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  1. @WinterborneTE I enjoyed the trip with y'all, sorry I couldn't finish it through. It was a fun time, I was "Alexi Ivanov" the drunk russian.
  2. @Rat Bastard Great RP from you! We all enjoyed it. Hopefully you delivered out note by the time you've seen this. Side note, how did you rp that waterboarding so good?
  3. Max Miller was born in the Boston, and he lived a rather normal life. When he was about 10 years old, his family was murdered, and he was kidnapped. He was blind folded, gagged, and had ear muffs put on him. After about 3 days, being fed while blinded, and deaf, he found out where he was, when awoke in a cold, small room. In front of him was a Doctor "Herman Murkoff." The first thing he ever said to him was "This is the one" in a thick German accent. Over the next 12 years until the outbreak, Max Miller was exposed to many different experiments, including drug doses, hypnosis, electro shock therapy, and even pavlovian responses. During this time, his only reprieve was his conversations with Doctor Murkoff. Doctor Murkoff was always kind and gentle with him, and convinced him that he was special and different from the rest of the patients, and that the experiments were necessary to unlock his full potential. Over the years, Max Miller because incredibly attached to Doctor Murkoff. After the Riots started, Max was released from the asylum with a mission from the good doctor.
  4. cfalzy

    Creepy bastards

    Come meet the doctor
  5. @VinegarStrokes @Eciek and the rest of the Section 20 guys! I had a blast RPing with y'all today, you each had something to put in and it was fun. Don't expect hostile RP like that most of the time. I hope we provided the RP that was enjoyable for each of you. I can't wait until the next meeting!
  6. So there will be no base building, since the only way to build a base is to construct fences. Essentially the only way to have a base now is to use the moredoors now correct? Edit 1: This only makes houses viable for bases, since you cant reinforce a factory building or a compound anymore either, since moredoors doesn't have a gate/door big enough to reinforce some of these places with large doors.
  7. Hutched walked away before you said that. It wasn't a joking manor to us, you rolled up, after I already said let me go talk to them, shouting "Get into position" multiple times, then your man climbs up on our back wall and pulls a gun out. Obviously we are going to think you are here to start a fight. Edit One: We didn't initiate on your guys on the wall because we didn't want a fight, hence why they returned to the base and stuck inside.
  8. You can also hear hutch go "You listen to your radio and see if they freak the fuck out cuz im not gonna do anything i just wanna see if they freak out." at 1:38:15
  9. Server and location: Livonia, Nabor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/15/2020 started around 8pm EST (Dont know server time sorry!) Your in game name: Christian Falzy Names of allies involved: Forgotten Mountain, Kings Ridge, Name of suspect/s: SassyRP, RiZRP, FaeRP, Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Riz's (Hutch) Stream 1:25:00 - 1:48:00 Detailed description of the events: While I was doing some Medical RP with Kings Ridge, I was told that Wolfpack were in Nadbor and some of them where in hiding, and that they might attack us, given some of our members history with them. Once I learned that, I had the Kings Ridge medical team come inside of the Forgotten Mountain base, and returned to talk to Martin who is one of the protectors of this town. After a short conversation between me and Hutch, mediated by Martin, I was reassured that our problems were put behind us, and that they won't bother us. I then returned to base. While me and kings ridge continue medical RP in Forgotten Mountain base, Hutch and his group roll up to base. I went to go talk to them, heard one of them, I believe Hutch, go "is everyone in position?" then crashed. I should mention that since returning to base I had turned my radio off and kept it off until the situation was over. After logging in, I find SassyRP standing on the walls of my base (which he climbed up a near vertical wall to get to, not sure if this FAILRP or AoGM) with his gun out. I told him to get off of my base walls, and he responded with "wow your upset" or something along the lines of that, before having to listen to everyone in hutches group start yelling telling him to be a good boy or something along those lines. He then jumped off the base, which is a fall you receive some minor damage from, and ran off like nothing happened. A few seconds after this, one of fae start yelling about "I hate this place this is why nobody gets raided" and some other stuff about headaches and not being able to raid. Then one of them unpinned a grenade, which fae yelled at them for doing. This unpinning of a grenade happened a second time at the clinic. After this, they all took off back down to Kings Ridge Clinic without a word (that I heard) to any of us. In my opinion, this clear initiation baiting and BadRP. His dynamic group rolled up to our town and started causing issues with everyone, constantly yelling, climbed up in a base and pulled a gun out just to jump off and act like nothing happened, and pulling the pins on grenades for no real reason. They got bored and tried to cause problems.
  10. cfalzy


    Add this mod in, but KEEP base building. Some people actually enjoy it.
  11. My POV: I was in kab with Rick and Sam near the church. Sam said he wanted to leave because too many people where showing up, so us and about 4 others came with us, so it was about a group of 7 or so. As we are running one guy types in game for us to raise our hands. All 7 of us promptly turn around and light him up. After doing that we retreat a bit and I start doing medical RP on Sam after him being shot. As I'm giving saline, I see someone raise their gun and blow me away without saying anything. Sorry if this is short, I just woke up.
  12. No new guns are comming. They said this is RTX last week or so. Atleast no new guns intill they new sounds and animations are in, according to what they said.
  13. I belive all that video shows, is your friends gunning down a someone who was complying with your demands.
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