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  1. Aww. Congrats to you and Hassan. Being a parent is awesome.
  2. Original Kingdom was the best. It was brilliant how things evolved. Problem is that all creativity has been sucked away. Now all people do is hop in game and try to low key meme in game.
  3. There are plenty of new and fresh things to do. Its just a point in doing it. And every time someone tries something new it gets shit on. For example @Joffrey had his whole "kingdom" thing going on back in the day during the broken. One of the most successful attempts at forming a server wide Government all done in character....EVER. People fucking ate that shit up and loved it so much and couldn't wait to log into game to RP with him and everyone involved. It was fucking brilliant. However, as soon as @Joffrey posted that shit on the forums to celebrate his accomplishments and share it with others, he received tremendous amount of hate, mostly from staff. People called it game of thrones rip off. Then Rolle comes in who maybe plays an hour in game every other month shuts the shit down. Poor guy put in a lot of IC work all for it to get snuffed away from him because he used similar terminology. Sure GOT influenced some of his shit but that was some of the best RP on this server, and that includes the mod. The problem is that when anyone tries to do something outside the box or original it gets hated on. Staff never supports it and then in turn it demotivates the good role players from wanting to play. Every damn time someone tries something the "oh it doesnt fit the lore" card gets thrown. But you have radio threads mentioning John Wick. 10 out of fucking 10 RP. So I guess we are now stuck with complete shit RP with super solider big dicking and super badass kids, or people who just hide and hoard gear in tents. That is typically the only thing you will find. This is why things are uninspiring and this is why server numbers are low.
  4. Long time no see bro. How does it go? Well RP here has evolved to Takistan/Arma life quality, so you have that to look forward too.
  5. You mean you don't enjoy prepubescent kids calling you a faggot and a nigger twenty million times while their voice cracks? How dare you expect better role play.
  6. Because people here now are boring and dull. All RP is these days is trying to find a way to icly meme or big dick and call everyone fags or bitches. There is no character development. Back in the day there was not real strict requirements for groups yet there was a lot of unique groups. Nothing really can be done until staff starts holding higher standards for rp. Otherwise it's going to keep becoming a big meme.
  7. I think what's not cool is bitching about your gear.
  8. You might be thinking of JCastle who sounded like a dying cat when he would initiate.
  9. tbh who cares. Zipcouda did really well during his time playing and deadplex did really well when he was playing. Both were strong initiators so can we just leave it at that and move on?????? Its a role playing community, not the Oscars.
  10. First off Rolle, I haven't bashed the staff team in a while. I haven't made any threads complaining about verdicts or anything. I've actually toned it down a lot. Secondly it takes a ridiculous amount of time to get stuff done these days. There have been numerous suggestion threads where majority of staff agree and whatnot but it becomes forgotten. This is a game community not parliament or the government. There are still a lot of opportunities to improve this community and the rp. Admins just gotta get motivated and do something.
  11. Honestly man when was he gonna do hostage rp? After he looted bodies. 10 years from now? Since he didn't do it after the zombies were taken care of he lost his kos rights. It's unfair to the hostage to just sit there all damn day wonder who is and isn't the bad guy. It's stupid. Take him hostage or not. Don't go looting and seeing if your friends are dead and once you realize it's only you you kill him. Bottom line is he didn't want to take ownership on the intitiation and pussy footed around.
  12. Sorry man but not going to agree with that sure maybe he had kos rights but once dude complied he no longer should have been inside man and should have joined his friends. You trying to tell me that Xero had time to run down to check if his friends were alive but couldn't control the hostage? Seems to me he was scared. He could have raised his weapon and taken him. I'm usually extremely vocal about fucked up verdicts but this one was fine. Inside man has always only lasted during initiation to kill those that don't immediately comply.
  13. I don't think you understand how inside man works. Inside man works during initiations. But once you comply inside man is done. Dude complied. Done, over, fin. All the people he perceived to be hostile died. Zombies attacked they both ran away, Xero loots a body or what it looks like looting a body. You don't get to inside man the entire time. IMO Xero couldn't be fucked to RP so he gatted him for a BS reason. I understand everyone is mad that he is perm'd but figuring he was already on 20+points before this verdict he should have been more careful. Let's be real, he couldn't handle a 1v1 hostage situation and took the easy way out. When his homies all got rekt, he should have either let the hostage go or reinitiate on him. Sorry, I know he was your friend, but he fucked up.
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