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  1. WildCurtosRP

    What animal would you miss?

    Sun bears
  2. Simon came from an abusive home, his mother mentally abused him, and his father mentally and physically abused him until at the age of 14, he’d had enough. His father was doing the usual abuse until he pushed back and lost control. Somehow, he had killed his father after losing his temper he’d pushed his father down the stairs instantly breaking his neck and killing him. Simon was put in a young offender’s institute until he was 16 where he was released he immediately attempted to join the army, he managed to make it through and served several years, he wishes to prove himself and decided he wanted to join the SAS. The training was extremely tough Simon spent months getting through it until he finally cracked and couldn’t continue he lost it and dropped out. He didn’t want his training to go to waste though and wanted to get into some action, he took a flight to Takistan and tried to find a PMC working in the area. Finding one after a few weeks they welcomed him in. The Liberty Coalition gave him many jobs within Takistan until he was asked to join a group leaving to work in Chernarus. A few weeks into being there and the infection hit he didn’t worry though he had all the protection he needed.
  3. WildCurtosRP

    What do you listen to ?

  4. WildCurtosRP

    Computer giveaway

    hope i win
  5. Magunta was born in Port Harcourt, her parents abandoned her at a young age and so she had to learn how to survive on her own. Years later she found the love of her life Bwembwe, not long later she became Magunta Okeke. Bwembwe was part of a small pirate crew. Mungata joined the crew for a while and travelled on the high seas with Bwembwe and his crew. Babies came soon later. Akin and Akunna were born! Hurray! They took after their parents and became pirates too, At the age of 16 Akunna was in a tragic accident in the turbulent high seas and he sadly drowned. Bwembwe did not attempt to save him as he cannot swim. Akin met the girl of his dreams Chibundo and soon they married the whole family travelled on the sea with a crew of pirates, this was their life and they did it well. Chubundo brought a child into this world his name Mongo! The year is 2017 and the Okekes were lost at sea for weeks, crashing on the shores of Chernarus a horde of infected stormed the ship as it landed and the crew were overrun few survived, but conveniently all the Okekes survived. This is their story...
  6. WildCurtosRP

    S1: BadRP, maybe Trolling in Severograd 13/09/2017 00:00

    Josefina Lopez: I was with Joe Niggley at the time and we were just speaking to the three of them, Joe was speaking mainly. I didn't speak too often as I was lagging heavily at the time hence the odd positions I was making in the videos. With everyone we encountered at the town we must of spoke to at least 10-15 people had a fun time and I'm sure interesting RP from Joe. His use of the N word has always been heavily used by his character due to that just being what his character does, he is a black gang member of course he is going to use that phrase. After this encounter Joe proceeded to yell at the man who was behind us after the blue raincoat person him to leave so Joe yelled at him to go. Joe's character often yells as that's just in his nature to and so don't see how that could be a problem at all.
  7. WildCurtosRP

    Real life picture Thread

    Back when I was cosplaying
  8. WildCurtosRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some sick RP with VDV and CDF today god knows how many of you were there but Josefina will have her revenge!
  9. Josefina was born in Rasman, Takistan. From an early age, she got into trouble for small crimes such as theft and carjacking. After years of fighting to survive on the streets of Feruz Abad she was taken in by the MS-13 gang who recently came into the area. At first, she was sceptical of the gang but they took her in when she was most vulnerable and she was gracious of the hospitality shown by the gang. She became family and a part of the gang, becoming almost like the mother of the gang, she cared for gang as if they were her children. Making sure they never went hungry and were always taken care of. Josefina had been there from the beginning for many current members often even being there to see their birth. MS-13 looked up to Josefina and treated her with the upmost respect, when the gang sent a crew to Chernarus to establish a home for MS-13. Josefina was sent alongside the crew as she had never been outside of her homeland of Takistan and wanted to see a different country, so she jumped at the chance to move. Arriving at Chernarus a few years before the infection began she became an invaluable member of MS-13, She arrived with Julio Martinez, Pablo Martinez, Carlito’s Martinez, Jose Martinez and Raul Martinez in an attempt to secure MS-13 permanently in Chernarus. As Josefina was getting older she became more delusional over the state of the world. When the infection hit, Josefina didn’t think of much of the infected not realising how dangerous the world was but with her family around she didn’t have much to worry about.
  10. WildCurtosRP

    5 Points - Warning - Character Page

    I may have taken a slight inspiration from a character but it is not portrayed at all like that and I do not see the problem with those features, she doesn't shave and always carries cleaning products with her is that not allowed?
  11. WildCurtosRP

    5 Points - Warning - Character Page

    I am aware but as stated yes it was slightly trolly but I would of happily edited the character to make it more believeable as I do wish to portray the character realistically in game.
  12. WildCurtosRP

    5 Points - Warning - Character Page

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Character page that was removed (Consuela Gonzales) Why the verdict is not fair: I was given 5 points for a character which I want to portray in game, it may have looked trolly and had silly things for some parts of it, but it was still a serious character that I wish to play as. It just seems a bit much just for having a slightly silly sounding character but I am completely serious about. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have the points removed What could you have done better?: Given the character more realistic features.
  13. Curtis was brought up in Birmingham, he had a fairly average life. Throughout school he got decent grades nothing too special ending up passable GCSE's at C grade with a couple of B's. Taking an interest in Mechanics he went to college to Diploma in Motor Vehicles. 2 years later at the age of 18 he got a job at a local garage. Life was boring for a good couple years until his favourite TV show (Storage Hunters) was said to be coming to the UK. As soon as he heard the news he was quick to sign up to appear in the show. A few weeks later he received an email saying to arrive promptly to the set, Curtis arrived a few hours early being slightly too excited to meet his idol Sean Kelly, Curtis has been a huge fan of Kelly and to be able to finally meet him would be a dream come true. After appearing on multiple episodes Curtis became a fan favourite and when the show was switching locations to Chernarus, after all the tourism interest Storage Hunters was being taken to Chernarus along with Kelly and some of the show regulars, Curtis was asked to come down and join them in being on Storage Hunters - Chernarus Edition. After filming several episodes various strange things started happening to the locals. Curtis attempted to get the next flight back to the UK but all flights were cancelled, with nothing else to do he decided to get together with his fellow cast mates and try and stick it out and survive...
  14. WildCurtosRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    These fuckin gifs tho
  15. WildCurtosRP

    L.I.F.E 91.1Hz

    *Hears the crackle of voices coming from his radio* "Well shit if that's who I think it is" *He mumbles to himself as he jogs up to a stone wall to sit against.* *He pulls off his radio dangling from his side pocket, holds it closer to his mouth and holds down the PTT button* "Braum? Hope? Jack? Fuck I thought you guys were all dead! I've been all around and not heard a word." *Distant gunfire is heard in the background* "Fuck I best be heading off but we need to have a Life reunion, perhaps at Camp Hope? Anyways I'll start heading that way hopefully see a few of you down there!" *Releases the PTT button and pulls himself to his feet* "Looks like I'll finally get that rope Jack promised all those months ago" *quietly saying to himself and lets out a small chuckle* *Turns around and starts heading back the way he came*