Even if I am mistaken and you are totally innocent, there should not be an invisible barrier that comes up and impedes that sort of RP from happening. If you have a valid reason ( or are under the assumption of such ) then you should be able to execute. It should never be your go to thing to do for people who you have only just met, but If I keep running into the same people doing the same stuff I tell them not to, why wouldent I kill them? If I say to a group of survivors, dont go to Novy Sobor but the next day I find them there and beat them up for their disregard of my commands. A day later I find them there again and again, I beat them up and threaten them with death if they come back. The next day I find them in Novy once more, so I kill them because they obviously dont listen. The situation is different usually every time, but execution rights shouldent need to be asked for, provided they make sense. Its not supposed to be used as a quick way to get rid of hostages.
  12. Hex

    Execution Rights

    If I'm at war with another group, both sides have taken losses in fights and we have both fought for literal months, but If I capture one of them or vise versa they have to ask permission to kill me otherwise they have to just let me go? I think thats the dumbest thing in the world. It doesnt progress'the story to let the people you are actively trying to kill go in any way. It doesnt progress the story to kill them either but thats not because of the hostage kill rights, thats an issue with people not wanting to kill off their characters/server rules for perma'ing. If I know someone has killed my buddies the day prior and I capture them, I'm cutting their damn throat. I think the problem here is that the story will never progress normally. One side has to pretty much give up or get bored enough to move on. The strength of one side doesnt matter when deaths and fighting doesnt do anything to affect the story.
  13. Hex

    Add contaminated area

    I'd like for this to be added in for sure, though how it would go about in the current lore...I dunno. It certainly could be done for sure, a rogue large group finds a nuke or perhaps the virus has mutated into a more spore reproduction cycle similar to 'The Last of Us'. It could be done in a number of ways to be added in with the current lore. I'd personally like it sooner rather then later as it adds new challenge one has to overcome. I'd personally love to see this 'danger zone' be in high value military locations like Tizy or the other northern military base perhaps. Maybe add hotspots around the map as well.
  14. Hex

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Was not trying to put words in your mouth by the way, my point of skill in that post was pretty much saying that if both groups were set in an even field of play, just about anything could happen. It was a general statement. But real though, we've kinda done this before in House vs half the server at Lopatino castle. Yeah we wiped pretty much everyone with minimal losses, but nothing changed at all, if anything it got boring as fuck after that because we just went back to the same old stuff.
  15. Hex

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Naturally. The point I'm making in my last post was the fact that pushing a structure is impossible when you have the enemy 3rd person peeking behind walls and when you move up to break in, they see you and pop up to shoot you. Nothing rulebreaking or anything, its just how DayZ pvp is right now. If 3rd person was not a thing, you would have to be in first person watching over the walls, exposing yourself to shots in the process. Without grenades or a drawn out battle which slowly picks people off, its pretty hard to push. I dont know, nor do I care if this event is a good idea, if all sides agree then I suppose its ok, but I'd much rather have progressive in game events rather then forced events like this. ....and on a side note, its not all OOC reasons why people dislike Saviors IG bruv's. Most people who were in the house were betrayed by Saviors and hold the grudge IC.